Wrong Vericode (15)

1 Name: Blue Lotus : 2007-01-16 00:17 ID:cUg0jrDq [Del]

I encountered a very odd bug.
As I was posting an image reply for the /4koma/ board into the "Nyoron" thread, the upload time for the image was unusually long.

So I hit refresh and proceeded to hit the 4koma button in the side menu to get it back up. It loaded rather quickly, but something I noticed was that my vericode seemed to have stayed the same (which was 'kaith').

However, as I went to post another response, it stated that the vericode that I'm typing in is wrong ("Error: Wrong verification code.")

Anyone know how to get out of this bind?

2 Name: Anonymous : 2007-01-22 00:28 ID:Heaven [Del]


3 Name: DOS : 2007-03-25 20:37 ID:scPihuBE (Image: 600x1889 jpg, 285 kb) [Del]

src/1174880241685.jpg: 600x1889, 285 kb

I'm also having this problem, and I cant find a way to resolve it.
Basically the first/mainpage creates a code.
I can then create a picture and upload it to the next screen. I cannot use that screens generated captcha code, I can only post if I remember the first/mainpage code.
I had a look at the captcha database, and it lists 2 created keys. one for the first page (pagekey:'mainpage'), and one for the picture submitter (pagekey:'default').

I've tried multiple times to clear the cache/database and delete cookies, but im actually quite rubbish this stuff :D

here's a picture

4 Name: DOS : 2007-03-26 16:52 ID:Heaven [Del]

I've tried creating it again from scratch, and its producing the same problems. Here's what Im doing, is something wrong with my method?

  • uploaded /wakaba folder
  • modified .htaccess to include Options +Indexes AddHandler cgi-script .cgi Options +ExecCGI AddHandler cgi-script .pl
  • created mysql db and edited the config.pl to point to the db addresss/login etc
  • opened /wakaba/wakaba.pl. everything generated and working fine
  • transfered /extras/oekaki/ contents to /wakaba folder (also uploaded spainter_all.jar/palette_selfy)
  • rebuilt caches


  • cant post a shipainted image with the code created on the submit page. (but it works and uploads if i use the code from the previous mainpage before starting the applet)

5 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-03-26 18:18 ID:Heaven [Del]

You people really should be posting in http://wakaba.c3.cx/sup/kareha.pl/1141929669/l50.

It might be a bug with the oekaki code, because it is seldom tested, but for reason it won't work at all on my local setup so I can't test it right now.

6 Name: DOS : 2007-03-26 18:33 ID:Heaven [Del]

ah, my apologies for posting in the wrong thread :)
thanks for looking into the vericode problem!

7 Name: DOS : 2007-03-27 22:59 ID:Heaven [Del]

i found this like in captcha.pl
my $key=($query->param("key") or 'default');

i changed it to
my $key=($query->param("key") or 'mainpage');

it now only creates a "mainpage" entry on the captcha database table. it also works for sumbiting oekaki!
could any problems arise from my modification of this code line?

8 Name: DOS : 2007-03-27 23:35 ID:Heaven (Image: 527x82 png, 6 kb) [Del]

src/1175063755352.png: 527x82, 6 kb

spoke too soon!
posting an image works. reply + upload image works.
posting a oekaki works. reply + uploading a oekaki fails.
it also creates another entry in the captcha db, resX

9 Name: DOS : 2007-04-01 15:25 ID:scPihuBE [Del]

really sorry to bump this again, but i really cant seem to advance at all. im completely lost! ive been snooping around looking for other working oekaki wakaba boards but they are either inactive or 404'ing - i cant get any clues from them. the only other option for me would be to use trevorchan :(
if you're willing to take a look at it, i could email you the ftp/database details?

10 Name: Anonymous : 2007-04-01 16:42 ID:Heaven [Del]

Mine works just fine... http://lulz.net/oekaki/

What exactly is your problem? I do not use captchas with my oekaki, so if they are the problem I don't know what to tell you.

11 Name: DOS : 2007-04-01 18:18 ID:scPihuBE [Del]

well, the "Anti-spam filters triggered" message seems to be very sensitive and is triggered by almost anything i test post - so i decided to empty/blank spam.txt and use captcha enabled instead.

the only problem im having is that wakaba oekaki doesnt/cant/wont use the codes generated by captcha. it only applies to oekaki, normal posts/uploads work fine.

soo.. if i disable captcha AND spam.txt i have no form of protection :)

12 Name: Anonymous : 2007-04-02 00:36 ID:Heaven [Del]

Waha made a patch for the spam filter bug but I don't think anyone has tested it yet. You can find it here: http://wakaba.c3.cx/stuff/wakatest.zip

If the bug fix does not work you can just disable the spam filtering by following the instructions here: http://wakaba.c3.cx/sup/kareha.pl/1141929669/547

13 Name: DOS : 2007-04-02 05:59 ID:Heaven [Del]

okay i'll give that a try!
with no spam/captcha i guess i'll have to get some admins to watch for spam

14 Name: Anonymous : 2007-04-02 12:07 ID:Heaven [Del]

you won't have many spam posts at all. there may be some floods, but captchas don't stop flooding either. a few people with 10 minutes on their hands can flood multiple boards with captcha at a time.

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