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1 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2004-10-23 17:07 ID:pKZskDww [Del]

Post links to English-language image boards here. To start off, here are the usual suspects:

http://www.iichan.net/ - DEAD DEAD DEAD
http://www.4chan.org/ - The original English-language board.
http://www.0chan.net/w/ - The Switzerland of image boards.
http://www.5chan.net/ - lol furries

Post more, unless they prefer to stay secret.

501 Name: Anonymous : 2008-05-19 19:41 ID:Heaven [Del]

And porn boards! No imageboard has had porn before!

502 Name: Anonymous : 2008-05-19 21:51 ID:Heaven [Del]

but no /b/ :(

503 Name: Anonymous : 2008-05-19 23:44 ID:6411HZRx [Del]

This is an imageboard for a group of students that have graduated or are currently attending a small advanced program school in the United States! It is work-safe only and has nothing to do with anime at all! Please do not hurt the server, I do not have any more!


504 Name: Anonymous : 2008-05-20 16:56 ID:Heaven [Del]

the "JEWS" stylesheet is pretty classy, is that yours or does it come with kusaba by default?

505 Name: Anonymous : 2008-05-21 00:34 ID:Heaven [Del]

jews.css was homegrown, though it probably should be the default style on every kusaba install considering the code that i've seen in it so far

506 Name: Anonymous : 2008-05-26 16:18 ID:nf3IQgPR [Del]

An imageboard that I started for "extreme" sports. Still doing a lot of hacking on it. I am hoping to attract some users, but have not started actively advertising it yet.

Any comments, criticisms, or suggestions appreciated.


507 Name: Anonymous : 2008-05-26 18:46 ID:Heaven [Del]

I look at the front page, notice the lack of frames and a layout similar to 4chan, expected something good, noticed it was powered by kusaba and was full of ads, I got deceived.

508 Name: Anonymous : 2008-05-26 21:07 ID:w6P+bRcT [Del]


Yeah, I see everyone bashes kusaba around here, but I have not seen any good reason why? I'm all ears. I prefer working with PHP rather than perl so that is why I chose kusaba. Is there something bad about it that I don't know?

Also, are ads on an imageboard a bad thing or what? I don't think 1 google ad in the upper part of the page could be considered "full of ads" either.

509 Name: Anonymous : 2008-05-26 22:15 ID:6411HZRx [Del]

There's nothing wrong with Kusaba the way you're handling it. You've obviously modified it somewhat--one of the things that irritates me is the default installations loaded with boards that are exactly like the major *chans.

The code is pretty bad too, but I'm sure you've noticed that. Don't worry, >>507 is probably just butthurt because he is the opposite of athletic.

510 Name: Anonymous : 2008-05-27 05:21 ID:Ssq/4GVk [Del]

Yes, I have looked at some of the code, especially in the board-post.class.php and it is a bit sloppy. However, it is pretty well documented so I can see what it is doing and make some changes. The biggest problem I see with it is the lack of separation of code and interface. I haven't dug in too deep on a lot of it yet though, so I may find other surprises.

Another thing I thought was strange was that there are a lot of hard coded ads, links, etc built into the code for kusaba.org that are turned on with the setting of a variable.

On a side note, my target audience may also not have a lot of experience with this type of website so it will be interesting to see how it goes.

511 Name: Anonymous : 2008-05-27 12:47 ID:Heaven [Del]

Good luck. I swapped a phpbb-style forum out for an imageboard once. Most of the regular posters left, and the ones that stayed kept complaining that it was too hard to post.

512 Name: Anonymous : 2008-05-27 13:38 ID:D5x0L0LN [Del]

Yes, it certainly will be challenging changing the mindset of the users. It seems that the average internet user, in the USA, has grown accustom to the vbulletin style of message boards. How do you go about getting them to use an interface that they are not familiar with? I mean its not like image boards are particularly hard to use, they just are "different".

Any advice out there?

513 Name: Anonymous : 2008-05-27 21:36 ID:Heaven [Del]

Just explain it really, really well. Don't link straight to the board, link to a click-through tutorial of sorts, explaining how it all works so they can get a bit of understanding of the board style.

For example, point out that it's just simpler to type your name rather than logging in all the time, about how posting is easier and faster because the form's right there on the page already, show them how to delete posts (nobody can figure this one out on their own; even regulars seem to miss this, and the ability to control your post is apparently important to phpbb/vbulletin regulars)... basically compare and contrast the two styles and show why this style of board is better.

Be careful not to make it come off as some sort of crazy rant, though. Yammering about anonymity and the like to people who are very much entrenched in the idea of having a fixed identity will definitely scare a lot of would-be posters off. Maybe point out tripcodes, but don't get too technical about them, and keep them in a separate section/page.

Also, try to get people to understand that what they're looking at isn't some kind of blog or guestbook. A lot of people are hesitant to post because they're not sure what the board is.

Basically, you pretty much want to get the point across that yes, it does look different, but it's fundamentally similar to any phpbb/vbulletin board, just stripped of a lot of the fluff.

Oh, and a non-Futaba-style layout might help. A lot of people don't post because it's "too ugly". I don't get this reasoning, and personally I think phpbb looks like pure ass... shrug

514 Name: Anonymous : 2008-05-27 21:38 ID:Heaven [Del]

Btw, awesome ID. Kami!

515 Name: Anonymous : 2008-05-30 09:12 ID:W+naLjA2 [Del]

Plus4chan /n/ - News


516 Name: Anonymous : 2008-05-30 11:08 ID:Heaven [Del]


  • kusaba
  • sticky
  • capcode
  • > All discussion of invading 4chan/n/, bans from 4chan, debate of where to go, whatever, etc goes here.

In conclusion, no.

517 Name: Anonymous : 2008-05-31 03:20 ID:ia5pXAsm [Del]

i don't want to start a new thread for this moment of idle curiosity, so i'll ask here:

sovietrussia.org boards link to http://rigelseven.com/ at the bottom, with the title "matsuba".
but I don't see anything about "matsuba" on that site.
what is it?

518 Name: Anonymous : 2008-05-31 03:53 ID:L4rLJgNr [Del]

His home brewed imageboard, last time I checked.
You can't download it though. You can try beg him, I'm sure he'll enjoy the pestering.

519 Name: Anonymous : 2008-05-31 07:18 ID:Heaven [Del]


A currrently closed sourced (I believe) Python imageboard. Storlek said that he'd make it available sometime in the future, but he said it was a terror to install.

520 Name: Cudder : 2008-06-03 02:00 ID:Heaven [Del]

...why not put throw this out into the open too


Not really an image board per se, but just a little something I wrote to be an extremely lightweight and simple discussion board that can run on almost any server. Its featureset is far from complete, but right now it's adequate for my site so I'm not going to ``fix'' it.

521 Name: Anonymous : 2008-06-03 05:33 ID:Heaven [Del]


> I'm not going to ``fix'' it.

That's okay, I did it for you: http://qm3monarchzifkwa.onion/tinybb.txt

522 Name: Anonymous : 2008-06-03 22:21 ID:Heaven [Del]

>>521 lol .onion fails.

523 Name: Anonymous : 2008-06-03 23:48 ID:Heaven [Del]

lol not as much as rechan.

524 Name: Anonymous : 2008-06-18 21:48 ID:Heaven [Del]


not this shit again...

525 Name: Anonymous : 2008-06-20 23:17 ID:/38w1y1W [Del]


It's basically "Lojban-chan"

526 Name: Anonymous : 2008-06-20 23:31 ID:Heaven [Del]

I realize now that this is an image board about a non-english language in the English Image Boards thread. However, 2/3rds of the boards are in english so I suppose it's alright.

527 Name: Anonymous : 2008-06-25 01:31 ID:7OgjyuZH [Del]


new hobbyist related board

528 Name: Anonymous : 2008-06-25 17:35 ID:Heaven [Del]

>>527 Wow, futaba? And a postrate so low it looks like a personal board. GJ there.

529 Name: Anonymous : 2008-06-25 22:57 ID:Nq4f4Eir [Del]

530 Name: Anonymous : 2008-07-03 14:39 ID:i89TxV93 [Del]

531 Name: Anonymous : 2008-07-12 07:40 ID:1V+jKfyH [Del]

http://411chan.org - what happened to their project chanology boards? anyone know?

532 Name: Anonymous : 2008-07-12 18:02 ID:Heaven [Del]

>>531 The Project Chanology boards have been removed from this chan. The Project Chanology boards were intended for the discussion of "Project Chanology," or the on-going debates between people of Anonymous and the Church of Scientology. It was also intended for the organization of peaceful protests throughout the world. The boards have been abused by hackers and the like, which has given me only one choice - to remove them. This chan does not support or condone any type of illegal behavior. If you do not agree with our policies and procedures outlined in our FAQ and Rules pages, leave. Anyone who violates our rules will be banned indefinitely.

533 Name: Vivi : 2008-07-29 04:42 ID:75TMVY1e [Del]


Does anybody know what happened to the site? Did they change to another address? ):

It had the best high quality images. Anyone know?

534 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2008-07-29 18:15 ID:eyjvKukK [Del]

For future reference:

This thread is where you post about your fancy new image board.

Don't start useless new threads for every tiny little boards nobody but you and your friends use. If you manage get big enough that people have actually heard of you, you might warrant your own thread. Until then, keep it in here.

535 Name: Anonymous : 2008-07-30 13:02 ID:Heaven [Del]


>It was also intended for the organization of peaceful protests throughout the world.

Thank god it's dead.

536 Name: Anonymous : 2008-07-31 13:07 ID:Heaven [Del]

537 Name: Anonymous : 2008-08-06 12:55 ID:D7U3/iV8 [Del]

538 Post deleted by moderator.

539 Name: Anonymous : 2008-08-10 16:34 ID:+1oZbuBB [Del]

540 Name: Anonymous : 2008-08-10 20:32 ID:lFRJjcQ1 [Del]

>>539 BritChan wannabe

541 Name: Anonymous : 2008-08-10 20:52 ID:Heaven [Del]

brokechan is broke.

542 Post deleted by user.

543 Name: Eleo : 2008-08-14 13:24 ID:Heaven [Del]

Maybe cuz you not in the UK nigga.

(Or maybe it's actually broke.)

544 Name: Anonymous : 2008-08-20 18:04 ID:5OTn1/gj [Del]


Free image board service.

545 Name: Anonymous : 2008-08-20 21:43 ID:Heaven [Del]


Forced indentation of code, etc.

546 Name: Anonymous : 2008-08-21 17:34 ID:Heaven [Del]

good luck with that. i doubt anyone really wants a faggotchan, though.

547 Name: Anonymous : 2008-08-22 10:00 ID:5OTn1/gj [Del]


Go to bed.

548 Name: Anonymous : 2008-08-22 13:45 ID:Heaven [Del]

You're so clever.

549 Name: serv : 2008-08-23 01:09 ID:yWk+U3kE [Del]

my new chan using heavily modded kusaba code

550 Name: Anonymous : 2008-08-23 06:14 ID:Heaven [Del]

You mind going a bit deeper and explaining this to me? The only see I see different is the style switcher.

551 Name: Anonymous : 2008-08-23 11:48 ID:Heaven [Del]

The only see I see different is I see I see different.

552 Name: Anonymous : 2008-08-23 11:49 ID:Heaven [Del]

Dat sum heavily modded code. Dey gots a stall swishah.

553 Name: serv : 2008-08-23 14:18 ID:yWk+U3kE [Del]

it now can allow google video, liveleak video, and guba video embedding,

the right side menu has added links and crated a show hide for topmost items.

custom ban system: http://www.operatorchan.org/banned.php

added new news linkbar item and made default

removed manage link

and then there is the minor things that i won't go into detail

554 Name: Anonymous : 2008-08-23 16:10 ID:Heaven [Del]

None of that would deem your software "heavily modded."

555 Name: serv : 2008-08-23 19:17 ID:yWk+U3kE [Del]

well it is more heavilly modded then most kusaba based image boards out there.

556 Name: Eleo : 2008-08-23 19:50 ID:Heaven [Del]

It's mod or get modded, bitches. Step up yo game.

557 Name: Anonymous : 2008-08-23 20:14 ID:Heaven [Del]

I suppose. OperatorChan looks better that the many many other kusaba boards out there.

558 Name: Anonymous : 2008-08-23 21:26 ID:cuy8Oc5+ [Del]


>crEated a show hide for topmost items

Shame it still doesn't remember what state the items were in next time you load the side menu.

559 Name: Anonymous : 2008-08-24 15:30 ID:Heaven [Del]

That's a kusaba fault.

560 Post deleted by user.

561 Post deleted by user.

562 Name: Anonymous : 2008-08-25 11:20 ID:Heaven [Del]


No, if you can't make it do it, it's your fault. If you can't even work with cookies, you're not heavily modding. lol.

And LOL@ Kusaba.

563 Name: moot!Ep8pui8Vw2 : 2008-08-25 20:25 ID:5OTn1/gj [Del]

I made better shit out of Futallaby and Shiichan.

564 Name: serv : 2008-08-27 21:01 ID:yWk+U3kE [Del]

still modding code.. gonna streamline new embed codes.
I made a post editor today for the moderation panel.

565 Post deleted by user.

566 Name: Anonymous : 2008-09-01 12:32 ID:Heaven [Del]


>>new embed codes.

Youtube embeds, Liveleak embeds, polls, than we'll have a myspace integration plugin, lastfm widgets, google maps embeds, ebay API interaction.
The news generation of imageboards is enar, I just can't wait ^_______^

Way to go...

567 Name: Anonymous : 2008-09-01 12:39 ID:Heaven [Del]


>>I just can't wait

PS: I also can't type.

568 Name: serv : 2008-09-01 19:11 ID:yWk+U3kE [Del]

changed front page to be more like 4chan's front page.
had to change alot of code to do that.
also added statistics and posting rates to side menu.

gonna keep changing stuff and improving.

569 Name: Anonymous : 2008-09-01 19:24 ID:L3SweJFT [Del]

0chan is dead

570 Name: Anonymous : 2008-09-01 23:23 ID:Heaven [Del]

0chan has been dead for a long time.

571 Name: Eleo : 2008-09-02 06:38 ID:Heaven [Del]

Thanks keep us updated.

572 Name: Anonymous : 2008-09-16 11:30 ID:NHzs4Un4 [Del]

573 Name: Anonymous : 2008-09-16 12:31 ID:Heaven [Del]

574 Name: Anonymous : 2008-09-16 13:04 ID:Heaven [Del]


Someone get that shit out of here, it's bad enough they exist.

575 Name: Anonymous : 2008-10-04 20:17 ID:/MYNzidC [Del]

576 Name: Makoto!!QPpGvuVX : 2008-10-05 02:48 ID:Heaven [Del]



Tahko, did you learn anything from 7chan's DDoS?

It meant one thing and one thing only. You are not welcome in this community, and neither is your spam.

577 Name: Anonymous : 2008-10-11 18:18 ID:Heaven [Del]


Please don't do this.

thanks, TEAM 4CHAN

578 Post deleted by user.

579 Name: Anonymous : 2008-10-21 18:49 ID:Heaven [Del]

Apparently, he does not seem to get anything. He seems to think of himself as superior to everyone else and expects everybody to bow down to him.

580 Name: Anonymous : 2008-10-22 06:59 ID:uHcGs0gf [Del]

so what's the average number of invidual boards?
in before over 9000

581 Name: Anonymous : 2008-10-22 15:52 ID:Heaven [Del]

Since Kusaba, I'd say around 10. Before then, I'd say 3-5.

582 Name: Piyoko!Hy2U2pAndA : 2008-10-22 23:35 ID:Heaven [Del]


Must be why he liked Yoshino so much, they have that much in common.

583 Name: Anonymous : 2008-10-25 20:24 ID:m6IeH/f3 [Del]


Just one board for now, working the kinks out of my software.

584 Name: Anonymous : 2008-10-26 07:08 ID:6c5vxMMb [Del]

Actually, you have much in common with Tahko yourself.

585 Name: Anonymous : 2008-10-26 07:17 ID:Heaven [Del]

No, I do not have that much in common. I do not know where you get that imagination in your mind that I actually want to subjugate everyone, but clearly you are deluded.

586 Post deleted by user.

587 Post deleted by user.

588 Name: Anonymous : 2008-11-03 21:17 ID:Heaven [Del]

Tahko doesn't run 24chan.org, lol.

589 Name: Sep : 2008-11-20 08:38 ID:mGQxwqoe [Del]

Small, slow moving board, uses kusaba.

590 Post deleted by moderator.

591 Name: Anonymous : 2008-12-01 13:04 ID:ssovIcXk [Del]

what board are you talking about?

592 Name: Anonymous : 2008-12-01 13:05 ID:Heaven [Del]

Click name, receive laggy ajax web sight.

593 Name: Anonymous : 2008-12-01 15:42 ID:Heaven [Del]

There's an imageboard on that page? I just saw a bunch of cluttered piled-up stuff I couldn't read.

594 Name: Anonymous : 2008-12-02 14:29 ID:Heaven [Del]

You run at 800x600?

595 Name: Anonymous : 2008-12-02 14:52 ID:Heaven [Del]

1024x600. I have one of those subnotebook things.
I would look for someone with a bigger screen, but really I don't think it's worth it.

596 Post deleted by moderator.

597 Name: LiteralKa!!UIR4DE3n : 2009-01-25 02:39 ID:Heaven [Del]

Why are "[URL=" and "[/URL]" not blocked?

598 Name: Anonymous : 2009-01-25 03:55 ID:Heaven [Del]

a better question is, why are "valium" and "xanax" not blocked?
only a few horribly broken spambots are going to post stuff like "[URL=" and "[/URL]", while "valium" and "xanax" are very common spam words.

599 Name: Anonymous : 2009-01-25 05:36 ID:Heaven [Del]

But what if someone wants to talk about valium or xanax here? Such a restrictive filter would surely interfere with discussion!

600 Name: Anonymous : 2009-01-25 06:11 ID:Heaven [Del]

when was the last time you heard anyone talking about valium or xanax outside of spam or discussion about spam?

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