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27 Name: Anonymous 2004-11-05 21:55 ID:Heaven [Del]



> 16 Name: m.y 2004-11-05 12:35 @ IRrPs6Ec

> Hello everybody!

> I came from 2ch(The biggest mimic board in Jpn)and I am happy to see you.

> I hope that we will get good mutual understanding.

> Today, I introduce one of the popular AA of 2ch(In 2ch, ASCII ART is called AA for short)


> This is the AA

> "orz"

> This AA represents a man who felt down and praying the GOD.

> ("o"is a head,"rz"is a body. He is on all fours)

> In 2ch, we use it when we meet un-lucky situations and want to pray the GOD.


> For example,

> Oh my GOD! The dog ate my CHONMAGE....orz


> If you like this "orz"man please use it!

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