Wakaba localization (5, permasaged)

1 Name: Danil : 2013-08-04 08:41 ID:Vyl/nBb7 [Del]

Hi there!

I would like to localize Wakabi to Russian. I've created strings_ru.pl file and started to translate strings in it.

But after cache rebuild I've found that Russian strings are displayed improperly. I use UTF-8 encoding.

Otherwise, Russian text in postings displays just okay. Some help/advice?

2 Name: Danil : 2013-08-10 02:21 ID:Vyl/nBb7 [Del]


3 Name: Anonymous : 2013-08-11 11:05 ID:Heaven [Del]

Why would Russians use a textboard?

4 Name: Danil : 2013-08-15 00:27 ID:Vyl/nBb7 [Del]

Not quite Russians—there are some regions outside of Russia which are speak Russian. I'm from Crimea, Ukraine. :)

5 Name: Anonymous : 2013-08-17 13:29 ID:tkRFVXpg [Del]

The problem of displaying cyrillic is on hosting server side - the encodings need to be resolved there. Consult your hosting provider for help to this problem - they will help.

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