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1 Name: Joga316 2004-12-24 15:34 ID:wsO/O5oH [Del]

I got to the point where I can see my board but every time I try to upload a image it give me a Alert saying "The Document contains no data" on one of my browers and when I try to use my other browers it just goes to the "The Page cannot be displayed" I though it might be something in the config that I did wrong but it look can I fix this? thanks..

2 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2004-12-24 19:04 ID:9UTpc7mR [Del]

Well, you can try setting use constant ALTERNATE_REDIRECT => 1;

What server is this running on?

3 Name: Anonymous 2005-01-25 11:16 ID:F2c7pKb7 (Replies) [Del]

i have same problem trying wakaba zero

basically, whenever i post/reply the page won't load and finish by no data/timeout error, but content IS sent so when i just hit reload it works. I haven't found any constant like ALTERNATE_REDIRECT in config file tho.

4 Name: Anonymous 2005-01-25 11:22 ID:F2c7pKb7 (Replies) [Del]

Forgot to put my config: i use thttpd & perl 5.8.4

5 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2005-01-25 13:10 ID:g5M1oOGm (Replies) [Del]

I'm guessing thttpd doesn't support the "Status: " header.

I don't think I ever got around to implementing ALTERNATE_REDIRECT in Wakaba Zero. I've pretty much ceased development on it, and it'll be replaced by a future version of Kareha that can do futaba-style boards. "Real Soon Now".

6 Name: Anonymous 2005-01-25 13:50 ID:F2c7pKb7 (Replies) [Del]

what's exactly the point of that alternate_redirect feature?

7 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2005-01-25 15:52 ID:g5M1oOGm (Replies) [Del]

ALTERNATE_REDIRECT decides if the redirect after posting should be done with a HTTP 301 response, or with a HTML page with a meta-refresh+javascript.

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