The long-awaited new releases (7)

1 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2004-12-09 22:18 ID:eB3F48Pg [Del]

New versions of both scripts. Lots and lots of changes and bugfixes, but thanks to the new config system, upgrading should be fairly painless. The major changes, apart from the bugfixes, some of which are pretty important, is that both scripts now run on old Perl versions. I've tested Perl 5.005_03, not sure about any even older versions. This has required another change, which is that I've switched over from MD5 to RC4 for all hashing algorithms. This leads to a couple of inconveniences, though:

  • Secure tripcodes have changed. I figured I could get away with this since few people use them, and mainly admins, who can easily deal with the change. This shouldn't happen again anytime soon.
  • In Kareha, posts posted with older versions can't be deleted by the user any longer.

Sorry about these two. Further changes follow in the replies...

2 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2004-12-09 22:25 ID:eB3F48Pg [Del]

These changes apply to both scripts:

  • Several WakabaMark bugfixes, as reported by various users. Shift_JIS should be handled much more gracefully now, and URLs should no longer get markupped. Thanks for the bug reports.
  • There is now a COOKIE_PATH option to set the path for the board cookies. This can be used to select if cookies should apply to all boards on a domain, just a single board, or all boards in a certain directory.
  • The name cookie now handles UTF-8 and Shift_JIS encodings even on older Perl versions. To enable Shift_JIS support, you need to install the from the archive. This is not needed for any currently running boards I know of, though. UTF-8 is handled automatically.
  • To further support running on older Perl versions, all internal MD5 hashes (except for the file checksums) now use RC4 instead of MD5, since RC4 can easily be implemented in pure Perl and doesn't need an external module. As mentioned earlier, this leads to some annoyances, but this is a one-time deal. There are also certain attacks against MD5 being developed, and while they are not a risk for the way MD5 has been used here, it's time to migrate away from this particular algorithm.

3 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2004-12-09 22:31 ID:eB3F48Pg [Del]

Wakaba changes:

  • There is now an interface in the admin panel to dump the SQL database into plaintext, and to enter SQL statements to the database. This is useful for migrating a board between servers, and for general hacking.
  • Admin posts now do NO formatting, and just dump the raw HTML given into the database. Take care.
  • The oekaki scripts have been updated, and now show a little bit of information about the drawing. The oekaki scripts also now work on older Perl versions again (they did not in the previous version).
  • The cookie conflict when using both futaba_style and wakaba_style on the same server should be fixed.
  • The wakaba_style XHTML code has been updated somewhat. I'm still not feeling entirely comfortable switching over to it full-time, since there are still CSS rendering bugs in Firefox that affect it sometimes. Feel free to use it, but be aware that there might be small problems.
  • The Toothpaste look for wakaba_style has been updated slightly to be more readable.
  • The admin interface's security has been tightened a bit more (passwords are not shown in cleartext in the URL anymore).
  • Some updates to the style handling.

4 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2004-12-09 22:39 ID:eB3F48Pg [Del]

Kareha changes (it's been almost a month since the last update, so there's been lots of changes, many of which I've no doubt forgotten to mention):

  • The template engine has been heavily optimized, and also changed to work on older Perl versions. The new one can run up to a hundred times faster than the old one.
  • The Kareha thread views now support If-Modified-Since, to save on bandwidth. Thanks to the epic tale of the 2ch optimizers for inspiring me to implement this.
  • Kareha now uses flock() to avoid concurrency issues (like two people posting at the same time). These first three options should all be a benefit for high-traffic sites.
  • Kareha now supports the header, footer and mid includes like the newer Wakaba versions do, for easy inclusion of navigation headers and footers.
  • New style: Pseud0ch by lolocaust and me. Emulates the good old 2ch look. If you really want the brick wall background too, edit the CSS file according to the instruction in the comments of the file.
  • Kareha now supports spam.txt, just like Wakaba. There is no interface to edit it, but you can just copy spam.txt into the board directory, or set the SPAM_FILE option to point to it. Spam defitions can be had here:
  • The vericode script no longer relies on Javascript code.
  • Deleting the first message in a thread with no replies deletes the thread. Good for removing threads where you messed up the first post.
  • Rebuilding caches is now much simpler for admins.

5 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2004-12-09 22:41 ID:eB3F48Pg [Del]

I've probably forgotten a number of changes here. I'll post more if I can think of anything.

Next up is to work more on generalizing Kareha to make it support different kinds of boards. Image support will be added, and a Futaba-style template, so that Kareha can take over from Wakaba Zero for the database-less image boards. I also need to get that PHP thumbnailer working one of these days.

6 Name: lolocaust!rsvcwx6Axc 2004-12-10 19:42 ID:UBBnywVH [Del]

w00t for pseud0ch! \o/

7 Name: Anonymous 2004-12-11 05:36 ID:zi2CZhto [Del]

whoa... the "h" in that first link is huge (netscape 7.1, headline style)...

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