English Image Boards (854)

796 Name: Anonymous : 2012-04-12 09:26 ID:Y7b0rz1A [Del]

Here is what I've found so far that works and is semi-active (Defined as having a post in 2012) (Textboards are included)
For simplicities sake, i have left out the "Big" imageboards like 4chan and 7chan.

http://sageru.org/ - Textboard
http://www.47chan.net/ - Imageboard
http://newchan.com/ - Imageboard
http://199xchan.org/ - Imageboard
http://www.rollachan.org/ - Imageboard
http://world2ch.org/board/ - Textboard
http://wakaba.c3.cx/soc/index.html - Textboard
http://bastardchan.org/ - Imageboard
http://yschan.org/ - Imageboard
http://cerealexperiments.com/wakaba/wakaba.html - Imageboard, 404s at the moment but worked yesterday
http://text.2011chan.co.cc/lounge/ - Textboard
http://theshadowfog.com/board/ - Imageboard
http://4chon.org/ - Imageboard
http://britfa.gs/ - Imageboard
http://4-ch.net/ - Textboard

Assume all links are NSFW.

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