using Wakaba or Kareha instead of a message forum. (9, permasaged)

1 Name: benny : 2010-07-24 13:19 ID:rr2wIF5i [Del]

I would like to install Wakaba or Kareha on my site instead of a message forum like phpbb and such.

who do i do this?
any help would be great.

2 Name: Anonymous : 2010-07-29 08:47 ID:LMv+nnXO [Del]

I can think of

  1. less bugs
  2. more modifiable
  3. no need to register
  4. easier to use

Have you read this?

3 Name: Anonymous : 2010-07-29 13:13 ID:nURRqRxm [Del]

I am trying to do this too. I have my phpBB forum set up and I have downloaded Kareha. Would like to make the switch.

Main question: Does Kareha use more system resources than phpBB? I don't want to hog server resources.

4 Name: benny : 2010-07-29 14:47 ID:rr2wIF5i [Del]

i have read this and is one of the main reasons i want to make the switch from my phpBB forum like >>3 and use kareha.

how do i install this and make it work??

5 Name: Anonymous : 2010-07-29 14:49 ID:nURRqRxm [Del]

I just tried to set up wakaba today also. I've just uploaded the files, modified the congfig file, and reset permissions. it seems to be running almost, anyone know what this error message means?

Can't connect to data source 'DBI:4.4.3:etc:etc' because I can't work out what driver to use (it doesn't seem to contain a 'dbi:driver:' prefix and the DBI_DRIVER env var is not set) at line 45

I will keep tweaking

6 Name: benny : 2010-07-29 17:29 ID:rr2wIF5i [Del]

can you show me an example of how you modified the config file. I'm having a hell of a time even doing that.

7 Name: Anonymous : 2010-07-31 01:55 ID:nURRqRxm [Del]

benny, I got it working. in a way, i just took your advice and used the Kareha script -- not the wakaba script because it's more complicated to impliment.

(1) Create a specifically-named directory with/on your webhost.
(2) You only need to mod two lines of code in the config file to start (ADMIN_PASS and SECRET) and remove the # sign before those two lines. Do that next using the config file in either the image_mode or message_mode directory.
(3) Place the files from either the image_mode or message_mode directory in that first directory you created with/on your webhost. Don't create a separate image_mode or message_mode directory, just place them in that first directory.
(4) Place the rest of the files, folder and all into that same first directory you made.
(5) Check your url, it should be working already. (


ps - your webhost could potentially be very upset if you overload bandwidth or system resources - fair warning

8 Name: Anonymous : 2010-07-31 01:58 ID:nURRqRxm [Del]

Open your config file with notepad.
Compare your unmodded file with my example
Save file before uploading

# Example config file.
# Uncomment and edit the options you want to specifically change from the
# default values. You must specify ADMIN_PASS and SECRET.
# System config
use constant ADMIN_PASS => 'passy69'; # Admin password. For fucks's sake, change this.
use constant SECRET => 'lmnopqrstuvwxyz123987'; # Cryptographic secret. CHANGE THIS to something totally random, and long.

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