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Perl Self-extracting Archive Maker

This is a tool to make self-contained and self-extracting archives, that are also Perl files. It is useful for distributing things like CGI scripts, as the resulting Perl file can simply be uploaded and run, and it will unarchive its contents and delete itself. I wrote it for The Desktop, but everyone is welcome to use it. It's released as public domain software.

PerlHP  SE v9.0

PerlHP is an attempt to give Perl the same simplicity and hackiness that PHP has spent years trying to forget. It lets you put together simple dynamic web pages more quickly than writing them in plain Perl, and with less mental anguish than writing them in PHP. It is also cheerfully obfuscated, but luckily you don't need to actually look at it to use it.

PerlHP started out as a joke, but it did turn out to be useful - for instance, I wrote this page using it. It can reduce both PHP and Perl programmers to incoherent rambling, which I also view as a success.

It has its own homepage. Visit it for more information!


Wilt is a compression algorithm designed to be very simple to implement, but still competitive with popular compression algorithms. Its compression ratio lies somewhere between Deflate/gzip and bzip2 on average, yet it takes only about a page of C code to implement a decompressor.