Scripts create files that have permission 600 (8)

1 Name: Seik!UdzMmUq0Oc 2005-08-19 10:42 ID:BkQ1ihy1 [Del]

ok I just got a kareha board up on my personal isp webspace, pretty pleased, but unfortunately whenever I upload an image its permissions are set to 600 and can't read or execute from firefox.. :/

Server is Apache running on gentoo linux.

(yeah im totally out of my depth when it comes to scripts etc.)

2 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2005-08-19 12:06 ID:COEC7UDy [Del]

Hmm, that's a tricky one...I guess the umask is set inappropriately, or something. What happens if you add this line somewhere near the top of

umask 0666;

3 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2005-08-19 12:07 ID:COEC7UDy [Del]

Or maybe 0644 instead.

4 Name: Seik!UdzMmUq0Oc 2005-08-19 12:47 ID:mUMUOHBs [Del]

uh, theres only a but I get an internal configuration error when trying to post.

5 Name: Seik!UdzMmUq0Oc 2005-08-19 14:14 ID:BkQ1ihy1 [Del]

that does seem to change the permissions but not in the way that I would expect. :/

6 Name: Seik!UdzMmUq0Oc 2005-08-19 14:51 ID:Hw8agp9X [Del]

hmm nope.. this sucks.. setting umask 0000 gives -rw-rw-rw-

7 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2005-08-19 16:58 ID:COEC7UDy [Del]

So is umask 0033 what you want?

8 Name: Seik!UdzMmUq0Oc 2005-08-19 21:29 ID:qsf6SQOD [Del]

no that doesnt quite make much difference im afraid.

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