Wakaba & Kareha 3.0.0 (349)

249 Name: !WAHa.06x36 : 2007-01-20 12:34 ID:j/j8XBOa [Del]

I found a pretty annoying bug that I needed to fix, so I finally sat down and fixed a couple of old ones too.


  • The spam.txt filter was not working at all in Wakaba! Apparently the spam trap has been effective enough that nobody even noticed, but when I had to deal with that spammer who's posting by hand, I noticed it was broken. This seems to be because of some obscure Perl bug (or strange but correct behaviour), actually, which I've hopefully managed to work around.
  • Made the entity parser a bit more robust against abuse. This should remove the possibility to make javascript: links in Kareha, and remove some possibilties to introduce XHTML errors. Thanks to hotaru for the testing.
  • Fixed the "Del all" link in Wakaba.

Changes only in wakautils.pl, wakaba.pl, kareha.pl, spam.txt and the config_default.pl files (just bumped the version number in those).

Hopefully I didn't fuck up anything too badly packaging this, it's been a while.

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