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Xee, part 2 (582)

1 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2009-07-22 10:34 ID:J9qvJKxH [Del]

This thread is for questions and discussion about Xee. Before posting, check that the question has not already been answered in this thread, or in the previous thread: http://wakaba.c3.cx/sup/kareha.pl/1122405906/

There is also a bug tracker for Xee here: http://code.google.com/p/xee/issues/list

If you have a bug to report, it is better to post it on the bug tracker if you can, so it will not be forgotten.

573 Post deleted by user.

574 Name: Anonymous : 2015-02-15 13:40 ID:60/L0nmu [Del]

So I’ve turned off the status bar, but when I enter and then exit full screen mode, the status bar is back. Can’t be intentional, can it?

575 Post deleted by user.

576 Name: Anonymous : 2015-02-15 13:56 ID:60/L0nmu [Del]

As per 486, is there a chance that a toggle-able Fit on Screen and Actual Size will come back, at least as an option? Especially since they now use different modifiers (command and shift). I personally thought the behaviour in Xee 2 was much more useful.

577 Name: Dan : 2015-02-25 07:14 ID:t6sK2Din [Del]

Is there a way to batch rotate files. If I have a folder say with 50
Pictures I want rotated 180 clockwise could they be batch rotated and saved without doing each individually?

579 Name: Tao : 2015-03-01 14:30 ID:nzdtPeTD [Del]

Running Xee on 5K Imac, it seems that the images are displayed at a 1/4 of the resolution. Meaning that pixels can be seen in the image.

580 Name: Eric : 2015-03-10 11:09 ID:kWB938Ya [Del]

Hi, I bought Xee^3 from App store yesterday,
It's awesome with touch pad
However, it's inconvenient when I want to use mouse only,
since Xee^3 doesn't provide previous/next button on the UI for mouse to click.

Is it possible to add this feature and an option "Zoom in/out with mouse wheel forward/backward" in Xee^3 ?


581 Name: Desmond : 2015-03-20 09:18 ID:lVar1GH6 [Del]

I have used xee for many years on my Powerbook G3 Pismo with 1G memory running Mac OS X 10.4.11. Great program. I recently reinstalled Mac OS 9 and Mac OS 10.4.11 to regain some disk space from the OS9 partition for the OSX partition. Since reinstalling xee has been extremely slow to load, taking minutes and loading in a blocks, and loading each image twice, in a similiar manner. Doing anyting with the screen results results in similiar activity. Again, xee worked great before my reinstall. Any suggestions as to want might be different and how to get xee back to it's previous greatness?

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Can you, or I, moderate Society for the Study of Modern Image Board Culture (1)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2015-03-15 05:52 ID:q66vwdpv [Del]

That board is filled with spams.
It used to have good discussions.
Can you moderate it? Or can I apply to become its moderator?

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The Unarchiver, part 2 (403)

1 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2011-08-31 12:54 ID:EvuKrlQD [Del]

As the previous thread filled up, here is part 2 of the The Unarchiver thread.

It is much better to post bugs on the bug tracker, rather than in this thread! Anything posted on the bug tracker has much less chance of being forgotten by me!

So, post bugs here: http://code.google.com/p/theunarchiver/issues/list

Also, remember that if you post a bug about a file that is not work, you must also post the file itself, or else there is nothing I can do about it!

394 Name: RD : 2014-11-23 07:27 ID:WSawvUzv [Del]

Hello.. Why can't I drag and drop folders that contain archives to The Unarchiver? I know that a folder itself isn't considered an "archive" but shouldn't it be able to just LOOK inside the folder, and then do it's task?

this software is NEAR perfect... NEAR

plz help me out here.. thanks

395 Name: SH : 2014-11-24 19:59 ID:mdbRyEVd [Del]

The App works perfectly fine. But it will be nice if you can update the UI and icon set to match with OS X Yosemite. Many thanks to developers.

396 Name: Jan : 2014-11-25 23:32 ID:XE8TNx6w [Del]

What I did to solve the selection problem, was to go to http://unarchiver.c3.cx/unarchiver and download the not App Store version.
If you run that one, you can select all the formats.
After selecting and closing the program, I threw the downloaded version in the trash, and the already installed App Store one had all the formats selected.

In short :
Doenload the standalone one, use that to select all the formats and throw it away after that.

397 Name: Masa : 2014-12-01 09:35 ID:aC6LaYRC [Del]

I got strange things with The Unarchiver.

The apps works perfectlly except with iWork files. If I unzip .zip files including iWork files such as .pages .numbers .key which were zipped with OS X built in Compress, iWork cannot open the unzipped files.

iWork shows '"xxxxx.pages" can't be opened' error.

This is very strange. This happens always and only with iWork files on my Mac.

Does this happen to anybody?

398 Name: Anonymous : 2014-12-06 12:59 ID:u+EKJR03 [Del]

>>389 Please, update The Unarchiver for Yosemite.

399 Name: mc : 2015-01-25 19:28 ID:kiwHUhb9 [Del]

The Unarchiver helped me open large data files I needed for my dissertation. Don't know what I would have done without your help!

400 Name: nada : 2015-02-25 04:06 ID:6JA0O0T8 [Del]

I can't open RAR files with The Unarchiver. I'm currently in OS X. I don't know what the problem is and there is no recent update. Please help :(

401 Name: nada : 2015-02-25 04:08 ID:6JA0O0T8 [Del]

Unarchiver won't open RAR files. :(

402 Name: rt : 2015-03-02 22:41 ID:Aj1A9uRd (Image: 1874x1546 png, 347 kb) [Del]

src/1425364870872.png: 1874x1546, 347 kb

I can't open a lot of file types including rar and 7z files especially the ones broken into parts .001, .002, etc.

403 Name: Anthiny : 2015-03-14 04:05 ID:2GN0unOK [Del]


Everytime i need to open a .zip file, it opens the settings window instead.

To add to that, I cannot change the extensions that it can extract.

Since then I had to use the Archive Utility by Apple.

Please help with this.

reply to ant8672+unarchiver@gmail.com

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about web hosting (6)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2015-01-19 08:55 ID:R20+kKhw [Del]

whats the best free hosting site if I want to host a small imgboard?

2 Name: Anonymous : 2015-01-21 23:27 ID:Heaven [Del]

for a small one, just host it yourself. most small boards don't get more than 2-3 unique visitors in a month if you don't count spambots.

3 Name: Anonymous : 2015-01-28 19:16 ID:lszi4c4l [Del]


4 Name: Anonymous : 2015-02-05 22:51 ID:Heaven [Del]

i think you were looking for this thread.

also, lol @ this still not being fixed.

5 Name: Anonymous : 2015-02-23 08:08 ID:Heaven [Del]

Wanna give some details on how you accomplished that? Did you have to use HTML formatting mode?

6 Name: Anonymous : 2015-03-13 21:58 ID:Yvr0l49C [Del]

html formatting and:
<a style="" href="javascript&&#0;#x3a;alert(%27lol%27)">lol</a>

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Mac OS X screen savers (364)

1 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2005-06-16 19:23 ID:/DCn4yVC [Del]

Not to be confused with the Mac OS X widgets thread, this is the Mac OS X screen savers thread (this one's even more useless!).

So, way back in the day, I made some screen savers for the Amiga named "LotsaBlankers". Later on, I ported some of them to Windows, and created some new ones, but I never managed to make a stable and functional enough screen saver under Windows that I'd feel like releasing it. But now that I've got Mac OS X, I've started porting some of this old code over, since making screen savers for OS X is pretty easy and fun. First one I've got running is this one:


It's based on the work presented on this site, http://escherdroste.math.leidenuniv.nl/, and it is liable to BLOW YOUR MIND, MAAAAN. I've been too lazy to figure out how to make a preferences GUI for it yet, so even though the code supports all the possible different transformations of the image (Some listed here: http://escherdroste.math.leidenuniv.nl/index.php?menu=im&sub=escher), you can't actually pick which one you want yet.

Post too long. Click to view the whole post or the thread page.

355 Name: rob : 2013-10-25 16:41 ID:wJ2MP0JP [Del]

same problem on LotsaSnow when is check "snow falling on the desktop"

356 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2013-11-09 17:26 ID:/tup2R8c [Del]

All right, I managed to find a workaround for the new silly behaviours in Mavericks. It's not perfect, though, the screen will quickly flash black before the screensaver activates. Unfortunately, there appears to be no way around this other than if Apple fixes Mavericks.

So there are new versions of LotsaWater and LotsaSnow, and while LotsaEscher had no issues with this, I fixed some old bugs there too so there's a new version of that too:


357 Post deleted by moderator.

358 Name: tangoldduck : 2013-11-11 11:09 ID:msBdZyH3 [Del]

multi-monitor has a problem,when I use custom function , if one's screen resolution is not the same as the other one, the side of the big one will display black colour.
So , could we set two pictures for each other for different resolution?
My osx ver is 10.9

359 Name: Painted Turtle : 2013-11-12 16:22 ID:HOHww/P0 [Del]

Please update the screen savers pages with the minimum requirements for each release. (OS versions and Intel vs PPC)

I volunteer to service donated Macs for benevolent causes around the world and here at home. We often get older units, so I want to know which version I can install where.


360 Name: Vince357 : 2013-12-01 23:33 ID:txEYAhk/ [Del]

As tangoldduck said, under OSX 10.9, there is a prob on multi-monitor macs: my iMac (resolution 2560x1440) runs lotawater as expected, but the second monitor (1440x900) doesn't.
But, when I just preview the screensaver, both monitors display separated monitors screenshots as expected.
When the app is auto launched, problem occurs.
Of course, it only happens when the 'desktop snapshot' is seleceted.

361 Name: Anonymous : 2013-12-02 17:03 ID:0R/abcvl [Del]

finca el deseo

362 Name: Kris : 2013-12-23 02:46 ID:CeO5ibmh [Del]

LotsaWater has problems with multiple monitors and Mavericks 10.9.1. One monitor is normal, the other is black. Needs separate screenshot for each monitor. My monitor resolutions are 1650x1080 normal & 1280x1024 black.

363 Name: Ben : 2015-01-12 14:24 ID:yh8ZYwWs [Del]

Having same multi screen issues as others. Black screen on all monitors except primary monitor. I hope you get around to fixing this :)

364 Name: John : 2015-03-10 22:38 ID:N21dywyU [Del]

Same issue here. Dual display setup and smaller secondary display is black. Yosemite 10.10.2

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The Archive Browser (157)

1 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2012-03-20 18:00 ID:rFsOye/G [Del]

So, along with the release of The Unarchiver 3.0 comes another new things: The Archive Browser. This is the often-requested version that lets you browse archives and preview their contents before extracting. However, since this is not a program that I personally need, this one will actually cost a few dollars. Buy it if this is what you really need, or buy it if you want to support the development of The Unarchiver!


For now, bug reports and feature requests can go on the The Unarchiver bug tracker:


It is much better to post them there than in this thread, because I tend to forget things that are not on the bug tracker.

148 Name: SimWhite : 2014-10-24 13:01 ID:sto84f5h [Del]

I'm bought App Store version and now I have the same problem as Keith. How can I get a non-App Store license?

149 Name: SimWhite : 2014-10-24 13:03 ID:sto84f5h [Del]

I'm bought App Store version and now I have the same problem as Keith. How can I get a non-App Store license?

150 Name: Oz : 2014-10-24 13:21 ID:+RITjWS/ [Del]

It is GREAT that the software will UNARCHIVE files. BUT, can it ARCHIVE files, that is, will it also COMPRESS files? Sorry to ask such a dumb question... If it will not (Uncompress and Compress), can you recommend something that does BOTH well... Thanks....

151 Name: Cosmin : 2014-11-02 15:26 ID:eI1wDfAe [Del]

Hello, I am unable to select other types of archives from the menu, only those default. And this in Yosemite.

152 Name: Keith : 2014-11-08 19:57 ID:QOn+/V2z [Del]

Would you please recommend a method for getting a non-app store license code for those who purchased the app in App Store?

153 Post deleted by moderator.

154 Name: Kativ : 2014-12-25 22:28 ID:YRlo360y [Del]

Bought the app store version. Not able to use because of the problem as Keith. Can you provide a road map going forward?

155 Name: poplarch : 2015-01-11 04:31 ID:fSw6H1q/ [Del]

just want to change from sandbox to non-sandbox, but buy another license?

156 Name: John : 2015-02-18 07:10 ID:jb4gapzB [Del]

The Archive Browser asks for permission to search the download folder for other parts every time I use it. Isn't it supposed to remember this after the first time?

157 Name: Adam : 2015-03-09 10:55 ID:OvX/6HIV [Del]

I have installed 'The Archive Browser' however am unable to get it to preview zip files via QuickLook (space bar). The program successfully opens the archive and shows the contents, just not with QuickLook. When I view in the '/Library/QuickLook' or '/System/Library/QuickLook/' directories in Finder, there is no *.qlgenerator file which refers to archives.

Also, following up with Keith's question, is there a way to get the non-sandboxed license if we have purchased a license in the App Store?

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Tutorial (2)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2015-02-07 13:36 ID:be+Nckkj [Del]

I was wondering if anybody could make a complete tutorial to make an imageboard, with pictures.

2 Name: Anonymous : 2015-02-15 13:23 ID:Heaven [Del]

No. It's already too easy.

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Free domain (1)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2015-02-07 13:13 ID:Heaven [Del]

Any place where I can get a free domain to run an imageboard?

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test (1)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2015-01-28 19:18 ID:93z0wRO1 [Del]


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1 Name: fygfcfyhgfyhgvf : 2015-01-08 23:42 ID:u/btKBIW [Del]


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New thread

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