Wakaba-tan Frontpage Image (5)

1 Name: Anonymous 2005-06-24 02:04 ID:Heaven (Image: 179x250 png, 51 kb) [Del]

src/1119600283279.png: 179x250, 51 kb

Maybe this can help so that her head isn't hidden anymore?

2 Name: Anonymous 2005-06-24 13:41 ID:t/17M80o [Del]

Oh, i thought she was just decapitated.

3 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2005-06-24 16:39 ID:T129W70M [Del]

Check the front page now. Try resizing it!

4 Name: Anonymous 2005-06-25 02:30 ID:Heaven [Del]

> Try resizing it!

Huh? You mean the screen resolution?

It looks good at 1024*768 @ FF now.

5 Name: 4 2005-06-25 02:32 ID:Heaven [Del]

PS: The Firefox link on the Japanese page should probably link to http://www.mozilla-japan.org/products/firefox/

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