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This page is a translation of hounori's "magatorosan" page. Any awkwardness is probably my fault, while any charm and delight is entirely his doing. Enjoy!

About Magatoro-san

This is a very disgusting page filled with hounori's fantasies about Alice Margatroid. It's really no different from someone showing off their love poems for their own satisfaction.

(Make sure not take any of this seriously.)


Alice Margartoid.

Occupation: Student.

She is a university student living in a wooden apartment building (two rooms and kitchen, rent 40000 yen a month) in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

She's thinking she wants to start a doll theatre in the future.

Actually, she wouldn't mind a tea house with dolls on display either.

She's come to Tokyo from the countryside.

Back home, she has a shady friend named Marisa.

Sometimes she'll call her and tell her about what's been going on.

Marisa comes to visit at times too, and things go missing from her room.

Travelling is expensive so she doesn't go back home much.

She keeps a pressed four-leaf clover in her wallet.

She doesn't own any fancy underwear.

In the winter it gets cold, so she wears a belly band.

She worries about her feet smelling.

Her blood pressure is low, so she's not a morning person.

Her breakfast is toast with butter and some spread.

She has a lot of different spreads in her fridge.

She likes black sesame spread because it seems healthy.

She'd like to eat bacon and eggs, but it's a bother to make so she doesn't.

She hears fruit is good for your looks, so she buys bananas by the bunch.

After buying some, she eats them every morning.

She doesn't buy two-liter packages of milk because she won't be able to finish them before they go bad.

It bothers her that the smaller packages aren't as economical, so she doesn't buy them either.

She eats at the student cafeteria.

She doesn't eat convenience store food because it's full of additives and that can't be good for you.

But the cafeteria food has lots of fatty foods, so she mostly gets by on wakame udon and soba.

She tries to keep on a diet, so she adds lots of shichimi.

Since she worries about her health and finances, she cooks for herself.

Her staple food is the same toast she eats in the mornings. In the summer storing rice is a pain, so she doesn't buy any.

She mostly makes do with chicken breast and bean sprouts.

She does all her cooking on a single big plate, so there'll be less dishes to do.

She does Media Studies at the Metropolitan Magic Department.

She thinks she should pay more attention to her studies.

She may look like she's studying diligently, but she's really thinking of completely different things.

She often has to ask others to let her copy their lecture notes.

She places in the lower end of the top scorers.

Flying makes her tired, so she takes the train to the university.

If there are free seats, she'll sit.

When there aren't any seats, she'll stand somewhere where nobody can grab her from behind.

She doesn't have any male friends.

She often ends up buying a snack because the cafeteria food wasn't enough after all.

She plans her living expenses very carefully.

If you mention her snacks, she'll get annoyed and try to rationalize them away.

She prefers bamboo shoots, so she used to get into big arguments with Marisa who prefers mushrooms.

Occasionally, she'll enjoy some Lupicia flavoured tea.

If she really wants to go for the full experience, she'll have some Rumando and White Lolita with it.

Rumando especially she considers to be a very high-class snack.

She'll actually spend money to get fine teacups, saucers and teaspoons.

She's often a mess the next day because she had too much caffeine and couldn't sleep at night.

She often goes to visit shopping malls.

About once a month, she'll enjoy buying Lupicia black tea.

On days when she's not buying anything, she'll stroll around looking wistfully at the things on sale.

She wants some antique Victorian furniture.

Her apartment only has tatami mats.

She'd like to stay up late, but her strength doesn't hold out so she goes to bed early.

Most of the time she'll just look at the counters in stores and covet.

Some weekends, she'll go to the nearby park and put on a doll play.