wakaba oekaki animation and resume drawing support (3)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2011-03-18 11:34 ID:+swVeB2F [Del]

Is there any way to do this? Has somebody already done it?
It would be really nice if one can see the animation and resume painting on a drawing.

The php-based kusaba has this feature, and it's something the oekaki app can do

My perl sucks too bad to do it myself right now.

Any ideas? Anybody willing to help?
It's probably just a few lines of code in getpic.pl and finish.pl

2 Name: Anonymous : 2011-03-18 11:37 ID:+swVeB2F [Del]

it doesn't even have to have an animation page,
just a link to the *.pch animation file is fine too

3 Name: Anonymous : 2011-03-20 16:46 ID:6xK1Fgg9 [Del]

There's a patch for this here: http://e47.cccd9.net/wakaba-pch/

I'm assuming this is the same guy that requested this on lulz.net, and you already know about that. Just linking it here for completeness, and in case anyone wants to integrate it into a future wakaba release or whatever.

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