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LotsaGlass  v1.3

This screensaver displays an animated blob of liquid glass that flows and deforms according to various patterns. It was heavily inspired by Futurismo Zugakousaku's work.

New in v1.3:


LotsaSnow  v1.6

This screensaver draws snowflakes falling down your screen. Simple enough, but the oh-so-clever part is that it uses a semi-physical model for growing each snowflake, meaning every snowflake is actually unique, and also that it uses a quite a bit of processing power. But that's the price you pay for indivduality!

New in v1.6:


LotsaWater  v1.8

This screensaver renders a fairly realistic water effect over your desktop, showing it distorted through the wavy surface of the water as raindrops fall on the surface.

It uses quite a bit of CPU power. There are configuration options to vary the accuracy of the simulation to fit the processing power available.

Note: If you experience a black screen when activating the screensaver, this is because of a Mac OS X security feature. If your computer is set to ask for a password after disabling the screensaver, the screensaver is also denied access to the desktop. To fix this, either disable the password, or select an image file to use as background instead of the desktop.

New in v1.8: