The *chans - General Discussion Thread (255)

96 Name: Anonymous 2005-10-08 04:27 ID:DQWIFmw9 [Del]

What the hell is wrong with 4chan lately?

Attention whores get promoted to moderator status & get extra birthday sticky threads..

What the fuck? What's the point of anonymous imageboards if everything is about achieving some kind of celebrity status on that site these days?
The whole Otakon thing was so fucking emberassing. "LOL this is saber he is admin of pedo site" "LOL this is moot he is not really mexican" "LOL I am Allyson, I just wanted to say that I made it to the panel!"
And then the whole thing about how you seemingly have to idle 24/7 on their IRC channel in order to get some actual info about the site or some influence...
Does anyone even know who the admin of Futaba Channel is? Or any of the moderators? Apart from the cosplayers, all the users on the photos from their cons (Nijiket & Futaba Only) get a nice Laughing Man on the face. So much for recognition...
4chan however could probably begin selling trading cards of all their tripcode celebrities by now. Ugh.

This whole attention whoring lately is a disgrace to the whole point behind anonymous imgboard software. Not to say that I hate all people who post with names & tripcodes, but it's done to death on 4chan now.

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