The Unarchiver (1000)

1 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-07-01 16:32 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]

So. I kind of like, the default OS X unzipping utility. However, it has quite a number of limitations. Most other unarchivers on OS X have interfaces that I don't like, or just don't work very well. Also, thanks to Windows' idiotic idea of using the current system encoding for filenames, I have tons of archives from Japan with Shift_JIS filenames, which none of the unarchivers on OS X I've tried will handle properly.

And so I, because I obviously don't have enough to do already, get the idea that I need to write a better unarchiver. Features I think it needs include:

  • Handle as many formats as possible. Not just Zip and Tar-Gzip, but RAR, 7-Zip, LhA, StuffIt, and anything else you can think of.
  • Handle non-UTF8 filenames, perferrably automatically.
  • Have a simple and straightforward interface like
  • Not leave .tar files lying around when unpacking .tar.gz files and the like.
  • As a side benefit, produce some code that can be re-used to add archive support to Xee (so this whole project doesn't just steal time I could be working on Xee instead).

For actual information on the current state of this project, read on!

2 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-07-01 16:45 ID:3em7Hrs8 (Image: 372x138 png, 15 kb) [Del]

src/1151797516673.png: 372x138, 15 kb

Well, after some work, I've finally got this into a state where it is actually just about presentable. It's still an alpha version, and is released mostly because I could really use some large-scale testing, but it should actually be useful.

3 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-07-01 16:45 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]

Features include:

  • Built around libxad ( This is an old Amiga library for handling unpacking of archives. It supports a whole lot of formats, and I added a couple more, and bugfixed old code. I also wrote a higher-level Objective-C wrapper around it, which might be useful for other projects too (including Xee).
  • Supports more formats than I can remember. Zip, Tar, Gzip, Bzip2, 7-Zip, Rar, LhA, StuffIt, several old Amiga file and disk archives, CAB, LZX, stuff I don't even know what it is.
  • Supports split archives for certain formats, like RAR.
  • I copied the Finder file-copying/moving/deleting interface for its interface.
  • Uses the character set autodetection code from Mozilla to auto-detect the encoding of the filenames in the archives.
  • I haven't bothered packaging them yet, but at some point I'll release the source for all this, and also frameworks for linking against the archive and character set autodetection parts, which might be useful in other projects.

4 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-07-01 16:50 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]


  • The format support is not complete for many formats. Given the complexity and unplanned evolution of most popular archive formats, support will probably never be complete. However, most files should work. Notable exceptions include:

    • No support for encryption in any formats. Libxad supports encryption, but the GUI does not. The RAR and 7-Zip modules do not support encryption at all.
    • No support for fancy RAR features like recovery records.
    • Very basic 7-Zip support (based on the 7zC code). It can open all of the (very few) 7-Zip archives I have, but there are probably archives out there it doesn't support.
    • No support for .sitx files. This format seems completely undocumented and un-reverse-engineered.
  • No icons yet. If anyone wants to contribute, I would be very grateful. It needs a program icon, and a set of icons for the huge set of archive formats it supports.
  • The error messages should probably be re-written to be more friendly.
  • It opens an icon in the dock, unlike This is very easy to fix, but for the alpha versions, it's easier to keep track of what's happening if the icon is there.

5 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-07-01 16:53 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]

What's needed now is:

  • Testing! Try it out on all kinds of archives, see what it handles, and what it chokes on. Send me archives it doesn't handle, and I'll see what I can do about fixing support for them.
  • Icons! Are you a Mac icon artists? I want your help!
  • Code contribution! Libxad is an awesome library. However, it could always use support for more formats. Is your favourite format not supported, or broken? If you contribute code for it to libxad, it will be supported by The Unarchiver, too!
  • Suggestions! Is it missing features not already mentioned here? Suggest them, and I'll give them consideration!

6 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-07-01 17:01 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]

Oh yeah, one more missing feature:

  • A preference page, including at least some way to easily make archives open with The Unarchiver, like the format list in Xee.

7 Name: Anonymous : 2006-07-01 17:20 ID:6NZh6CPE [Del]

Is this universal if not then you need to DIE.

8 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-07-01 17:22 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]

It's universal, but I have no idea if it works right on Intel. There might very well be endianness issues in the various pieces of code. I'd especially like to know if the RAR and 7-Zip code works right on Intel, so get testing.

9 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-07-01 17:34 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]

Ok, first obvious bug: Xcode has somehow messed up the framework linking, and this won't launch at all on most machines! Stay tuned for alpha 2!

10 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-07-01 19:21 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]

All right, fixed! Big thanks to Rich Siegel for untangling my linking issues.

11 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-07-07 18:39 ID:3em7Hrs8 (Image: 560x560 jpg, 113 kb) [Del]

src/1152322766966.jpg: 560x560, 113 kb

Alpha 3 is done. It is pretty much feature-complete for 1.0. However, it still has no icons. I have some help for that lined up, though, but I don't know how long that will take. In the meantime, for testing purposes, the archive icons are replaced by a picture of Aruruw sitting in a box.

Changes since the last version include:

  • Bugfixed file type declarations.
  • Interface for easily associating (and un-associating) archives with The Unarchiver, making it easy to install and remove.
  • Working password interface.
  • Bugfixes for bzip2 archives.
  • Various other bugfixes.

I could really use some testing results from this, successful or not. I'd really like to know if it is working at all for whatever archives you have lying around!

12 Name: Anonymous : 2006-07-08 02:22 ID:IH7W0cgt [Del]

It runs on my Power Mac G4. I am trying to unpack some splitted ace archives that unace on GNU/Linux didn't manage to fix, and it seemed to work in The Unarchiver! I'd like if it had an option to select where to unpack the files to, though.

13 Name: Anonymous : 2006-07-08 02:32 ID:IH7W0cgt [Del]

Oh no, it didn't extract after all. But those archives could be rotten. I'm going to make it my default unarchiver anyway.

14 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-07-08 05:31 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]


It doesn't support Ace 2, sadly, just Ace 1. Ace 2 is propriatary and undocumented, as far as I know. It really would be nice if somebody would add support for it to libxad, but I think it's beyond my abilities to do.

15 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-07-08 14:59 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]

An enough-coding-for-tonight release. Features better control over filename encodings, and better fallbacks when the autodetection isn't sure about the encoding.

16 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-07-09 13:20 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]

Some GUI bugfixes and optimizations, and support for OS X-specific features in .tar and .cpio files (as created by OS X's version of tar, and ditto, respectively).

17 Name: Shadowless : 2006-07-10 19:40 ID:spfxpfE6 (Image: 128x128 png, 12 kb) [Del]

src/1152585645269.png: 128x128, 12 kb

Repost for great justice.

18 Name: Shadowless : 2006-07-10 22:21 ID:spfxpfE6 [Del]

Uh, the thumbnail doesn't look very good, probably because of something about the way the graphics program exported the PNG, or the way the thumbnail was made. But, uh, if you click on it it the original looks a lot better. At least, it does for me. Sorry about the double post.

19 Post deleted by user.

20 Post deleted by user.

21 Name: Shadowless : 2006-07-12 10:16 ID:v9fMNfL8 (Image: 128x128 png, 18 kb) [Del]

src/1152724563124.png: 128x128, 18 kb

When I think of something to open up boxes with, a box cutter comes to mind. Perhaps it could be seen in bad taste, but it seems pretty natural.
I expect that the thumbnail will look bad again, due to the transparent PNG.
Third version adds the background.

22 Name: Anonymous : 2006-07-13 23:51 ID:6Vmmr3xz [Del]

adding "-background white -flatten" to the convert command line in wakaba and kareha would probably fix that problem...

23 Name: Anonymous : 2006-07-15 04:16 ID:IH7W0cgt [Del]

The Unarchiver unpacked some of my SHIFT_JIS encoded archives with no problems! I love this application. If it'd only been ported to GTK+-2 as well···

24 Name: Mr VacBob!JqK7T7zan. : 2006-07-16 09:50 ID:nk1sRSwV [Del]

It messes up the filenames on the sit here.

25 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-07-17 10:55 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]


Oh yeah, SIT filenames aren't necessarily correct. I should look into that.

26 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-07-25 16:46 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]

Ok, let's call this feature-complete and thus, beta.

Now with icons! Made by Adam Betts, infamous creator of the Adium duck. There's no proper main program icon yet, though, just a placeholder for now. That will come with the final release version, probably. Funnily enough, he also decided on a boxcutter theme for it. Sorry to >>21 for not using his icon, but I'd already talked to Adam at that point about it.

Also, >>24 should be fixed.

27 Name: Shadowless : 2006-07-27 00:33 ID:spfxpfE6 [Del]

I suppose it's my own fault for making them. I could certainly make the cutter look a little bit shinier and aqua-esque... but then, I only spent a day on it. Even if nobody uses it, I kinda like how it turned out, and if Betts uses a cutter, too, then it must have been a pretty good idea.

Me, I never liked the duck. Memorable though it may be. That's right! I'm a-callin' you out, Betts! Dreeeaaw! No, but seriously, I'll be interested to see what a real artist can do with it. And I hope you end up using his icon because it's better, too.

And I hope you come up with a catchier name, by the way. I always kind of assumed that it was a working title, frankly.

28 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-07-27 04:56 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]

I always end up using dumbass titles for programs. I kind of like this one though because of the implication that it's just the unarchiver, as opposed to one out of several. Also "Open With -> The Unarchiver" is pretty clear and descriptive.

It's a bit ungooglable unless you include the "The", though.

If anyone has a catchier name for it, I will definitely consider it, though.

29 Name: Anonymous : 2006-07-27 18:55 ID:Heaven [Del]

"rip it open"?

30 Name: Drew Thaler : 2006-07-27 20:14 ID:j4dieezt (Image: 170x94 jpg, 8 kb) [Del]

src/1154056480490.jpg: 170x94, 8 kb

Speaking of box cutters, there's a multipurpose box- and blister-pack opener tool call "OpenX", which also happens to be a great potential name for The Unarchiver. Maybe it'd be possible to get a permanent license from those guys to use both the name and a picture of the tool. Free publicity for them, catchy name and nice icon for the product. ;-)

I wouldn't do it for anything less than permanent licensing, or for more than the cost of a simple reciprocal link to their homepage. But it's a thought.

31 Name: Adam Betts : 2006-07-30 12:44 ID:/Tz6iLIT (Image: 468x209 jpg, 48 kb) [Del]

src/1154288659849.jpg: 468x209, 48 kb

That tool would be a little too complex for 128x128 icon, people will have a hard time figuring it out. What I'm going to do is make a very basic box cutter so it will scale very well. 32x32 is around the size everyone will see a lot. I don't have time to do them right now but soon I will.

By the way, here's a mockup of The Unarchiver window in black HUD. I know author said he doesn't want to do it since it's not easy to do but my friend Jan Van Boghout is willing to do it if he have the source code.

Beautiful window like this will definitely get a lot more people to download The Unarchiver :)

32 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-08-02 12:10 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]

A random thought popped into my head: Since the theme for the icons is packages and opening them, would "The Unpacker" be a better name, or not? More or less recognizable? More or less Googlable? More or less cheesy?

33 Name: Anonymous : 2006-08-02 13:45 ID:Heaven [Del]

When I read that, I only saw: "The Fudgepacker"

I've been spending too much time on /b/.

34 Name: Shadowless : 2006-08-02 20:29 ID:spfxpfE6 [Del]

Unarchiver is at least one syllable too long. I've actually been calling it Unpacker every time I saw it...

Also, black is kinda neat, but frankly I'm against it until you at least have the standard set of buttons on that window, sir. Which would be easy enough to fix, I guess.

But there are ways to change how OS X looks, and it seems like somebody who wants black windows might already have done that to their system... at which point, the Unpacker is just going to stand out as different, right? I know I'm just a fuddy-duddy, but I like my user interfaces standard. Apple has been doing a very bad job with that recently, but that doesn't mean we all have to jump off the bridge.

35 Name: Adam Betts : 2006-08-04 08:28 ID:/Tz6iLIT [Del]

That black HUD window is actually the newest standard. You can find it in Apple's iPhoto, Aperture, Motion, etc.

More and more developers are using it for palettes/window that doesn't need full white space.

It's not about me wanting a black window just for the sake of it, it's excellent for usability since it's light weight with transparency and has flat look which look much more professional and stay out of your face.

36 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-08-04 12:28 ID:Heaven [Del]

Hopefully Apple will add a public API to use that style. That'd make it an easy change.

But I fear that might not be until 10.5, if at all.

37 Name: dot.and.thing : 2006-08-12 07:11 ID:Ed/DWHtt [Del]

do you distibute source of?

38 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-08-12 07:46 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]

I was meaning to release the source at the same time as the final version, since development is not in a very stable state until then, but if you really want it, I can upload a copy of it before that, too.

39 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-08-15 15:02 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]

New version with some bugfixes:

  • Fixes problems with directory structures in Japanese archives.
  • Fixes problems with data forks in some StuffIt files.

40 Name: Anonymous : 2006-08-15 15:08 ID:Zh99oE+d [Del]


41 Name: Shii : 2006-08-15 20:06 ID:2+W9GL+O [Del]

> That black HUD window is actually the newest standard.

Brushed Metal is gonna be so pissed

42 Name: Anonymous : 2006-08-21 10:43 ID:6HuiGkT1 [Del]

> Brushed Metal is gonna be so pissed

Brushed Metal is so ugly!

43 Name: Anonymous : 2006-09-05 20:03 ID:ZAkleZoP [Del]

Any updates?

44 Name: dmpk2k!hinhT6kz2E : 2006-09-05 22:06 ID:Heaven [Del]

I hope WAHa doesn't mind me pasting this:

< WAHa_06x36> onii-chan: I've had The Unarchiver in beta 
for MONTHS now, and I haven't gotten a single bug report
except from MrVacBob, and that one has a much larger
possible user base.

If you want updates, maybe submitting a bug report or two would make him happy?

45 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-09-06 03:54 ID:Heaven [Del]

At this point I am mainly waiting for a final icon (I should probably kick Adam's ass a bit), and in the meanwhile any final theoretical bug reports.

46 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-09-13 09:47 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]

47 Name: cal6n : 2006-09-13 11:06 ID:H/GadCLk [Del]


Nice idea. I'm going to try it as an alternative to allume's bloatware!

I'll post as I find issues, but here's one right away. It doesn't play well with .sitx files.



48 Name: cal6n : 2006-09-13 11:12 ID:H/GadCLk [Del]

Ooops! Found it.

Sorry, I was reading the latest posts only, not the full thread.

49 Name: TM : 2006-09-13 11:13 ID:YEKCraNv [Del]

I tried beta version, everthing seemed fine except that "File name encoding" didn't work. I couldn't read it in the advanced menu of the preferences. Just lines of the strange characters in the menu...

As for the version 1.0, I couldn't even start it.
I tried to throw away the old preference file, but I couldn't find it.
No way.

My enviroment is OS 10.4.7.
I use my Mac in Japanese, English and French.

Anyway, I appreciate your work.

50 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-09-13 11:42 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]


Can you open and see if it lists any error message from The Unarchiver?

51 Name: TM : 2006-09-13 13:16 ID:YEKCraNv [Del]

Yes, I tried.
But there is nothing in the log.
I erased the log before I opened the unarchiver.

This time, the preference window is opened.
But the application menu didn't appear. No application icon in the Doc.
I had to open the activity monitor to quit it.

I've never seen things like that!

52 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-09-13 14:59 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]


It is set up to not use an icon when it opens archives, just like However, this means it also doesn't show an icon when you open the preferences window. However, you can quit it by just closing the window.

Normally, you don't open the program directly, you just let the operating system open archives using it. (Again, like BOMArchiveHelper does.)

53 Name: TM : 2006-09-13 15:37 ID:YEKCraNv [Del]

OK, so it's a normal behaviour.
For the file name encoding, I choose "Ditect automatically".
But other choices are unreadable.
Is it normal, or do you know a solution?

54 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-09-13 16:41 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]


It's probably a bug in the program. The way the program has to get this list is kind of strange, and I probably got the code wrong somewhere along the line. You usually do not need the list, so it's not a big problem. I'll try to fix it for the next version.

55 Name: chumsdock : 2006-09-13 19:52 ID:/Q7/XCCa [Del]

How can I choose not to "mkdir" when it unarchieves?
Sometimes it get many unnecessary folders.

56 Name: emd : 2006-09-13 20:19 ID:0qWhyXDy [Del]

It crashes on start up. Does it require Tiger?

57 Name: Peter Hosey : 2006-09-14 02:03 ID:gm1G3cWM [Del]

I tried it on the tbz file for my plus and minus icons, and it didn't do anything: it simply showed me the “Preparing to extract “plusminus-1.0.tbz”” dialog. Clicking Cancel does nothing but disable the cancel button. I must force-quit the app to get it to stop its barber pole. Nothing is written to console.log.

Regarding the icon: I love it. ☺

58 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-09-14 02:43 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]


There's no option for it, but it should not create a new diretory if there is only a single base directory in the archive. If you are getting several single directories inside each other, it's probably because that's how the archive is stored.


I haven't checked, but it probably does.


I can't find the .tbz file on that site. If you have it, mail it to me.

59 Name: starless : 2006-09-14 04:48 ID:YpdwweA4 [Del]

Thanks, another really needed app like Xee :).
Seems to work fine until now here on OS 10.4.7 PPC, but it didn't associate itself to archive file types although I selected all file types in its preferences. I suppose I should associate them manually, but I'll wait because it lacks one feature important to me: choosing a default unarchive destination.
As far as I can see, it currently unarchives files in the same folder where the archive resides, while I prefer unarchiving them on my desktop. Is it a planned feature for the future?

60 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-09-14 05:24 ID:TxhTWMUf [Del]


The OS X API for associating with filetypes is still kind of broken. Also, if you're using a Mozilla-based browser, the browser has this super-annoying behaviour where it will set a filetype and creator on the files it downloads, but will NOT get the right one. It's a reported bug, I've tried voting for it and mentioning it needs to be fixed, but nobody cares.

If that turns out to be your problem (if, say, files downloaded through other means open in The Unarchiver but files downloaded in Firefox or Camino open in something else), go vote for and post in

A default unarchive destination was not something I planned but it would be easy enough to do if I just stuff it in the advanced preferences, so I guess I'll look into that for 1.1.

61 Name: withname : 2006-09-14 09:04 ID:hp/CaklU [Del]

can't unzip archives with password protection :(

62 Name: withname : 2006-09-14 09:05 ID:hp/CaklU [Del]

can't unzip archives with password protection :(

63 Name: cedric : 2006-09-14 10:05 ID:zHd5IqK0 [Del]

The latest archive of MacTranslator (testet with 0.10 and 0.11) from will produce a checksum error on decompression, whereas will do just fine. If you do the decompression in PathFinder instead of Finder, The Unarchiver will not even display the dialog box containing the error. This freezes The Unarchiver and leaves no option to decompress any more archives.

I assume both of the described problems are bugs?

64 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-09-14 10:34 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]


You can extract some of them. However, there are many kinds of password-protected zip files. Send me the file and password and I will look into it.


That's funny, I got another similar report, and that one failed on the exact same file in another archive! This is kind of funny.

The second sort of sounds like a bug in PathFinder, but I am largely unfamiliar with it. Does list any errors?

65 Name: emd : 2006-09-14 14:18 ID:Tjc1MyH/ [Del]

If it does require Tiger, you should state that on the page.


66 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-09-14 18:50 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]


I just fixed this.

67 Name: Marcel_75 : 2006-09-15 02:28 ID:A/7U9oay [Del]

Cool app, but are there future-plans to support also compressing and not "only" uncompressing?

Would be great to have the PopUp-Window if you right-click on files/folders and don't have to choose only the Apple-implementation of .zip-archive but also from your application and the choice of .rar, .7z and so on…

68 Name: Marcel_75 : 2006-09-15 02:35 ID:A/7U9oay [Del]

PS: I know, the name of the application is "Unarchiver", so maybe we need a new name also to satisfy my wish… ;-)

69 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-09-15 03:26 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]


No, not really. I think compression and uncompression are such different tasks that you are better off using different programs for each. A lot of decompression programs on Windows, at least, are kind of unintuitive and bloated because they combine compression and decompression in the same interface, and I want to avoid that.

Also, I think that using plain .zip is usually the best idea anyway, and OS X's built-in archiver is good enough for that.

70 Name: Anonymous : 2006-09-15 12:09 ID:RfOTjNNY [Del]

I have feature request:
Reveal in Finder after unarchiving.

If I open archive from a web browser (I have Opera in mind), it would just unarchive it somewhere to my download folder, which I have to open myself. I'd love if unarchiver could save me that hassle.

It'd be best if that function worked only for archives opened from other app than finder (or only for chosen list of apps?)

71 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-09-15 15:27 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]


Hmmm. I am not sure the app is told what program launched it. But I'll think about that feature.

72 Name: Peter Hosey : 2006-09-15 20:53 ID:OIyL+3Pm [Del]

It is; using sysctl, you can determine your process's parent process. Unfortunately, this will always be WindowServer, except in rare circumstances (launched from Xcode, executable run directly in Terminal). And even if the parent process was the application that launched the file, that would not help if another file was launched while The Unarchiver was working on the first one (in which case the existing Unarchiver process would be used, rather than a new one created).

73 Name: Spacedog : 2006-09-16 08:37 ID:1OGMq/+V [Del]

Just wanted to chime in and say 'thank you!' for this wonderful little app: fast, beautiful, fast, perfectly integrated, fast (did I say it's fast? :-)

Oh, and I'd like to add my vote of preference for the "black UI": as Adam Betts said, it's more and more used and its wonderful "not in your face" look is perfect for The Unarchiver (Apple is also using it in the upcoming Web Inspector in Safari, and it couldn't look more elegant: )

74 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-09-16 11:05 ID:Heaven [Del]


If there was an easy way to add it, I would do it. I wonder how Safari implements it. I guess I'll have to dig into the source.

75 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-09-16 12:36 ID:Heaven [Del]

Ok, I did, and it turns out they build the whole thing with HTML. I definitely won't be doing THAT.

However, if anybody wants to implement the black GUI (without doing it in a WebView), I'd be happy to add it, especially if it's optional.

76 Name: Andrew : 2006-09-16 23:30 ID:/sD6Khnd [Del]

It won’t decode Sitx files, that is Stuffit deluxe files that require a password to unstuff.

77 Name: Nick : 2006-09-17 01:56 ID:WGpztQO4 [Del]

Thanks, I love this alternative to Stuffit expander.
Any chance of a preference to delete compressed file by default on expansion? That would be a huge improvement for me. Better still with reverse behaviour when Option-double-clicking.

78 Name: Anonymous : 2006-09-17 06:39 ID:+QbPmvSO [Del]

Using version 1.0 on Intel Mac Mini.

When I try to extract the VirtueDektops 0.53r220 zip, it gives me a checksum error on a PNG file. The link to the ZIP is:

And yeah, the filename encoding dropdown is all messed up on my system too. I'm happy with Unarchiver the way it is, especially the smart create-folder-only-as-necessary feature.

79 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-09-17 07:41 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]

SITX is not supported because it is completely propietary, undocumented and un-reverse-engineered, to my knowledge. If this ever changes, support might be added. I know I'd like to get rid of the last reason to keep StuffIt on my system. But as it is, adding support is beyond my capabilities.

80 Name: kL : 2006-09-17 09:24 ID:RfOTjNNY [Del]

Another suggestion:
Move archive to trash after unarchiving

In most cases I don't care about keeping archive when I have the files I wanted - for example when I download widget or a dmg file, the archive just litters my desktop/download folders.

I think moving to trash is enough safety here. This feature could also not delete large (500mb+?) files, assuming that these could be backups or just time-consuming to recreate.

81 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-09-17 12:43 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]

Version 1.1 released:

  • Added the automatic deletion and opening options requested.
  • Added the option to always extract to a user-specified folder.
  • Fixed the opening-behind-other-windows bug.
  • Fixed a number of the extraction bugs reported (although not quite all, either because I lacked a test case or because it involved files being too broken).

Incidentially, I'd welcome some outside help with this project. I have a lot of other things to work on, and don't have much time to work on this. There are a number of things that would be great to have, starting with sitx support, and stuff like better support for encryption of zips and rars, better 7-zip support, more formats, and so on.

82 Name: Eric O'Brien : 2006-09-17 21:37 ID:MKChjSuR [Del]

PLEASE add version resources to your code!

In the Finder, version 1.0 looks IDENTICAL to version 1.1. I need to be able to know which version of the program file I am looking at.



83 Name: Peter Hosey : 2006-09-17 22:51 ID:X0gbJhHD [Del]


“sitx” doesn't mean that the file is encrypted; it means that it is in StuffIt X format, which is Allume's replacement for the older StuffIt 5.5 format (and its predecessors).

84 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-09-18 04:34 ID:Heaven [Del]


It uses the standard Info.plist version field.

85 Name: Peter Hosey : 2006-09-18 21:08 ID:92e/T+Iv [Del]


Right, but that's not visible from the Finder. The suggestion (which I made and Eric O'Brien made) is to put the version into the Finder Get Info string so that the versions of two Unarchiver app bundles can be compared from the Finder.

86 Name: Screens : 2006-09-19 11:44 ID:FOb33Zwp [Del]

One thing i realy miss is "Extract where" -> "Ask" like Stuff-it, it this is included in next version i'll delete stuff-it as fast as i can :)

87 Name: Brian : 2006-09-20 23:17 ID:TIlE7+Xk [Del]

Where is the preference file? The pref pane has gone all unresponsive and I can't alter what Unarchiver should handle. I reinstalled but my selection stayed so somewhere there is a file. Thanks. Oh, by the way, great job. Stuff-it always seemed like it was on the verge of crashing. Funny thing, I was testing relative speeds between your app and stuff-it and stuff-it just crashed on the archive. Ha Ha. I knew it sucked but it hadn't really crashed in a while. My decision was made.

88 Name: Theo : 2006-09-21 01:02 ID:LNhnyMR4 [Del]

this may sound silly but im new to mac... i just got my macbook recently..

how do you install The Unarchiver 1.1 to the mac os X?

89 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-09-21 02:45 ID:Heaven [Del]


The associations aren't stored in a preferences file, but the previous ones are, and there's a bug where those get corrupted, so that might be your problem. It should be at ~/Library/Preferences/cx.c3.xee.plist.


Just drag it where you want it, usually the Applications folder. This is how you normally install program on OS X.

90 Name: FV Hip : 2006-09-21 09:55 ID:4pjW6Lo2 [Del]

I've been looking at this as a replacement for Stuffit Expander at work (Freeverse Software).

But all of our .sit files produce an empty folder. Is it because we use an older .sit file (compatible with OS 9) for our games?

91 Name: Brian : 2006-09-21 10:17 ID:TIlE7+Xk [Del]

Thanks !WAHa.06x36.
All selectable now.

92 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-09-21 11:02 ID:Heaven [Del]


Send me some test files.

93 Name: aadm : 2006-09-21 15:39 ID:S9dd6Jte [Del]

same problem as in 90; does not work with my .sit archives. Try for example Nikon Scan 4.0, downloadable from

94 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-09-21 16:36 ID:Heaven [Del]


That file extracts fine on my macine.

  1. What hardware are you running on?
  2. Do you get any errors on the console? (Open /Applications/Utilities/

95 Name: Shawn Grimes : 2006-09-21 21:15 ID:16sS6dkf [Del]

Great program but I am having a bit of an issue with just plain .sit files. Whenever I extract one, the folder that is extracted is empty. Like .sit files from this site for example. Anyone else having this issue?

Other than that, great little program.

96 Name: LvP : 2006-09-22 02:26 ID:CSGZFd30 [Del]

I have a bug setting preferences :
In "Archive Formats" I clicked "Select all" then I changed my mind and clicked "Deselect all". "Deselect All" only deselect the first file format (zip). I also can't manually deselect the others.
Mac OS 10.4.7 PPC French language selected

97 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-09-22 03:23 ID:Heaven [Del]


Yes, others are having this issue, but I can't reproduce it. I really need to know what hardware this is happening on, and if it's producing any errors on the console.


See >>87,89.

98 Name: kL : 2006-09-22 05:45 ID:RfOTjNNY [Del]

Thanks for the changes in 1.1! :)

I've got one more idea:
Automatically open extracted .dmg files (if there is only one .dmg in archive)

99 Name: Simon Wolf : 2006-09-22 15:05 ID:A6YXFgnG [Del]

Like some others I am having a problem with SIT files and I found the following in my System.Log file which seem to relate to trying to extract a SIT file:

Sep 22 23:00:08 simon-wolfs-computer kernel[0]: HFS: /rsrc paths are deprecated (..namedfork/rsrc)

However, BetterZip also produces empty folders so I am now wondering if this is a problem in the OS rather than with your application. I am running 10.4.7 on an 2 GHz Intel Core Duo MacBook with 2 GB DDR2 SDRAM.

100 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-09-22 16:15 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]


Ooh! That finally explains what is going on! Many thanks!

I am not entirely sure how to fix that, but now that I know what's going on, I should finally be able to do something about it.

101 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-09-22 16:43 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]


Could you do one more thing? Extract an archive to get an empty folder, and then open up the Terminal, cd into that directory, and run ls -la there?

102 Name: Simon Wolf : 2006-09-22 16:58 ID:A6YXFgnG [Del]

I get this:

simon-wolfs-computer:~/Desktop/DevCon2006 Simon$ ls -la
total 0
drwxr-xr-x 2 Simon Simon 68 Jun 1 11:40 .
drwx------ 14 Simon Simon 476 Sep 23 00:51 ..

I have also had a situation where extracting a SIT file results in a directory being created but it being invisible to Finder. The logs have the same error message for this. Creating a new directory to force a refresh didn't help.

103 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-09-22 18:33 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]


Does the extraction progress window show up at all? Does it show any of the names of files it is supposed to extract?

104 Name: Simon Wolf : 2006-09-23 00:35 ID:q2hd2K0T [Del]

An extraction window flashes up very, very briefly so I cannot see what it is reporting.

105 Name: Nick : 2006-09-24 00:59 ID:SdaPY55Z [Del]

Minor problem I'm having with 1.1:
The icons for some files are not showing up. For example, .zip (which is associated to Unarchiver) shows up as the unknown document icon (blank page) instead of the nice brown package icon. Works fine for others (RAR, for example).

Any thoughts?

Thanks for this app, it's soooo much nicer than StuffIt.

106 Name: Simon Wolf : 2006-09-24 02:45 ID:YNGiBvj0 [Del]

I should add that I have the same problem as Nick with my SIT files.

107 Post deleted by user.

108 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-09-24 06:23 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]


Is this for files downloaded with Camino/Firefox, or some other browser?

109 Name: Nick : 2006-09-24 09:04 ID:SdaPY55Z [Del]

I'm using Safari. I will try to find a .zip from somewhere other than Safari.

110 Name: Simon Wolf : 2006-09-24 09:23 ID:YNGiBvj0 [Del]

I'm using OnniWeb 5.5.

111 Name: Nick : 2006-09-24 09:30 ID:SdaPY55Z [Del]

Seems to be happening on all zip's regardless of where they came from. Tried rebooting, did nothing. .sit icons work fine though.

112 Name: Nick : 2006-09-24 09:36 ID:SdaPY55Z [Del]

May have found a fix...

Find a file of the type that is not getting the correct icon (Simon, in your case a .sit).
Get Info on that file, and go to the Opens With... section.
Change it from The Unarchiver to anything else that can open it.
Hit the Change All... button. The icon should change to the new apps icon.
Now go back to the drop down list and change it back to The Unarchiver, and hit Change All... again.

Worked for me.

113 Name: Simon Wolf : 2006-09-24 11:46 ID:YNGiBvj0 [Del]

Thanks Nick. When I changed it to another application the icon stayed blank but then changing it back to The unarchiver sorted it out.

114 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-09-24 12:21 ID:Heaven [Del]

I am tempted to blame Apple's kind of broken UTI handling for that one.

115 Name: aadm : 2006-09-24 13:01 ID:S9dd6Jte [Del]


hi again, no info on the console.
the hardware is an iMac intel core duo 1.83 ghz with 1.5 Gb ram; os x 10.4.7

hope this helps...

116 Name: Simon Wolf : 2006-09-24 13:17 ID:YNGiBvj0 [Del]

I have a funny feeling that this is a 10.4.7 issue too since it is not just The Unarchiver that seems to be affected. Roll on 10.4.8!

117 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-09-24 13:44 ID:Heaven [Del]

No errors on the console? That makes it more mysterious again.

The last thing you want is a mysterious bug. Sigh.

118 Name: CapFuture : 2006-09-26 06:07 ID:dSZALDiv [Del]


Found a bug in the SIT extraction process of unarchiver.
Look at the driver for the Roland RD700SX Stagepiano
You will find a difference if you extract it with Stuffit Expander or The Unarchiver.
Hope you can fix it :)

119 Name: Hiko : 2006-09-26 19:51 ID:puCaig18 [Del]

To help with the empty folders.

Try "Create New Folder" INSIDE the empty folder, or move (and move back later) a small file to the empty folder. Doing this should update the folder and suddenly make all the folder contents visible.

Note: apparently there is a way to fix this (not tested by moi) in the preferences in StuffIt Expander. I heard that unchecking the "Set Execute Permissions by Default" will solve this little bug. Give it a try and see if it works.

120 Name: Simon Wolf : 2006-09-27 02:32 ID:nkebwr40 [Del]

Hiko, I'd already tried this solution but it doesn't work for me. In fact the extract process doesn't actually appear to work so I simply end up with an empty folder.

Anyway, it may help others I guess.

121 Name: Alexander Nilsson : 2006-10-01 16:34 ID:uCCP0Fq+ [Del]

I think you should offer a solution kinda like Filecutter has.

Where you can choose an "Upload to..." option and possibly some other options too.

That would IMO be a BIG ADDITION to this excellent app!

Thank you so far :)

122 Name: someone : 2006-10-01 17:23 ID:0Nc3xrDc [Del]

I really like The Unarchiver because it is simple and fits in with the rest of OS X. It would be really nice if the developer would keep it that way instead of piling options upon options (an extraction tool should be very simple) or adding UI that won't fit with the rest of the system (unfortunately, Apple has a habit of doing just that...)

Instead, it would be really nice if the developer could focus on supporting more features from each format. It is probably quite easy to add better support for the 7z format since portable source code is already available from the p7zip project. Personally, I don't support proprietary formats like sitx and haven't seen any software distributed in that format. I think the developer should focus on formats that are more cross-platform and open instead of a closed format like sitx.

123 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-10-01 18:23 ID:Heaven [Del]


Hmm, I've actually never seen a Mac app do that. It might not a be bad idea if I can figure out how to do it, and find some time to do it.


The 7-zip code is, unfortunately, quite horrible. When I started out, I was considering using it, because it can extract a lot of formats, but I found it very badly designed, full of Windows-isms, and completely undocumented and uncommented. Well, I am guilty of that last part myself, so I can't really blame the author for that, but it did mean the code was unusable.

Right now I am using the 7z-C code from 7-zip, which is a separate implementation in plain C instead of Windows C++, which is much easier to use, but not as capable.

124 Name: Floach : 2006-10-02 07:07 ID:1Na7sBAc [Del]

I agree with >>122, the app should stay simple and not add extra features like the items in >>121.

My two requests:

Concatenate 001, 002, 003 (et cetera) files back into a single archive.

Process PAR/PAR2 files for file recovery.

Also, a request for further down the road: A dock icon, perhaps invoked when you have an archive or collection of files (e.g., a RAR set) that is over a certain size. As it stands now, it's a bit annoying to have to keep re-finding the extraction dialog buried under tons of windows (since it doesn't show in the dock or cmd+tab).

Even with these few things, The Unarchiver is amazingly sweet. Thanks so much!

125 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-10-02 08:14 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]


There is no way to switch the dock icon behaviour that I know of. Either an app has one all the time, or never.

Multi-part archives are already supported, but this is only triggered for certain naming schemes, such as ".r01/.r02" and "part01.rar/part02.rar" for RAR. If you have files with another naming scheme, give me some example files and it should probably be easy to add support.

PAR/PAR2 has been requested, but I don't know much about it, so it would take some time to implement it. Unfortunately I don't have much time at the moment between all my projects, so I'd really appreciate it someone wanted to help out with this.

(For anyone interested in helping out with this: libxad reads data through a custom callback handler, that implements open/read/seek/close functionality. Multi-part archives are handled transparently through this, for instance. A PAR/PAR2 handler could be written that works like the multi-archive handler but additionally fills in any missing pieces by itself.)

126 Name: Alexander Nilsson : 2006-10-02 16:39 ID:uCCP0Fq+ [Del]

122 & 124

If you dont want the option to extract to a certain folder the simply dont install the finder plugin, if you are not used to e.g. WinRar on windows which has the Extract to.. option.
If you have you are pretty dependent on that, eg. when unararing huge archives > 1gb you want to extract to another physical drive to get a huge speed increase, and that is unfortuneatly not very easy with thuis application atm. You can set a drive as the drive to always unpack to, but when the archive is on that drive it unpacks to the same drive and you loose the aformentioned speed increase.

So !WAHa.06x36 i think you should really look into offering a "Filecutter-like-interface" for using an Extract to... option. If I recall correctly it was just a simple plugin file that you copyed into /Library/Contextual Menu Items/ or something.

That would be kinda the optimal solution cause the people that easily want the option can just copy the file and those who obviously dont just simply ignore that option.

Thanks alot once again for this neat app!

127 Name: dooode : 2006-10-02 22:43 ID:Yx+/YVM8 [Del]

I have checked "delete file after unzip" in the preferences (something to the deletion of the file after being unzipped), but the thing is if it's a 2-part file, it throws the first file into the trash (part 1) and not part 2. Just something you could fix. Great app. Great work :D

128 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-10-03 02:46 ID:Heaven [Del]


Yes, I know, it'll be fixed in the next version.

129 Name: Nick : 2006-10-03 15:15 ID:SdaPY55Z [Del]

Would it be at all possible to add an ETA/estimated finish time to the window?

130 Name: Anonymous : 2006-10-03 16:46 ID:Heaven [Del]

>>129 Like those are ever accurate anyway.

131 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-10-04 03:36 ID:Heaven [Del]

Right, since it would likely be inaccurate, and is very seldom longer than a minute or two anyway, it seems like it would just be a distraction.

132 Name: Eduo : 2006-10-06 12:26 ID:N0vdO12J [Del]


Have you considered adding support to view the contents of compressed files? I don't think much would be needed, nothing like Finder navigation, but maybe the option to see the contents (maybe if a modifier key is pressed) and extract only one file?

133 Post deleted by user.

134 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-10-06 18:41 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]


No. I used to run Windows, where every unarchiver worked like this, and I was always impressed with the minimalist functionalism of Apple's standard unarchiver in comparison to that usability mess. The cases where it would be useful to have this are so few in comparison to the common case that it doesn't really justify the code bloat, and the work for me.

However, if someone wanted to make an unarchiver app like this, I should point out that the libxad engine from The Unarchiver is built as a separate framework, and is very easy to use from any program.

135 Post deleted by user.

136 Name: Roamerick : 2006-10-09 10:24 ID:9o9pbViz [Del]


I'm with you in the UI, keep it non-existent. The way you've implemented it is superb. Fix that arc hive deletion bug and maybe implement Par2, and it's utterly perfect.

Keep up the good work.

137 Post deleted by user.

138 Post deleted by user.

139 Name: aadm : 2006-10-09 12:10 ID:S9dd6Jte [Del]


Hello again, I've tried again to use unarchiver on my other computer, a G4 macmini, working on the same sit files (Nikon software) that I couldnt un-sit on my iMac intel and guess what ?... it works !!! It seems that (at least for me) unarchiver works ok for sit files if you use a powerpc, it doesnt on an intel machine.

Hope it helps.

140 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-10-09 12:31 ID:Heaven [Del]


I suspected as much. I am hoping to get an Intel Mac soon, though, and then I'll be able to test it myself, hopefully.

141 Name: kL : 2006-10-09 13:52 ID:RfOTjNNY [Del]


doesn't extract properly in Unarchiver, but does in Stuffit 9. It's hqx.

(unarchiver is great anyway :)

142 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-10-09 16:02 ID:Heaven [Del]

It extracts fine here. Are you using an Intel machine?

143 Name: labrat : 2006-10-10 02:54 ID:5lIKAwp9 [Del]

First of all, thank you very much for this app.

Having to use stuffit was one of the major blemishes on my wonderful mac user experience and I'm sure many feel the same.

Don't know if this is Intel chip-related but when I unarchive Japanese files with Japanese encoding, even if I set the confidence level to 100%, it still asks me for confirmation whereas on my PPC iBook it never does and I have it set at 80% as recommended.

144 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-10-10 03:24 ID:TxhTWMUf [Del]


Ah, you probably misunderstood that option. Setting it higher means it will ask more often, because it sets the level of confidence the program needs before proceeding without asking.

However, if there are any files where it asks one one machine but not the other when the confidence level is set the same on both, then that's a bug, and I'd appreciate it if you sent me the file to test.

145 Name: ae : 2006-10-11 03:40 ID:LoWR2Ev5 [Del]

As Stuffit 11 now lost the contextual menu feature I used most of the day, I wonder if TU can be made to list archive contents in a contextual menu.

Even nicer would be to extract just a selected file from the archive.

Thanks, TU looks very promising.

146 Name: eobet : 2006-10-11 11:41 ID:OoIsAqKL [Del]

The latest patch for Sim City 4, in sitx format, doesn't extract at all with The Unarchiver (1.1)...

Nice program otherwise.

147 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-10-11 12:08 ID:Heaven [Del]

SITX is not supported.

148 Name: Daniel : 2006-10-12 15:10 ID:EptQ9dvn [Del]

Extracting 7z files sets modified of all extracted files to "now", extracting with 7zx works.

149 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-10-13 03:28 ID:Heaven [Del]


The 7zC code used by The Unarchiver does not provide the date. I've asked the author to fix it, but I don't think he has, yet.

150 Name: dooode : 2006-10-14 12:28 ID:Yx+/YVM8 [Del]

My comment (127) I talked about the autodelete when there has been an extraction of a format. Is it possible for you to get this working in pathfinder? It doesn't delete at all in pathfinder. Can't wait for the next version!

151 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-10-14 13:40 ID:Heaven [Del]


That sounds more like a Pathfinder bug. Maybe you should try reporting it to them?

152 Post deleted by moderator.

153 Name: Mouloud : 2006-10-17 06:31 ID:A/bVdq6i (Image: 460x107 png, 15 kb) [Del]

src/1161091915265.png: 460x107, 15 kb

Thanks for this great software. With Xee and The Unarchiver you gave us 2 of the most wanted and needed software on mac. I can't understand why nobody did it before, because it's so obvious that this is the way cool apps should works : simple and fast ! :+)
Just for help : I can't extract the archive of WebGrabber you can find here :
It's a normal tar.gz file, and BomArchiveHelper extracted it without problem (as Stuffit).

154 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-10-17 14:30 ID:Heaven [Del]


Confirmed, I'll add it to the list.

155 Name: Daniel : 2006-10-18 04:56 ID:7f98TgwH [Del]

Thanks for this great app! More and more great pieces of software come out for the Mac these days. Very cool. Some of the last things I miss are a good Archiver that does RAR and a good mp3 tagger like mp3tag for windows.

156 Post deleted by user.

157 Name: myrrhlin : 2006-10-20 12:16 ID:lJQI4Hxy [Del]

sounds like a nice app, but since it's for 10.4 only, i can't try it. are there significant reasons keeping you from compiling a 10.3.x version?

158 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-10-20 13:45 ID:Heaven [Del]


Mostly that I don't have a 10.3 machine to test on.

159 Name: someone : 2006-10-21 23:12 ID:DyP3YFIp [Del]

The Unarchiver 1.1 crashes when opening this file:

I also posted the crash log on pastebin:

160 Name: someone : 2006-10-21 23:16 ID:DyP3YFIp [Del]


The original 7-zip makes use of many win32 features, but I was talking about p7zip, which is supposed to be very portable.

161 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-10-22 04:51 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]


p7zip is just exactly the same source code, but with a win32 compatibility layer compiled in alongside. It's a real mess, and compiling it into a separate application is nearly impossible.

The only really portable 7z code is the 7z-C code, which I am using, but which is less capable, as mentioned.

162 Name: Anonymous : 2006-10-22 11:21 ID:+QbPmvSO [Del]

I'm curious about those random files that Unarchiver is unable to decompress properly. Are those because of obscure bugs in the decompression engine that only get triggered by certain files or are they because of bad compressors?

163 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-10-22 16:35 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]


So far I've encountered one bad compressor, a couple of obscure bugs, and then there are a couple of still outstanding mysteries like the SIT files on Intel. That's PROBABLY another obscure bug, but I don't know yet.

164 Name: raf : 2006-10-27 20:10 ID:iwtRfGjF [Del]

once you get that SIT problem for Intel users sorted, and perhaps the contextual menu, I will gladly donate to you, and i'm sure others will too :)

great app. it's a favourite of mine, along with quicksilver.

165 Name: Anonymous : 2006-10-28 16:51 ID:uCCP0Fq+ [Del]

The lack of a contextual menu like way to "Extract to..." is the only thing keeping me from donating som of my coins

166 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-10-28 17:48 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]

Good news and bad news: Good news is I finally got an Intel Mac, and I am working my way through a number of Intel-only bugs (and others) now.

Bad news is, I managed to mess up my home directory drive in the move to the new machine, and I lost a whole lot of files. The Unarchiver isn't affected, since I could just download the 1.1 source again and start over with the few bug fixes I'd done so far, but I lost a lot of work on Xee, so that will be even more delayed.

167 Name: Anonymous : 2006-10-29 09:57 ID:0ajsD4q0 [Del]

This ZIP file that have a tracking application is not extracted correctly so it does not work when extracted with your aplication.

Hope this data help you in some way.

168 Name: someone : 2006-10-30 15:11 ID:DyP3YFIp [Del]

Can you reproduce the bug I reported?


BOMArchiveHelper also have trouble opening this archive.

169 Name: someone : 2006-10-30 15:27 ID:DyP3YFIp [Del]

Instead of implementing the various Finder Contextual Menu feature requests, maybe the developer can consider adding an Applescript dictionary along with a set of Automator Actions and Workflows in a later release.

There are several advantages to this approach:

  1. It avoids adding bloat to the Finder menu, much like how windows applications love to add bloat to the explorer menu
  2. It allows people to pick and choose which menu items they want
  3. It is a lot more flexible. People can utilize TU in their custom scripts and workflows. They also have more options when it comes to accessing these functions: the finder contexual menu, the applescript menu, droplets, folder actions etc.
  4. (Very important) It is easier to implement compared to a Finder plugin.

170 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-10-30 15:53 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention it, I could and I fixed it. Should work in the next version.

Oh, and >>169 is certainly worth thinking about, at least. Although I've found Automator a little annoyingly sluggish to launch on the old Mini, so I am not entirely sure.

171 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-10-31 06:17 ID:TxhTWMUf [Del]

Update on 1.2: All outstanding archive handling bugs have been fixed! At least all the ones I've managed to keep track of.

(This doesn't include stuff like SITX or RAR encryption though, sorry.)

172 Name: Simon Wolf : 2006-11-02 06:12 ID:lYZrMO2T [Del]

This all sounds very promising and I'm looking forward to 1.2.

I'd also like to second the request for an AppleScript dictionary which would be preferable to Automator Actions.

173 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-11-02 07:02 ID:TxhTWMUf [Del]

What kind of commands should an AppleScript dictionary have, in this case?

174 Name: Simon Wolf : 2006-11-02 10:56 ID:VQDKCbSJ [Del]

Well I'd imagine that it should be things like having an Archive object which has properties such as:

  • Source File
  • Target Folder
  • Delete After Extraction
  • Open Target Folder After Extraction

I wouldn't expect anything too fancy but it would just be nice to be able to handle file extractions via AppleScript.

175 Name: Jia Huang : 2006-11-03 13:26 ID:p6GVfFt3 [Del]

I use it to extract sit file.. but only find an empty extracted directory. why?

176 Post deleted by moderator.

177 Name: milke : 2006-11-10 10:11 ID:d8ZVG9ZV [Del]

Well, I wouldn't rely on The Unarchiver extracting sit archives correctly. The problem is not with The Unarchiver, but with underlying library it uses, libxad. This library has got some obvious issues with sit archives.

I tried to use libxad for my own purposes. The sit archives I've used to test the library were made with StuffIt Deluxe 10. In many cases, libxad didn't recognised names of the files inside an archive correctly. As a matter of fact, the names were correct, but not full paths. That way, some files and folders ended up in completely wrong places in archive hierarchy, often not even in the same hierarchy level. I could recognise that since I knew what archive I created, but the user trying to extract sit archive with unknown contents is very likely to get messed-up hierarchy of extracted files. In case of app bundles, plug-ins and alikes, this would make them useless.

Another example is archive made with StuffIt Deluxe, all files recognised properly by the libxad library. But then, adding a new file in the root of archive (using StuffIt) results in the library being able to see only that new file, all others (couple of hundreds of files become inaccessible! Deleting newly added file brought everything back to normal concerning library's ability to correctly see all files.

Problems also exist with sit archives containing encrypted files. If only one file inside an archive is encrypted, the library most certainly won't see all files inside. And an attempt to extract those encrypted that are accessible results in library function ending with data corruption error.

So, as a conclusion: I don't know for other archive types, but as for sit, the libxad library, and that also means The Unarchiver, is (unfortunately) not reliable at all. If anyone still needs sit support, I'm afraid there's no escape from StuffIt Expander yet.

178 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-11-10 16:37 ID:Heaven [Del]


I have fixed quite a number of bugs in libxad's SIT handling, and 1.2 extracts all my test cases correctly. Well, except the encryption, I haven't done anything about that.

179 Name: Gannet : 2006-11-12 14:30 ID:X1DRSpF3 [Del]

Cool, have you submitted those fixes back to the libxad project?

180 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-11-12 14:40 ID:Heaven [Del]

Some of them, but the project seems to be kind of dead and they haven't been incorporated.

181 Post deleted by user.

182 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-11-12 18:24 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]

Finally, v1.2 is done and released!

New stuff:

  • Added several localizations: Japanese, German, French and Spanish. Many thanks to E-WA, Christoph Schmitz, Thomas Steffen, Thomas Didrel, and Oscar A. Mata T. for their work on this!
  • Added an option to have The Unarchiver ask for a destination folder. Holding the command key while double-clicking an archive will also make The Unarchiver ask for a destination folder.
  • Fixed many unarchiving bugs. Several problems with Zip files fixed, and SIT files should now work much better, especially on Intel machines.
  • Fixed some other bugs in the interface, such as some problems with the filetype association list.

As you can see, I did not add some of the requested features like AppleScript support or a context menu item. I looked at both, and finally came to the conclusion that they were both enough work that I would never get this released if I started on them. There is a little workaround for the context menu though, as you can now command-click an archive and The Unarchiver will let you select the destination.

I still like the ideas, though, and I might add them in a later version. Even better would be if somebody wrote it for me and gave me the code, hint hint.

183 Name: Simon Wolf : 2006-11-13 01:28 ID:lYZrMO2T [Del]

Lovely, thanks for the new release. I'll try it this evening (I have to endure a day of Windows at work) and hopefully it will fix all of my SIT problems. As for the AppleScript support, I certainly wasn't expecting it in the 1.2 release so, from my point of view at least, please mark it down as a 'very nice to have' for a future release at some point. Bug fixes are much more important than what is, I imagine, a fairly niche request.

184 Name: Paul : 2006-11-13 02:19 ID:3vu927SL [Del]

I have the strangest of defects, so weird I don't even know if it's un unarchiver. I have tried to download the latest two nightly builds of Cyberduck ( - builds 2560 and 2574). Using BomArchiveHelper tells me that it can't write to whatever folder I try to unzip to (generally the desktop, as that's where I'm doing all of this). Using unarchiver it chokes when it gets to a classes.nib file, spinning the processors up to max without having anything happen.

Here's the magic - I kill the unarchiver process in activity monitor. I then copy the latest unarchiver app zip file on to my desktop, and unzip it (using unarchiver). Instead of just unzipping the file and giving me the unarchiver app to put in place, I get a folder called 'TheUnarchiver1.2' which contains the unarchiver app, and an apparently functioning copy of the cyberduck app I was trying to unzip :)

If you need more info let me know.

185 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-11-13 05:36 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]


Ah, yes, that behaviour with the files appearing in later unarchivings is a consequence of The Unarchiver crashing or being killed. It's pretty weird, but I have not bothred to do anything about it, since the program is not SUPPOSED to crash in the first place (and also it DOES let you recover some files).

I can reproduce the unarchiving problem, though, so I will look into the cause of this. (I am guessing it's a broken gzip compressor that causes it, but I'll need to check.)

186 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-11-13 05:45 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]

Update: Yes, the file is not a valid gzip file. I might try to add a work-around for this in a future version, but I think it might be hard to handle it in a useful way.

For now, I suggest you tell the author of the program to switch to a compression program that creates valid gzip files.

(If anybody needs the specifics of the problem, see RFC 1952,, section 2.3.1, the "ISIZE" and "CRC32" fields are missing in the file.)

187 Name: DH : 2006-11-13 05:52 ID:5+8zSv+j [Del]


Thanks a lot for a great utility. I would just like to make a small suggestion for an addition:

In the 'Info.plist' could you also add the 'CFBundleShortVersionString' so that the version number appears in the finder when the application is selected. It just makes it so much easier to know which version one already has.


188 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-11-13 08:10 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]




Update 2: There seems to be even more wrong with the file than just that, actually. There isn't much hope of extracting it correctly, but I did fix the bug that causes The Unarchiver to lock up on this kind of corrupted file.

Both of these fixes were small enough that I don't think it warrants a version bump, so I just silently updated the file. Re-download it to get the fixes!

189 Name: Anonymous : 2006-11-13 22:08 ID:X1DRSpF3 [Del]


Stink. If someone else (ie, BetterZip) wanted those fixes would they need to contact you about it?

190 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-11-14 04:49 ID:TxhTWMUf [Del]


They're all in the The Unarchiver source zip in It also contains my XADMaster.framework, which abstracts out a lot of the bother of dealing with libxad and presents a nice, Objective-C interface to use instead.

191 Name: DaMacGuy : 2006-11-16 07:12 ID:adWLzYLM [Del]

I've started getting errors while trying to build .pkg installers using Iceberg. The builds fail at the pax file portion of the build. The only thing I can think of that might be related is that I've updated to TheUnarchiver 1.2.

The system.log file reports entries like this...
Nov 16 09:54:41 MyMac /bin/pax: open on /tmp/ Cannot allocate memory
Nov 16 09:54:41 MyMac /bin/pax: close on {5: Bad file descriptor
Nov 16 09:54:41 MyMac /bin/pax: error closing files: Bad file descriptor

Is there any possibility that TheUnarchiver is the cause of the problem?

c w a l d r i p a t m a c d o t c o m

192 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-11-16 08:18 ID:Heaven [Del]


The Unarchiver has no support for pax files (something I'd like to add if I could find the time, though), and looking at that log, it seems to be running the right programs and not anything related to The Unarchiver, so I doubt it. Unless it's something that happens earlier, but I can't think of what that would be.

193 Post deleted by moderator.

194 Name: Andy : 2006-11-16 09:46 ID:aavjDu0F [Del]

I am running Unarchiver 1.2 on an Intel Mac running Tiger 10.4.8. Love the app, it is fantastic. However, I have one slight annoyance and I am not sure whether it is actually a bug in the program or something wrong with my Tiger OS.

Every once in a while (this seems to happen at random after restarts/shut downs), all the associations in the preferences for Unarchiver are unselected. I am pretty sure that it is not a Unarchiver bug, because at the same time this problem happens, Firefox ceases to be the default browser and I have to select it as default again.

195 Name: Andy : 2006-11-16 09:47 ID:aavjDu0F [Del]

Sorry for my double post.

196 Name: jimwick : 2006-11-16 20:32 ID:Krxb8te8 [Del]

I would like to be able to hide the Preferences window after I have set them. That's a usual thing elsewhere in the Mac world . . .

197 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-11-17 03:23 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]


I am not sure what you mean here. You only get the preferences window if you click the icon directly, and the only reason to do this is to change the preferences. When unpacking archives, there's no need to click the program icon.

198 Name: someone : 2006-11-17 03:43 ID:DyP3YFIp [Del]

I just have a tiny request here:

Can you remove the option to associate .jar files with The Unarchiver? While .jar files are zip files, they are meant to be executed rather than decompressed and associating them with an decompression utility would make it difficult for users to run some Java programs. Unfortunately, most novice users aren't aware of this and they just blindly click on the "Select All" button.

199 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-11-17 12:48 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]


Are they, nowadays? When I last did some Java programming, on Windows a few years back, there was no way to run a jar file direcetly, as I recall. It had to be done from the command line, or through a wrapper. Most Java apps I've seen use some kind of other of wrapper, too.

Is there now some way to run jars directly?

200 Name: Anonymous : 2006-11-18 13:36 ID:GZdZ9qln [Del]

>>199 see things like, which runs for me (On Windows, natch) with just a double click.

also, 200GET

201 Name: Gannet : 2006-11-20 19:39 ID:QiKPNXzF [Del]

On OS X you can (normally) just double click a .jar file to run it using the Apple Applet Runner (or whatever it's called). But it's still nice to have the option to extract it.

202 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-11-24 11:33 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]

Time for a bugfix and internationalization release:

New in this one:

  • More localizations: Portugese and Russian. Thanks this time go to Nylson Coelho and Michael Krekin
  • Changed the modifier key for extract-to-foler: Either Shift or Option works now. Command was too easy to accidentially trigger when opening a file with Command-O.
  • Fixed a bug where app bundles in StuffIt files would not run correctly after being extracted.
  • Fixed a bug where apps would be launched when the open-after-extracting option was on.

Plus the other post-1.2 fixes mentioned earlier.

203 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-11-24 11:33 ID:Heaven [Del]

(Sorry, no fix for the jar association yet.)

204 Name: ...Deus...??? : 2006-11-26 06:07 ID:cAQxOn9b [Del]

can unarchiver open the .sitx(not .sit)?????????? pls??

205 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-11-26 10:31 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]


Not until somebody reverse-engineers the format.

206 Name: PJ : 2006-11-27 03:57 ID:bswUc4v2 [Del]

So, which app handles the .sitx format and can one have it installed without interfering with unarchiver?

207 Name: fscheffer : 2006-11-27 06:18 ID:taPJVEq4 [Del]

The Unarchiver crashes very often when cancelling extraction of sit file :(

208 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-11-27 09:37 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]


Can you post a CrashReporter log?

209 Name: fscheffer : 2006-11-28 01:23 ID:taPJVEq4 [Del]

Sorry for posting like this, can't provide link at the moment. Copy this and then remove the post. There are more chrash reports in the log, but all look similar; it's always Thread 1 that chrashed in function SIT_UnArchive.


Host Name: franks-ibook
Date/Time: 2006-11-27 21:51:04.620 +0100
OS Version: 10.4.8 (Build 8L127)
Report Version: 4

Command: The Unarchiver
Path: /Applications/Utilities/The Unarchiver
Parent: WindowServer [7068]

Version: 1.3 (1.3)

PID: 7107
Thread: 1

Exception: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (0x0001)
Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS (0x0001) at 0xfc707aac

Thread 0:
0 libSystem.B.dylib 0x9000ab48 mach_msg_trap + 8
1 libSystem.B.dylib 0x9000aa9c mach_msg + 60
2 0x907dcb78 __CFRunLoopRun + 832
3 0x907dc47c CFRunLoopRunSpecific + 268
4 0x93203740 RunCurrentEventLoopInMode + 264
5 0x93202dd4 ReceiveNextEventCommon + 380
6 0x93202c40 BlockUntilNextEventMatchingListInMode + 96
7 0x93706ae4 _DPSNextEvent + 384
8 0x937067a8 -[NSApplication nextEventMatchingMask:untilDate:inMode:dequeue:] + 116
9 0x93702cec -[NSApplication run] + 472
10 0x937f387c NSApplicationMain + 452
11 cx.c3.theunarchiver 0x0000292c _start + 760
12 cx.c3.theunarchiver 0x00002630 start + 48

Thread 1 Crashed:
0 de.dstoecker.xadmaster 0x000b3d84 SIT_UnArchive + 6244
1 de.dstoecker.xadmaster 0x0007a888 xadFileUnArcA + 412
2 de.dstoecker.xadmaster 0x0007a9e0 xadFileUnArc + 240
3 de.dstoecker.xadmaster 0x000bf87c -[XADArchive _extractFileEntry:as:] + 252
4 de.dstoecker.xadmaster 0x000bf75c -[XADArchive _extractEntry:as:] + 540
5 de.dstoecker.xadmaster 0x000bf2f8 -[XADArchive extractEntry:to:overrideWritePermissions:] + 352
6 de.dstoecker.xadmaster 0x000bf0b4 -[XADArchive extractEntries:to:] + 316
7 cx.c3.theunarchiver 0x0000428c -[TUArchiveController extract] + 1052
8 0x9295d194 forkThreadForFunction + 108
9 libSystem.B.dylib 0x9002b508 _pthread_body + 96

Thread 2:
0 libSystem.B.dylib 0x90049ea8 syscall_thread_switch + 8
1 0x929755d0 +[NSThread sleepUntilDate:] + 152
2 0x937a3a10 -[NSUIHeartBeat _heartBeatThread:] + 1100
3 0x9295d194 forkThreadForFunction + 108
4 libSystem.B.dylib 0x9002b508 _pthread_body + 96

Thread 1 crashed with PPC Thread State 64:
srr0: 0x00000000000b3d84 srr1: 0x000000000000d030 vrsave: 0x0000000000000000

cr: 0x44000244          xer: 0x0000000000000000   lr: 0x00000000000b3c78  ctr: 0x0000000000000003
r0: 0x0000000000000000 r1: 0x00000000f00803a0 r2: 0x00000000fc32cfc4 r3: 0x00000000003daae8
r4: 0x00000000003daae8 r5: 0x000000000000000c r6: 0x0000000000000007 r7: 0x0000000000000100
r8: 0x0000000000403b59 r9: 0x0000000000000001 r10: 0x0000000000401b55 r11: 0x0000000000000003

r12: 0x0000000090003138 r13: 0x000000000189914c r14: 0x000000000189955c r15: 0x000000000183b200
r16: 0x0000000000080000 r17: 0x0000000000000003 r18: 0x0000000000000001 r19: 0x0000000000000013
r20: 0x0000000000077ab3 r21: 0x000000000455e008 r22: 0x00000000044dd008 r23: 0x00000000044dd00b
r24: 0x0000000000000000 r25: 0x000000000077f008 r26: 0x0000000000000000 r27: 0x0000000000000000
r28: 0x0000000001898c08 r29: 0x0000000000000001 r30: 0x000000000183b200 r31: 0x00000000000b2530

Binary Images Description:

0x1000 -     0x9fff cx.c3.theunarchiver 1.3	/Applications/Utilities/The Unarchiver

0x29000 - 0x3cfff org.mozilla.universalchardet ??? (1.0) /Applications/Utilities/The
0x72000 - 0xd1fff de.dstoecker.xadmaster ??? (1.3 (libxad 13.0, modified)) /Applications/Utilities/The
0x8fe00000 - 0x8fe51fff dyld 45.3 /usr/lib/dyld...

210 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-11-28 09:43 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]


I'll look into it.

211 Name: rcdc : 2006-11-30 22:19 ID:K42JSek0 [Del]

I was so happy to find a replacement to stuffit expander i could not help but make a donation. I hope one day par support is added to the library as no elegant solution exists for os x

212 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-12-01 05:23 ID:Heaven [Del]


Many thanks! And I'll keep that in mind.

213 Post deleted by user.

214 Post deleted by user.

215 Name: Yabadabadooooo!8NBuQ4l6uQ : 2006-12-19 15:24 ID:eM1Rnnn2 [Del]

The Unarchiver is a must-have app.:)
Is there a possibility to add a preview-feature like in Zipeg ( )? This would be awesome!:)
Sometimes Unarchiver isn't capable of extracting certain rar-archives (pasword-protected).

216 Name: Roland : 2006-12-24 10:55 ID:BX87cBig [Del]

Can I help with Dutch localization? I have XCode installed and can open the Unarchiver source code in it but otherwise I'm pretty clueless where to start. Can you give me a quick rundown? Thanks Roland

217 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-12-26 08:01 ID:Heaven [Del]


I'll add you to the list of translators, and mail you when there's time for a new release.

218 Name: CoreDumpError : 2006-12-31 17:54 ID:vcRbh3Sf [Del]

I'm having an odd problem with TheUnarchiver v1.3 and multi-part RAR files. Some of them work, but on some I get an error saying "the archive file is corrupted." I read on this discussion thread to check the output from Console, and I get this:

KATAMARI.ISO: crc error (f1c77610!=e8ca0330)

However, UnRarX, and WinRAR (run in Parallels) both say the files are fine, and extract them successfully. I've had this happen on archives named with .rar, .r00, etc, and on .part01.rar, .part02.rar, etc archives.

Email me at coredumperror AT gmail if you'd like a sample file that causes this error. I tried creating some small muilti-part archives using different options from WinRAR (authenticity, lock, recovery, etc) but everything worked except the one that I "locked." It didn't give me an error, though; instead TheUnarchiver just opens briefly and closes without extracting anything.

P.S. Is there any way to check which version of TheUnarchiver I have installed? I just downloaded and installed 1.3 to do these tests, but I wasn't sure if I'd had it installed already.

219 Name: shrini : 2007-01-04 00:35 ID:yM+tciLK [Del]

I have installed the app but it does not excute at all. I have a powerbook G4. when I double click the app from Application folder, I understand that I should be getting a "preferences" window but nothinh happens. There is nothing in Console.log. It does not even show up in the activity monitor.

220 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-01-04 07:04 ID:Heaven [Del]


Are you using 10.4?

221 Name: sa4zet : 2007-01-04 10:46 ID:L4O6QGEi [Del]

This program is great! Congratulations!
Do you have a plan to put support .pax and pax.gz files to The Unarchiver?
It would be great!

222 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-01-04 14:39 ID:Heaven [Del]


I don't have any plan, but I could make one. Depends on how much work it would take, and whether anybody actually uses the format.

223 Name: sa4zet : 2007-01-05 15:48 ID:L4O6QGEi [Del]


That formats use any install package inside...
.pax.gz: is a standard gzipped .pax file.
.pax: "The pax utility will read, write, and list the members of an archive file, and will copy directory hierarchies. These operations are independent of the specific archive format, and support a wide variety of different archive formats. A list of supported archive formats can be found under the description of the -x option." it's similar to .cpio.

224 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-01-06 14:18 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]


Now that you mention it, I did see those when taking apart installers. Maybe there is indeed some use for it, then. I'll add it to the list, at the very least, and whenever I have some spare time (don't hold your breath), I'll see what I can do.

225 Name: shrini : 2007-01-06 19:31 ID:yM+tciLK [Del]


Yes. I am running 10.4.8.

Triede uninstall & reinstall but no go


226 Name: henrrrik : 2007-01-17 05:41 ID:ctcIMncn [Del]

The Unarchiver 1.3 fails to expand an 85 part RAR archive. RAR Expander handles it OK.

227 Name: Ksec : 2007-01-17 06:41 ID:WiS4H83+ [Del]

Rar expansion definitely need improvement. ( The new rar version 3.7 is coming out soon )

Is there anyway i can view what is inside the archive without extracting it?
Anyway to know what the filesname(s) that will be extracted?

I know unarchiver is easy to use but sometimes i have to spend time to find out what is actually extracted out from the archive.

228 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-01-17 06:47 ID:Heaven [Del]


Can't do anything about it without having an archive that shows the problem.

229 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-01-29 16:13 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]

It's time for a small update to The Unarchiver:

This has a few requested features and bugfixes, and also experimental support for 10.3! Please try it and tell me if it actually works, because I don't have a machine to test it on. The other changes include:

  • Support for pax archives.
  • Fixed a bug where large archives with lots of resource forks would cause massive memory use.
  • Fixed some timezone-related bugs. Some format may still have problems getting the timestamps exactly right, however.
  • Various other minor bugfixes.

230 Name: Dan : 2007-01-29 16:58 ID:8K+dF5N/ [Del]

I just found this great app. Everything works great except Stuffit (.sitx) archives... Will you support this too?
Anyway, thanks! It's very cool!

231 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-01-29 17:36 ID:Heaven [Del]


I really, really wish that I could support .sitx, but there is no documentation whatsoever for the format, and nobody's managed to reverse-engineer it yet.

232 Name: w00dst0ck : 2007-01-30 02:40 ID:QbH1tayn [Del]

Do you implement the password support for RAR files?

233 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-01-30 03:43 ID:Heaven [Del]

It's planned for 2.0.

234 Name: Tomas : 2007-02-01 09:12 ID:dpRZoOpi [Del]

Is there a way to get back default system icons for all the archives?


235 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-02-01 18:40 ID:Heaven [Del]


While still using The Unarchiver? You can try finding those icons and copying them over the ones inside the The Unarchiver app bundle.

236 Name: Cathy : 2007-02-02 01:02 ID:OQQEF5wY [Del]

Feature request: the option to automatically scan the decompressed item for viruses using the virus checking app of your choice. Thanks!

237 Name: gannet : 2007-02-02 23:00 ID:VNtQjnSC [Del]

Icons for .sit files aren't showing up for me (in fact it's been hard enough getting .sit files to open with The Unarchiver at all - it doesn't show up under the Open With menu).

238 Post deleted by user.

239 Post deleted by user.

240 Name: gannet : 2007-02-03 02:09 ID:VNtQjnSC [Del]

Also, a minor issue with encrypted .sit files - if you enter the wrong password it will try to extract anyway but complain about corruption.

241 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-02-03 04:57 ID:Heaven [Del]


Sounds like there's a filetype conflict with some other app, then. The Universal Type system in OS X is a bit buggy that way.

242 Name: Shoegazer : 2007-02-06 20:56 ID:2vGKvYPD [Del]

it doesn't support .sitx archives. if it was added,i will delete stuffit。

243 Name: 1337sp34kr : 2007-02-06 21:10 ID:K9klGWVO [Del]

I love the idea of The Unarchiver. Unfortunately, after installing it, I still had to install Stuffit because The Unarchiver, being able to decompress .sit files, couldn't do with just one. The Blank Dock Separator package available at MaxThemes. I am now on a brand new machine without Stuffit and would like to keep it that way, but have unfortunately forgotten to back up the separators, yet again. Does anyone have them and can repackage them in say .zip for me? Thanks! Kudos to the developers though for a killer app!

244 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-02-07 03:35 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]


That file unpacks just fine for me. Were you using an older version earlier? There have been a lot of bugfixes to StuffIt unpacking in the later versions.

245 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-02-08 18:25 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]

A small update for The Unarchiver:

This should, I hope, fix the problem with Xee where archives would fail to open. It also adds a Traditional Chinese localization. Other than that, nothing much has changed.

246 Name: sa4zet : 2007-02-09 05:12 ID:iZUcuE+s [Del]

The .pax support is working great! Thx!
But, if I try unarchive an password protected rar arhive, The Unarchiver popup the password window.
But if I type the CORRECT password (100% it's correct, becase I can unarchive that file with unrar from console with same password) The Unarchiver give me a message window:
"Could not extract the file 'the file name': Command is not supported"

247 Name: Anonymous : 2007-02-10 07:39 ID:84vtXiOQ [Del]

Hi! I found a spelling mistake in the german translation! A pop-up windows says:

Der Inhalt der Datei ... konnte nicht mit diesem Programm entackt werden.

entpackt (the "p" is missing)

248 Name: Anonymous : 2007-02-10 07:48 ID:84vtXiOQ [Del]

Hi again!

I tested to open a passwort protectet .rar file (I made by myself with SimplyRAR)
but there's no passwort pop-up - instead a pop-up that says:

The contents of the file ... can not be extractet with this program.

249 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-02-10 11:30 ID:Heaven [Del]

RAR password support is not yet implemented. I'm hoping to have it in 2.0, whenever I find the time to work on that.

250 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-02-11 06:26 ID:Heaven [Del]


Thanks, fixed.

251 Name: Macskeeball : 2007-02-11 20:42 ID:nPZATBKz [Del]

0.5 works fine so far in 10.3.9 so far (1.5GHz 15" PowerBook with 2GB of RAM); I used it for expanding a .tar.bz2. It doesn't have a Dock icon though, but I'm not sure if that's intentional or not.

Thank you very much for adding 10.3.9 support. I had all but written it of for when I get Leopard.

252 Name: gannet : 2007-02-13 15:18 ID:VNtQjnSC [Del]

I downloaded phpMyAdmin in .7z format but The Unarchiver gave errors about unknown data formats when trying to extract it. 7zX handled it fine.

253 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-02-13 17:26 ID:Heaven [Del]


The Unarchiver uses the 7zC code from 7-zip, which doesn't support all formats (which is nearly impossible anyway, as 7-zip is defined as supporting a ridiculous amount of formats for no good reason). I've tried to nag the author to update it, but I don't think he has yet.

254 Name: Anonymous : 2007-02-14 20:11 ID:I7/WVAo2 [Del]

Just a little request, why don't you add growl support >
Sorry if this has already been asked.

Thank you for this app :)

255 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-02-15 11:08 ID:Heaven [Del]


I'm not sure it's very useful, as an unarching operation doesn't take more than a few seconds in the average case.

256 Name: Anonymous : 2007-02-17 12:07 ID:Mbbw6qgF [Del]

There appears to be a bug, introduced between 1.3 and 1.5, with password handling for encrypted ZIP archives. In 1.3, you can type the password, click Continue, and all files in the archive are extracted successfully. However, in 1.5, roughly half of the files fail to extract. (This is on 10.4.7, by the way.)

257 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-02-17 17:31 ID:Heaven [Del]


I need a test case to fix it.

258 Name: MG : 2007-02-17 18:45 ID:kzRmbZKO [Del]

Problem ... The Unarchiver simply closes right away if it has no write access to the folder of the clicked RAR file. It would be a good idea to either throw up an error message saying no permission, or ask if the users wants to extract somewhere else instead.

259 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-02-18 14:02 ID:Heaven [Del]


I'll add that to the list.

260 Name: Daniel : 2007-02-20 08:16 ID:VZgO/czh [Del]

Is there a way to get StuffIt to stop stealing The Unarchiver's application default preferences? I even tried the Default Apps preference pane add on and StuffIt just won't stop being a jerk.

261 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-02-20 08:21 ID:TxhTWMUf [Del]


Are you using Firefox or Camino, and getting Zip files associated with StuffIt when downloading? This is caused by a Mozilla bug that they refuse to fix. You can work around it by choosing "Get Info" for one of the affected files, changing it to The Unarchiver, and then clicking "Change All".

262 Name: Anonymous : 2007-03-02 11:57 ID:Mbbw6qgF [Del]

Re: 256

I can't give you a test case file (too large, for one thing.) However, here is the problem:

--- /tmp/TheUnarchiver1.3_src/libxad/portable/mac/XADArchive.m 2006-11-24 09:22:52.000000000 -0800
+++ /tmp/TheUnarchiver1.5_src/libxad/portable/mac/XADArchive.m 2007-02-08 17:40:46.000000000 -0800
@@ -1053,7 +1069,8 @@

    else if(detected_encoding) encoding=detected_encoding;
else encoding=NSWindowsCP1252StringEncoding;
  •   return [password cStringUsingEncoding:encoding];
  •   return [[password dataUsingEncoding:encoding] bytes];

+// return [password cStringUsingEncoding:encoding];

Clients of _encodedPassword (i.e. xadFileUnArc) require that the password be maintained as a null-terminated C string. (This means you can't use any encodings which might have embedded nulls as part of the encoding.) Also, dataUsingEncoding won't null-terminate the data. If a null char happens to immediately follow the data then the password works, but if not then the string continues until a null is reached, and so the password is (often) wrong.

Going back to cStringUsingEncoding for the password works just fine, since it appears xadFileUnArc can't handle anything else.

263 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-03-02 15:03 ID:Heaven [Del]


Thanks for tracking that down, but the problem is that cStringUsingEncoding is 10.4 only, and thus I can't use that. I'll have to look at other options.

264 Name: Anonymous : 2007-03-02 21:26 ID:Mbbw6qgF [Del]


In that case, this should work (haven't tried compiling yet though!):
char nullChar = '\0';
NSMutableData *pwdData = [NSMutableData dataWithData:[password dataUsingEncoding:encoding]];
[pwdData appendBytes:&nullChar length:sizeof(char)];
return [pwdData bytes];

There will still be problems if the password string's encoding contains any nulls (like Unicode), but I don't think that's going to be a common case, and xadFileUnArc can't handle such encodings anyway.

265 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-03-03 09:21 ID:Heaven [Del]


Actually, you can just use increaseLengthBy:, as the new data will be initialized to 0. I'll probably go with that.

266 Name: Anonymous : 2007-03-07 07:38 ID:X7TCvW33 [Del]

The Unarchiver hangs when you cancel the extraction of a rar file. Shows "Preparing to extract ..." message as though it is working to extract the file although it was canceled before selecting a destination. I'm running 10.4.8, 1.83 Core Duo with 2GB Ram

267 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-03-07 11:56 ID:Heaven [Del]


Known bug, will be fixed.

268 Name: CoreDumpError : 2007-03-13 19:02 ID:Jx8ohW+Z [Del]

TheUnarchiver used to extract archives into a subfolder of the current folder named after the archive file... it doesn't do that for me any more, and I'd really like it to. Did I screw up a setting, or has that feature been removed? (or maybe I'm just hallucinating again...)

269 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-03-14 10:44 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]


It does this if there is more than one file or folder in the archive. If there is only one, it is not put in a subfolder.

270 Name: CoreDumpError : 2007-03-14 14:09 ID:Jx8ohW+Z [Del]

Ohhhh, that makes sense, I guess. Still, it would be nice if there were an option to always extra to a subfolder, since if you don't know the name of the file inside the archive, it could be an issue finding it in the finder window, since it always alphabetizes on the fly. Making a subfolder with the same name as the archive will make the subfolder show up right next to the archive in Finder, which would be great!

271 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-03-14 15:12 ID:Heaven [Del]


It's been requested before, so it'll probably show up sooner or later. Maybe not in the next version, but I'll add it at some point.

272 Name: Stephen : 2007-03-18 03:46 ID:tczAkzWe [Del]


Absolutely bizarre problem with the unarchiver in regards .sit files.

Mac OS does recognize it as an application that can open .sit fles (all other archive types yes, but not.sit)

It can happily open .sit files, but assigning it as the default application seems impossible.

Any ideas?

273 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-03-18 05:36 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]

Well, let's just say that Launch Services, which handles this stuff, is... less than well-designed.

Something similar has happened to me when I had another program installed that defined a UTI with another name for the same extension. You'd have to use something like RCDefaultApp to see if that is the case, or to delete suspicious apps (AND empty the trash, or else it does not count).

If you can find an app that causes it, send me its Info.plist!

274 Name: Jayson : 2007-03-18 17:30 ID:0gcUpciw [Del]

Hi, been using The Unarchiver on 10.4.7 (PPC) and again on >=10.4.8 (Intel) with absolutely no errors so far. Thanks for a fantastic app!

Is there any way to automatically associate all supported compression types with The Unarchiver? In the past I just used "Change All" in the Info window as I came along files that opened with BOMArchiveHelper, but having an easy way to set all of them at once would be very convenient.

Also, any plan on making "The Archiver"? Would be nice to replace the "Create Archive" option in Finder's contextual menu with options to create compressed tars (tgz and tbz2 preferably) and such.

275 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-03-18 17:32 ID:Heaven [Del]


Doubleclick The Unarchiver, and you get a preferences window that has a list for associating filetypes.

Also, sorry, no plans for The Archiver. I am generally happy with what's available already, personally, and I've got lots of work as it is.

276 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-03-19 17:05 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]

Another release of mostly bugfixes and tweaks:

  • Fixed the zip password bug as reported in >>256.
  • Added support for zip archives created by ZipIt.
  • Added a Dutch localization.
  • Fixed a rare RAR bug, and some GUI quirks (like >>258).

277 Name: Mr Midnight : 2007-03-20 01:01 ID:8XW4G80y [Del]

As pointed out on MacUpdate, The Unarchiver defines for the system the filetype of "RAR-Archives" as files ending on .rar, .RAR, .r00, r01 etc., as well as .001, .002, .003 etc.

The problem is that multi-part split files also end on .001, .002 etc. The Unarchiver is unable to open/merge these files (which I would not expect it to do, anyway - it is an unpacker, not a filemerger).

I cannot dissociate .001-files from The Unarchiver without dissociating .rar-files as well, since both are defined for the system as rar-archives.

I would like to propose, that in the preferences a seperate filetype for .001-files ("Multi-Part Document"?) is added, which can be ticked or unticked to be opened by The Unarchiver. That way, the user can choose if he wishes to open .001-files with The Unarchiver or a different program.

I hope that is not too much to ask. I feel the program is amazing, and the developer has been doing a great job!

278 Name: Mr Midnight : 2007-03-20 01:24 ID:8XW4G80y [Del]

Also (since I seem to be the roll right now :-) ), I would just like to register my vote to keep the current behaviour of The Unarchiver of extracting one file archives into the current folder and archives with multiple files into a new subfolder.

It has been requested on MacUpdate that ALL extractions should be into a new folder, regardless if one or multiple files. I don't think that is a good idea, and at least should be optional for users who prefer the current way.

279 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-03-20 05:27 ID:TxhTWMUf [Del]


Once again, Launch Services is being a useless piece of crap... sigh. Oh well, I guess I'll have to go with making a separate file type for those, although I can just tell that will lead to some other problem instead somewhere down the line.


Yeah, I'd only ever make than an option, and it definitely wouldn't be the default.

280 Name: Anonymous : 2007-03-22 05:22 ID:8gLWQTFc [Del]

Hmm, I can't extract .sitx. Not supported yet?

281 Name: 280 : 2007-03-26 01:38 ID:A+aLd5Kd [Del]

Sorry I just founded out with sitx. I hope they release some docs before too long.

282 Name: Anonymous : 2007-03-26 16:04 ID:oNvZj3w4 [Del]

It cannot open password protected files!

283 Name: Anonymous : 2007-03-26 16:04 ID:oNvZj3w4 [Del]

It cannot open password protected files!

284 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-03-26 18:19 ID:Heaven [Del]

Yes, it can. Just not all of them.

285 Name: Anonymous : 2007-03-27 15:23 ID:13xIdYSU [Del]

I get errors when trying to extract the zip for NuFile (which BOMArchiveHelper has no issues with) (In the .rtfd/):

Would it be possible to add the version number to the main window so I can quickly tell which version I have?

286 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-03-27 16:45 ID:Heaven [Del]


Right-click the app and Get Info. If that doesn't show anything, you have a pretty old version.

Although it appears that file does not open in the current version either. I'll add it to the list.

287 Name: Ian : 2007-03-27 16:46 ID:eAg6t7hL [Del]

I haven't tested it recently but it won't extract a working version of Adobe Flex Builder (Beta).

When trying to run Flex, it does nothing. I attempted to extract with Bom and it worked.

288 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-03-27 17:20 ID:Heaven [Del]


I need the actual file or at least a link to it before I can do anything about it.

289 Name: Anonymous : 2007-03-28 14:31 ID:13xIdYSU [Del]


Yes, I realized it was available in the Get Info window (I have the current version), but thought it might be easy/good to list it in the main window, so I wouldn't have to try to find the application to run Get Info on it.

290 Name: macbuzz : 2007-03-29 15:17 ID:VKFjJsi9 [Del]

I just noticed after extracting a rather large zip file that the modified date of the folders were set to today if the folder had anything in it and to the original modified date if it was empty. I recognize that the file system is doing this as the folder contents are written. From the point of view that the extraction should result in as exact a copy of the original as possible, shouldn't the folder dates be reset after they have been filled?

291 Name: Samaritan : 2007-04-07 03:14 ID:IGMZHBMe [Del]

How do we donate to you? It looks like a lot of people are loving your application and you're putting in some serious hours on it over the last few months. I'm hanging out for v2.0 and password protected rar support... can I paypal you a few bucks to help with a beverage of your choice while you work?

292 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-04-07 15:01 ID:3n+jbdxq [Del]


There is a donation link on if you want to!

293 Name: whamp : 2007-04-08 11:47 ID:IEWci1DV [Del]

i love this little tool, but many password-files (for rar's) didnt work with the unarchiever :-( Please do not give up the development. The Speed is amazing!

294 Name: Gdog : 2007-04-14 06:43 ID:XWJheRbz [Del]

Just plaudits: Thank you so much for this wonderful, well designed utility. Obviously, a lot of work and thought has gone into it. I can't imagine an unarchiver with a better interface or more complete (useful) functionality. So thank you!

295 Post deleted by user.

296 Name: Francesco : 2007-04-16 06:12 ID:Gjzl0QiD [Del]

Unless somebody is already doing it, I would be glad to translate The Unarchiver to Italian; all I need to know is which files I have to modify in order to complete the translation. Do I have to translate only the strings inside "Localizable.strings" or there is something else?

Thank you very much

My e-mail address is francesco (at) allascala (DOT) it

297 Name: Anonymous : 2007-04-19 03:45 ID:F4i7HPFc [Del]

i tried extracting a 300mb+ 7z file with the unarchiver, and it completely halted my system ....everything just started working very very slow, until eventually i managed to click the 'x' and close the unarchiver.... using the command line application pzip ( extracted the file fine....

298 Name: Bruce : 2007-04-21 23:50 ID:HiuT5tVH [Del]

I found a case where using Unarchiver v1.6 on a rar file of an iso disk caused Unarchiver to run forevvvvver, using about 70-85% system resources. I eventually Quit the program from Activity Monitor.

I tried the same rar file in UnRAR v2.2, and it ran through the extraction, up to 99 %, looked like it would finish, but then its status window reported a CRC error. and finished the process. The reported error statement from UnRAR: "CRC failed ??? - the file header is corrupt"

So I am guessing that Unarchiver 1.6 got hung on the CRC error and never quit. But why use up all the system resources in that? And no feedback in the Unarchiver other than a perpetual 'spinning' bar.

And I think it would be good if Unarchiver would give some sort of status indicator, both of progress and outcome (or failure).
(I looked in Console logs, did not see anything that looked like unarchiver)

Thank you. All the best.

299 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-04-22 04:55 ID:3em7Hrs8 [Del]


That was obviously not intended behaviour. I can't do anything to fix the bug without a file that causes it, though.

300 Name: Anonymous : 2007-04-22 19:22 ID:F4i7HPFc [Del]

i had another 324mb 7z file today, and same result.... i can tell you where to download it from but would rather do it in a private manner... please let me know if you're interested... thanks :)

i think it is not necessary though... just create a 300mb+ 7z file using any capable utility, and try extracting it with the unarchiver and you should see the problem...

301 Name: Patrick : 2007-04-22 20:48 ID:ai3Q5OIN [Del]

No Sitx support :(

Goddamnit, I can't wait for the day when I can get rid of stupid Stuffit once and for all.

302 Name: Anonymous : 2007-04-23 01:51 ID:IdzbvXOB [Del]

Would it be possible for the window that appears when you are unarchiving something to be like the BOMArchiveHelper window and float above everything but isn't actually "selected" so you're still in the Finder even though the window is floating above it?

303 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-04-23 11:06 ID:Heaven [Del]


Unfortunately, it's not really a fixable problem with the current 7-Zip code. I've tried asking the author to improve it, but no luck. I might try to put in some workarounds later, but no guarantees.


I'll look into it when I find some time.

304 Name: Samaritan : 2007-05-07 07:26 ID:IGMZHBMe [Del]

I'm dying having to use unrarx to get at my password protected rar files (I interface with a bunch of Windows users who use encrypted rar every day!). Can you give us any idea at all on when we this might be ready for release? I am more than willing to help with testing...

305 Name: Samaritan : 2007-05-07 07:26 ID:IGMZHBMe [Del]

I'm dying having to use unrarx to get at my password protected rar files (I interface with a bunch of Windows users who use encrypted rar every day!). Can you give us any idea at all on when we this might be ready for release? I am more than willing to help with testing...

306 Name: Lee : 2007-05-13 22:51 ID:8y5JdDqJ [Del]

Request: I'd like to have the preferences set to extract archives to the same folder but option+double clicking will give you a dialog and prompt you where to extract it (I'd mainly use archives on network drives so I don't have to transfer the file to my CPU and back again across the network).

307 Name: Yacko : 2007-05-15 11:17 ID:uNvT0zb8 [Del]

Does this program support ace compressed files? Also multi-part ace. Retrogamers on Windows seem to like this method and I have yet to find a solution.

308 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-05-16 04:50 ID:scSDD8HE [Del]


Sorry, no. The format is propiatery and only available under NDA, apparently. One of the main programmers of libxad, that I use to unpack lots of stuff, has gotten access to the source but hasn't gotten around to implementing it. I don't know if he ever will, and it's beyond my abilities, so, sorry, no time soon.

309 Name: Nick : 2007-05-18 18:01 ID:LaE9p3VA [Del]

Is there a known bug concerning Unarchiver's inability to finish extracting an ISO file? I tried two separate files and it hangs on both of them right at the end.

310 Name: starless : 2007-05-19 08:34 ID:OwhJHisu [Del]

Hi, using The Unarchiver 1.6 I encountered a problem when decompressing a file in a deep subdir from a tar.gz archive. I created a sample archive showing the same problem and uploaded it here:

It only contains a dir and a bunch of subdirs, which in the end contain only one small file called "definition.xml". When I extract the archive using The Unarchiver, the name of the extracted file is "definition.xml0000644". The appended numbers really look like permission bits... :)

StuffIt Expander correctly extracts the file and the whole archive.

311 Name: Jeff : 2007-05-28 08:56 ID:pzSjjNDF [Del]


First off, Unarchiver is a great program. It works so well.

Does anyone know if there are plans to add the ability to open password-protected zip files in a future release? Thanks.

312 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-05-28 14:51 ID:Heaven [Del]

You can already open some password-protected zip files. If you have one that can't be opened, I'd like to see it or else I can not add support for it.

313 Name: GaryGnu : 2007-06-07 19:07 ID:EvhUAq4m [Del]

I just found what will make alot people happy about the password glitch that appears to fault some RAR files.

Download this program and follow the instructions. It's not as sleek as Unarchiver but.... IT DOES the Job when it comes to Passwords on RAR files even split ones. I just thought I'd share this with someone who may have been going up a wall with password files.

Let me know if it works.

314 Post deleted by user.

315 Post deleted by user.

316 Name: nowhereman : 2007-06-07 21:22 ID:XP2C4EQT [Del]


"Icons for .sit files aren't showing up for me (in fact it's been hard enough getting .sit files to open with The Unarchiver at all - it doesn't show up under the Open With menu)."

I'm also getting the same problem as gannet. Anyone else?


"Find a file of the type that is not getting the correct icon (Simon, in your case a .sit).
Get Info on that file, and go to the Opens With... section.
Change it from The Unarchiver to anything else that can open it.
Hit the Change All... button. The icon should change to the new apps icon.
Now go back to the drop down list and change it back to The Unarchiver, and hit Change All... again."

Nick's fix doesn't work for me.

317 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-06-08 03:57 ID:Heaven [Del]

You probably have some other program installed that conflicts with The Unarchiver's filetypes. Launch Services is pretty broken when it comes to these things.

318 Name: gannet : 2007-06-10 03:25 ID:VNtQjnSC [Del]

Are the duplicate extensions in all caps for supported file types really needed?

319 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-06-10 05:22 ID:Heaven [Del]


I don't really know, but has them.

320 Name: peace : 2007-06-24 18:40 ID:NFkJn8qN [Del]

Thank you GaryGnu! UnRarX worked for the password protected rar files at:

The Unarchiver kept on giving me errors that the "Command Is Not Supported".

321 Name: Walter Ian Kaye : 2007-06-27 18:34 ID:WLxvUKJK [Del]

Two questions.
1) Which SIT formats are supported? 1.5? 2.0-4.0? 5.0?

2) Does it support .zip archives whose contents have MacBinary metadata as implemented by Tom Brown's ZipIt?

322 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-06-28 09:25 ID:Heaven [Del]


  1. No idea what the differences are. I've been tweaking it to work with any file people have showed me.
  2. Yes, at least the development version, I forget if the latest release has that code or not.

323 Name: Steve : 2007-07-02 15:49 ID:yCzYwZJF [Del]

You need to make the program follow the language rules. So if i chose not to install any languages except english and french and I installed the OS, when Unarchiver installs it should only install English and French as languages and not installed any other one. If a user wanted to add another lang. they can download it drom the site and add it through the "Get info" screen. This feature should be added cause it makes the program smaller for the end user.

324 Name: Steve : 2007-07-02 18:04 ID:yCzYwZJF [Del]

The app needs to follow OSXs language rules. If i dont install russian with the OS russian should not be installed with the app

325 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-07-03 04:14 ID:Heaven [Del]

Somehow I think most users can afford the extra 400k.

326 Name: Gannet : 2007-07-07 16:55 ID:VNtQjnSC [Del]

Ha, I've discovered the problem with .sit files! The Unarchiver is simply missing a UTI: com.stuffit.archive.sit
I added this to the info.plist and it works fine now :-)

327 Name: Walter Ian Kaye : 2007-07-09 08:37 ID:WLxvUKJK [Del]

I have AppleScript code for determining if a file is Stuffit 1.5, 2.0-4.0, or 5.0; it's called StuffTyper. Hmm, looks like I never uploaded it to my website; I can send it to you if you'd like to see the code (it's just a kind of magic number checker). You will then have a way of determining which .sit types people sent you. (It's not a catalogger, but you could modify the script or use it in conjunction with something else, like File Buddy.) If you want me to send it to you, just tell me how you'd like it sent.

328 Name: Gannet : 2007-07-09 16:06 ID:VNtQjnSC [Del]

Um, I don't quite see the point. The Unarchiver can handle any .sit file already.

Speaking of types though, I believe 'SIT!' is a creator type, not a file type. 'SIT2' perhaps?

329 Name: Ralph : 2007-07-13 13:16 ID:qQHPukps [Del]

I used The Unarchiver on a Windows exe-file and it run forever, I quit the program with Activity Monitor, because there was no response. Now I have lost 10GB of my Diskspace. Is there tmp, I can delete?

330 Post deleted by user.

331 Post deleted by user.

332 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-07-14 07:11 ID:Heaven [Del]


There's probably a hidden folder in the same folder as the file you tried to unpack, which starts with a ".". You should be able to see it from, at least.

333 Name: Walter Ian Kaye : 2007-07-18 14:53 ID:WLxvUKJK [Del]

yes, SIT! is a creator type for StuffIt Deluxe (Expander is SITx). SIT! is also the file type for StuffIt 1.5 files. StuffIt 2.0-4.0 uses 'SITD' filetype and Stuffit 5.0 filetype is 'SIT5'.
My script checks the internals and sets the filetype metadata accordingly.

334 Name: Sven : 2007-07-20 14:51 ID:XP1/hp54 [Del]

Hi there,
same problem as post #320. I always get the errormessage:
"Command Is Not Supported" on archives of page
even if I specify the correct passwrod. The archives are fine, unpacked them using UnRarX, but your tool is looking much better, so I would like to use your tool.

335 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-07-20 17:45 ID:Heaven [Del]

Password-protected RAR is not supported yet.

336 Name: Feature request? : 2007-07-22 20:00 ID:4ClGXjrk [Del]

Please add an option to use the archive's name for a destination folder. I have a lot of archives with good archive names, but unintelligible or abbreviated folder names inside the archive. When I extract them (especially if processing several at a time), I have no idea what folder matches to what archive.

337 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-07-23 06:25 ID:Heaven [Del]

Already added, but I forget if it's in the release version or just my development version.

338 Name: gannet : 2007-07-23 15:16 ID:VNtQjnSC [Del]

Hm okay, it's just Expander includes recognition of 'SIT2' but not 'SIT!'. Are you sure SITD isn't StuffIt 3.x-4.x with SIT2 being StuffIt 2.x?

Anyway, has that StuffIt UTI I mentioned been added to The Unarchiver?

339 Name: Chris : 2007-08-07 18:18 ID:uhOcKOMB [Del]

Would you add a command line interface? I am downloading compressed files, manually processing them with The Unarchiver, then parsing them into a database. I would love to be able you use your tool to automate the process. I would love it even more if it were available in Ruby!

340 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-08-08 08:00 ID:bZFTLQgL [Del]


It's something I've thought would be nice to have, but I haven't actually needed it enough to make it.

If you're feeling like doing some programming yourself, most of the magic is in a framework, which should be pretty easy to use. There's even a very simplistic command-line tool already for testing purposes which might be expanded. Or maybe you can bridge the framework into Ruby somehow.

If you do any of that, do let me know.

341 Post deleted by moderator.

342 Name: Steve : 2007-08-14 06:05 ID:dyREHMML [Del]

When the app is set to extract archives to "Same folder as archive", extracting archives found inside DMG files naturally fails.

In this case, I'd like it to fall back to using the Desktop as the destination folder (like BOMArchiveHelper ?). Prompting for an alternate folder - perhaps defaulting to the Desktop - might be a good option.

Great app - thanks!

343 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-08-14 09:19 ID:Heaven [Del]


Hmm, good point.

344 Name: DJ.HAN : 2007-09-01 01:48 ID:NTmLvIjU [Del]

Bug Report :
OS: MacOS 10.4.10 (intel)

the unarchiver 1.6 was crashed when trying expand RAR archive that encoding japanese/korean filename.
I attached crash log file.


Date/Time: 2007-09-01 17:46:18.864 +0900
OS Version: 10.4.10 (Build 8R2232)
Report Version: 4

Command: Xee
Path: /Applications/
Parent: WindowServer [415]

Version: ??? (2.0)

PID: 709
Thread: 0

Exception: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (0x0001)
Codes: KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE (0x0002) at 0x00000000

Thread 0 Crashed:
0 libSystem.B.dylib 0x90072db2 lmatcher + 132
1 libSystem.B.dylib 0x90030735 regexec + 11065
2 de.dstoecker.xadmaster 0x17fd9b71 -[XADRegex matchesString:] + 75
3 de.dstoecker.xadmaster 0x17fd865f +[XADArchive volumesForFile:] + 546
4 de.dstoecker.xadmaster 0x17fd462f -[XADArchive initWithFile:delegate:error:] + 77
5 de.dstoecker.xadmaster 0x17fd459f -[XADArchive initWithFile:] + 56
6 de.dstoecker.xadmaster 0x17fd82c6 +[XADArchive archiveForFile:] + 62
7 cx.c3.xee 0x000642c2 -[XeeArchiveSource initWithArchive:] + 90
8 cx.c3.xee 0x0000c3e4 -[XeeDelegate application:openFile:] + 1020
9 0x9326fd98 -[NSApplication _doOpenFile:ok:tryTemp:] + 459
10 0x9337c3e6 -[NSApplication _doOpenFiles:] + 240
11 0x9337c2d8 -[NSApplication(NSAppleEventHandling) _handleAEOpenDocuments:] + 87
12 0x93275701 -[NSApplication(NSAppleEventHandling) _handleCoreEvent:withReplyEvent:] + 793
13 0x927f2e65 -[NSAppleEventManager dispatchRawAppleEvent:withRawReply:handlerRefCon:] + 447
14 0x927f2c8f _NSAppleEventManagerGenericHandler + 91
15 0x915236c5 aeDispatchAppleEvent(AEDesc const*, AEDesc*, unsigned long, unsigned char*) + 147
16 0x915235f6 dispatchEventAndSendReply(AEDesc const*, AEDesc*) + 44
17 0x915234c2 aeProcessAppleEvent + 190
18 0x92df00e4 AEProcessAppleEvent + 37
19 0x9327363d _DPSNextEvent + 1044
20 0x93273056 -[NSApplication nextEventMatchingMask:untilDate:inMode:dequeue:] + 137
21 0x9326cddb -[NSApplication run] + 512
22 0x93260d2f NSApplicationMain + 573
23 cx.c3.xee 0x00002d06 _start + 216
24 cx.c3.xee 0x00002c2d start + 41

Thread 1:
0 libSystem.B.dylib 0x90047dd7 semaphore_timedwait_signal_trap + 7
1 ...ple.CoreServices.CarbonCore 0x90ce1da9 TSWaitOnSemaphoreCommon + 163
2 ...ickTimeComponents.component 0x982c12a6 ReadSchedulerThreadEntryPoint + 4723
3 libSystem.B.dylib 0x90024227 _pthread_body + 84

Thread 2:
0 libSystem.B.dylib 0x90047dd7 semaphore_timedwait_signal_trap + 7
1 ...ple.CoreServices.CarbonCore 0x90ce1da9 TSWaitOnSemaphoreCommon + 163
2 ...ple.CoreServices.CarbonCore 0x90cebcdc AIOFileThread(void*) + 1068
3 libSystem.B.dylib 0x90024227 _pthread_body + 84

Thread 0 crashed with X86 Thread State (32-bit):
eax: 0x00000000 ebx: 0x90072d3f ecx: 0xffffffff edx: 0x00000001
edi: 0x00000000 esi: 0x00000000 ebp: 0xbfffeef8 esp: 0xbfffeca0
ss: 0x0000001f efl: 0x00010246 eip: 0x90072db2 cs: 0x00000017
ds: 0x0000001f es: 0x0000001f fs: 0x00000000 gs: 0x00000037

Binary Images Description:

0x1000 -    0x83fff cx.c3.xee ??? (2.0)	/Applications/

0x7d5000 - 0x7d6fff 1.2.5

345 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-09-01 05:47 ID:dq74j0K2 [Del]


Could you give me a copy of the file, and also a list of all the filenames that were in the same folder as the archive?

346 Name: Loyd : 2007-09-01 20:02 ID:cR84mZBd [Del]

The Unarchiver failed tonight extracting files from a 2+ GB zip file. one file inside was a 2.2G DMG file. Other files before it extracted fine. It left the file as a zero length file.

Just to be sure I unarchived it with BOMarchiver and it worked just fine.

347 Name: Loyd : 2007-09-01 20:02 ID:cR84mZBd [Del]

The Unarchiver failed tonight extracting files from a 2+ GB zip file. one file inside was a 2.2G DMG file. Other files before it extracted fine. It left the file as a zero length file.

Just to be sure I unarchived it with BOMarchiver and it worked just fine.

348 Name: Rudi : 2007-09-03 09:06 ID:dRGc0wn/ [Del]

I've tried extracting several different RAR files (containing rar, r00, r01 etc.) and the application simply freezes showing a "Preparing to extract..." screen while using 90% of my processor. Moreover, it is impossible to anyhow close or Force Quit the program as it doesn't have the option due to its integration into OS X.

Apart from that, wonderful program, but I hope this problem is solved.

If you have any further questions, e-mail me at rudi[dot]eihenbaums[at]gmail

349 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-09-03 15:53 ID:Heaven [Del]


I need a file that causes this before I can do anything about it. If there are any messages on the console, post those too. Also, try turning off all InputManagers and haxies.

350 Name: Rudi : 2007-09-06 09:22 ID:jUuwezCA [Del]

What do u mean by InputManagers?

I can forward you some files that I've been trying to open, I can't send them to you, because they're about 700MB movie torrents, but I can give you a link so you can look into it.

351 Name: Rudi : 2007-09-06 09:29 ID:jUuwezCA (Image: 499x137 png, 23 kb) [Del]

src/1189096174918.png: 499x137, 23 kb

Here's a screenshot, doesn't help much, but how do I open the console on demand?

352 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-09-06 13:41 ID:Heaven [Del]


Run /Applications/Utilities/, then try to get The Unarchiver to lock up again and see if anything appears in Console.

353 Post deleted by user.

354 Post deleted by user.

355 Name: Rudi : 2007-09-06 16:29 ID:jUuwezCA [Del]

Do you want me to take one of those "Sample" things?

356 Name: Rudi : 2007-09-07 05:11 ID:jUuwezCA [Del]

Nothing in the console.. anything else? Want me to give you a link to the torrent file?

357 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-09-07 05:12 ID:Heaven [Del]


No, just see if The Unarchiver prints any message on the console before it locks up.

358 Name: DJ.HAN : 2007-09-07 06:05 ID:f8uhGVC8 [Del]


reply was too late. I'm Sorry.

exactly, the unarchiver was crashed when I was trying expand RAR files over network. If target archive's file have wrong encoded filename, It caused crash.

But If you copy file in your macintosh, then the file was expanded normally(the unarchiver was displayed encoding selection dialog box).

Please resolve this problem. I believe you can do it :-)
Thanks, Good Luck!

359 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-09-07 16:50 ID:Heaven [Del]


Without an example file that can cause the problem, there is not much I can do.

360 Name: Rudi : 2007-09-10 06:16 ID:cwSe8Mlu [Del]

As I said before, nothing appears in the console.

Here's a link to the file I'm having problems with. CD1 unrars properly, CD2 is the thing you should try to select to download in the torrent.

361 Name: Rudi : 2007-09-10 06:48 ID:cwSe8Mlu [Del]

P.S. It happens with a few other files.

362 Name: E-WA : 2007-09-10 20:26 ID:RWNJyoAS [Del]

Fails to extract .sit archive file with password protection made with DropStuff 5.5 running on Mac OS 9. It only displays an alert message saying "Could not extract the resource fork for the file"<file name>": Data is corrupted". No problem when without password protection.

Any solutions?

363 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-09-11 08:04 ID:Heaven [Del]

I'm guessing the SIT code might not support encryption? I did not write it, so I am not sure. I never tried any encrypted archives. Does it extract any other, encrypted SIT files?

364 Name: Rudi : 2007-09-14 18:01 ID:5GZ3jWl6 [Del]

I found a few other large, multi-part RAR files that the Unarchiver crashes with. Nothing appears in the standard view of the Console - is there maybe a specific place I should look in?

365 Name: Max : 2007-09-20 03:08 ID:lz5KqkDV [Del]

Great program! Would be a great addition having the XAR support ( Thanks.

366 Name: Toni : 2007-09-26 02:17 ID:8VLjlPUO [Del]

Good work,

it runs pretty well for me.
the only bug, i've saw, was an improperly exit when the work was done. It leaves an empty window, that needs to be closed throught "activity monitor"

367 Name: Anonymous : 2007-09-26 13:51 ID:jJ1pAGvH [Del]

Great frameworks! Thanks.

I've fixed two memory leaks and done a touch of cleanup.

368 Name: Anonymous : 2007-09-26 16:02 ID:Heaven [Del]

Found another leak, so the file has been updated.

369 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-09-27 05:46 ID:Heaven [Del]


Ah, I knew about the missing free in XADRegex already, actually, but I hadn't catched the one in XADArchive yet, though. However, the nullstring thing is entirely intentional.

370 Name: Anonymous : 2007-09-27 13:19 ID:Heaven [Del]

Yeah, the nullstring change was just my preferred coding style.

371 Name: Anonymous : 2007-10-03 07:59 ID:w4pWtBH0 [Del]

If this could open rar files that had passwords, my life would get a lot, lot easier. Is there anything we can do to help? Ive already donated once...

372 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-10-04 11:54 ID:Heaven [Del]


No, I mean, there was a reason it was written exactly like that, which is to make it a value guaranteed to be unique.

373 Name: Joshua Ochs : 2007-10-04 20:57 ID:4ClGXjrk [Del]

I'm having some trouble associating The Unarchiver with Zip files. They reset back to BOMArchiveHelper for some strange reason. When I went to reassociate them (via Get Info), The Unarchiver did not show up as an option on the "Open With" popup menu. If I select it using the "Other..." option, it works and the icon shows up properly. If I select "Change All...", it works - but the icon disappears and becomes a generic document icon!

I'm sure this is something weird on my end, but I thought I'd report it - just in case.

374 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-10-05 06:43 ID:Heaven [Del]


Sounds like some kind of Launch Services bug. It's a very temperamental system.

375 Name: Andrew : 2007-10-08 04:42 ID:iWNgsH/Y [Del]

Can you please make an option to extract the files directly into the folder same folder as the archive?

As it is, i have to extract, browse into the new folder, copy/paste or move the files (thanks to no Cut on OSX), and finally delete the useless folder!

I honestly can't think of why you would want it any other way - is it to protect against duplicates? Even if the folder already has the files contained in the archive, you could have a dialog appear asking whether or not to overwrite. Considering archives are generally for sending to other people, it is not likely they will have the same files anyway.

Thanks for an otherwise great program! (Xee too!)

376 Name: Andrew : 2007-10-08 04:44 ID:iWNgsH/Y [Del]

Can you please make an option to extract the files directly into the folder same folder as the archive?

As it is, i have to extract, browse into the new folder, copy/paste or move the files (thanks to no Cut on OSX), and finally delete the useless folder!

I honestly can't think of why you would want it any other way - is it to protect against duplicates? Even if the folder already has the files contained in the archive, you could have a dialog appear asking whether or not to overwrite. Considering archives are generally for sending to other people, it is not likely they will have the same files anyway.

Thanks for an otherwise great program! (Xee too!)

377 Name: Anonymous : 2007-10-08 05:01 ID:rOMKaW5o [Del]

Bug: Appears to crash silently while extracting iWork08Trial.mpkg/Contents/Packages/iWork08Trial.pkg/Contents/Archive.pax.gz
Enhancement: Opening a .pkg bundle extracts Contents/Archive.pax.gz
Enhancement: Opening a .mpkg bundle extracts Contents/Packages/*.pkg

378 Name: Dean C. : 2007-10-16 11:54 ID:CGmnE0/m [Del]

Something odd: When I attempt to uncompress a set of .RAR files, the program will lock up. However, I can't see how to get the program to quit since UnArchiver does not show up on the ForceQuit menu. I'm assuming that it has something to do with installation, but I am still unfacile with the Mac OS so I am not sure as to how to troubleshoot it as I would with a PC. Help/Hints? Oh yeah, version 1.6 on a 10.4.10 MacBook.

379 Post deleted by user.

380 Post deleted by user.

381 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-10-16 13:57 ID:Heaven [Del]


Use Activity

Also, open and tell me if there are any messages from The Unarchiver.

382 Name: Dean C. : 2007-10-17 12:33 ID:CGmnE0/m [Del]

There does not seem to be anything on the Console.

However, the Activity Monitor worked a trick. If nothing else, thank you for that suggestion. Odd though--for a "locked" up application, it sure was consuming an assload of CPU time; somewhere in the 75% to 85% range.
Dean C.

383 Name: Nico : 2007-10-19 01:32 ID:SW4K/Tvu [Del]

Hi, there is a bug whenever I try to extract more than 1 rar-file: The first file gets extracted, while they other are in the waiting line, but then wehn Unarchiver wants to process the second one in the line it just quits!

I have version 1.6 on my MBP Intel with 10.4.10

384 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-10-19 04:34 ID:Heaven [Del]


I just yesterday extracted several rar files in a row, so the bug is not that simple. What files are you trying to exist? Does it crash no matter what order you extract them in? Does it work if you extract one by one? Are there any messages on the console?

385 Name: Anonymous : 2007-10-20 13:36 ID:X0dBIJYD [Del]

It'd be really nice if passwords would work with rar files ...

386 Name: Anonymous : 2007-10-20 13:36 ID:X0dBIJYD [Del]

It'd be really nice if passwords would work with rar files ...

387 Post deleted by user.

388 Name: DJ.HAN : 2007-10-25 18:44 ID:Z8TMaJbL [Del]

the unarchiver is worked in leopard(10.5).
but it can't link ZIP file association perfectly. I check zip format in the unarchiver [preferences>format tab]. but default zip unarchiving application wasn't changed.
please check this problem, and update unarchiver :-)

thanks, good luck!

389 Name: Ben Miller : 2007-10-27 15:20 ID:PPTSSOVc [Del]

I had the same problem as 388. Everything works great except for ZIP file associations.

390 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-10-27 17:48 ID:Heaven [Del]

Sounds like Apple went and messed with the UTIs again.

391 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-10-28 05:34 ID:dq74j0K2 [Del]

All right, for anyone who wants a workaround for the zip problem until I get around to buying Leopard and making a real fix:

Open up The, and search-and-replace all instances of with

As suspected, Apple went and changed the UTI for zip files, and this broke all programs that used that UTI. Which apparently was only me because everybody else seems to have understood that UTI handling is totally broken and unreliable.

392 Name: Gforce : 2007-10-28 11:03 ID:0hBu260g [Del]

That works great for now, thank you. I look forward to an updated version of The Unarchiver. :)

393 Name: Anonymous : 2007-10-28 13:55 ID:d0o/StnJ [Del]

Thanks for the workaround!

BTW, it might not be just you since trying to associate Microsoft Remote Desktop config files with other programs also seems broken.

394 Name: Ben Miller : 2007-10-28 15:02 ID:PPTSSOVc [Del]

Hey I edited the Info.plist and Zip files now open with The Unarchiver, but the Zip files still have their default icon appearance. They don't have the nice brown Zip icons that is usually the default of Unarchiver. Any ideas? This is so odd.

395 Name: Pico Mitchell : 2007-10-28 21:38 ID:ASyR9MYe [Del]

I don't really know the history behind it all, but after scrolling through this thread, I saw some great looking screenshots from Adam Betts with an HUD window style. This could have been hard back in '06 but with Leopards new developer tools, the option for the HUD window style is built in. Would it be possible to get a preference to switch between the window styles in a future version? Also, for zip archive, I just went into the files info and told Zips to open with The Unarchiver and applied it to all files of that type. That worked perfectly, but like people have said above, I get the default blank page icon.

396 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-10-29 05:45 ID:Heaven [Del]


Just guessing, but that might just be Launch Services sucking again. Do they still not have the right icon after rebooting?

397 Name: Bill Garrison : 2007-10-29 07:36 ID:KyyleN6W [Del]

In case it helps, I DO have the right icons after that patch. It must be something weird, because my machines work just fine.

398 Name: Ben Miller : 2007-10-29 10:15 ID:m2RCU5Sn [Del]

No I've rebooted plenty of times since then. When I right click and hit get info on a zip file it says it opens with "The Unarchiver" but it still has the default icon. Its making me crazy...I've tried everything.

399 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-10-29 14:32 ID:Heaven [Del]


What if you use Get Info to select some other app, then select The Unarchiver again, and then click Change All?

400 Name: Ben Miller : 2007-10-29 15:25 ID:PPTSSOVc [Del]

Hey that worked! Thanks a lot!

401 Post deleted by moderator.

402 Name: Pico Mitchell : 2007-10-29 16:54 ID:4NWbbW93 (Image: 408x99 png, 18 kb) [Del]

src/1193702050291.png: 408x99, 18 kb

Well, to hopefully inspire someone of authority, I have actually modded The Unarchiver to have a HUD display. This shows that it really is simple enough for an Interface Builder to do (with the new dev tools). Here are some preview screens and a download link to the nib files i modified. The HUD needs a custom status bar, but hopefully this will help speed up and motivate the HUD interface into an Unarchiver release. I like it a lot and I think others will too. Also, The Unarchier rocks! thank you for the development!

Example One:

Example Two:

Unarchiver HUD NIBs:

403 Name: Baguette : 2007-10-29 23:46 ID:ndeleYI2 [Del]

>>402 That looks really nice Pico! I hope something like this can be incorporated.

404 Name: Pico : 2007-10-30 01:40 ID:ASyR9MYe [Del]

Thank, you can implement it too using the NIBs, it works perfectly, except for resizing the window, which I don't think is worth fussing with. Anyway, sorry for the double posts, I wasn't sure if i could post html and I wasn't able to delete my post like i thought i would be. Also, in the post I meant to say an "simple enough for an Interface Builder novice to do"

405 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-10-30 09:20 ID:Heaven [Del]

I'll certainly look into it, once I have some spare time to work on it again. What's the problem with resizing, are you putting a big black view to cover up the background painting? In that case, you should just be able to set its size flags so that it resizes properly.

406 Name: Pico : 2007-10-30 14:46 ID:4NWbbW93 (Image: 454x99 png, 13 kb) [Del]

src/1193780785839.png: 454x99, 13 kb

When the window is resized the HUD loses its transparency, and is illegible because of the fact that I made the text white. The progress bar also gets funky, see the 3 different colors on the attached image. I think it does have something to do with the ProgressView but I don't know enough about it to troubleshoot.

407 Name: Dan Pritchard : 2007-10-30 19:18 ID:6mncWYfb [Del]

Love the app, it's simple, elegant and useful.

As for the ZIP file problem, here's my experience.
Did a clean 10.5 install, and just upgraded to The Unarchiver 1.6.

First I told Unarchiver to open .zip files by checking the .zip format.

For a test, I create a file with .zip extension, e.g. by running "touch" in terminal. The file has a blank sheet icon.

I then get the file's info, change it to open with The Unarchiver (which does NOT show in the quick drop-down, i have to browse for it each time I'm here). This file, and only this file, then changes to the Unarchiver "Box" ZIP icon (yay!). Then I click "Change all" and all ZIPs including this one, go back to blank sheets.

Will update you if restarting fixes anything.

Thanks for your work on one of my favorite utilities.

408 Name: Pico : 2007-10-31 12:53 ID:4NWbbW93 [Del]

I am having the exact same issue as Dan. I have tried all he said and multiple restarts, I also tried changing "" to "" with no luck and also tried changing it to "public.archive" which I saw somewhere after a google search. all to no avail. It would be great to see that awesome icon in my DLs stack!

409 Name: Kurt : 2007-11-02 08:35 ID:EDBG+IkO [Del]

Same issue here as Dan and Pico.. fingers crossed for an update!

410 Name: Ditto : 2007-11-04 15:33 ID:Jv1+xq0C [Del]

Same issue - despite modification association is not functioning ):

411 Name: HP : 2007-11-06 06:17 ID:oZKUA97W [Del]

Find :

<string>Zip Archive</string>
<string>ZIP </string>

Replace with :

<string>ZIP archive</string>

It seams to work, believe me!

412 Post deleted by user.

413 Post deleted by user.

414 Name: silvernode : 2007-11-06 10:08 ID:UDBlkFrv [Del]

Ok so i want to get my own board up and running but i am a total noob when i comes to this. I have already installed perl,mysql,apache. I also configured apache to use cgi correctly. No all i have is the actual wakaba files but where do i place them and how do i get them into my database? All help would be greatly appreciated. Also would there be any chance of a guide somewhere? Like a detailed setup guide? All i get when i come here is people who have pretty much got their board working but have other questions about tweaking it. Thanks

415 Post deleted by user.

416 Post deleted by moderator.

417 Name: Anonymous : 2007-11-06 11:44 ID:Heaven [Del]

418 Name: Pico : 2007-11-06 13:10 ID:4NWbbW93 [Del]


HP... this didn't work for me on 10.5 on PPC.

Have you restarted and tried changing all zips to open with The Unarchiver?

419 Name: HP : 2007-11-06 13:27 ID:oZKUA97W [Del]

I have restarted twice ;)

But, it started to work, for me, before I have to restart… U have to modify info.plist, move your app (perhaps: /Applications -> ~/Desktop -> /Applications), reassociate (contextual menu) … and after, it could work…

At the moment, all my zips have the icon of "The Unarchiver" :)

In my case 10.5 Intel… but, I don't think syntax used in plist have to deal with processor (may be am I wrong?).

420 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-11-06 13:49 ID:Heaven [Del]


That will break the formats list inside The Unarchiver, though.

421 Name: Anonymous : 2007-11-07 09:15 ID:Heaven [Del]

Just a note, I tried this and it didn't work.
Just yesterday I deleted the unarchiver preferences and downloaded a new copy and tried this again.

It works strangely enough.

422 Name: Pico : 2007-11-08 01:37 ID:EBtvreyN [Del]


Wow, how did I overlook such a simple troubleshooting procedure? This actually worked for me as well. Thanks!

423 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-11-08 03:03 ID:Tqv6D0BD [Del]

For those who can't get >>391 to work, it's probably because Launch Services won't read Info.plist again unless the app's container directory's timestamp has changed. That's why moving it around or reinstalling might help.

Or more reliably, use the Terminal to run touch "/Applications/The".

424 Name: Pico : 2007-11-13 11:42 ID:4NWbbW93 [Del]

I just found out about this right now, but it looks like this HMBlkAppKit framework could be great for The Unarchiver, comes with great looking alternating row colors and custom progress bars already.

425 Post deleted by moderator.

426 Post deleted by moderator.

427 Post deleted by moderator.

428 Name: Tony : 2007-11-14 12:02 ID:xIq1x5pq [Del]

I just started using The Unarchiver and it is much faster than BOMArchiveHelper.
However, the files I'm extracting are 5+GB, and all I see is' preparing to extract ""', is never says anything like 'Extracting now'. Just when I think it's hung up, the extracted file's folder pops up. Which is great, but I'd like to see something indicating that it's not hung.

Thanks for the fast product.

429 Post deleted by moderator.

430 Name: igmhardcore : 2007-11-30 01:07 ID:UO3+aqUX [Del]

Ok i love the app and how it opens Stuffit format, its wonderful since i hate stuffit, tho is there anyway that in the next update you could try and add support for .sitx files? as i have a few that i havn't been about to open for a while :-/

Regards, Hardcore

431 Name: forbin : 2007-11-30 15:14 ID:LrNLe7ne [Del]

how about a quicklook plugin, like what betterzip has:

432 Name: Anonymous : 2007-11-30 18:50 ID:Heaven [Del]

Why re-invent the wheel?
There's already 4 different quicklook plugins that support at least zip.

Besides if Waha doesn't have Leopard yet, I doubt he'll want to code something that he can't even test or even use.

Check >>79

433 Name: fernando : 2007-11-30 21:41 ID:Heaven [Del]

Are you still working on it? Just came to say great work and that I look forward to 2.0 with password-protected rar support.

434 Name: Anonymous : 2007-12-08 20:13 ID:owFITNhl [Del]

Yeah we want some updates, for Leopard and so on

435 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-12-09 05:43 ID:Heaven [Del]

I have some kind of Leopard fix done, but I need to test it a bit more. Should be out "soon".

I have plans for some big changes to make it easier to add new formats and add support for encryption and such, but it'll take a lot of work that I don't have the time to do at the moment. Perhaps sometime towards spring, I will.

436 Name: bECaye : 2007-12-09 14:23 ID:MCcr18rT [Del]

So good to heard that... Can't wait to test it :P

437 Name: bECaye : 2007-12-09 14:23 ID:MCcr18rT [Del]

So good to heard that... Can't wait to test it :P

438 Name: AJR : 2007-12-10 02:46 ID:hWY6fCvH [Del]


this "patch" works fine.

439 Name: Justin Bell : 2007-12-12 07:01 ID:7DNvAT8v [Del]

Do you plan to put in a file joining feature so that people don't have to boot up Windows to open split RAR files? Otherwise, I find it works well -- Thanks.

440 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-12-12 14:35 ID:Heaven [Del]

It already supports normal multi-part RAR files.

441 Name: Alexander : 2007-12-14 18:54 ID:Axi07+XZ [Del]

The Unarchiver is a great utilify; but it doesn't unpack my RAR archives locked by a (long) password. It gives me the error: "Could not extract the file "aaa". Command is not supported". Other unarchivers have no difficulty in unpacking the archive. Can something be fixed? That would really be great!

442 Name: Alexander : 2007-12-14 18:55 ID:Axi07+XZ [Del]

The Unarchiver is a great utilify; but it doesn't unpack my RAR archives locked by a (long) password. It gives me the error: "Could not extract the file "aaa". Command is not supported". Other unarchivers have no difficulty in unpacking the archive. Can something be fixed? That would really be great!

443 Name: Baguette : 2007-12-15 18:58 ID:Apjt0NET [Del]

>>442 Look above, he says he's working on encryption support. As of now it cannot handle encrypted archives.

444 Name: Anonymous : 2007-12-17 02:22 ID:QI8TvG3+ [Del]

omg. do i have to wait for spring...? hope you'll seed some betas.

btw I noticed you can find some unarchive bundles in Stuffit, and are can those used for The Unarchiver? Maybe its needed to unassemble and hacked?

445 Name: Anonymous : 2007-12-17 02:24 ID:QI8TvG3+ [Del]

*Can those be used for The unarchiver
sry mistypes.

446 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-12-22 12:19 ID:Heaven [Del]


It is an interesting idea, but I suspect it wouldn't work. I'll keep it in mind, though.

447 Name: anonymous : 2007-12-23 19:05 ID:0D3QcPp/ [Del]

The Unarchiver is not functioning properly in Leopard. I can't seem to assign The Unarchiver to open up my zipped files. When I use the Get Info window, I have to navigate to find it. (It's not visible along with Stuffit and Archive Utility.) When I assign it to a zip (or other similar) file and then click on Change All.. the window flashes and it says Archive Utility again. Looking for a solution.

448 Name: Anonymous : 2007-12-24 14:46 ID:Heaven [Del]

Read this thread more closely.

449 Name: christian : 2008-01-03 08:01 ID:OjUzr6pw [Del]

it would be really awesome if it would check if i have the terminal version af unrar installet and then use that to unrar files. I have a lot of problems with files rar'ed with winrar stalling the unarchiver but runs just fine from the terminal with unrar e <file>

450 Post deleted by user.

451 Name: Alexander : 2008-01-04 17:42 ID:Axi07+XZ [Del]

Christian: I suggest using Platypus and the command-line UNRAR to make yourself a fully working application without waiting for the RAR support. That's what I did within a day (with a little bit of bash scripting) and I'm quite happy (still using the Unarchiver for ZIPs etc.).

452 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2008-01-17 16:41 ID:dq74j0K2 [Del]

Finally put out an attempt at a version to fix the Leopard issues:

Nothing else really new in this, except for some higher-res icons. Hopefully it will work better on Leopard now. Any reports of successes of failures appreciated.

453 Name: elmimmo : 2008-01-23 04:18 ID:n+c+3qVf [Del]

Is there any secret for using expanding Diskdoubler files? Here I send a sample, compressed with DiskDoubler 4.1, that The Unarchiver does not seem to support.


(I manually added the .dd extension to the compressed file, since that DD identified the compressed nature of the files by its icon, not by the filename)

454 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2008-01-23 08:59 ID:Heaven [Del]

libxad has the start of a DiskDoubler decompressor, but it does not actually work. I know nothing about it, so I can't do much about it. If anyone was to contribute some code for it, I'd be more than happy to add it.

455 Name: Anonymous : 2008-01-25 17:26 ID:SwFLTw8a [Del]


You can just merge the official unrar source. I can't find a license, but I think it's alright.

456 Name: Anonymous : 2008-01-25 17:48 ID:Heaven [Del]

No, it isn't. UnRAR's license is not free. Further, the format itself is proprietary so dealing with it at all apart from using their non-free library brings various reverse engineering issues into play, which itself is illegal in certain countries.

457 Name: el-pur : 2008-01-26 16:24 ID:+DQKImVU [Del]

I encountered weird behaviour with a large (4gig) archive compressed with os x (10.5.1) archive utility. It just wouldn't extract right with the unarchiver and always ended up with some 500 megabyte file instead of the 4 gigabyte original. Archive utility on the other hand could extract it a-ok. First I thought it was an issue with the archive and compressed the file again a few times before I figured out I could try archive utility.

458 Name: Anonymous : 2008-01-26 18:43 ID:SwFLTw8a [Del]


That doesn't seem incompatible with the LGPL. (but it would be with the GPL, of course)

459 Name: Anonymous : 2008-02-03 11:36 ID:Heaven [Del]

I managed to duplicate this with a 2gb file. (An iso in a zip, in case you're wondering)

460 Name: Anonymous : 2008-02-22 11:47 ID:LgxlhOkL [Del]

вы пидоры!

461 Name: Anonymous : 2008-02-22 15:01 ID:Heaven [Del]

>>458 Waha releases code under the public domain.

462 Name: Anonymous : 2008-02-26 17:41 ID:Heaven [Del]


libxad is LGPL in this configuration
( and some grep -r GPL)

463 Name: mootle : 2008-03-02 11:19 ID:Heaven [Del]

higher res icons ftw!

464 Name: Anonymous : 2008-03-09 13:12 ID:/awc9bsP [Del]

The ability to unlock password-protected RAR files is a critically needed feature! I'm looking forward to seeing it added. Thanks.

465 Name: Anonymous : 2008-03-09 13:16 ID:/awc9bsP [Del]

The ability to unlock password-protected RAR files is a critically needed feature! I look forward to seeing it added. Thanks for your work on this!

466 Name: Anonymous : 2008-03-17 08:08 ID:brEXD04s [Del]

i too hope i can decompress rar files with password in the near future, other than that the unarchiver is just great!

467 Name: Nick : 2008-03-18 17:40 ID:aF/1cE2z [Del]

just wanted to second, the decompressing password-protected rar files. otherwise, it's perfect! thanks.

468 Name: Anonymous : 2008-03-25 03:02 ID:iDa9U6Zu [Del]

It's beautifull program, but one problem, how to open 7z parts files?? This files use 001, 002,... extensions


469 Name: Ken : 2008-04-04 01:35 ID:PWwfjBUM [Del]

I love it! Simple and beautiful. But I'm a heavy rar user. The unarchiver fails to unlock password-protected rar files!!! The rest of it is just great!

470 Post deleted by moderator.

471 Post deleted by moderator.

472 Post deleted by moderator.

473 Name: Anonymous : 2008-04-09 14:22 ID:U5j6Z9Ra [Del]

You rock!!! But when is the new version for password-protected RAR files? Really look forward to it!!!!

474 Name: Anonymous : 2008-04-10 17:08 ID:DikmcnKo [Del]

Fantastic program. But I'd love it even more if all the alert dialogs offered a "Default" button that responded to ENTER and RETURN keys!

475 Name: Stan : 2008-04-12 10:31 ID:W9JM0pWW [Del]

Great app. Use as BOMarchiver replacment.

I do have a suggestion.The way now the unarchiver works is that ut unpacks the archive to a default folder. (On my setup thats /temp). It would be great to have modifier key that would activate the unarchiving function while just drag'n'droping the file to the destination folder. just like copy/move but let's that this woud be a new modifier key. For example:

I want to unarchive from user/downloads/ to user/movies/. I would drag'ndrop the to user/movies/ while holding cmd+alt. That would start the unarchiving of the to the destination I wanted.

Hope this makes sense. maybe there is already a way to use this I just don't know the right keys.

have a jice day and thanks again for a great app.

476 Name: Anonymous : 2008-04-12 11:24 ID:Heaven [Del]

Would be neat, but I'm not sure that's possible. You'd have to be reaching pretty deeply into OS Finder's internals for that sort of functionality.

477 Name: Anonymous : 2008-04-12 11:25 ID:Heaven [Del]

s/OS Finder's/OS X and Finder's/

478 Name: Henrik : 2008-04-13 11:58 ID:n2tQLMEZ [Del]

Hi. I have a problem.
Unarchiver is a great app and i love the "cue" funktion.
But when i cue up a couple of extractions its a little bit of a gamble if it will go throug or not.
I dont know why and i dont see any patern.
Sometimes it works great and it extracts all the things i have cued up.
But most of the time it stops after a couple of extractions.
Anyone that know what can be wrong?

479 Post deleted by moderator.

480 Name: Mike : 2008-04-22 17:04 ID:U5j6Z9Ra [Del]

It's been a while since v.1.6.1 was out. Really look forward to the new version with extracting passworded RAR files so that I can throw Stuffit Expander away!!! :P

481 Name: brains : 2008-04-26 08:40 ID:a6E4qYaw [Del]

well thats two of us!

482 Name: Anonymous : 2008-04-28 16:02 ID:4Cmey9qJ [Del]

I just found a problem with The Unarchiver, if you're extracting a tar.gz that contains files with a large path, it will print some error message to the console log and not extract those. I found out this when I realized that extracting the tar.gz of Eclipse, it will leave you with an incomplete installation. Using tar xzf on the command line works fine.

I'll whip out a test case if needed later. I'm not sure if this only happens with tar.gzs or other formats.

483 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2008-04-28 17:56 ID:dq74j0K2 [Del]


I guess maybe there is some limit to the path length in tar files, and some extension to handle longer ones? I'll look into it when I have some free time again, which I hope won't be too far from now... But file a bug on the bug tracker too just so I don't forget.

484 Name: Mike : 2008-05-05 15:46 ID:U5j6Z9Ra [Del]

Does that mean the new version is coming out?!!!! That's terrific! Looking forward to it! Hope password protected RAR files can be extracted this time!

485 Name: Anonymous : 2008-05-18 05:09 ID:+etTDJXD [Del]

this is a fantastic app! but i'll still wait and see what it's gonna have in the next ver.

486 Name: Tom : 2008-05-18 13:29 ID:RgI1EYCL [Del]

I use 1.6.1 and it seems to really choke on 7z files, RAM usage goes through the roof. It seems that it actually only does the real choking if I try to cancel, it takes a few minutes or so to actually do the canceling. I tried 7zX and it works fine. Considered using the p7zip file instead of just libxad?

Of course, it could be because 7zip doesn't provide a progress bar and it was working fine, I just didn't see any progress.

487 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2008-05-19 09:58 ID:Heaven [Del]


The 7-zip code is pretty horrible. I'm using the slightly more sane 7zC code, but it's sorely lacking in features, and tends to use up tons of memory. I'd like to improve it, but I'm not sure what's possible.

488 Name: GothAlice : 2008-05-20 12:14 ID:f3mF8MvX [Del]

One thing that appears to be missing is decompression of .tar.lzma and raw .lzma archives.

489 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2008-05-20 14:19 ID:Heaven [Del]

It shouldn't be too hard to add, but does anybody actually use that?

490 Name: GothAlice : 2008-05-21 15:22 ID:f3mF8MvX [Del]

It's used by Wikipedia to compress SQL dumps, it's used by the corp I work for, for a similar reason. It's basically a direct replacement for gzip and bzip2; as a stream compressor you'd be hard pressed to find better.

Personally, I use it to compress my rather extensive book collection, one file at a time. E.g. I'd like to be able to double-click my .txt.lzma or .html.lzma file, get an uncompressed file I can read, then delete the uncompressed file. My 50+ GB book collection slims down to under 10GB with LZMA. I've been using gzip for this previously.

I've downloaded the code and I have the code for the lzmatools package, so I'll give it a shot myself tonight.

491 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2008-05-22 18:16 ID:Heaven [Del]

> so I'll give it a shot myself tonight.

Don't bother. The guts of the compression code are being heavily re-written right now, and anything you do would just have to be re-done afterwards. (This is because as it is now, it's far too much work to add new formats.)

492 Name: alex : 2008-05-28 06:43 ID:l7tMaJZx [Del]

V 1.6.1 on Leopard reports corrupt file for some .gz archives (single gzipped files actually). I download gzipped log files from my web hosting server and it coughs (unzips part of it and then says file is corrput) on http logs and unzips OK ftp logs (which are smaller files). I presume both log files were zipped using the same utility. Command line gunzip or handle those archives OK. Here is console log:
28/05/08 09:38:27 The Unarchiver[51785] Warning *** -[NSLock lock]: deadlock (<NSLock: 0x14c5f0> '(null)')
28/05/08 09:38:27 The Unarchiver[51785] Warning *** Break on _NSLockError() to debug.
28/05/08 09:38:33 The Unarchiver[51785] Warning *** -[NSLock unlock]: lock (<NSLock: 0x14c5f0> '(null)') unlocked from thread which did not lock it
28/05/08 09:38:33 The Unarchiver[51785] Warning *** Break on _NSLockError() to debug.

493 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2008-05-28 07:24 ID:Heaven [Del]


I'll need files before I can do anything about it.

494 Name: alex : 2008-05-28 18:57 ID:THj6BdYb [Del]

I emailed you the file.

495 Name: Deac : 2008-06-05 07:20 ID:xqfwJM/f [Del]

I just tried your program for opening old DiskDoubler files and it would not. I got error message saying "could not open resource fork".

I still have DiskDoubler but am about to wean off OS 9 finally and was looking for something to open the hundreds of old DD files I have in the future.

Thank you

496 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2008-06-05 14:41 ID:Heaven [Del]


Apparently the DiskDoubler code in libxad is not finished. If you want support for it, you probably need to bother them about it, or if you can find some code for unpacking them, I can try adding support at some point.

497 Name: Joe : 2008-06-05 15:18 ID:U5j6Z9Ra [Del]

Hey, I really like the interface of the Unarchiver, and also the function of extracting many files with only one double-click! But it's been a while since the version of 1.6.1 came out. I'm wondering when you'll release the next version. Actually, I'm really looking forward to it since I got so many RAR files with those stupid passwords!

498 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2008-06-05 18:48 ID:Heaven [Del]

That's how it is with software written in one's spare time.

I've been working on some big internal rewrites lately, to make it easier to expand, but when that will be done, nobody knows.

499 Name: LLF : 2008-06-07 04:17 ID:1fgdMiNS [Del]

I'd really like to be able to expend password protected stuffit files (.sit and .sea, which The Unarchiver doesn't seem to support at the moment. when opening a password protected stuffit file it just says the file format is corrupted, instead of asking for the password.

I'm a software developer and won't mind coding it in myself, if some one can give me a hint in regard to the mechanism stuffit is using to password protect it's archives.

500 Name: LLF : 2008-06-07 04:19 ID:1fgdMiNS [Del]

I'd really like to be able to expend password protected stuffit files (.sit and .sea, which The Unarchiver doesn't seem to support at the moment. when opening a password protected stuffit file it just says the file format is corrupted, instead of asking for the password.

I'm a software developer and won't mind coding it in myself, if some one can give me a hint in regard to the mechanism stuffit is using to password protect it's archives.

501 Post deleted by user.

502 Name: NotarySojac : 2008-06-08 10:10 ID:yzJzA1E8 (Image: 466x119 jpg, 16 kb) [Del]

src/1212945049188.jpg: 466x119, 16 kb

As just an end-user I am obviously way out of my depth here, and I see from the posts that the 7Zip code is "pretty horrible", but as a data point - about a quarter of the 7zip files I have been receiving throw an error similar to the image attached and result in zero length output files. For these files the "app" EZ 7z works fine as long as I move the file to my startup drive. I would send a sample archive but they're all over 100+meg.

503 Name: Hugh : 2008-06-12 12:02 ID:sjeGzaOY [Del]

It wont open password protected 7Z files, please please please fix that!

504 Name: Tone Bone : 2008-06-18 23:23 ID:d8QN2+WY [Del]

Er, Just wanted to make a small suggestion. Maybe .sitx files? I am not sure how hard that is but...For some reason Unarchiver chokes on them. Thanks for everything you do!

505 Name: nik : 2008-06-19 00:53 ID:jucOOntl [Del]

7z issue... kinda sucks... going to find another app :(

506 Name: piggybox : 2008-07-12 08:24 ID:vDhb0x5D [Del]

Sorry, I have trouble downloading your program. Could you put the file on google code's download section?

507 Name: Nico : 2008-08-11 01:34 ID:REa/Bxh+ [Del]

Is Unarchiver still in Development, as there are some important features on the milestone list (eg. password protected .rar) that I am really waiting for.

508 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2008-08-13 06:09 ID:Heaven [Del]


Yes, although somewhat slowly.

509 Name: Nathaniel : 2008-08-20 14:06 ID:LcVHMiS1 [Del]

Unarchiver produces the wrong filename in some cases:
hd93521_032_01_a_ct.fits.gz gets unzipped to
while both and gunzip produce
hd93521_032_01_a_ct.fits (as expected from .gz filename)
Thanks for your excellent free apps!

510 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2008-08-21 08:05 ID:Heaven [Del]


Sounds like a libxad bug. I'll look into it, but to make sure I remember post it on the bug tracker at

511 Name: Anonymous : 2008-08-22 11:57 ID:1nC5N6mp [Del]

The Unarchiver failed at untarring Transmission source transmission-1.33.tar (bz2 decompression succeeded, but fails with untar. CUI version works.) Project page at:

512 Name: Anonymous : 2008-08-22 12:01 ID:1nC5N6mp [Del]

(By CUI version, I meant typing tar xf at Terminal and not related to The Unarchiver)

513 Name: Sergio : 2008-08-26 01:06 ID:Np9l4CW7 [Del]


7-zip support seems to be poor? I'm trying to open a 640mb .7z file and it at first it took several minutes to get going and then finally error'd out with a "corruption" error. But tossing it into a window box opened it less than 10 seconds.

514 Name: Anonymous : 2008-08-28 00:30 ID:iSlFiyH6 [Del]

Any chances of fixing the issues The Unarchiver is causing for users who try to decompress the PwnageTool for iPhone from They're specifically asking people not to use this application now since it breaks the .tbz files..?

515 Name: Geetomee : 2008-09-22 12:45 ID:zp/3Y3xI [Del]

Any progress on a DiskDoubler answer since June? I'm getting same message... have a big pitch coming up and need relevant files from CD dating back to '93!

516 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2008-09-23 06:32 ID:Heaven [Del]


No, sorry. I don't know anything about the DiskDoubler format so I'd need someone else to help out with that.

517 Name: Anonymous : 2008-09-29 16:31 ID:lfoNyPoe [Del]

Hi. Unarchiver looks great and I want to ditch Stuffit Exapander but one thing is keeping from doing so. I really need the "always create surrounding folder" option that stuffit has. The newly created folder should have the same name as the archive.

518 Name: Anonymous : 2008-09-29 16:38 ID:lfoNyPoe [Del]

I think you've mentioned adding this feature that people have requested in the past. I really need the "Always create surrounding folder" option for my workflow. The newly created folder should have the same name as the archive. I really want to switch over to Unarchiver and this is the only thing keeping me from doing so.

519 Name: macnut : 2008-10-25 10:48 ID:H3CPbUrb [Del]

This software is having issues with a 7zip multipart 4gb archive.


The archive contains 3 files, one of which is a "gi" file - which is a multipart (split) iso file.

On attempting to decompress, unarchiver errors with:
"Could not extract the file "": Unkown data format"

Using 7zip from terminal unzips the files wonderfully.

is unarchiver claiming it doesn't like the gi file or the 7z archive?
Is it trying to patch together the gi file?
Does unarchiver detect split files and attempt to join them?
Does unarchiver unzip/join recursively? If so, how to disable that?

520 Post deleted by user.

521 Post deleted by user.

522 Post deleted by user.

523 Name: Rich88 : 2008-10-28 20:56 ID:y5jUl8e6 [Del]

Will not open DiskDoubler files on Leopard OS despite it being check-marked and setting it as the default app to open DD files.I do get a message about being unable to open the resource fork or unknown data format. Is this a known issue, or is there anything else to do to make it work other than check-marking it?

524 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2008-11-02 13:37 ID:Heaven [Del]


libxad's support for DiskDoubler is not complete, and will likely not work. I don't know anything about DiskDoubler and can't do much about it.

525 Name: Anonymous : 2008-11-02 19:35 ID:1nC5N6mp [Del]

Just a few small annoyances I noticed with The Unarchiver which I would like to fix if I knew how to program (couldn't figure how to build The Unarchiver project in Xcode after I was able to build libxad):

  1. The character encoding chooser dialog box. For example, if The Unarchiver had trouble in decompressing 100 files in an archive for character encoding reasons, it'll ask me 100 times with a dialog box pop up. Instead of having to change selection in the pulldown menu from "Arabic" every time (apparently first in alphabetical order), like Finder, I would prefer an "Apply to all" checkbox in the dialog which I could check when I'm sure what the encoding is for all the file names. 100 selections isn't an option for me: I went and used Windows instead.
  2. I got asked for the encoding on a 7-Zip archive. Isn't 7-Zip filenames always Unicode?
  3. RAR archives. I noticed that for some RAR archives, it would silently fail after decompressing only some of the files. At first I didn't notice this and thought it had succeeded in decompressing everything.

526 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2008-11-05 09:21 ID:dq74j0K2 [Del]


The character encoding chooser shouldn't appear more than once. If it does, that's a bug, or you've got some very strange broken filenames.

I forget how the encoding issues work with 7-Zip. Give me some problematic archives and I'll look into it. Same with the RAR ones. I can't do anything without test cases.

527 Name: eek : 2008-11-09 13:33 ID:p512WH4C [Del]

Hi - I have a .zip that is stuck unarchiving. For over 24 hours.
I can't quit or stop it. can't trash it.
It is in a little window that says "Archive Utility".
Neither Finder nor Spotlight locate anything
called 'AYU".
The enclosing folder is BOMAsomething but again, I can't find any such app or utility with that name.

Closing everything and restarting does not work.Removing battery does not work.

Any ideas?

Many thanks!

528 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2008-11-10 16:01 ID:Heaven [Del]


I'm sorry, I have no idea what you're talking about.

529 Post deleted by user.

530 Name: straycat : 2008-11-13 16:45 ID:4E718wbs [Del]

527 must be high.
anyway, the unarchiver is great but it still fails to extract some password protected files like the one on the link.
pass: mechodownload

531 Name: straycat : 2008-11-13 16:49 ID:4E718wbs [Del]

sorry, i just saw this: The RAR and 7-Zip modules do not support encryption at all.
is this the reason?

532 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2008-11-13 18:03 ID:Heaven [Del]


Yes. I'm working on some rewriting of the code to make it easier to support this in the future.

533 Name: straycat : 2008-11-13 18:14 ID:gNQWKVvE [Del]

thanks for the quick reply. i'll check once in a while.
btw, just for the sake of it, The Unarchiver works really good and it's the only app that extracted well those awesome japanese shmups from

thanks for writting good software.

534 Name: straycat : 2008-11-13 18:35 ID:gNQWKVvE [Del]

sorry to bother again.
found another one who returns an error on unzipping some files within the zip folder.

it's mplayer for mac and it's a regular zip. Built-in Archive Helper, Stuffit plugin on Path Finder and BetterZip unzip it fine. If you waanna test it it is is:

best regards.

535 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2008-11-14 04:06 ID:Heaven [Del]


All right, I'll have a look at that (it's probably caused by another known bug). However, you might want to download instead, the one you linked has been abandoned for years.

536 Name: straycat : 2008-11-14 05:49 ID:yEDdy1V/ [Del]

i actually use the one at which is more stable than the one on the link i provided but thanks for your tip!
didn't know about this extended version. gonna try it.
thanks again.

537 Name: Batshua : 2008-11-23 20:36 ID:dK+wi/gT [Del]

I'm not sure if this is a Leopard bug or a TheUnarchiver bug, so if you can't do anything about it, please let me know and I'll stop being grumpy. :)

I decided to make TheUnarchiver take the place of StuffitExpander and Archive Utility, so I started to do a Get Info on a number of different formats to associate them with TheUnarchiver, and to click on "change all". This works fine with Zip. It shows a nice little cardboard box icon labeled "zip", which I assume you made.

It does not, however, work for Sit. (This is plain .sit, not .sitx.) Instead, when you change it to TheUnarchiver, it shows a nice little cardboard box icon labeled "sit". Well and good, right? Not! As soon as I hit "change all", the icon changes to a generic document. Very strange. Is this on your end or on mine? Is there anything that can be done about it? Thanks for your time.

538 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2008-11-24 05:29 ID:Heaven [Del]


That sounds like a problem with the really quite buggy and strange LaunchServices in OS X. You might be able to fix it on your end, but how I do not know.

539 Name: Tim : 2008-11-24 08:26 ID:zCUYPaEj [Del]

Is there anyone that has an updated version of Disk Doubler or (other program) that will open up DD files that works on a Mac 10.5 (leopard) system?


540 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2008-11-25 10:41 ID:dq74j0K2 [Del]


I have been working on getting DiskDoubler working lately, actually, but I lack test files. If you have some you want opened, could you send some to me for testing with?

541 Name: Trystan : 2008-11-29 17:11 ID:bDESJVhY [Del]

I've been using The Unarchiver for quite awhile, and I love the minimalist approach to the program. I do have one issue that's not really a functionality problem, but still irritating. Whenever I extract an archive, the progress bar races ahead to full, then just sits there while it actually is being extracted. I know it's minor, but I actually like being able to keep an eye on how the progress is going. It could be an issue with my laptop too, I'm not sure

542 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2008-11-30 16:01 ID:Heaven [Del]


Sounds like you're only unpacking some specific kind of broken archives. Could you send me a file that does this?

543 Name: straycat : 2008-12-03 18:17 ID:O16T0PTs [Del]

me again.

any chance the unarchiver will ever support PP files (Amiga PowerPack files)?
Amiga had the best compression routines ever, I remember long-play games like Chaos Engine by the Bitmap Bros fitting in a 700kb floppy disk.

If you're interested I can supply you a couple of PowerPack files.

544 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2008-12-04 09:53 ID:whwE1Sh8 [Del]


Well, as an oldtime Amiga user, that idea really is a bit tempting. Although PowerPacker was more of an executable packer and not an archiver, wasn't it?

Feel free to mail me some files, though. I'll definitely look into it at some point.

545 Name: straycat : 2008-12-04 16:28 ID:IQUxOJ06 [Del]

yes, you're right. powerpacker was actually a cruncher, not an archiver. it was used to crunch single files with a high compression ratio. when crunching a file you could set it as "command file" which made the file executable (it included a 500b header in the file to automatically uncompress it when executed) or as "data file" which you could decrunch later with powerpacker.
more info on the manual on the link below.

i still own a working amiga 500 with zillions of floppies but because of lack of time i have it archived in the garage and use E-UAE and Hi-Toro on my mac for emulation.
still brings a tear to mye eye for all the good times. best computer ever. did more than a pc with 7mhz and 512kb/1mb ram. and yes, it had multitasking, a desktop and window environment before the pc "invented it".

here's some resources you might find useful if you haven't them already. nevertheless is up to you to decide it's worth to implement it on The Unarchiver or not.
i have to call this bro to email me some pp files he has on his amiga1200. i'll send them to you just in case when i have them.
one of the links has a PP file too.






546 Name: phil : 2008-12-05 16:00 ID:3ZuFHt7v [Del]

any tips on how to compile the svn source?
XYDMaster and UniversalDetector build without a hitch but The Unarchiver keeps giving me this:
/Users/phil/devstuff/theunarchiver/The Unarchiver/TUController.m:1:48: error: UniversalDetector/UniversalDetector.h: No such file or directory
i've tried adding the frameworks to the xcode project and ~/Library/Frameworks but no dice...
any ideas?

547 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2008-12-06 17:13 ID:Heaven [Del]


First of all, trunk is pretty much guaranteed to not build and work fully. It's being worked on pretty heavily. If that's from 1.6.1, though, I don't really have any clue either.

548 Name: phil : 2008-12-07 06:05 ID:3ZuFHt7v [Del]

ok, thanks. in that case i'll just keep on trying:-)
great app btw

549 Name: Anonymous : 2008-12-10 23:57 ID:Ux28U4Fi [Del]

Feature request: always expand into a folder with the same name as the archive, unless it was already going to do that. Otherwise expanded folders tend to get lost when they're in archives I get from Share and are called "nekomimi".

550 Name: Anonymous : 2008-12-19 23:58 ID:G4aZATvb [Del]

Well, I'm worried if the app is still under depelopment. Already discintinued, or slowly going further?

551 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2008-12-22 04:29 ID:Heaven [Del]


Didn't have time to work on it for a while, but back on track now. Expect a new version sometime early next year.

552 Name: kristjan : 2008-12-27 08:45 ID:WQCgsCUX [Del]

has problems when queuing multiple archives for extraction (5+) it suddenly exits after unpack is done of one of the archives, or maybe the second, etc.

553 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2008-12-27 19:44 ID:Heaven [Del]


See if you can find some set of files that does this every time you try it, and send the files to me.

554 Post deleted by user.

555 Name: Rez : 2008-12-28 04:44 ID:OU3Xjlmc [Del]

1.6.1 on G4 DP 1Ghz. OS 10.4.11, GeForce4 MX

After "select all", when using "deselect all" doesn't work for many types.
Tried prefs. Doesn't work.

What would be the way to uninstall?
What would be the way to deassociate all these "hung" types?

zip, rar, LhA, sit, BinHex, MacBinary, Gzip, Gzip tar, Bzip2, Bzip2 tar, Tar, Unix, Unix tar, Amiga Disk, Compressed Amiga Disk, Amiga DMS

556 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2008-12-28 05:34 ID:Heaven [Del]


That's really an OS X bug. If you have another program that you want to handle them, just set it manually through the Finder. If not, what's the problem?

557 Name: Henry : 2009-01-07 12:14 ID:U35hX6KZ [Del]

So here's a curious thing. I had the bizarre Launch Services behavior others mention, whereby when you switch a file to open with The Unarchiver it shows the right document icon until you press "Open All With" - at which time they all go blank. This happens for me with tar.bz2 files but not with zip files, which are fine.

So I tried all manner of things. In the end I zapped Launch Services:

/System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Versions/A/Support/lsregister -kill -r -domain local -domain system -domain user

I sent the two files relating to Launch Services in /Library/Caches to the Trash. I sent the plist to the Trash. I rebooted and emptied the Trash. (I also removed The Unarchiver and its plist and reinstalled it.)

Now here's the curious thing. That completely reset Launch Services. For example, if I click on a text document it no longer opens in TextMate but in TextEdit. Nevertheless, the system (or Finder?) seems to "know" about TextMate - it's there as an alternative if I right-click and choose "Open With". But the system (or Finder?) doesn't seem to know about The Unarchiver: it's no longer even there as an alternative if I right-click on a .tar.bz2 file and look at the "Open With" option. But it does know about The Unarchiver when it comes to .zip files, since The Unarchiver is there as an alternative on the right-click menu for those.

It seems like it might be significant that the file-type Finder won't show the icon for is the same one that doesn't appear on the right-click menu till I explicitly make the path to the program. I've seen exactly that behavior before, too. Wish Apple would fix Launch Services.

558 Name: markbult : 2009-01-10 01:23 ID:WDb82TXU [Del]


I have a ton of ancient DiskDoubler files. I can scrounge some up for you to test with. Where should I post/send them?

It would be very helpful to have DD support in Unarchiver. I first downloaded the app a year ago and I've never had any luck opening anything with it : \

559 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2009-01-11 05:20 ID:Heaven [Del]


You can mail them to, or if there's a lot of them just mail and we'll arrange something. It would really help to have some decent test cases.

560 Name: Sergey : 2009-01-18 06:39 ID:TuUQQFRE [Del]

Are you planning to add support for password protected rar archives? Would be really great!

561 Name: Stan-O : 2009-02-02 22:33 ID:+Ng7gBak [Del]

Please do implement support for passworded multi-part rars.

562 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2009-02-03 05:28 ID:Heaven [Del]

Man, I can just tell the donations will come rolling in once I add support for password-protected RARs.

563 Name: mortman : 2009-02-06 14:45 ID:sXIKEw5L [Del]

Every now and then when I download a file a -1 is added, for example. Abcd.dmg-1 and the file will not mount, even if I delete the -1

564 Name: mortman : 2009-02-06 14:48 ID:sXIKEw5L [Del]

Every now and then when I download a file a -1 is added, for example. Abcd.dmg-1 and the file will not mount, even if I delete the -1. I am using an iMac Intel and OS 10.5.6

565 Name: Anonymous : 2009-02-06 19:09 ID:Heaven [Del]

that's probably a bug in whatever you're using to download the file.

566 Name: Talentless Troll : 2009-02-08 17:38 ID:unax7XWO [Del]

I've just learned of this program, and wondering how I survived without it. Many thanks and good work.

567 Name: Anonymous : 2009-02-24 08:04 ID:XoBUczls [Del]

I'll donate $5 if you add support for password-protected RARs.

568 Name: Kevin Yank : 2009-02-25 02:12 ID:V2ol4fAf [Del]

I’d love to see The Unarchiver include an Automator action. Right now I can invoke The Unarchiver on a set of Finder Items in Automator, but I must follow it with a Pause action to allow enough time for the extraction to complete. If The Unarchiver offered an Automator action of its own, Automator would automatically wait while the extraction process took place.

569 Name: Nyanko-sensei : 2009-03-13 05:43 ID:Dx7Ux0cx [Del]

feature request: show all possible encodings if the detection fails. now if the zip contains Shift-Jis encoded filenames the app tends not to show it in the dropdown list. it shows a list of encodings without it. even if I'm pretty sure that the encoding is Shift-Jis I can't select it

570 Name: mars : 2009-03-14 03:24 ID:C1ZXiwuV [Del]

On Leopard, The Unarchiver appears not to be optimized: when extracting large archives, the cpu usage of both cores is really low. I was wondering if it could be optimized to be faster by using the available resources ? Both CPU and RAM, which is 4GB in my system.

Thank you

571 Name: Anonymous : 2009-03-14 03:51 ID:Heaven [Del]

That's not a task that's inherently CPU-bound. Most of the time spent is going to be in disk read/write operations.

572 Name: markbult : 2009-03-16 22:39 ID:WDb82TXU [Del]

If people are still looking for an old OS 9 version of DiskDoubler that works (like I have been for years), I finally found one on an old CD-ROM and I've posted it for others to download.


573 Name: Rogeer E : 2009-04-02 09:30 ID:7+PFYsVl (Image: 0x0 tiff, 47 kb) [Del]

Whenever I make a mistake and try to unarchive a file that has not finished downloading, , OR unArchiver tries a .rar file it cannot extract (although StuffitExpander HAS been able to extract these except for one out of about 12 failures in about 400 unrars over many months)... the application freezes showing a "Preparing to extract..." . Activity Monitor shows about 16% of INTEL 2coreDuo used. Other people have said they 'forced quit'.
My Force Quit under Apple menu will not display the program so it must indeed be integrated into the OS. So they must mean pressing a ForceShutDown button.
The window currently with this problem is a stack of pending operations, with a partly downloaded one mistakenly included.
It has not hung the download, which is still progressing using AZUREUS in OS 10.4.11.
Is there any way I can change the Queue order, or Force the integration to let go of my system without stopping all work and restarting?

574 Post deleted by moderator.

575 Name: Mr VacBob!JqK7T7zan. : 2009-04-16 14:36 ID:Heaven [Del]

I noticed it doesn't extract some Windows installers that unshield ( / Universal Extractor ( can handle. Is there anywhere to stick samples for this kind of thing?

576 Name: john g : 2009-04-30 14:40 ID:13WFaBEM [Del]

im using latest leopard. whenever i try and add three files to the queue, it breaks. the first two unrar and the third, it just closes, crashes if you will and no message or error is reported.

also, please support password protected rar files please.

I love this little app. Can be much better though. plz. thank you.

577 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2009-05-01 13:06 ID:Frw5sPkZ [Del]


There's a bug for better CAB support, stuff them in there. Also, write some code for it, the new version makes it pretty easy.

578 Post deleted by moderator.

579 Post deleted by user.

580 Name: nicko : 2009-05-16 20:59 ID:yt/tXcZQ [Del]

Thankyou!.. Love it on my new mac. Much appreciated... :D

581 Name: Terence : 2009-05-17 05:08 ID:iH3X19hW [Del]

How to uninstall The Unarchiver? I don't know how to uninstall The Unarchiver because it still works even if I move it out of the Application directory. But I found cx.c3.theunarchiver.plist in Users>user>Library>Preferences.

582 Post deleted by user.

583 Name: druzilla : 2009-05-24 23:21 ID:6XGKLvIZ [Del]

Potential 0 day security risk - if you have checked "open the extracted folder" it will open the item automatically if the extracted thing is a Package.

This happened when a friend sent me settings for Boxer which stores its games/settings as packages. It caused Boxer to open and automatically launch the game.

584 Post deleted by user.

585 Name: JP : 2009-05-25 15:40 ID:8DCG7xdH [Del]

There's some shiny new alphas on the google code repo - any clues as to what's changed?

587 Name: someone : 2009-05-31 11:29 ID:HnGqcW9L [Del]

>> 581

The Unarchiver is uninstalled in the same manner as most OS X applications: by dragging the application to the Trash. Optionally, you can delete the plist file, but leaving it in ~/Library/Preferences will not slow your computer down, unlike what happens with the Windows registry.

588 Name: Nico : 2009-06-16 09:33 ID:l02WT+Yd [Del]

Any progress so far, is Unarchiver still in active development?

589 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2009-06-16 14:35 ID:Heaven [Del]

590 Name: anon : 2009-07-27 17:17 ID:7fV8uu2I [Del]

Gotta say - the 2.0beta3 version works extremely well (MacIntel 10.5.7). Noticeably faster than before, handles RAR decryption rapidly and has a few tweaks like responding to [Enter] key for default responses. Haven't tried massive archives or other decryption types yet.

591 Name: Will Dearborn : 2009-08-07 09:28 ID:X3rVj+uq [Del]

Any chance of the app being 64-bit anytime soon?

592 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2009-08-07 20:22 ID:whwE1Sh8 [Del]


It's planned to make the library properly 64-bit, at least, but I'm not sure if there's any real gain in making The Unarchiver itself 64-bit at this point.

593 Name: Will Dearborn : 2009-08-09 20:59 ID:6ijlPUKR [Del]

Good to hear. :)

Just bought myself a new MBP and am testing Snow Leopard so all the possibilities with all the new 64-bit apps and the new technologies in SL are very exciting.

594 Name: Foundabug : 2009-08-16 09:29 ID:e0ZPfiBk (Image: 426x224 png, 44 kb) [Del]

src/1250440167777.png: 426x224, 44 kb

Something about this dialog box is not right.

595 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2009-08-16 10:39 ID:Heaven [Del]


Yes, it's not dialog box from The Unarchiver?

596 Name: Foundabug : 2009-08-17 06:26 ID:e0ZPfiBk [Del]

It's a dialog box from The Unarchiver. Kanji is most likely not Mac OS Roman characters.

597 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2009-08-17 14:03 ID:whwE1Sh8 [Del]


It is not. I don't know what it is from, but it certainly isn't The Unarchiver.

598 Name: Anonymous : 2009-08-19 00:48 ID:gjCeSLnw [Del]


Those specific kanji are not something you want to be unarchiving anyway. Let it sleep in peace.

599 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2009-08-22 07:02 ID:whwE1Sh8 [Del]

All right, 2.0 is finally done and released!

The homepage has also been cleaned up somewhat, along with the rest of the site:

The change list is something close to this:

  • Support for many new formats and algorithms:

    • Partial support for SITX archives. Most archives should open fine, but SITX's special JPEG compression is unsupported. (If you are a programmer and want to help out with getting this working, I'd be happy to hear from you!) Some preprocessing filters are also unsupported.
    • Other new formats: XAR, ALZip, LZMA-utils, Compact Pro, PackIt, ARJ
    • Encrypted RAR archives.
    • WinZip-style encrypted Zip files using AES.
    • Can decompile NSIS installers to get the files inside. This seems to work for versions all the way back to 1.1o or so, but a lot of guessing is involved so it might fail on some files.
    • More compression types in Zip: Deflate64, bzip2, PPMd, LZMA.
    • More compression types in DiskDoubler (but still not all).
    • Better handling of 7-zip, RAR, LZH, tar and RPM files.
    • Extracting files from several emulation formats, such as NDS and ADF.
    • Bugfixes and streamlining for the user interface.
  • Option for when to create folders for extracted files.
  • Option for how to set the date of extracted folders.

600 Name: marlwin : 2009-08-22 14:15 ID:kkBkQpZH [Del]

Great. Thank you.

601 Name: ElBob : 2009-08-22 17:13 ID:yNl7nTxp [Del]

Fantastic! So glad to see support for encrypted RARs!

602 Name: Stan : 2009-08-23 07:21 ID:njmk/jE6 [Del]

Can we have an option of Never create a new folder for extracted files?

603 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2009-08-23 08:17 ID:Heaven [Del]


Probably not, it would require me to create all kinds of code to handle file collisions gracefully and I am too lazy for that.

604 Name: chris : 2009-08-23 14:34 ID:38K7Oc3p [Del]

big thank you to the developer, now i can finally move away unrarx. this is simply the best app for extracting files now

605 Name: Foundabug : 2009-08-23 15:05 ID:1nC5N6mp [Del]

You are right. It was from Simple Comic. My bad, got the two confused.

606 Name: tdiaz : 2009-08-24 08:14 ID:2gFaPg5z [Del]

Has this latest release fixed the behavior of the window, in that you can never find it once it gets buried behind something?

It does not show up in Expose, the application is not selectable via the App Switcher. It's like a rogue process once you loose sight of the window.

Does the lack of support for Stuffit JPEGs mean that any archive that has a graphic in it will still fail, and since we have no clue what archives might contain, we should still map the .sit/x files to use Stuffit Expander?

607 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2009-08-24 12:13 ID:whwE1Sh8 [Del]


Any window that does not have a dock icon will act that way. There seems to be no way around it. It tries to jump to front if it needs your attention.

608 Name: Nico : 2009-08-27 03:30 ID:HC0cz9T1 [Del]

Great work, finally 2.0 can handle passwort protected RARs!
But unfortunately the window always gets itself behind automatically before I can enter the passwort, that is very annoying and it also takes 3-4times longer than with other app such as Betterzip, so maybe you can improve the speed as well.

609 Name: Nico : 2009-08-27 03:30 ID:HC0cz9T1 [Del]

Great work, finally 2.0 can handle passwort protected RARs!
But unfortunately the window always gets itself behind automatically before I can enter the passwort, that is very annoying and it also takes 3-4times longer than with other app such as Betterzip, so maybe you can improve the speed as well.

610 Name: Nico : 2009-08-27 03:32 ID:HC0cz9T1 [Del]

Great work, finally 2.0 can handle passwort protected RARs!
But unfortunately the window always gets itself behind automatically before I can enter the passwort, that is very annoying and decompressing also takes 3-4 times longer than with other apps such as Betterzip, so maybe you can improve the speed as well.

611 Name: Josh Holloway : 2009-08-27 10:10 ID:2FTMhy9m [Del]

I'm having an issue with The Unarchiver 2.0 regarding extraction of encrypted multi-part RARs. They extract fine, but take way too long to do so. I am doing this a lot lately, so it's not just one multi-part RAR that's having trouble, it's every one I try.

I'll give you an example... a recent mutli-part RAR I extracted using The Unarchiver 2.0 took about 3 hours to do. The same multi-part RAR extracted using UnRarX in less than 20 minutes.

Not sure what's going on here, or what I can specifically provide to help. I would love The Unarchiver to by my sole utility for extracting compressed files, but with this problem it's honestly unusable to me for this purpose.

612 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2009-08-27 14:55 ID:whwE1Sh8 [Del]

Version 2.0.1 released:

This is a minor bugfix release.

  • Should now handle concaternated bzip2 files.
  • Fixes to the Japanese translation.
  • Fixes to the LZMA parser.

613 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2009-08-27 15:19 ID:whwE1Sh8 [Del]


Looking into the speed issues.

614 Name: Will Dearborn : 2009-08-29 17:46 ID:G3fOsWRR [Del]

Have you considered something like Sparkle autoupdates for The Unarchiver?

615 Name: Greenaces : 2009-08-30 13:13 ID:WikdEjSm [Del]

I would love to see Sparkle added for Auto Updates for sure

616 Name: Greenaces : 2009-08-30 13:19 ID:WikdEjSm [Del]

64 Bit for Snow Leopard Would be nice too,

617 Post deleted by user.

618 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2009-08-30 16:28 ID:Heaven [Del]


The library will be updated to support 64 bit at some point soon, so it can be used properly by other apps, but I'm not sure if there's any real need for the app itself to be 64 bit.

619 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2009-08-30 17:43 ID:whwE1Sh8 [Del]

Version 2.0.2 released:

This is another minor bugfix release.

  • The RAR speed issues mentioned above should be much better now.
  • Fixed some issues with resource forks in .tar.gz and .tar.bz2 files.

620 Name: ppson : 2009-08-31 07:27 ID:VQqjSrO6 [Del]

How does the unarchiver handle files while decompressing? I was uncompressing a large 4 GB multi segment RAR when my computer froze and I had to restart it. Now I think I lost a bit of space on my hard drive but I can't find the file(s).

621 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2009-08-31 10:40 ID:whwE1Sh8 [Del]


They are written to a hidden (starting with a dot) directory in the same place the unarchived files will be while unpacking. 2.0 should keep track of directories it has created, and will delete them the next time you start it if it crashed midway. 1.6.1 does not do that, and you have to remove it manually.

622 Name: Josh Holloway : 2009-09-03 08:18 ID:CRZ9g8Dj [Del]

WOW! Thanks for the update fixing the RAR extraction speed... it's now even faster than UnRarX! Now The Unarchiver can serve all my purposes!

623 Name: Chris : 2009-09-05 12:04 ID:k0kfcNdx [Del]

Hi, Unarchiver seems to try to auto extract every rar file as soon as its downloaded, is there a way to stop it doing this?

624 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2009-09-05 14:53 ID:Heaven [Del]


That's your web browser's doing.

625 Name: Anonymous : 2009-09-10 18:09 ID:w06DoPzU [Del]

I quickly skimmed through the last fifty or so posts and didn't see any mention of this so I hope I'm not reposting:

When I try to open a large number of compressed files all in one go, it seems only four or five of which will actually be queued for extraction in the unarchiver.

626 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2009-09-14 03:15 ID:whwE1Sh8 [Del]


That's strange. If you can file a bug at with a bit more information I'll definitely look into it.

627 Name: KidCactus : 2009-09-16 11:02 ID:NirGrpYR [Del]

Isn't there a way to stop the app from creating a folder when extracting?

628 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2009-09-16 14:42 ID:Heaven [Del]


629 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2009-09-16 15:08 ID:whwE1Sh8 [Del]

Version 2.0.3 released:

More bugfixes and speedups, for RAR again. This format is quite a chore.

630 Post deleted by user.

631 Name: Anonymous : 2009-09-19 19:17 ID:Heaven [Del]

Thanks for the hard work, Waha.
RAR is a bitch, but its still insanely popular for some reason.

632 Name: dd2 : 2009-09-21 05:45 ID:tDbrwfJL [Del]

2.0.3 is giving me "Error on decrunching" while extracting multi-part RAR on Snow Leopard. Has anyone else had this error?

633 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2009-09-21 08:37 ID:Heaven [Del]


Post files that have the error, or I can't fix it.

634 Name: dd2 : 2009-09-21 11:33 ID:tDbrwfJL [Del]


Well ummm I don't think it would be good idea since it's an episode from a TV show and it weighs in at ~200Mb.

635 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2009-09-22 05:47 ID:Heaven [Del]


Well, then it will remain broken.

636 Name: Max : 2009-09-23 02:38 ID:LVbVvAnU [Del]

2.0.3 is giving me "Error on decrunching" while extracting rar files password.

637 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2009-09-23 06:08 ID:Heaven [Del]


Read above.

638 Name: Alex : 2009-09-28 09:08 ID:zJbrqGhV [Del]

Here's a file that's giving me "Error on decrunching" on 10.6.1, Unarchiver version is 2.0.3.

Password is:


639 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2009-09-28 15:19 ID:whwE1Sh8 [Del]


That's more like it, thanks!

640 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2009-09-28 17:33 ID:Heaven [Del]


Also, bug found and fixed.

641 Name: Andy : 2009-09-30 02:20 ID:V5I8J3nL [Del]

Is there a way to prevent 'The Unarchiver' from taking focus when it opens? I have it decompressing my downloads, and whenever a download completes it comes to the front and I lose whatever I was typing.

642 Name: kishore : 2009-09-30 23:04 ID:Wl5F5Y+L [Del]

I would ditto post 641. It would be preferrable to see the unarchiver appear in the dock and then dissapear when it is done decompressing. A dock icon badge that shows the status of the unzip would be nice although not essential.

Unarchiver needs to stop popping into the foreground.

643 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2009-10-01 03:50 ID:Heaven [Del]


Then others will complain that it is hiding behind their other apps and they can't find it.

644 Name: Andy : 2009-10-01 12:36 ID:V5I8J3nL [Del]

Sorry, I think I wasn't detailed enough in my first question/request. I didn't mean to say it should pop up in the background necessarily, but that it should respect normal focus rules and not automatically take focus. As it is I'm have it launched from the 'command line' (launchd) to handle downloaded archives using the command 'open -a 'The Unarchiver' --background <downloaded file>' and it still takes focus when it extracts archives. So, I will renew my plea a final time, could we at least consider a preference?

Regardless, thank you for your fantastic app. Since I found it I've never looked back.

645 Name: Andy : 2009-10-01 12:38 ID:V5I8J3nL [Del]

Sorry again, 'As it is I'm having it' or 'As it is I have it'!

646 Name: dhbanes : 2009-10-01 15:30 ID:7zOK5Ad5 [Del]


so, uh... about this fix..??

647 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2009-10-02 02:13 ID:Heaven [Del]


Apps without a dock icon do not follow normal focus rules in the first place, is the main problem. I have to take focus, or else The Unarchiver might open up underneath other apps.

648 Name: Andy : 2009-10-02 12:42 ID:V5I8J3nL [Del]


Ah yes, of course, that makes sense. Didn't occur to me at all. Sorry to harangue you about this, but why doesn't The Unarchiver have a presence in the dock? I'm sure there's a good reason, but it's not clear to me at the moment.

649 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2009-10-03 04:39 ID:Heaven [Del]


Mostly to make it act like the original BOMArchiveHelper, which didn't have one either. But apparently newer versions do have an icon, so I'm not really sure if it should stay this way. However, some people seem to like it not having an icon.

650 Name: AdmiralTriggerHappy : 2009-10-03 07:43 ID:pFJS5+Fn [Del]

I always get an error on decrunching for all large multi part Rars, I have 47 part Rar (.rar - r45) with all parts being 50 MB except the last which is 48.2 MB
It seems that if there is more than a certain number of parts it doesn't work, I know 24 50 MB parts work fine
So somewhere in between there it breaks

651 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2009-10-03 10:35 ID:Heaven [Del]


Once again, without the files, I can't do a thing about it.

652 Name: Andy : 2009-10-03 12:41 ID:V5I8J3nL [Del]


That makes sense, thanks for putting up with the grilling. My vote, of course, is for the app to mimic the newer versions of BOMArchiveHelper. Thanks again for this plucky little app.

653 Name: Smith : 2009-10-04 17:23 ID:NDQ97Bk7 [Del]

Hi it would be really helpful if when unarchiving multi-RAR files that when you get a corruption error that it is specific explaining which part is corrupt.


654 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2009-10-06 11:41 ID:whwE1Sh8 [Del]

Version 2.1 has been released:

  • Added a service for unarchiving files via the the Services menu, or when right-clicking files.
  • Some interface tweaks (File menu now works in the preferences window, doesn't ask for destination directories for every archive, archives are not added to the queue twice).
  • Proper quarantine propagation for downloaded files.
  • Better support for very large Zip and 7-zip files.
  • More RAR bugfixes.
  • For programmers: The XADMaster library can now be compiled in 64 bit mode, but the The Unarchiver app itself is still only 32 bit.

655 Name: trip2me : 2009-10-06 23:36 ID:YAxzvQNp [Del]

I would like to suggest feature for zip archive file.
Windows Winzip or other Unicode support zip application try to reserve maximum compatibility with legacy zip archive file.
So when Winzip make archive file in particular locale windows, it use specific codepage filename and Unicode same time. If filename can be encoded into windows related codepage( such as CP949 CP936...), it use these codepage.
But if filename can't be converted into local codepage, Winzip use Unicode filename.

As a result, archive file has local codepage filename and Unicode filename in UTF-8.
Fortunately, when Unicode filename is used, 11th bit of general purpose bit flag is set.
We can classify these two different encoding.

Currently in The Unarchiver, it might not aware of this difference. So when I designated specific filename encoding, it will try to extract only one encoding which I gave.

So I would like you to add feature that recognize zip format's 11th bit of general purpose flag. You can found these info. on PKWARE's AppNote.


656 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2009-10-07 04:31 ID:whwE1Sh8 [Del]


If you can supply an archive that uses this, I will certainly look into adding support for that.

657 Post deleted by user.

658 Name: trip2me : 2009-10-08 08:10 ID:YAxzvQNp (Image: 0x0 7z, 2 kb) [Del]


Thanks for your quick response.

I attached sample archive files.
It includes ascii only filename and Unicode filename also.
They are compressed with some kind of zip application.
There are differences between result of compressed files.
But they conform a 11th bit of general purpose flag to store Unicode filename in local header and central header. You might find easily this flag in archiver file by searching local file header signature (0x04034b50) and central file header signature(0x02014b50).

So if 'The Unarchiver' detects 11th bit in zip file entry, it will extract in Unicode filename even though user already selects specific encoding.

In addition, Winzip implements Info-ZIP's Unicode Path Extra Field in ascii filename entry also. This might be helpful for additional info, not mandatory thing. I mean it's a just references.

I have to say thank you for making wonderful program again!

659 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2009-10-08 14:05 ID:Heaven [Del]


It seems the file didn't make it for some reason.

You could try mailing it to me, there is a mailto link on

660 Name: OKonnel : 2009-10-09 02:25 ID:r8fWD8h4 (Image: 462x112 jpg, 20 kb) [Del]

src/1255080319506.jpg: 462x112, 20 kb

With the new 2.03 - 2.1 version, I obtain "Error in decrunching" with the CAB archives downloaded from TomTom Site.
If I choice "Continue", the extracted files have Zero byte dimension.

My S.O. Mac OS X 10.5.8 Leopard

661 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2009-10-09 07:13 ID:Heaven [Del]


Do they work with 1.6.1? 2.0 and later should extract the same CAB files, but there are ones that all versions fail at.

662 Name: MooCan : 2009-10-13 00:39 ID:YvdVWmjB [Del]

Is it possible when you have multiple zip file (as,, ...) to not create a folder for each zip file but merge all extracted content to the same folder (eg same as original) ?

Many Thanks for this great application.
Kind Regards

663 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2009-10-13 05:21 ID:Heaven [Del]

664 Name: JF : 2009-10-17 13:39 ID:Hg0O4iNF [Del]


"The content of the file may not be extractyed with this program"

I tried extracting some .cbr files with no problems, and some other .cbr files doesnt work. Strangely enough, they may be extracted by other tools I used so I know the files arent corrupted.

Any thoughts?

665 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2009-10-17 17:06 ID:Heaven [Del]


Without the actual files there is nothing I can do about it.

666 Name: Anonymous : 2009-10-18 19:19 ID:AF8tcWgb [Del]


Sorry for not following up but I can't figure out what's causing it. Right now, I have three RAR files that even when renamed to 1.rar, 2.rar and 3.rar, only the first two will be opened and be extracted by The Unarchiver. And 2.rar always opens before 1.rar

If I open these files one by one or even open the missed archive again by itself while Unarchiver is still extracting 2.rar, it gets added to the queue. I'm sorry but I'm not hot on sending you the actual RAR files so you'll have to go with this vague field report.

667 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2009-10-19 05:46 ID:Heaven [Del]


Are you using the latest version?

668 Name: Anonymous : 2009-10-19 16:23 ID:AF8tcWgb [Del]

Yes, version 2.1 on PSX 10.6.1, 32 bit mode.

I'm willing to run a debug version with lots of console messages, just not willing to send you the actual files.

669 Name: Nico : 2009-10-20 14:27 ID:ExB4Mt0F [Del]

Version 2.1 is finally fast. The only thing that still bugs is that the windows still goes in the background after opening a file. This is especially annoying with password protected archives as you have to find the windows again to enter the password.

670 Name: Tyler : 2009-10-22 00:39 ID:PQ5CkMYo (Image: 0x0 7z, 42 kb) [Del]

Unarchiver seems to have trouble understanding some .7z files. The ones I have had trouble opening were encode with Compress (which can open the files just fine). File size does not seem to be an issue. A 600MB+ file opens fine, but even small files I have compressed myself do not open. I dont know what flags if any that Compress is passing along to p7zip, but its something that Unarchiver doesnt like. Ive attached a file that also gives an encoding error when attempting to un-7zip
Version 2.1 on 10.6.1

671 Name: Donny : 2009-10-22 22:43 ID:8pSp8l/w (Image: 538x188 png, 27 kb) [Del]

src/1256276625046.png: 538x188, 27 kb

This zip file is about 4GB in the system that I recently zip with Unarchiver. But I found that when the time I tried the extract it, it came out this message. That made me to use the Archive Utility on Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

Anny help will be appreciated.

672 Name: Anonymous : 2009-10-26 14:38 ID:HxiyUDBJ [Del]

Thanks for the great work as always.

There is a bug on line 109 of XADArchive.m in -initWithData:delegate:error:. It says if(!parser), but it should be if(parser) instead. As it is, none of the -initWithData:… methods work. The same code is repeated, sans bug, in -initWithArchive:entry:delegate:error: and -initWithFile:delegate:error:.

These could also be refactored to be wrappers around a method like -initWithHandle:… to remove the duplication.

673 Name: jayseye : 2009-10-31 14:21 ID:A7vSNzZ1 [Del]

Works perfectly on Tiger 10.4.11 PPC to unpack an .EXE file. Thank you!

674 Name: jayseye : 2009-10-31 14:24 ID:A7vSNzZ1 [Del]

Works perfectly on Tiger 10.4.11 PowerPC to unpack a non-Zip-format .EXE file. Thank you!

675 Name: broomdodger : 2009-11-01 07:57 ID:3WMwwfuZ [Del]

Are you working on DiskDoubler unarchive?

I have some files that will not open with TheUnarchiver,
I can send if you need.

676 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2009-11-01 16:49 ID:whwE1Sh8 [Del]


I have been studying it a bit, but I'd need a lot of spare time to actually figure out how it works. Hopefully I will find the time sooner or later, because I really do want to support it fully.

And test case files are always very welcome. There are a couple of algorithms I do not have examples files for.

677 Name: broomdodger : 2009-11-02 19:46 ID:3WMwwfuZ (Image: 0x0 zip, 799 kb) [Del]


> And test case files are always very welcome

I have mostly photos (tiff) and Quark files that have been DD'd.

Attached is one of each.

678 Name: broomdodger : 2009-11-03 08:13 ID:3WMwwfuZ [Del]

It seems DiskDoubler has 5 formats AD1 AD2 DD1 DD2 DD3
Would you like a file compressed in each format?
If yes, what type of file? tiff, text...

679 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2009-11-04 16:54 ID:Heaven [Del]


Actually, I've managed to find that version and make my own examples. However, there are two or three more formats that were used by earlier versions but that can only be unpacked with later versions. Those would be the most useful, but might be very hard to get a hold of.

680 Name: Belphegor666 : 2009-11-05 06:20 ID:3aTYztuj [Del]

The Unarchiver seems to have a problem with the Amiga .lzx archives that are using the highest possible compression. The Unarchiver refuses to uncompress such archives. Archives compressed with a lower compression unpack well with The Unarchiver.

I've tested this by making such problematic archives using an Amiga Emulator (I've came across this problem while checking some old archives from my real Amiga 1200) using the last amiga version of lzx that came out:

I was only able to unpack the mentioned archives on my mac by compiling the unlzx source code (from the lzx page or the wiki page below).

681 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2009-11-05 06:34 ID:Heaven [Del]


I haven't gotten around to updating the LZX code yet, so it still runs on the old libxad code that I am not very familiar with. Sooner or later I hope to change that, though.

It would help a lot if you filed a bug on the bug tracker and attached a sample file or two.

682 Name: Belphegor666 : 2009-11-05 07:07 ID:3aTYztuj [Del]

OK, I will do that soon when I'm home.

683 Name: straycat : 2009-11-11 09:58 ID:yEDdy1V/ [Del]

great work! i can finally unpack my amiga powerpacker files! you're god. hjsplit segmented files (001,002) and dmg files support would make betterzip and iarchiver useless for me. but what more can you ask for?

thanks !WAHa.06x36!

684 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2009-11-18 06:24 ID:Heaven [Del]

2.2 is released:

  • Korean and Traditional Chinese translations.
  • Support for the XZ compression format, along with support for embedded XZ in RPM and XAR files.
  • Support for LZMA2 and some more filters in 7-zip.
  • Support for NSA and SAR.
  • Better support for unicode in Zip files, and some bugfixes for Korean.
  • Better support for MacBinary in Zip.
  • Fixed an issue where the final file in a Zip file created on OS X might get lost.
  • More robust reading of gzip files.
  • Fixed an issue with the interface, where the window was sometimes left open.

685 Name: Navstar : 2009-11-19 08:16 ID:FO0p7VbV [Del]

Could you please add release dates to the release notes here:

686 Name: Al : 2009-11-20 18:16 ID:wKIU3BIK [Del]

Love it, works perfectly. Thank you!

687 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2009-11-21 04:36 ID:Heaven [Del]


I could do the work to figure out what the dates are and fill them in, or I could work on the actual code. I don't think the dates have very high priority.

688 Name: elmimmo : 2009-11-23 05:57 ID:JbsF8Gyy [Del]

I would be nice if in Preferences > File formats there was a button to activate all formats that are NOT supported by the Archive Utility according to its Info.plist (that is, letting Archive Utility handle the formats it thinks it supports, and using The Unarchiver for everything else).

689 Name: Daniel Nielsen : 2009-12-14 15:38 ID:G2ZlLzgn [Del]

I'm having a strange issue, i'm extracting the files, and when i look at my left over space on the drive it counts down after the extraction, but the output files are no where to be seen.

690 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2009-12-14 16:39 ID:Heaven [Del]

Where did you configure it to put unpacked files?

691 Name: Hyram : 2009-12-28 09:09 ID:epijVsAt [Del]

I just tried to uncompress a segmented RAR file, but instead of

  • foo.rar
  • foo.r01
  • foo.r02

the numbering goes

  • foo.01.rar
  • foo.02.rar
  • foo.03.ror

WinRAR over in peeceeland handles the segmented archive just fine. TheUnarchiver gets to the end of foo.01.rar and spits the dummy.

Could we please have this growing-more-common segment numbering method in a future release?

(I also second the call for split 001 002 etc files!)

692 Name: trip2me : 2009-12-29 09:01 ID:gXNOgUcX [Del]

Hi, I hope you have been enjoying the end of the year.

I've been heard that someone can't extract .rar split files using 'The Unarchiver'.

So I asked the status when the problem was occured.

Then I found that The Unarchiver has been waiting to extract after openning all split files first.
But it is limited that openning over 256 files in one process, because the reason is the OSX's OPEN_MAX limits which is the value of concurrently opening files in one precess.

I made a sample-test archive which has 256 split files and openmax CLI binary to check current system's OPEN_MAX limit.

So it might be changed to close each archive files when extract operation of each file is finished in rar extraction process.

And another issue related with zip password and Windows OEM & ANSI codepage when extracting files.

Current version of The Unarchiver can extract .zip archive which is encoded in Windowos OEM and local codepage password.
Related Link.

But there are some locales which has different OEM and ANSI codepage such as Hebrew.
In that case, the password is encoded into ANSI codepage, not OEM one which is used for filename in archive.
It make a problem in The Unarchiver.

Read below thread which I wrote, please.
String encoding related with encryption issue

And you can easily find the informalion about which has different codepage between OEM and ANSI.
List of Localized MS Operating Systems
and more specific one
National Language Support (NLS) API Reference

Happy new year!
Park, Chang-Beom
P.S. I archived my modified CleanArchiver to advertise. Feel free to use it. : )

693 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2009-12-29 10:13 ID:Heaven [Del]


Because of the way it's built, it's not easy to avoid opening files. I wonder if there's some way to increase OPEN_MAX for a process...

694 Name: trip2me : 2009-12-29 13:22 ID:gXNOgUcX [Del]


OK, I got it.. : )

How about you use setrlimit(2)?

I modified in main.m of The Unarchiver.

Modify it for your adequate use, please.

static int setOpenmax(rlim_t limit)
struct rlimit rl;
int status;

rl.rlim_max = RLIM_INFINITY;
rl.rlim_cur = ( limit < RLIM_INFINITY) ? limit : RLIM_INFINITY ;
if ((status = setrlimit(RLIMIT_NOFILE, &rl)) == -1) {
if (getrlimit(RLIMIT_NOFILE, &rl) == -1)
NSLog(@"getrlimit: NOFILE");
rl.rlim_cur = rl.rlim_max;
if (setrlimit(RLIMIT_NOFILE, &rl) == -1)
NSLog(@"setrlimit: NOFILE");
return status;

int main(int argc,const char **argv)
if (setOpenmax( limit ) == -1)
NSLog(@"Failed to change OPEN_MAX");


695 Post deleted by user.

696 Name: trip2me : 2009-12-29 21:01 ID:gXNOgUcX [Del]

I forgot the header files.

#include ( sys/resource.h ) /* for setrlimit, getrlimit */
#include ( sys/syslimits.h ) /* for OPEN_MAX */


697 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2009-12-30 09:50 ID:Heaven [Del]


Interesting. I will have a closer look when I get back to work on the next version.

698 Name: JO : 2010-01-04 08:06 ID:pMQws3ph [Del]

Once I download Filezilla from its website, The Unarchiver decompresses it in a weird manner, which creates "" instead of ""
The strange file is even not executable, only showing an error message.
While Mac OS X Archive Utility does the job correctly, The Unarchiver keeps the same problem even after some bug fixes and version 2.2 still fumbles.
Please check this out. You can download the Filezilla file in BZ2 format at following link.

699 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-01-04 12:04 ID:Heaven [Del]


That link does not seem to work. It just goes to a download page that does not have that version listed.

700 Name: dg : 2010-01-05 16:10 ID:8Qz5WAuH [Del] did not unarchive properly for me with latest version (2.2). It appeared to work but the resulting file gave an error when opened.

Built-in Leopard archive utility was successful. I'm on 10.5.8


701 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-01-05 20:15 ID:whwE1Sh8 [Del]


At what point do you get an error? The installer started up fine for me, but I did not try going through with the installation.

702 Name: dg : 2010-01-06 09:12 ID:8Qz5WAuH [Del]

Error was right at the start. I see what the problem is now though.

I have "Create a new folder" is set to always. The new folder created appears to be the package (and will launch the installer since packages are folders named *.pkg), but it actually contains the correct package (if that makes sense?).

Perhaps something to check and adjust the names of new folders created in these cases.

703 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-01-06 10:25 ID:Heaven [Del]


Ah, I see. Not sure how exactly to fix that, but yes, something should be done about it.

704 Name: Zipser : 2010-01-07 05:01 ID:wUPeF+90 [Del]

I like the move archive to trash function and use it most of the time.
Sometimes however I need to open an archive without trashing it (a seeding torrent for example).
It would be nice if there was a way of disabling this on a temporary basis with a modifier key (like the extract to folder)
It would also be nice if the modifiers could be configured in the preferences.

Also, if I bring another window in front of TheUnarchiver during extraction from the finder, there appears to be no easy way of bringing it back to the front without hiding everything else, as there is no application in the dock and it does not appear in the finder window list.

705 Name: straycat : 2010-01-07 09:58 ID:yEDdy1V/ [Del]

  1. i agree with zipser about

"Sometimes however I need to open an archive without trashing it (a seeding torrent for example).
It would be nice if there was a way of disabling this on a temporary basis with a modifier key (like the extract to folder)" and an option to float the window so it can't be sent to the background.

2. another note, can anyone try decrunch ?

it returns errors on any drive except a fat32 drive i have. if the file is in the fat32 it decrunches well with the unarchiver.

could it be a bug related to a hfs volume?

3. i suggested before but here goes again, hjsplit joiner would be too hard to implement? what about auto-extraction for dmg files like in special move (which i think is a hidden os feature):

thanks and cheers, !WAHa.06x36.

706 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-01-07 10:12 ID:whwE1Sh8 [Del]


I can confirm that that file doesn't extract here either, I'll look into it.

There's an issue for simple split files here: Does HJSplit just cleanly split files, or does it add any extra wrapping, do you know?

Also, to do DMG properly in The Unarchiver, I'd have to actually implement a full HFS+ reader. It would be nice to have, but is too much work.

707 Name: straycat : 2010-01-07 11:07 ID:yEDdy1V/ [Del]

thanks for the reply.

about hjsplit, from this page (portuguese)
it says that hjsplits splits files but doesn't use an actual file format, just splits bytes directly in raw mode without any means of cyclic redundancy check to know if the file is intact or was modified (bit flip) when downloading or got corrupted in the hard disk.

what it means i don't know. :\

machacha is opensource and handles hjsplit, maybe you can get the code.
pdf about file formats including hjsplit (from machacha homepage):

708 Name: Nico : 2010-01-10 02:43 ID:H/TwSa8y [Del]

The only thing that still bugs is that the windows still goes in the background after opening a file. This is especially annoying with password protected archives as you have to find the window again to enter the password.

709 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-01-10 16:18 ID:whwE1Sh8 [Del]


This turns out to be really annoying, but I think I've got it covered now.

710 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-01-10 17:24 ID:whwE1Sh8 [Del]


I added something similar to that. I don't have the files to test it, though, so if you can test it when 2.3 is done that would be great.


These are actually the same bug, and it should be fixed in 2.3.

711 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-01-11 15:59 ID:whwE1Sh8 [Del]

All right, let's call this a release:

  • Updated French localization by Ronald Leroux.
  • Can now join simple split files (those named .001, .002 and so on).
  • Supports MSI files. The same format is actually used for many
    Microsoft file types, so you can now also extract the internals
    of DOC or PPT files, among others. If you have some reason to.
  • Much better support for DiskDoubler. Added two missing compression
  • Fixed CAB support, which was broken. Should now support all CAB
    files, including multi-part.
  • Amiga LZX should work better.
  • Supports more naming schemes for multi-part RAR files.
  • Some other bugfixes (some mentioned above).

712 Name: trip2me : 2010-01-11 19:02 ID:GVsydEDL [Del]


OK, I tested it with over 256 files rar split archive.
It works well. Thanks for your support.


And how is it going on another issue, zip password which has different codepage between OEM and ANSI locales?

713 Name: broomdodger : 2010-01-11 21:54 ID:3WMwwfuZ [Del]

tested over 100 DiskDoubler files that did NOT previously expand with The Unarchiver
it works!
Thank you.

714 Name: broomdodger : 2010-01-11 21:59 ID:3WMwwfuZ [Del]

I also found a copy of DiskDoubler 3.0.1
Would it be useful to you?

715 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-01-12 03:36 ID:whwE1Sh8 [Del]


I haven't thought about it much yet. I guess one solution that isn't very good but would work is to just make it possible to manually choose the encoding when entering a password. This would also help for files where the encoding is guessed wrong.

But that requires updates to the UI resources and translations, so I'll wait until I have some other changes to apply too, it's a bit of a bother to get everyone coordinated to do an UI update.


Good to hear!

Can you check if you can make a file with 3.0.1 that will not open in The Unarchiver? If you can, that would be very useful. Try different compression methods and see if one of them doesn't work.

716 Name: trip2me : 2010-01-12 06:46 ID:GVsydEDL [Del]


Oki Doki.
Take your time.
It's not important things. : )

717 Name: broomdodger : 2010-01-12 08:51 ID:3WMwwfuZ [Del]

Method A will expand with The Unarchiver
Method B will NOT expand with The Unarchiver
What would you like? Method B file and/or DD301
Both expand with DD301 and DD410

718 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-01-12 11:08 ID:Heaven [Del]


I guess the best would be both! I have an emulator somewhere that might run it but that's a pain to get running.

719 Name: broomdodger : 2010-01-12 13:10 ID:3WMwwfuZ (Image: 0x0 zip, 377 kb) [Del]

ok... I am sending
It has dd301, good Method A and trouble maker Method B

720 Name: straycat : 2010-01-13 02:54 ID:yEDdy1V/ [Del]


thanks for split file support.
it sucks when i have to keep 2 or 3 apps to do one thing.

721 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-01-13 06:49 ID:TxhTWMUf [Del]


Ah yes, method B is indeed method number 2, which is the one I still lack. (Method 5, too, but it's apparently the same as 2 just with another parameter.)

When I have some time to play with reverse engineering again I'll have a look at it. Thanks!

722 Name: bug report : 2010-01-13 12:11 ID:x5ylVGVF [Del]

if i hit return after entering the password for an archive (instead of clicking ok) the whole program seems to freeze up. if i open another archive it will show up in the window but i can't do anything with it. if i double click the icon i get no preferences. a blank unarchiver window will just stay in the background and can't be force quit (or regular quit). it happens every time. this is a TERRIBLE bug and if it's been reported i apologize, for i don't have time to read through this thread, but it keeps me from using unarchiver as hitting return after typing is something ingrained in my mind.

723 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-01-13 13:03 ID:whwE1Sh8 [Del]


Some people have reported similar problems, but I can not reproduce them, and thus can't figure out what is going wrong.

Do you have any haxies or anything similar installed? Do you have a second machine you can test to see if it has the same problem?

724 Post deleted by moderator.

725 Name: broomdodger : 2010-01-14 17:07 ID:3WMwwfuZ [Del]

Any idea which version of dd had Method 5?

726 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-01-15 05:56 ID:Heaven [Del]


Nope, not really. Well, 3.0 seems to use 1 and 2, and 4.0 uses 6, 9 and 10, so maybe something in between? Although I noticed some of the other related programs might use other methods. And method 8 seems to be older than many of the others too (and is the same as in Compact Pro), so it's a bit of a mess.

727 Name: achecht : 2010-01-15 13:12 ID:bhlKeZnx (Image: 700x520 png, 101 kb) [Del]

src/1263589938538.png: 700x520, 101 kb

I wanted to alert you to an issue that I ran into with Unarchiver. I tried to download a wireless broadband configuration application (you can get a copy of it here: -- d/l the Mac version 1.03.1031.0).

The problem was that the installation of that application failed. I was on the phone with that company's tech team multiple times and still could not get it to install properly (see attached image).

Then I happened to download it via Safari (which automatically opens zip file with the standard Mac OS X archive utility). Amazingly the installation worked that time.

The problem was related to the fact that I was always unzipping the file using The Unarchiver. And for some reason, TU was corrupting the .app file in the zip.

I thought I would let you know and let you take a look at the zip file in question.

I love TU, but in this one case it really messed me up for days.

728 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-01-15 13:32 ID:whwE1Sh8 [Del]


Which version were you using? Try 2.3 if you haven't.

729 Name: hoosyny : 2010-01-16 07:59 ID:nG0yC+M0 [Del]

Regarding Issue 727 reported by "archecht"
Curiously ! I have done some tests myself (on OSX 10.6.2) and I have observed that if extracted with –

  • Springy 1.6.1

both, Uninstall Script and Install Package, fail to work !

  • The Unarchiver 2.3

Uninstall Script works but Install Package fails to install !

  • Stuffit 14.0.1

both, Uninstall Script and Install Package, work !

  • Apple Archive Utility

both, Uninstall Script and Install Package, work !
with the observation that Apple Archive Utility produces an Install Package with different size, if compared with those produced by the rest of the above utilities.

4 tools = 4 different results !?

730 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-01-16 09:20 ID:whwE1Sh8 [Del]

Very mysterious. At what point exactly does the installer fail if extracted with The Unarchiver? I tried unpacking it, and it started fine but I didn't want to install any unknown software so I didn't go through with it.

Also, did you spot any obvious difference between the extracted contents of the installer?

731 Name: hoosyny : 2010-01-16 22:31 ID:nG0yC+M0 [Del]

my apologies ! because is no big problem
just that permissions were not set correctly by default when extracted with The Unarchiver and Springy !
sorry again ! I was rushed !

732 Name: Joshua K. : 2010-01-18 14:20 ID:DE7Fn3bo (Image: 352x200 png, 29 kb) [Del]

src/1263853236961.png: 352x200, 29 kb

pigz is a reimplementation of gzip for multiple procs. Can you pretty please replace the gzip code with pigz?

733 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-01-19 03:51 ID:whwE1Sh8 [Del]


All right, I'll try to investigate it further.


> when compressing data

Decompressing deflate is pretty much impossible to do on multiple cores, unfortunately.

734 Post deleted by user.

735 Name: achecht : 2010-01-20 01:31 ID:XLBZE8w7 [Del]

Answers to some of the questions 728-733...

>>728 I tried version 2.3 of TU, and it stills has this problem (install fails).

>>730 The install fails right at the start of installing any files, so you won't really be installing anything.

TU produces an installer that fails and is 6,939,287 bytes, and Apple Archive Utility produces one that works and is 6,894,913 bytes. Not sure without looking closely what the difference are.

736 Post deleted by user.

737 Name: hoosyny : 2010-01-20 18:43 ID:rf8lUoEZ [Del]

Hello 'achecht', have you read post 731 ?!
There is no big error ! You just need to fix permissions for all enclosed folders and files ! You can use for this a graphical tool such as 'BatChmod'
Regarding size difference between TU and AU, I do not know why this difference, but both packages works !

738 Name: Anonymous : 2010-01-21 09:24 ID:liDpyjda [Del]

First off, many thinks for enabling me to say NO to Stuffit. Second off, I saw some folks had been asking how to compile. I got it to compile on Snow Leopard (10.6.2) with XCode 3.2.1. I initially ran into problems with #include_next's, but found that by unsetting some of the user settings I could get it to compile. I'm a command line kinda guy, so here's the commands I used to build and install the app in /Applications after downloading

cd The\ Unarchiver/The\ Unarchiver
xcodebuild \
SDKROOT_i386= SDKROOT_ppc= SDKROOT_x86_64= \
HOME= DSTROOT=/ install
cd ../..
rm -fr The\ Unarchiver

739 Name: hnk : 2010-01-21 12:05 ID:YztZsDcx [Del]

I have a strange problem with The Unarchiver. When I download an .rar file, The UnArchiver automatically tries to unarchive it as soon as the file has completed downloading. I have found no way to shut this off. It is really annoying when downloading a multi *.rar set of files, because it will try to unarchive each part.

I'm using the latest Snow Leopard. Is it possible I have something set in the OS that is doing this to me?


740 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-01-21 16:10 ID:whwE1Sh8 [Del]


It's probably a Safari option.

741 Name: broomdodger : 2010-01-21 17:16 ID:3WMwwfuZ [Del]


Try unchecking the Safari preference:

Safari > Preferences > General > Open "safe" files after downloading

742 Name: booka : 2010-02-01 20:27 ID:yX3WBenB [Del]

This is a very useful program, thank you.

743 Post deleted by moderator.

744 Name: coolman : 2010-02-03 03:32 ID:WR1PsHSO [Del]

Very good!

some suggestions :

.HUD interface

.compression (it would be great !!!)

.DMG container


745 Name: Anonymous : 2010-02-04 18:53 ID:Heaven [Del]


>HUD interface

HUD windows have stupid behavior like always on top, so I'm against this. Also I believe that'd force Unarchiver to require Leopard or higher.


Try out


Whats wrong with mounting it with OS X?

746 Name: Anonymous : 2010-02-09 16:53 ID:xq1fDxNO [Del]

Not surprisingly, but Unarchiver doesn't care for the practice of concatenating a rar and a jpg.

Just making sure you know, Waha.

747 Name: fbsduser : 2010-02-22 10:16 ID:4ka/Eqsj [Del]

A suggestion.
Make it use the finder to "preview" archives w/o extracting them (I guess it would be something like "extract to RAM/temp folder" and then open it, and when the user closes the window, the RAM/temp folder contents gets deleted automatically).

748 Post deleted by moderator.

749 Name: yonatan : 2010-03-05 06:57 ID:NDQ97Bk7 [Del]

I'm having trouble extract rar files. I'm using the latest version 2.3 and when I try to extract a multipart rar archive I get the following message:

"The contents of the file <filename> can not be extracted with this program."

This is very odd, as I've not really had any problems with rar files before. I have about 100+ rar files that I cannot extract with The Unarchiver :(

If you want me to send you some of the files I can, but it's about 100-200MB.


750 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-03-05 07:32 ID:fMY4ym22 [Del]


Are they named .000, .001?

751 Name: yonatan : 2010-03-05 10:05 ID:NDQ97Bk7 [Del]


No. .part01.rar, .part02.rar etc

752 Name: yonatan : 2010-03-07 15:04 ID:NDQ97Bk7 [Del]

Something is definitely broken in 2.3 with regards to .rar extraction. I downloaded the latest version 3.92 of rar from RARLAB and extracted all 100+ files without any issues.

I hope that this will be resolved in the next version.

753 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-03-07 16:54 ID:fMY4ym22 [Del]


Can't do anything without example files that fail.

754 Name: yonatan : 2010-03-08 03:21 ID:NDQ97Bk7 [Del]


I told you I can give you a few of the files, but they're large 130MB for two part rar files, i.e. part1 and part2. Tell me how to give them to you and I will.

Also, doesn't The Unarchiver use the rar and unrar command line tools from RARLAB? If so then I don't see why it doesn't work.

Let me know how to give you the two files.

755 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-03-08 08:26 ID:Heaven [Del]


You can try uploading them to some file hosting service and mailing me the URLs, I suppose.

Also, The Unarchiver uses no external tools.

756 Name: Hudson Hawk : 2010-04-02 07:31 ID:BrLEkH9A [Del]

is there a possible way, to create an exit, cancel or break up button?
Sometimes, a zip-file will not really unzip, and than the unarchiver hangs! than I have to complete restart my mac, to stop the program!
Would be really nice for this button, because I also cannot close it from everywhere, not in the finder nor in the dock!
Thanks :-)

757 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-04-02 18:57 ID:hA6AW9FG [Del]


I'd rather have a copy of any file that does that so I can fix the bug that makes it do that. That really isn't supposed to be possible at all.

758 Name: Konrad : 2010-04-06 04:38 ID:RLkFoB0A [Del]

Really nice thing. Would love to seem some update mechanism implemented. Unarchiver seems to be ideal solution for mac and I don't want to mix next version when it occurs. Maybe implementing sparkle, as update framework?

759 Name: Chris : 2010-04-07 03:00 ID:nG8kVPhi [Del]

A little usability thing with v2.3.
I have "After successfully extracting an archive, Move the archive to the trash" option ON.

When an archive then fails to extract, the error message is displayd and two buttons are present: Stop and Continue.

Clicking 'Stop' closes the program without deleting the archive, but pressing 'Continue' DOES move the archive to the Trash, although the extraction was unsuccessfull!

760 Name: Estee : 2010-04-19 15:11 ID:FiBKRpS+ [Del]

Is there a way to extract a password protected file with the Unarchiver?

When I try to open the file (in my case a sitx file), goes into the extract mode but in a split second exits, without giving me an option to enter the password before extraction.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Many thanks.

761 Name: tjcarter : 2010-04-19 16:16 ID:h0aycEoW [Del]

I'd like to offer yet another vote for Sparkle auto-update support.

Also, I found a dmg that The Unarchiver (2.2 or 2.3, I can't check right now) claimed was corrupt. It's the Carbonite backup installer. Apple's archive utility happily extracted and ran it without error. Is this something you've heard of before? I'll post the archive somewhere if needed.

If I had to bet, I'm guessing it's like Palm's HotSync protocol, where the open source implementation sometimes doesn't work properly because it lacks the bugs of the official software. ;)

Also, WAHa, for the record, you rock.

762 Post deleted by moderator.

763 Name: George : 2010-04-20 07:40 ID:Dvw/45Dm [Del]

I would like to provide the Greek localization!
I already know how to localize an application for Mac OS X.
Thank you for this useful application,

764 Post deleted by moderator.

765 Name: straycat : 2010-04-26 09:56 ID:+9OEHnRw [Del]

hi WAHa.

just for the record, i can't extract these files with the unarchiver but with path finder's built-in stuffit engine, they decrunch fine.

check the files on post 42 to 46 on the following link:


766 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-04-26 11:09 ID:Heaven [Del]


Put in a quick fix for that. However, you'll need to click the .z01 part and not the .zip part for it to work.

767 Name: straycat : 2010-04-26 12:14 ID:+9OEHnRw [Del]

ok thanks.

768 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-05-10 07:51 ID:fMY4ym22 [Del]

All right, time for another release. 2.4 is now out:

  • Support for Zip files missing their central directory. This makes it possible to recover more damaged Zip files.
  • Support for more DiskDoubler files.
  • Better handling of broken Tar files, such as those created by some versions of Ant.
  • Bugfixes for the RAR and StuffIt decompressors.
  • Fixed file association for .Z files.
  • Italian and Danish translations, by Marco Rotatori and Søren Palmund.
  • Some fixes for the handling of file permissions, to better match Archive Utility.
  • Fixes to unpack giant .tar.gz files better.
  • Optimized decompression of several older formats, such as LZH and StuffIt.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs in the UI.

769 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-05-10 08:00 ID:fMY4ym22 [Del]

Now, as a side project, ever since version 2.0 I've been working on making the XADMaster library more platform-independent so that it can be used on other OSes. Now, finally, with version 2.4, I also started working on a command-line utility to decompress archives, that is meant to be a cross-platform tool. It is very definitely not anywhere near done yet, but it works, sort of!

You can get a binary compiled for Mac OS X here:

It currently takes no arguments, and can't handle passwords, and the character encoding detection might get confused, but at least it can extract archives.

Thanks to help from halcy, it can also be compiled on Linux. There is a Makefile.linux that should build it and some test programs on Linux. It requires zlib, libbz2, libcrypto (from OpenSSL), and GNUstep. It might work with other Objective-C runtimes, but that has not been tested. You are on your own if you want to try that.

I've only tried building it on Ubuntu myself, but I've found that that works very well as long as you install the requirements. If you haven't yet, install them as follows:

sudo apt-get install build-essentials
sudo apt-get install libz-dev
sudo apt-get install libbz2-dev
sudo apt-get install libssl-dev
sudo apt-get install libgnustep-base-dev

I think that's all of them. If I am wrong, tell me. Then, build everything in the XADMaster directory:

make -f Makefile.linux

It should theoretically be possible to get it to build on Windows, and I'm going to be setting up a cross-compilation for that later, hopefully. If you get it to build on anything else, tell me!

And obviously, don't rely on any of this actually working, or on the specifics of how it works! It'll all change soon enough!

770 Name: MM : 2010-05-12 23:28 ID:w8pThBaS (Image: 562x135 png, 20 kb) [Del]

src/1273732138624.png: 562x135, 20 kb

When prompting for a password, the name of the file needing the password isn't shown anywhere. If you'd queued up a bunch of files to decompress and one somewhere in the middle needs a password, this is sort of annoying.

I took a couple minutes and tweaked the PasswordView nib to have a line above that shows the same data as the top line in ProgressView so that the filename is visible, but I don't really love the layout. I've attached a screenshot.

I'd love it if this issue were confronted in this or some other way in a future version.

771 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-05-13 06:49 ID:fMY4ym22 [Del]


Good point, that should probably be fixed one way or the other.

(Also, if you file it as an issue on I will be less likely to forget about it.)

772 Name: Tony : 2010-05-13 11:12 ID:88qtNyPP [Del]

Thanks for the discdoubler work.

Any chance of being able to drop a non-DD folder or CD full of DD files in non-DD folders and getting theunarchiver to extract them all?

As it is, if you drop a non-compressed folder on theunarchiver, it doesn't look inside.

Thanks again.

773 Name: MM : 2010-05-14 02:34 ID:w8pThBaS [Del]


Filed as issue 262. Thanks! It's one of the very few things about The Unarchiver that I don't love.

774 Name: Konrad : 2010-05-19 03:33 ID:Oy2vyuu6 (Image: 80x80 jpg, 1 kb) [Del]

src/1274265211886.jpg: 80x80, 1 kb

Would be nice to have information about current version and update mechanism, maybe implemented through Sparkle? It's really handy mechanism. If not that I checked iusethis website I wouldn't find out that new version came out recently :(

775 Name: Anonymous : 2010-05-21 17:04 ID:Heaven [Del]

This is why its useful to use an application like Appfresh (it checks iusethis pages for installed apps).

776 Name: Hypersausage : 2010-05-23 22:11 ID:GIM0Niup [Del]

I'm new to The Unarchiver. It's very quick and very efficient. However, I noticed when you have to type in a password, you don't see what you type in. It comes out as those security dots. It would be nice if you can see the password you are typing in. That way you can be sure you are typing in the right word.
I hope you can introduce this feature in the next update.

777 Name: akahige : 2010-05-25 17:39 ID:hSzNGq/y [Del]

I'm new to MacOS (coming from Linux and Windows) and The Unarchiver was recommended as the solution to all my uncompression needs -- and it's great!

The thing that it doesn't do, that I really need, is offer an interface so I can look into a file and pull out specific things, instead of having to explode an entire archive.

I tried searching through this thread to see if that had ever been suggested, but couldn't find anything. Don't know if that's so far outside of the intent to make it like the that it wouldn't be considered.

There's a filed issue (No.109) for adding a way to look at a file, but that's not really the same thing as being able to extract specific files. (At least I don't think it is.) So far the only app that I've seen on the Mac that offers this functionality is BetterZip, which I guess is fine, but if one app could do everything, that would certainly be preferable...

778 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-05-25 17:44 ID:Heaven [Del]


Yes, that would be an entirely different app, that I am not really interested in making.

(I've been toying with the idea of making a FUSE client, though, which could serve the same purpose, but haven't bothered doing any actual work on that so far.)

779 Name: JIndro : 2010-05-27 13:59 ID:KP7fEQjS [Del]


780 Name: Mr. X : 2010-05-28 15:29 ID:ialUMUvV [Del]

I'm wondering if anyone else had this, but when I downloaded and use The Unarchiver on a .rar file, everything worked fine, the file (.avi format) even opened properly, but there was one problem: the video played with the sound, but no picture. Anyone have any ideas as to what's wrong and how I could fix it?

781 Post deleted by user.

782 Name: Anonymous : 2010-05-28 21:28 ID:Heaven [Del]

it sounds like you don't have whatever video codec you need for the file, which is completely unrelated to the unarchiver.

783 Post deleted by moderator.

784 Post deleted by moderator.

785 Post deleted by moderator.

786 Name: Osprey : 2010-05-31 03:33 ID:hFfPZa72 [Del]

Try expanding an iCab archive. The browser iCab creates ZIP archives. So if you rename such an archive to .zip it is possible to expand it and see the content. The Unarchiver unfortunately stops with an error: Could not write to the destination directory. This happens when the archive is located in the Desktop folder on 10.5.

787 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-06-01 15:13 ID:fMY4ym22 [Del]


Without the actual files, I can do nothing about it.

(It also seems to have problems submitting posts!)

788 Post deleted by moderator.

789 Name: straycat : 2010-06-04 14:11 ID:zvR1fcOG [Del]

hey WAHa, me again.
you know the more formats the better even if it means more hard work for you, right? =) kidding of course, your work is most appreciated and i recommend it to everyone i know.
do you think is it worth to support the 'pkg' and 'mpkg' format for those pesky mac packages which go through a bunch of dialogs and ask you for the admin password just to move an app to the app folder?

this guy in the link below, released "unpkg" which does that. it's a python script (source included inside the app>contents>resources as seen in the readme), so it must be a pretty easy task, no? not sure how easy i it to call a python script, really.

best to you, man.

790 Post deleted by moderator.

791 Name: Anonymous : 2010-06-08 12:50 ID:b3AnplZU [Del]

>> 790


>> 1

Thank you so much for this App. You're the man.

792 Name: straycat : 2010-06-08 15:24 ID:zvR1fcOG [Del]

i don't know what 790 said but that girl was unzipped successfully.

793 Name: straycat : 2010-06-08 17:40 ID:zvR1fcOG [Del]

regarding my own post, i emailed the author to ask if he could update it to unpack mpkg as well (currently if there's more than 1 pkg inside an mpkg, it only unpacks the first one), so if you consider getting it into the unarchiver, i'll let you know when the author updates it.


794 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-06-08 17:56 ID:fMY4ym22 [Del]


If I recall correctly, .pkg files are just bundles that contain .pax archives. The Unarchiver should open those if you just right-click the .pkg first and select "Show Bundle Contents", and locate the actual archive inside it.

795 Name: straycat : 2010-06-08 18:13 ID:zvR1fcOG [Del]

yeah it's actually an archive.pax.gz. problem is i have to do 3 steps, copy it out of the bundle, unpack once to get archive.pax and twice to get the folder. by the way, i always get errors unpacking pax files with the unarchiver (can't extract the file x, stop or continue, but pressing continue actually gets the unpacking done, if i check apply to all).
apart from the pesky error message, i was just hoping for a way of unpacking in 1 go.

796 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-06-10 15:35 ID:fMY4ym22 [Del]


If you have any files like that handy, please post them on the bug tracker.

797 Name: Anonymous : 2010-06-11 14:29 ID:kLt4zz0B (Image: 464x115 png, 19 kb) [Del]

src/1276291772701.png: 464x115, 19 kb

i need help! i tried opening an .exe an i got this error message...
does anybody know how to help?

798 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-06-14 10:26 ID:Heaven [Del]


There are a lot of different formats data might be stored in an .exe file. The Unarchiver apparently doesn't support this particular one. Post an bug on the bug tracker, including the file, and I'll have a look at how hard it would be to add support.

799 Name: Tom : 2010-06-20 04:54 ID:Li8erufP [Del]

It would be nice if after extraction, not only the archive could be deleted, but also corresponding .part-files which are still on the disc from resumed downloads.

800 Name: Tom : 2010-06-22 00:52 ID:d3PmVlDm [Del]

I'm missing an option that would be very usefull: The Unarchiver should ignore the Thumbs_db-files from Windows and not extract them. That would be great.

801 Post deleted by moderator.

802 Name: steve : 2010-06-22 10:56 ID:tcvizYzZ [Del]

hello thank you for the software, its great.
it would be cool if you added an option in the preferences to make unarchiver visible in the application switcher and the dock. now i have to modify the info.plist file to make it visible. if i have a lot of windows unarchiver disappears in the background while unraring and only way to find it, to check time status or to find out if progress is finished, is to use expose all windows which im not a big user of since i have tons of windows open all the time.

803 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-07-13 15:07 ID:fMY4ym22 [Del]

A new release, with mostly bugfixes again:

  • Fixes unpacking of password-protected Zip files, which was broken in the last update.
  • Source can now be built with a completely free implementation of RAR which works for all versions, including multimedia filters, avoiding the non-GPL-compatible unrar license. (There is also better support for ancient RAR 1.5 files.)
  • Has a workaround for a Paragon NTFS that made unpacking on NTFS drives generate errors.
  • Fixes for Tar and RPM files.

804 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-07-13 15:13 ID:fMY4ym22 [Del]

I have also been doing more work on being cross-platform. The experimental command-line unar tool from earlier is now much improved. It actually takes some arguments now, for one. There is also a new too, lsar, for listing the contents of archives.

Both are still far from feature-complete. Most obviously, unar has no way to automatically contain unpacked files in a directory like The Unarchiver does, and it also overwrites files without asking, so be careful with that. lsar also does not show very much information about the files it lists, either.

Precompiled binaries for OS X and Windows are avaiable:

The Windows version requires a couple DLLs which are included. I hope to cut down on those later on.

For Linux, you will need to build it yourself. I have only tested this on Ubuntu so far. For a stock Ubuntu system, what you need to do after downloading and unpacking the source is:

sudo apt-get install build-essential
sudo apt-get install libz-dev
sudo apt-get install libbz2-dev
sudo apt-get install libssl-dev
sudo apt-get install libgnustep-base-dev
sudo apt-get install libicu-dev
cd XADMaster
make -f Makefile.linux

This should give you the unar and lsar executable, along with some test programs.

I'd really appreciate it if people could take the time to test these tools on various systems, and report any problems or requests!

805 Name: müzso : 2010-07-17 02:41 ID:JDOvhB2t [Del]

Previous versions of "The Unarchiver" did not use a hidden temporary directory for extracting contents of archives. Somewhere in the 2.x versions the app started to use hidden temp directories. Could this be turned into a user preference? I mean an option not to use temp dirs? I liked the old behaviour, because if I started extraction of an archive that contained only a single large file (eg. a movie :-) ), I could move the file (that is being extracted) around while the extraction was in progress. Now I've to either use commandline or enable showing of hidden files to do that. Or wait til the extraction completes.

806 Name: Ray : 2010-07-25 09:08 ID:7b2LAIQO [Del]

First off I would like to say thank you for an App that has been reliable every time I've used it. So Thank You!.
I use The Unarchiver on my home iMac, and I use when I am on a Windows Unit.
I would like to ask if you would be able to build your unar.exe to sit in the taskbar of windows and if the user was to double click a .zip file it would extract that .zip file to a user defined, layout?.
just as The Unarchiver works on my iMac at home.

To get a very crude version of what I mean..
I used this to associate .zip etc to unar.exe and it worked kind of. I had no control over where the file was un-zipped to.


807 Name: broomdodger : 2010-08-09 08:32 ID:3WMwwfuZ [Del]

Will you be adding lzip (.lz) to The Unarchiver?

808 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-08-09 11:53 ID:Heaven [Del]


If anybody starts using it, sure. But it seems sort of redundant when there's xz. It would be nice if people would settle on something less overengineered than xz though.

809 Name: broomdodger : 2010-08-09 13:52 ID:3WMwwfuZ [Del]

Is there any advantage to lz over 7z ?
lz files seem slightly smaller than 7z, but not much.

810 Name: broomdodger : 2010-08-09 14:01 ID:3WMwwfuZ [Del]

One advantage to 7z over lz and xz
7z will compress directories.

811 Name: :s : 2010-08-10 09:29 ID:sBqjhLTh [Del]

hi :( i dont understand at all how to use it
i have a rar file game thingy and i want to play it but it keeps asking me what program i want to open it with so the game cant be played :( and i have tons of files like those that i cannot open :(

812 Name: Anonymous : 2010-08-10 20:16 ID:CPh9LsPe [Del]


813 Name: Anonymous : 2010-08-13 12:14 ID:Heaven [Del]

This may very well be my favorite support question I've seen.

Waha, so when you going to add support for games? I'm imagining a tetris clone built into the progress window.

814 Name: Anonymous : 2010-08-13 18:42 ID:Heaven [Del]
Here's a file that doesn't unarchive right.

815 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-08-14 10:59 ID:Heaven [Del]



816 Name: Help!8NBuQ4l6uQ : 2010-08-18 15:57 ID:T283d8Uf [Del]

So I downloaded a 700MB .rar file from megaupload onto my mac and when I finish downloading and open it with the Unarchiver it says it cannot be completed because

"Could not extract the file file/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_02.VOB the archive file is incomplete"

I've downloaded the file multiple times already and I get the same result every time. Can someone help me?

817 Name: Anonymous : 2010-08-18 18:39 ID:Heaven [Del]

Stop pirating, and buy your movies.

818 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-08-19 05:41 ID:fMY4ym22 [Del]


Without the file there is nothing I can do.

Also, there is no error message like that in The Unarchiver, are you just typing it from memory, or is there some other confusion?

819 Post deleted by moderator.

820 Post deleted by moderator.

821 Name: Jason Donovan : 2010-08-22 09:38 ID:S+CGw6md [Del]


isn't there a way to tell the Program to check for missing archive files BEFORE unpacking the whole archive and then telling me it could not complete AFTER the whole process lasted for 30 mins.

It should be quite easy to get a directory listing, find out about the filename of the first file and the find out about the last file in that sequence. The files in between the first an the last have to be there in sequence. If one is missing, the unarchiving will fail, no matter what.

This algorithm would not work, if the last file in that directory is not actually the last file needed. But one could check if all other files are the same size and only the last file is smaller (even if it's only one byte).

So there is quite a bit of room to improve those "unable to extract" messages.

Furthermore it would be helpful to show which files are missing. UnRarX tells this quite easily.

Anyway - this is a really fine and fast programmed unarchiver. Keep going on :-)

Thanks a lot and best regards. Jason.

822 Name: Leon : 2010-08-26 07:58 ID:IyhIYqLd [Del]

Hiya, great piece of software, It's one of the first things I install on any new mac, or after I update/reinstall Mac OS X. So i just want to say a big thankyou for that.

There is one tiny thing I would love to see added (or at least it seems small, but I'm not a programmer) would it be possible to add something like SParkle integration to update to the latest versions automatically? ( I'd understand if this is not a priority, but it's the only thing I can see that would be needed to make this software perfect :D

THanks once again for the great bit of software.

823 Name: Kyle : 2010-08-26 09:07 ID:uVY4FpQn [Del]

I'm attempting to use the CLI 'unar' to extract a .sitx file. It seems to hang on a few files (so far, 45 MB TIFFs). It appears to extract the file properly, but I have to hit Ctrl+C to have it continue.

Any help would be appreciated.

824 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-08-26 10:17 ID:Heaven [Del]


Without the files, there is not much I can do about it.

825 Name: Kyle : 2010-08-26 13:14 ID:uVY4FpQn [Del]


Would you like me to send them to you? If so, how?


826 Name: Gilly : 2010-08-27 09:50 ID:lsL9ZA/r [Del]

It's great app about all of archivers. kkk


when I use this app, windows makes minimum and then it is in the dock.

it finishes.... windows don't deappears..... I think that is bug....

827 Post deleted by user.

828 Name: Justin_A_ : 2010-08-27 12:04 ID:SCHXXBv3 (Image: 944x388 png, 74 kb) [Del]

src/1282935893187.png: 944x388, 74 kb

sorry had wrong image in last post

829 Name: Justin_A_ : 2010-08-27 12:06 ID:SCHXXBv3 [Del]

previous image is related to this post sorry for the confusion never used this board before..

i am trying to modify the source for myself and can not get it to compile no matter what i seem to do is there a secret to it or what? its the same errors with not finding frameworks.

just asking for a bit of info on it. hope you can help. using xcode 3.2.3 10.6.4 have the 10.4 and up SDK installed thanks.

830 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-08-28 09:07 ID:fMY4ym22 [Del]


Mail them to me, or upload them on some upload site and mail me the links.


No idea what's going on there, seems completely broken on your side. Make sure to use a new enough Xcode to start with, and there shouldn't be any gcc 4.0 used.

831 Name: straycat : 2010-08-31 00:00 ID:zvR1fcOG [Del]


just in case you changed your mind, timdoug just released the latest unpkg version which unpacks pkg and mpkg (source included in the bundle). no reply needed.


832 Name: anTi : 2010-09-05 22:08 ID:deq2Is68 [Del]


I would like to ask you to implement a new feature in the next release:
I imagine this as an option in the preferences window- extraction tab like

Create new folder for the extracted file

- Only if there is more than one top-level item
- Always
- Never - this would be the new option..

Thanks in advance

833 Name: anTi : 2010-09-05 22:08 ID:deq2Is68 [Del]


I would like to ask you to implement a new feature in the next release:
I imagine this as an option in the preferences window- extraction tab like

Create new folder for the extracted file

- Only if there is more than one top-level item
- Always
- Never - this would be the new option..

Thanks in advance

834 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-09-06 11:44 ID:Heaven [Del]


No. This would require lots of additions to handle file collisions, and that is more work than the feature is worth to me.

835 Name: Daniel : 2010-09-10 04:55 ID:h9SS1mJ7 [Del]


extracting large zip archives (around 8 GB) results in target folders around 4,4 GB and probably in a crash of the application due to buffer overrun.

836 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-09-10 12:37 ID:Heaven [Del]

Which version? Also, to fix it I'd need the archive in question.

837 Name: Gauntlet : 2010-09-16 16:30 ID:gphF/HYG [Del]

"output data buffers border exceeded"

I get this message when I try to unarchive RAR files over 4.0 gig.

I click continue and get a movie that is missing the last half hour or so. i am using version 2.5.

Any solution to this?

Thanks. Great program by the way.

838 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-09-17 07:10 ID:Heaven [Del]

> Any solution to this?

Not unless you can give me the file so I can reproduce the problem.

839 Name: Michael : 2010-09-19 06:14 ID:3VJboD+E [Del]


I would love the see passwordlist-support in the next version.

Thanks ;-)

840 Name: alleus : 2010-09-21 01:24 ID:k2AixuyG [Del]


I just wanted to say thank you for your truly awesome work on the XADMaster framework. I've been implementing it into my little peace of software, TranspRAR. I'm not sure I use all the pieces as intended, but the framework does an amazing job streaming random accessed, uncompressed data from every possible archive.

Again, thank you for your hard work and for making it all available to the world.

841 Name: Mike : 2010-10-16 00:00 ID:bDAMMtRG [Del]


First of all, thanks for the awesome app. Just wanted to ask if you plan to add "keep broken files" feature anytime soon?

842 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-10-16 05:27 ID:fMY4ym22 [Del]


Keep how?

843 Name: Pascal : 2010-10-29 04:30 ID:tjH1re+7 [Del]

Hi there,

is there any possibility to preview an archive? Often I don't want to extract the whole archive - it would be nice to look inside and only select some files for extracting. Why there isn't such a tool with simple file browser (like in 7-Zip) for Mac OS?

Best regards!

844 Post deleted by user.

845 Name: Anonymous : 2010-10-29 23:40 ID:CnFZMTeA [Del]


Thanks for developing this program. I would like to use sources for The Unarchiver in a larger project, the larger project being a GPL-2+ project. Thus, I'm interested in helping develop a library out of The Unarchiver. First though, I need some clarification.

For every file that doesn't include a copyright header, are those files under LGPL? Is the LGPL version used LGPL-2.1 or later (please say yes)? Is there a list of authors somewhere?

Thanks in advance :)

846 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-10-30 06:37 ID:Heaven [Del]


Well, usually I don't care much about licensing my code and consider anything I've written myself to be public domain or BSD or whatever the most premissive license that works where you live is. However, parts of The Unarchiver are based on libxad, which is LGPL 2.1 (and, apparently, "or later") and I haven't kept close track of which files could be considered entirely my own and which are derivative of libxad code, so the safest is to just assume everything is LGPL.

The Unarchiver already is built around a core library, though, so there's not much work to be done there. It should be entirely possible to use it in another project. Documentation is sorely lacking, though. There is a short overview on the wiki and that is all. Hopefully it is self-descriptive enough that it shouldn't be too hard to use.

847 Name: Anonymous : 2010-11-01 23:19 ID:CnFZMTeA [Del]


Ok, thanks for the clarification. I've done some work with theunarchiver, mainly to clarify the licensing. I've also added some C bindings that can be used to work with theunarchiver in a C project.

All this work is in the "mcitadel-theunarchiver" clone in googlecode. Note that I removed the official unrar sources in this clone, so you'll have to cherry pick commits if you want some of my changes.

Is there anyone doing a C port of the unarchiver? The project I'm using this for is XBMC. I would be interested in a C port, particularly to remove the need for GNUstep or some other objective c framework. I would be glad to help out with a c port. XBMC is already huge as it is as far as the amount of libraries it uses plus code written for it.

848 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-11-02 11:52 ID:Heaven [Del]


I've been thinking about it, since it would be nice to be more portable, but it would be an annoying lot of work. A lot depends on things provided by the class libraries, and if that is all re-written, it would have to be wrapped back up to provide the old Objective-C API.

849 Name: Pascal : 2010-11-03 02:03 ID:KYoq7rXE [Del]

My question seems to be no feature in the future!? :-/

850 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-11-03 14:50 ID:Heaven [Del]


It would be a lot of work for something I don't personally use. I'd rather have a simple and streamlined program. There are other apps that can show archive contents. so it's not really a priority.

851 Name: Anonymous : 2010-11-03 18:51 ID:CnFZMTeA [Del]


Apparently there's already a library written in C that has similar functionality as The Unarchiver.

RAR support is still not implemented though.

Would you mind if I ported the relevant RAR code from The Unarchiver for use in libarchive? If so, would you mind if I relicensed the ported code under BSD? libarchive is under BSD license.

852 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-11-05 00:50 ID:TxhTWMUf [Del]


Any code that I wrote from scratch I'm happy to re-license under BSD. That would include the RAR code, but I have to warn you: It might be a lot more work than you think. RAR is a real mess of a file format, and the implementation in The Unarchiver may not be easy to follow, no matter how hard I've tried to make it such. However, having a portable and open implementation of RAR would be a very good thing, so I think it is worth a shot.

(Also, it has at least one known bug that I need to get around to fixing.)

853 Name: Anonymous : 2010-11-05 13:46 ID:CnFZMTeA [Del]


Thanks :)

854 Name: Dax : 2010-11-07 10:31 ID:CRugfqAv (Image: 0x0 rar, 5911 kb) [Del]

The Unarchiver fails to extract all files from a .rar archive (see attached file), yet Zipeg is able to successfully extract all files. FYI.

855 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-11-09 02:00 ID:Heaven [Del]


Seems to work for me, but I already fixed some RAR bugs so that's probably why. Try it with 2.6 when it gets released (should be pretty soon).

856 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-11-10 13:46 ID:fMY4ym22 [Del]

Well, 2.6 is done. This one focuses on adding support for more old formats, and bugfixes.

  • Added support for Now Compress and LBR.
  • Improved DiskDoubler support. Almost all modes are now supported, including hardware-accelerated ones.
  • Better support for ARC, including proprietary PAK algorithms.
  • Better support for Squeeze and Zoo.
  • Several bugfixes for RAR, Zip and Compress files.
  • Fixed broken handling of multi-part files in unar.exe on Windows.

unar and lsar have also been updated to 0.3, with the same changes. Otherwise they remain as before.

857 Name: Steve Hodgson : 2010-11-13 10:11 ID:z4LoT67f [Del]

Is there any way to extract files and overwrite files of the same name rather than appending '-1' to them?

858 Name: MSW : 2010-11-16 09:11 ID:Z4thVedJ [Del]

Ever thought of making a Cocoa framework and releasing it under a BSD license? It'd be a huge benefit to the Mac developer community!

859 Name: Anonymous : 2010-11-16 22:09 ID:/lCNZZ9f [Del]

860 Name: VRic : 2010-11-16 22:32 ID:EiG+QupC [Del]

Speaking of frameworks, I was just scratching my head wondering why The Unarchiver breaks my symbolic links, but doesn't break frameworks in app bundles (which contain symbolic links). Turns out it only breaks absolute symlinks.

I'd submit a bug report if the "Bug tracker" link worked, but it craps out (

To clarify, try this at home:

  • create a folder named fonk, inside of which you put 3 files:
  • a file named zonk.txt
  • a symbolic link to zonk.txt with absolute path (path-to-fonk/zonk.txt)
  • a symbolic link to zonk.txt with relative path (../fonk/zonk.txt)
  • zip fonk (I used the Finder in Mac OS X 10.6.5)
  • extract it using both links still work (the absolute one points to the original, the relative one points to wherever you extracted it as long as the folder name stays fonk)
  • extract it using The Unarchiver 2.6: the relative link works, the absolute one doesn't

861 Post deleted by moderator.

862 Name: rogerio : 2010-12-03 10:10 ID:KN2sLn5Y [Del]

Could I make two suggestions that I'd love to see?
One is a way to tell which version I have installed, and the other is creating some kind of profiles in the extraction tab. I ALMOST ALWAYS want to purge the archive, but sometimes don't, and configured the app to send to trash. But when I don't, I have to go to trash, Put Back doesn't show up, and I have to manually drag to the original location,,, If I could configure the default actions, AND the actions with a modifier, it would be great... eg. Just double click sends to trash, holding COMMAND the archive remains, holding OPTION send content to Desktop and purge archive, etc.
Thanks, I've donated, awesome app.

863 Post deleted by user.

864 Name: Anonymous : 2010-12-04 14:08 ID:UP7GNGbQ [Del]

The rar file from doesn't work in the Unarchiver but does with the command line unrar. I believe this is a bug with the Unarchiver.

865 Name: Hans : 2010-12-08 00:07 ID:pg+MSin2 [Del]

Hi Everyone,

I get ZIP files that are created with Winzip on a German version of Windows Vista.

The Unarchiver 2.6 thinks the encoding is Windows Latin 1, and garbles the ä in the name of the zipped document. I have to change the encoding to Dos Latin 1 in order to have the document name extracted correctly

Can this be fixed?



866 Name: broomdodger : 2010-12-08 09:37 ID:3WMwwfuZ [Del]


Does the Mac builtin tool ( BOMArchiveHelper ) unzip correctly?

To test, disable Unarchiver for zip files, ie un-check "Zip Archive".

867 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-12-09 19:37 ID:fMY4ym22 [Del]


I can't reproduce this. What version are you using?


Probably not. Guessing encodings is not an exact science. If there are not many special characters to work with, it's mostly impossible to get it right.

868 Name: ChrisM : 2010-12-11 06:41 ID:2H4qmCoG [Del]

I had problems unarchiving a vast collection of 114 sequential .zips (the final .app is +11GB...) so I resurrected The Unarchiver from the Trash to see if it might help. It didn't but it reminded me why I had trashed it in the first place: it is unable to handle such large files. It has been running for thelast 2+ hours, saying 'Preparing to extract <filename>'. A search for a part of <filename> via Easy Search' - set to find all files and folders, to ignore case and to search invisible etc. locations - finds nothing new to indicate that it is even writing anything to a file anywhere. Stuffit Expander took a fair while (many minutes) but completed, if not successfully.

Any suggestions why it should not go back into Trash?

869 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-12-11 11:17 ID:Heaven [Del]


Did you try the latest version?

Without the files in question there is not much I can do to fix it.

870 Name: turnkit : 2010-12-18 13:34 ID:kEozuosY [Del]

yeah -- opensource un- .sit -ter for Windows.
Did I miss some instructions?

Problem though: when I run
c:\> unar.exe test.sit
I get "This application has failed to start because Foundation.1.0.dll was not found. ..."

*** Where can I get Foundation.1.0.dll ?

871 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2010-12-18 13:59 ID:fMY4ym22 [Del]


Maybe I forgot to package it? Try to download one of the older versions and see if it is included:

872 Name: New unarchiver user : 2011-01-01 05:44 ID:UqHo19Ng [Del]

Hey guys,

I keep getting the following error message:

The contents of the file can not be extracted with this program.

It is a .zip file, which was created through the joining of multiple .z01, .z02 files etc., joined together with Machacha program. Can anyone advise?


873 Name: Anonymous : 2011-01-03 14:16 ID:Heaven [Del]

i'm pretty sure multi-part zip files don't work like that.

874 Name: Anonymous : 2011-01-05 09:30 ID:R9cM0F3+ [Del]

When will 7z encrypted archive support be added? That's the only thing that forces me to use Stuffit :( All of the 7z archives that I come across are encrypted :((((

875 Name: Anonymous : 2011-01-07 23:10 ID:oRzjfUpH [Del]

Please add The Unarchiver to the new Mac App Store ASAP!

876 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2011-01-08 12:20 ID:Heaven [Del]


If somebody feels like paying for a developer account, then I'd be happy to do so.

877 Name: Chetiboy : 2011-01-10 06:50 ID:NW0+/Xa1 [Del]

I hate stuffit!!!
Please upload the unarchiver to the Mac App Store yes!!!

878 Name: Soundmaestro : 2011-01-10 15:54 ID:2VVjHpsn [Del]

The Unarchiver is almost perfect (for me)! There's this one thing that I'd LOVE to see it do: Add 'Never' as an option under Extraction Preferences, 'Create a new folder for the extracted files:' This would give me the exact functionality I had when using UnZip and UnRAR under Windows for multisection zip files.

Also, can I control the functionality from the Terminal prompt? Thanks!

879 Post deleted by user.

880 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2011-01-12 12:22 ID:Heaven [Del]


A "Never" option would force it to have to deal with file collisions, which would a lot of required functionality I'd rather not spend time making.

Also, there are the lsar and unar command-line utilities, but they are still somewhat beta.

881 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2011-01-12 12:23 ID:Heaven [Del]


A "Never" option would force it to have to deal with file collisions, which would a lot of required functionality I'd rather not spend time making.

Also, there are the lsar and unar command-line utilities, but they are still somewhat beta.

882 Name: Skeeper : 2011-01-12 21:28 ID:QnDOOnJp [Del]

First of all, Thanks for supporting a good program.
I have qustion for you.

We're trying to develop a program about auto extractor
on MacOsx 10.4 Tiger ppc.
But UnArchiver is not compiling on 10.4.
I guess, It includes framework that is devloped on more than

If it is possible to compile, please could you tell me to


883 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2011-01-13 18:29 ID:fMY4ym22 [Del]


It may be that it needs newer SDKs, I have not had a 10.4 machine in some time so I haven't been able to try building it on that. You are pretty much on your own there.

In the worst case, you can just use the already compiled version of the framework from The

884 Name: Anonymous : 2011-02-02 15:27 ID:R9cM0F3+ [Del]


I'd really like to see The Unarchiver in the Mac App Store.

Why don't you put in big red letters on top of the Xee and The Unarchiver page that you're seeking donations for Developer membership so you can put Xee and TU into MAS? I think people would be a lot more inclined to donate if there was a clear description as to why you're seeking donation and the amount of money raised for it so far.

What do you think?

885 Name: Bug : 2011-02-08 12:47 ID:7vGLDZ92 [Del]

I have found a bug I can reproduce.
If a rar file is password protected - I have to insert the password and confirm it by using the mouse. Otherwise (pressing enter) will result in a hangup.

MacOS 10.6.6

886 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2011-02-08 12:56 ID:fMY4ym22 [Del]


That is weird, I think I always just press enter when testing. It definitely doesn't break here.

Do you have another machine you can test on, to see if it does the same thing?

887 Name: Ruki : 2011-02-17 13:28 ID:RGhuRnYk [Del]

Hello. Great app you've got here. I'm having an issue some others are having too. So far it only happens if I enter the wrong password. The window goes blank and there's no X button. When I try 'force quit,' Unarchiver doesn't show up, so the only solution is restarting my Mac. This is with 2.6, on a PPC G5.

For those who encounter, "can't expand this file," I used to have that problem with .rar files, but then I discovered that some of the files didn't download complete. Once I got them again complete, Unarchiver worked fine.

888 Name: Max Ocklind : 2011-02-22 01:59 ID:g0HCqs1z [Del]

It would be nice if The Unrachiver used Growl.

889 Name: TOM : 2011-02-26 11:01 ID:yN7eC5Qz [Del]

Is The Unarchiver going to be available through the AppStore?

890 Name: ReimuHakurei : 2011-02-27 18:50 ID:XXZuOUpr [Del]

I'm bored so am going to test it on Debian 5.0 "Lenny" - I can provide binaries if you want too.

891 Name: ReimuHakurei : 2011-03-04 14:46 ID:VnZjz7KQ [Del]

OK, I built unar/lsar on Debian, and lsar works fine. unar, however, throws a Segmentation Fault on run.

892 Name: Manny : 2011-03-05 19:57 ID:a5lAinls [Del]

I'm curious no know why this project is unable to open encrypted 7z files. It is one of the only "popular" file types that is not supported, and coincidentally one of the only password protected archives I come across (there is this ONE GUY who is convinced 7z is the way of the future) so it was a minor annoyance having to find a new program to open these files.

893 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2011-03-06 16:15 ID:Heaven [Del]


Mostly due to it being a lot of work to implement and test. Every part of 7z is horribly over-engineered, and encryption also supports a whole lot of different encryption algorithms that all need to be supported and tested.

Sooner or later I hope to get around to it, but it's not very high priority.

894 Name: Franklint : 2011-03-09 21:20 ID:KTpCw43f [Del]

Hi there, great work. The Unarchiver is one of the programs I use the most in my daily life. Tremendously useful. However, even though it is incredibly unlikely, have you ever considered adding support for .uha files? I know they are stupid and arbitrary, but I came across some today that I need to open, and no application on Mac OS X can do it. I figured others might occasionally like to open these too.

Assuming the compression is relatively simple, what are the chances of seeing this feature? It would certainly give The Unarchiver added appeal, being the only program able to tackle .uhas.


895 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2011-03-10 08:32 ID:fMY4ym22 [Del]


Depends a lot on whether the format is documented (and how complicated it is), and if it is in use anywhere in particular.

896 Name: straycat : 2011-03-11 15:58 ID:zvR1fcOG [Del]

hey !WAHa.06x36 and everyone else.

can someone confirm that by unarchiving the file below, the executable inside 'contents > macos' loses the execute flag and the app doesn't launch?
i confirmed decompressing it with path finder's built-in stuffit engine and it retains the flag but not with the unarchiver.
with path finder it's also easy to set the execute flag back on, just wondering if it's just me.


grafx2 ( or latest release)

897 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2011-03-13 06:40 ID:fMY4ym22 [Del]


That's caused by a buggy archiver. 2.7 will have better code to deal with it, but report it to the grafx2 people so they can report it to whoever made the archiver they are using. I still haven't found out which archiver it is that creates these broken archives.

898 Name: straycat : 2011-03-13 08:33 ID:zvR1fcOG [Del]

thanks man. i will ask and report.

899 Name: straycat : 2011-03-13 12:16 ID:zvR1fcOG [Del]


ok, it figures, it's 7zip. franck, who did the packaging for the mac version of grafx2, used the original 7zip on a windows box, not one of the mac flavored 7zip versions (7zX, keka, Ez7z).

it's ok, this just happens once in a while and i can easily set the execute flag back on. just now we know, 7zip did it.

900 Name: Navatar : 2011-03-14 08:41 ID:FO0p7VbV [Del]

Is The Unarchiver capable of unzipping ZIPs larger than 4GB? I'm getting an error with a 7.2GB ZIP, that Mac OS X's native Archive Utility can unzip fine.

901 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2011-03-14 09:37 ID:fMY4ym22 [Del]


Ah, yes, that'd explain it. Basically, Archive Utility will mark all files executable if there's no information specifying otherwise.


It should be, but most programs produce invalid zip files for data larger than 4GB, so unarchiving programs have to try and compensate to get the data out. Which version are you using?

902 Name: Mark : 2011-03-15 06:26 ID:ka/jVs8H [Del]


I guess the same thing happens with a file by Blizzard. They supply zipped 'Blizzard Downloader' (custom bittorrent thingy) on their ( site to download game clients. The app won't run when extracted with Unarchiver, but it works fine with Archive Utility and BetterZip.

Because of copyright and stuff I probably can't upload the file itself, but I can send it to you if you want.

903 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2011-03-15 10:40 ID:fMY4ym22 [Del]


Like I said, it should work better in 2.7, and in the meanwhile, report it to Blizzard. The zip tool they are using is the actual problem.

904 Name: Anonymous : 2011-03-17 16:54 ID:zvR1fcOG [Del]

(for your information only)


franck went ahead and published the new grafx2 version (and future ones, i hope) in a standard .tgz which keeps execution bit attributes preserved.


even if we are lucky that !WAHa.06x36 fixes these issues for us, devs who distribute files for mac should use a mac compliant app to archive them, but i guess it's normal they don't know about the architecture of bundles and attributes on this platform.

905 Name: arto65 : 2011-03-24 11:13 ID:PP6hz7WY [Del]

I'm sorry, I don't understand what to do with the binaries to compile anything for Windows.
The Unarchiver is such an extraordinary tool for everyday use, it's one of the things I miss the most when I'm working on a PC.
Do you think it's possible to put a version out there for windows users ?

Thanks a lot for that incredible work !!

906 Name: Franklint : 2011-03-27 07:30 ID:AVnCDtsv [Del]

It doesn't seem well-documented at all - I can't find anything much on its technical specs, only that it is typically more efficient than .zip and .rar. It seems to have a niche following though, so it'll be up to you whether it is in use enough to merit support. Just a suggestion, and I managed to decompress my own files in any case. Thanks for The Unarchiver man, regardless of whether you take up my suggestion :).


907 Name: Ian83 : 2011-04-02 00:22 ID:xJZz24/l (Image: 0x0 tiff, 31 kb) [Del]

Have downloaded a file in two parts. When attempting to expand I get the attached message. How do I put the two parts together before expanding or hiow do I get past the error message???

908 Name: Robert Covington : 2011-04-04 12:05 ID:xNTH1JE1 [Del]

I am trying to use The Unarchiver to read a ZIP file produced by 7-zip which is AES-256 encrypted. Unarchiver recognizes the file, opens it, and prompts me for the password. When I enter the correct password, it tells me each file in the archive is corrupted.


909 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2011-04-04 14:21 ID:fMY4ym22 [Del]


File a bug on the bug tracker, including the file and correct password.

910 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2011-04-15 06:06 ID:TxhTWMUf [Del]

Well, I finally got it sorted out. There's a new version now, and it's available on the App Store.

If you can't or don't want to use the App Store, it's still available normally:

The direct download version is still 32-bit x86 and PPC. The Mac App Store version is 32-bit and 64-bit x86. I'm going to put up the App Store version for direct download too later.

Other updates:

  • Support for ISO and BIN disc images.
  • Support for encrypted StuffIt archives, thanks to a friendly archivist.
  • Workaround for broken Zip archives that make files non-executable.
  • Fixed unpacking .pkg files.
  • Better StuffIt X support.
  • Other bugfixes.

911 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2011-04-15 06:07 ID:TxhTWMUf [Del]

The unar and lsar command-line utilities have been updated too:

The Windows version hopefully includes all the required DLLs this time.

912 Name: Barry : 2011-04-15 08:38 ID:rjeZ8rPk [Del]

Is there a reason the app is only available in the U.S. App Store?

913 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2011-04-15 10:49 ID:fMY4ym22 [Del]

Well, here's the 64-bit App Store version for anyone who wants it, but can't use the App Store:

914 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2011-04-15 10:50 ID:fMY4ym22 [Del]


Is it? I can see it in Finland. Where can you not see it?

915 Name: broomdodger : 2011-04-17 10:53 ID:3WMwwfuZ [Del]

I have tried TheUnarchiver2.7 on PPC G3 and G4 running 10.4.11

Every time TheUnarchiver2.7 will start to unarchive a file, but it never finishes and I need to force quit it.
SHA1 is correct.

Console log:
2011-04-17 10:36:35.561 The Unarchiver[760] *** -[NSFileManager contentsOfDirectoryAtPath:error:]: selector not recognized [self = 0x507c00]
2011-04-17 10:36:35.562 The Unarchiver[760] *** NSThread: ignoring exception '*** -[NSFileManager contentsOfDirectoryAtPath:error:]: selector not recognized [self = 0x507c00]' that raised during delayed perform of target 0x596290 and selector 'extractFinished'

No problem with TheUnarchiver2.6

Any suggestions?

916 Name: Koibito Seijo : 2011-04-23 00:07 ID:EUBqKBho [Del]

I have exactly the same proble as >>910. So far have attempted to unarchive two fairly large archives (over 300MB), and when it gets to the part where it has to make the tempfolder visible, set the permissions, whatever, it hangs, leaving the Unarchiver window open and permanently present (the X won't kill it). It does get far enough so the progress bar becomes steady Aqua (not pulsating), But I have to go to the Activity Monitor to kill it, and, of course, this leaves invisible and sometimes hard to find GIANT folders behind. It appears to do a good job of unpacking, but only an experienced user will be able to find the files and quit the program window.

I'm not certain if other file tasks are being completed, since the archives I used consisted of multi-thousands of small documents (txt, png, jpg, cvx, eps, ai, etc.). After moving the invisible folders to the desktop and making them visible, they look fine, and taking a random sampling, they all open without any sign of corruption... but with this many files, I have no idea if any were skipped, corrupted, or if naming and permissions were done correctly.

Another note, once it has been force quit, I cannot get it to relaunch properly until I reboot. If an attempt is made to open an archive that is supported, nothing happens. So force quitting IS NOT a valid method of terminating the program.

917 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2011-04-23 07:04 ID:37M0esXV [Del]


10.4 is accidentally not supported. Use 2.6 until it gets fixed.

918 Name: broomdodger : 2011-04-24 16:39 ID:3WMwwfuZ [Del]

If you use Unarchiver 2.6 on those files that failed with version 2.7
the invisible files will be "deleted". No need to find and delete.

919 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2011-04-27 10:43 ID:fMY4ym22 [Del]

2.7.1 is now available, and should hopefully fix compatibility with 10.4 and maybe even 10.3.9:

That is the only change. Anybody on a newer version does not need to update, and there is no update for the Mac App Store version, as it does not work on 10.4 in the first place.

920 Name: afreedma : 2011-05-05 02:48 ID:tJSrsniA (Image: 1042x708 png, 574 kb) [Del]

src/1304588910453.png: 1042x708, 574 kb


Not available in the Australian Mac App Store. :(

921 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2011-05-07 08:41 ID:fMY4ym22 [Del]


Complain to Apple. The App Store seems kind of buggy.

922 Name: pjpsoft : 2011-05-08 04:27 ID:CMd1suWJ [Del]

Downloaded it from canadian app store. Say installed but can't find it anywhere???

923 Name: Kete : 2011-05-08 14:40 ID:/r3hta7A [Del]

/usr/bin/ld: libXADMaster.a(CSZlibHandle.o): undefined reference to symbol 'inflateInit2_'
/usr/bin/ld: note: 'inflateInit2_' is defined in DSO //usr/lib/ so try adding it to the linker command line
//usr/lib/ could not read symbols: Invalid operation
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [unar] Error 1

924 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2011-05-09 14:20 ID:fMY4ym22 [Del]


It should install just the same as any other App Store app. If it doesn't, complain to Apple.


What exactly are you doing? And is your libz installation really working right?

925 Name: Kete : 2011-05-09 19:55 ID:/r3hta7A [Del]

I followed the instructions, running make -f Makefile.linux. Debian doesn't have a libz package. It has a zlib1g-dev package that provides libz-dev.

926 Name: Matt Kraai : 2011-05-11 15:30 ID:Gu2uMFvL [Del]


Kete, you need to add "-lz" to the LIBS variable in XADMaster/Makefile.linux.

I'm in the process of creating a Debian package of The Unarchiver. You can find out more at

927 Name: Kete : 2011-05-11 19:59 ID:/r3hta7A [Del]

Matt, I don't know how to do that, tried LIBS=-lg
Godspeed (on the package)

928 Name: Matt Kraai : 2011-05-12 09:32 ID:Gu2uMFvL [Del]


Kete, you should be able to download a fixed XADMaster/Makefile.linux from

929 Name: Anonymous : 2011-05-12 15:52 ID:3WMwwfuZ [Del]

>>915 >>919
Recently I was given an iBook G3 with 10.3.9

It seems Unarchiver version 2.x.x is NOT compatible with 10.3.9
They all fail the same way. Do you want the crash.log's?

The Unarchiver271.crash.log
The Unarchiver260.crash.log
The Unarchiver250.crash.log
The Unarchiver240.crash.log
The Unarchiver230.crash.log

Unarchiver161 works on a G3 with 10.3.9

Unarchiver271 works on a G3 with 10.4.11


930 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2011-05-12 16:15 ID:fMY4ym22 [Del]


I guess it doesn't work on 10.3.9, then. I can't really do much about that, other than accept a patch if anyone figures out how to make it run.

931 Name: Kete : 2011-05-12 19:41 ID:/r3hta7A [Del]

Thanks, Matt, that worked without error, but I don't see where to go from here (sorry!).

932 Name: Nathan G : 2011-05-18 02:29 ID:ohK89I92 [Del]

I have recently encountered some weird behavior form this great app.
I will click on a .zip, .rar, ect file and it will do it's thing.
BUT I have to back out of that folder then go back into it in order for the items to reveal themselves?
I hope I'm explaining this well enough for some to understand me.
Might anyone have thoughts on how to correct this?
I did uninstall then reinstall....
no luck.
Thanks in advance

933 Name: Nathan Magus : 2011-05-18 18:54 ID:ELLEPN4Y [Del]


It has to do with the NFS (unix "nightmare file system") setup used on most LAMP webservers. It's none of your own fault. Trust me; I use a linux box for my home and business computings...

Have a nice day.

934 Name: Nathan Magus : 2011-05-18 18:58 ID:ELLEPN4Y [Del]


Shoot, just realized we weren't talking about LAMP software here! lol.

I just was reading an old post of mine on Kareha board installs, and then read this and my mind didn't immediately make the switch heh heh.

Sorry bout the screw up.

>> 932

the reason for your issue is the same, sans the LAMP webserver part. Macs are Unixes for no other reason than Jobs wanted to run the new NEXT/Mac on a Unix architecture, so he utilized the nightmare filesystem.

Besides Linux/BSD/Unix/Mac FS's being a load of cow crap, everything else in their makeup is far better than Windows, IMO. I could smash glass anyday, but give me a Linbox and I'd marry it on the spot (not being literal here).

Have fun. Hope this helps!

935 Name: Lance : 2011-05-22 21:25 ID:lL0Rm8T7 [Del]

Won't help as a quick-fix for OS X native unarchiving. Why? This download can't unarchive itself!!!! You are not thinking! How can you put an unarchiving utility in an archive????? Duh!!!

936 Name: Matt Kraai : 2011-05-24 22:53 ID:VSpNgF0Q [Del]


Kete, you should now have lsar and unar executables. They should run correctly if built in wheezy (aka testing) instead of sid (aka unstable).

937 Name: nonamed : 2011-05-26 15:39 ID:lk9vgZA+ [Del]

hi, when we have unarchiver on official debian packages?

938 Name: Matt Kraai : 2011-05-28 20:04 ID:zzhvWLOa [Del]


I don't know; there are toolchain problems that prevent uploading to unstable yet.

In the meantime, you can download a Debian source package from;a=summary which you should be able to build in testing.

939 Name: Anonymous : 2011-06-02 01:06 ID:XvFMMShM [Del]


This is a Finder problem which I'm not aware of any workaround for. The answer given in >>934 is completely incorrect.

940 Name: Anonymous : 2011-06-02 08:07 ID:HyoaYiIR [Del]

Any hope of being able to unarchive .kgb files

941 Post deleted by user.

942 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2011-06-04 16:12 ID:fMY4ym22 [Del]


Depends. Apparently it is actually somewhat documented, so it would be possible, but I don't know if it is in wide enough use to be worth the effort.

943 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2011-06-04 16:24 ID:fMY4ym22 [Del]


Looking a bit closer into it, KGB is based on PAQ6, which is GPL licensed, and thus cannot be included in The Unarchiver, which is LGPL. Adding support would require the author of PAQ changing his license to LGPL.

944 Name: Kete : 2011-06-05 01:15 ID:/r3hta7A [Del]

Okay, thanks, Matt, I'm finally lsaring and uraring.

945 Name: Anthony : 2011-06-07 00:12 ID:G3ILbYwu [Del]

I'm a beginner here so I may be asking a dumb question, please bear with me as I've not been able to find an answer anywhere else.
I zipped a large folder of files to save space on a laptop (zipped, about 5GB) using the built-in function in Windows XP. I changed the name of the zip file - from something like to Now XP's inbuilt extract says that the archive is 'incomplete' or 'corrupted'. I've tried various other programs (7-zip, Winzip, etc) without success. I moved the archive over to my iMac (10.6.) and tried Stuffit Expander also without success. I then discovered The Unarchiver and tried it: It started to work and extracted about 10% of the files before failing with "Error during decrunching".
Any ideas?
The only thing I can think of: is it a bad move to change the name of a .zip archive? Is the name also internally-coded so that both must be the same?
cheers, and thanks in advance if you answer my questions.

946 Name: Bob S : 2011-06-07 13:07 ID:SB/x1qFL [Del]

When downloading from the Mac App Store, the application appears to install and then reverts back to the "Install" button and without the application appearing in the Applications folder. If you look under purchases, there is an "Install" button beside the application.

947 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2011-06-10 05:36 ID:Heaven [Del]


It is possible that XP's built-in archiver doesn't support archives more than 4 GB and actually broke the archive while making it.

948 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2011-06-10 05:37 ID:Heaven [Del]


That would be an App Store bug, so report it to Apple.

949 Name: jjmarin : 2011-06-18 14:28 ID:5XJ/UNvX [Del]

I clone the theunarchiver repository hosted at Google Code and I compiled on my GNU/Linux Fedora 15 box

$ make -f Makefile.linux
gcc -std=gnu99 -c -O2 -Wno-import -Wno-multichar -g -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -isystem /usr/include/GNUstep -DGNUSTEP -DGNU_RUNTIME=1 -D_NATIVE_OBJC_EXCEPTIONS -fgnu-runtime -fexceptions -fobjc-exceptions -fconstant-string-class=NSConstantString unar.m -o unar.o
In file included from /usr/include/Foundation/NSClassDescription.h:30:0,

             from /usr/include/Foundation/Foundation.h:50,
from XADUnarchiver.h:1,
from unar.m:1:

/usr/include/Foundation/NSException.h:42:2: error: #error The current setting for native-objc-exceptions does not match that of gnustep-base ... please correct this.

Searching on the web, I found a workaround for this problem [1] by changing the line


from /usr/include/GNUstepBase/GSConfig.h into


The next message error was

gcc -Wl,--whole-archive -fexceptions -fgnu-runtime -o unar unar.o CSCommandLineParser.o CommandLineCommon.o NSStringPrinting.o libXADMaster.a ../UniversalDetector/libUniversalDetector.a -Wl,--no-whole-archive -lgnustep-base -lcrypto -lbz2 -licuuc -lobjc -lstdc++ -lm
/usr/bin/ld: libXADMaster.a(CSZlibHandle.o): undefined reference to symbol 'inflateInit2_'
/usr/bin/ld: note: 'inflateInit2_' is defined in DSO /lib/ so try adding it to the linker command line
/lib/ could not read symbols: Invalid operation
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [unar] Error 1

as stated [2] and [3] I fixed this by adding -lz ([3] comments that Fedora have a setting preventing gcc of
implicit linking.)

OK, after that I've got lsar and unar binaries. Great !

However, I've found there I've got this problem descompressing rar files (both with lsar and unar):

$ ./lsar ~/Desktop/example.rar
/home/jjmarin/Desktop/Evince/example.rar :
./lsar: Uncaught exception CSEndOfFileException, reason: Attempted to read past the end of file "/home/jjmarin/Desktop/Evince/example.rar" (XADFileHandle).

Any idea about this ? Has something to do with the BASE_NATIVE_OBJC_EXCEPTIONS change?


950 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2011-06-19 06:50 ID:fMY4ym22 [Del]


You need a GNUStep built with native exceptions enabled, there is no way around this. You'll have to figure out how to get this on your distro. Either by building from source, or by pestering the maintainers until they fix this, most likely.

951 Name: Jay : 2011-06-20 07:27 ID:1sXTLOpM [Del]

I'm trying to unarchive several archived files at once, but I want to extract them all to the same folder. It does look like this option is available in the preferences? It extracts each one to its own folder. I have" more than one top-level items" selected, but it still does it assuming they are all top level... any solution? Thanks!!

952 Name: kanketsu : 2011-06-21 01:39 ID:eq2RnGLB [Del]

Hi, I use The Unarchiver 2.6 to join the split .rar files from this site:
and then extract it.

There aren't any error messages during the process, but somehow the extracted files at the end got corrupted (doesn't work properly on PS3).

Then I use winrar to extract the joined .rar files. Winrar told me that the joined files got corrupted. So this time I join the split .rar files using winrar & then extract it using winrar. These extracted files work properly on PS3.

The strange thing is, the DATA.ROMs from both route (The Unarchiver vs. Winrar) end up with same md5 sum. Yet one works, one doesn't. Weird?

Any idea about this? Maybe something to do with >4GB file inside the archive?

953 Name: Dan : 2011-06-21 08:27 ID:pdZdTerG [Del]

The Unarchiver Hangs up often, and yet when it does...the finder does not see it, and therefore you cannot force quit the application. The start over, means you have to reboot your machine. I have had to do exactly that three times so far today alone...and it becomes a real pain. There has to be some way to shut down the application, without shutting down the entire machine constantly.

954 Post deleted by moderator.

955 Post deleted by user.

956 Name: David : 2011-06-21 23:44 ID:8MkRPf6V [Del]

On the App store it say that the application is Free. There is however a comment from somebody stating that after a couple of weeks it asks you to purchase the full version. Is this true? or is it free forever.

957 Name: Anders : 2011-06-22 05:39 ID:lFvzlY+k [Del]


Open the Activity Monitor and just kill the Unarchiver process. No need to restart the computer.

958 Name: Anders : 2011-06-22 06:05 ID:lFvzlY+k [Del]

I have also seen the problem with the AppStore installation. It looks like it's been installed but the app is not there.

First I used Cocktail to clean out my caches. I have had the Unarchiver installed before so I suspected that something old was in the way.

The next time I installed in the AppStore I went to the Dock and command clicked the installation icon as it was downloading. A command click on a Dock item = take me to this apps folder.

So I found where it was hiding. And very strange it had installed in a Dreamweaver folder way down in the Library.

/Library/Application\ Support/Adobe/Dreamweaver\ CS5.5/sv_SE/Configuration/Shared/Extend/The\

Dragging it from there required my admin password. This is because the AppStore apps are not "owned" by me as an admin but by the system.

So the app now works and AppStore also thinks it is installed. Let's wait and see what happens when the next update arrives.

959 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2011-06-23 10:49 ID:Heaven [Del]


If it hangs, there is some kind of bug that needs to be fixed. Can you work out what exactly causes it to hang? And if you do, can you post an issue on the bug tracker about it?


It is completely free and open source. That person must be confusing it with some other program.


Very weird. You should possibly report this to Apple, as it is the App Store itself that handles the installation, and that is certainly the wrong place to install.

960 Name: John C : 2011-06-24 06:29 ID:7IX0Y2ys [Del]

First of all, thank you for TheUnarchiver -- and ESPECIALLY for Mac OS 10.4 support. The folks who took over Stuffit removed support for Windows self-extracting .exe files and deny any knowledge that it used to work; I had command procedures which relied on it.

In any case, I plan to send you a small donation soon. But first, please consider the following:

mkdir EO
curl -o EO/eo1.exe
curl -o EO/eo2.exe
curl -o EO/eo3.exe
curl -o EO/eo4.exe
open EO/eo1.exe
sleep 5
open EO/eo2.exe
sleep 5
open EO/eo3.exe
sleep 5
open EO/eo4.exe
sleep 5
cat EO/EO?.LST >eo.lst
rm EO/EO?.LST EO/eo?.exe
rmdir EO

is there a way I can invoke the expansion with a command which activates without the GUI, so that (1) I do not have focus stolen by the GUI and (2) I do not need the sleep commands?


961 Name: John C : 2011-06-24 07:05 ID:7IX0Y2ys [Del]

Found your command line utilites.


expect a donation next week via PayPal.


962 Post deleted by moderator.

963 Name: Anonymous : 2011-07-11 20:25 ID:R9cM0F3+ [Del]

Found The Unarchiver in MAS! Thank you!!!

964 Name: Chortos-2 : 2011-07-12 15:05 ID:EXCNKdrL [Del]

I have just encountered a ZIP archive with file names encoded in the weirdest way I have ever seen; even The Unarchiver did not manage to decipher them. I did though, and here is my diagnosis:

  1. the original file names were encoded in Shift JIS,
  2. the resulting bytes were treated as Windows-1252 and decoded, with bytes which could not be decoded in Windows-1252 copied verbatim (or in other words, decoded in Latin-1) instead,
  3. the resulting strings were encoded in UTF-8 and stored in the ZIP file as UTF-8 file names.

To add to the confusion, one file name in the same archive was simply encoded in Shift JIS but presented as CP437.

I honestly have no idea how widespread such archives are, but can The Unarchiver by any chance learn to decode this scheme?

965 Name: anyonymous : 2011-07-15 10:29 ID:btJz4cSy [Del]

I'm a very unsophisticated user. I downloaded unarchiver from the web and a window popped saying my winzip mac edition expired. ( I downloaded that about 3 months ago.) I tried looking around in my application folders to see if the unarchiver was hiding out
and couldnt find it

966 Name: Anonymous : 2011-07-18 13:09 ID:S2bt5yEz [Del]

Firstly, thank You for the best OS X archive utility of all time. I've been using it since my very first day with a Mac and it was always just getting better since then.

Now, I wanted to ask - is there any chance „The Unarchiver” will get encrypted .7z and splited files (.001) support anytime soon? Like, 10.7-celebration update? Would be totally awesome :)
Also, since You've entered MAS with Your software, have You ever thought about making paid „The Archiver” (extended version with compress abilities)?

967 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2011-07-19 12:16 ID:Heaven [Del]


Well, encrypted 7z support should be added sooner or later. I don't have any specific plans right now. The main problem is that like every other part of 7z, it's horrible overengineered, and there are whole lot of different kinds of encryption, meaning it is a lot of annoying work.

Also, as for paid version, I do have some idea. Not exactly what you suggest, but something. We'll see.

(The Unarchiver itself will remain free forever, though, no need to worry about that one.)

968 Name: straycat : 2011-07-27 14:04 ID:zvR1fcOG [Del]

hi !waha.

just fyi, the following zip hangs at the end, if you wanna test it. happens with older the unarchiver versions too. cheers.

969 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2011-07-28 13:27 ID:fMY4ym22 [Del]


So it does, interesting. Will investigate further.

970 Name: elaren : 2011-07-29 18:47 ID:J5vkD6am [Del]

Should unar (beta 0.4 mac) be able to unpack multipart rars? When I use it it only parses the first .rar file and ignores the rest. Using GUI app opens the same multipart rar just fine.

971 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2011-07-30 06:05 ID:fMY4ym22 [Del]


There was a bug where finding multipart files didn't work unless for files in the current directory. I guess it didn't get fixed yet in 0.4. Add ./ in front of the filename to work around it, or wait for me to get the new versions done.

(Might take a while yet, writing lots of stuff.)

972 Name: SA : 2011-07-31 18:22 ID:5NuJwxRV [Del]

Would be nice to have the ZipCleaner features incorporated in Unarchiver, just so that it's all one app.

973 Name: DHH : 2011-08-04 01:10 ID:or1dUPvD [Del]

Unarchiver gets my official (but entirely imaginary) "cool tool" award... One question, though: What type of encryption is used if a password is set?

The app description mentions "support for AES encryption", but that is a little sparse...


974 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2011-08-06 05:46 ID:fMY4ym22 [Del]


It uses whatever the archive uses, if it's supported. What that is varies a lot. Zip files can use the encryption from APPNOTE.TXT, which is very weak, or AES if they use the WinZip extensions. If you want all the gory details, read either APPNOTE.TXT or the WinZip documentation at

975 Name: Riccardo : 2011-08-08 02:53 ID:8cio8TZ/ [Del]

I'd like to report an issue with the tar.gz archive, downloadable here:

Direct download link:

(the file is ryancramerdesign-ProcessWire-63c0381.tar.gz)

The Unarchiver performs extraction with no errors or warnings, but the directory wire/templates-admin/ is completely missing.
OS X Archive Utility instead extracts everything correctly.

Tried with The Unarchiver 2.7 on a 10.6.8 MacBookPro late 2008, and with 2.6 on a 10.6.3 hackintosh.


976 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2011-08-08 05:57 ID:fMY4ym22 [Del]



977 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2011-08-08 17:57 ID:Heaven [Del]


Also, fixed, thanks to halcy.

978 Name: Wim Leers : 2011-08-09 05:53 ID:hQfJKJRY [Del]

+1 on a paid "The Archiver"!

979 Name: Jay : 2011-08-10 00:14 ID:Q3BnrJeb [Del]

I am using the MacOSX version of unar (cli) and I have a question: is there a way to uncompress an archive to stdout instead of a file? I need this to uncompress .7z files and pipe the output to another program.


980 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2011-08-10 20:01 ID:37M0esXV [Del]


No, but that is a good idea for a feature to add.

I'm not sure how to handle extracting multiple files, though. Maybe just allow extraction of a single file?

981 Name: Jay : 2011-08-10 21:40 ID:Q3BnrJeb [Del]


For my purpose allowing only one file will work for me. Thank you for the feature consideration!


982 Name: Riccardo : 2011-08-11 04:15 ID:8cio8TZ/ [Del]


whoa, that was fast =)

983 Name: Blake : 2011-08-14 16:49 ID:9pklMWog [Del]

I'm not too great at computers, but I downloaded a .rar file from the internet and when I try and open it up The Unarchiver says the file can't be extracted with this program. Help??

984 Post deleted by moderator.

985 Post deleted by moderator.

986 Post deleted by moderator.

987 Name: Anonymous : 2011-08-16 01:25 ID:Rm2Cscj7 [Del]


988 Name: xxx : 2011-08-16 01:26 ID:Rm2Cscj7 [Del]


989 Name: Anonymous : 2011-08-16 05:41 ID:R/irfWAW [Del]

Whether it is Lion or unarchiver, I don't know, but Unarchiver unpacked a zip file into invisible state, a remount did show the files.

990 Name: Anonymous : 2011-08-17 11:54 ID:hYJgaWnn [Del]

I have heard that there are some issues with Lion, can anyone confirm/deny this for me while I decide when to upgrade?

991 Name: Anonymous : 2011-08-20 07:30 ID:Mmy5uSAX [Del]

So far it's working like a charm. Only thing I miss for the app is the gorgeous UI justlike one implemented in Entropy.

992 Name: Ming Tea : 2011-08-31 11:37 ID:9o9h+nWk [Del]

Great program thank you. But on Lion it's extremely annoying that Unarchiver clears the current selection of files in Finder just because it unarchived a file, because the focus shifts to the top file in Finder, even though the selection as empty when the unpacking of the file is done! Any way to fix that in the next version??

993 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2011-08-31 11:51 ID:fMY4ym22 [Del]


I'm not sure what you mean. The Unarchiver does nothing to the selection of files in the Finder on Lion here.

994 Name: Anonymous : 2011-08-31 12:23 ID:9o9h+nWk [Del]

Great program thank you. But on Lion it's extremely annoying that Unarchiver clears the current selection of files in Finder just because it unarchived a file, because the focus shifts to the top file in Finder, even though the selection were empty when the unpacking of the completed! Any way to fix that in the next version??

995 Name: Anonymous : 2011-08-31 12:25 ID:9o9h+nWk [Del]

Great program thank you. But on Lion it's extremely annoying that Unarchiver clears the current selection of files in Finder just because it unarchived a file, because the focus shifts to the top file in Finder, even though the selection were empty when the unpacking of the completed! Any way to fix that in the next version??

996 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2011-08-31 12:55 ID:fMY4ym22 [Del]

As this thread is just about to fill up, I have opened a new one for further discussion:

997 Name: Juanjo Marin : 2011-11-06 10:29 ID:sbG7s+Ld [Del]

I think XADMaster has a lot of potential as the definitive compressing/decompressing library. However, I think the fact it is written in Objective-C is a barrier for its general use.

Is there any plan to solve this (eg. providing a C bindings) ?

998 Name: rcwolin : 2011-11-07 00:56 ID:vVPmntAP [Del]

i've downloaded 2.7.1 twice and am unable to find the interface.

please help.

p.s. i'm a newbie so be gentle

999 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2011-11-07 09:00 ID:Heaven [Del]


C bindings is something I'd really like to have, but I haven't had any time to work on, and probably won't in the near future.

1000 Name: steph : 2011-11-25 10:06 ID:uOsTaJMx [Del]

hi i just downloaded the the unarchiver and tried to unzip my file but it required a password. i don't know any password?? please help! thank you!

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