max_lines_shown not working. (3)

1 Name: tripfaq!ORIhb1kwYg : 2006-08-01 03:45 ID:tEmU5qTk [Del]

Hey i was just testing some stuff out and if you put max_lines_shown at lets say 10 and then approx_line_length at lets say 100.

Now when someone post something like 2500 a's it will pretty much just fuckup the design and make a looong thread. And if someone writes 4-letter words without making new lines it won't trigger the script at all and show some looong threads.

(Unless you put a enter at the end and then another "a" it will say the comment is too long and the single a will be the only thing missing.)

So i would like to ask for some help how to get so when somone has written (max_lins_shown x approx_line_length) letters it would add "..." to the end and output the "comment is too long".

And also if you write a word that is 300 letters it would cut it off at every approx_line_length. (so it creates 3 snippets of approx_line_length lengthed words, 100 if approx_line_lenght is 100)

If someone got this it's probably VIP quality but i wouldn't mind "accepting" VIP quality. (I also think it should be default with the script since it's really annyoing.)

Greets, /tripfaq/

2 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2006-08-01 05:15 ID:b8tc553B [Del]

Basically, I don't like truncating lines in the middle. It never looks good. The truncating isn't there to stop abuse, it's to make normal, well-written threads readable. If you've got people posting millions of a:s or whatever, you really should just be deleting the posts.

3 Name: tripfaq!ORIhb1kwYg : 2006-08-01 06:20 ID:tEmU5qTk [Del]

Instead of truncating the lines in the middle it could just "check" for the next linechange, like if there isnt a linechange within lets say 30letters it kills the output.

Also "it's to make normal, well-written thread readable." this is just on the frontpage and is a good way to "preview" long threads.

Also the one with the "millions" of a's. Personally i believe in freedom of speech and anyone can express themself how they want. Allthough i do not wish it to ruin the design so i want to cut it off to create lines instead.

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