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Articles tagged touhou

At the Break of Dawn
A Touhou doujinshi featuring Sakuya.
The Illusory Land of Gensokyo
An introduction to Gensokyo, the setting of the Touhou Project games
A Dream Dreamt by an Honest Woman
A Touhou doujinshi featuring Kaguya and Mokou.
A translation of hounori's Magatoro-san page.
Plastic Heart
A Touhou doujinshi featuring Alice and Patchouli.
The Three Witches' Exciting Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
A Touhou doujinshi featuring the three witches, and a ghost pirate.
Translation projects
A listing things I've translated from Japanese.
Yu x Ali Push (For Me)
A Touhou doujinshi featuring Yuuka and Alice.

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