Meme collection pages (100)

1 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2004-10-23 17:43 ID:pKZskDww [Del]

One more link thread: Post links to homepages for the various image board memes. - The OS-tan page. - Waha, Musu, Choia, and other classic 2chan memes. - Medoi the maid. - The Coronu/Corinu/etc girls. Long-lived meme.

2 Name: Anonymous 2004-10-23 17:47 ID:Heaven [Del] (our beloved Mogusa - always involved with other 2chan /q/ memes, his own works majorly focussing on, ahem, the Major)

3 Name: Anonymous 2004-10-23 17:48 ID:Heaven [Del] (I THINK these guys collect and archive whole futaba threads in the mht format)

4 Name: Anonymous 2004-10-23 17:51 ID:Heaven [Del] (Webcomic devoted to Mona & friends)

5 Name: Anonymous 2004-10-23 18:26 ID:Heaven [Del] (Saizensen-kun, the mysterious photographer)

6 Name: coda 2004-10-24 01:19 ID:DceupkBA [Del] - RAVI meme page (spawned from sega's promotional flash for their new DS game) - Maiahi (Dragostea Din Tei) meme page

7 Name: Anonymous 2004-10-27 17:16 ID:Heaven [Del] - Gaijin 4-koma, IGN editors at E3 - 2chan misc? heika, OS-tan, etc. - translated OS-tan comics

8 Name: Anonymous 2004-10-27 18:10 ID:Heaven [Del]


lol gaijin

you sure they are from the IGN? AND NOT ANBU?


9 Name: Anonymous 2004-10-28 18:56 ID:Heaven [Del]

I think those two pages are just mirrors of each other. Anyhow, they are image boards somehow only concerned with collecting (a bit) of the various 2chan&co memes.

10 Name: Anonymous 2004-10-28 19:11 ID:Heaven [Del]

Something pretty similiar to >>9

11 Name: Anonymous 2004-10-30 14:09 ID:Heaven [Del]

Has a lot of links to meme collection pages.

12 Name: Anonymous 2004-11-01 13:03 ID:Heaven [Del]

A site that collects KUMA (aka "Pedobear") AA.

13 Name: Anonymous 2004-11-01 13:32 ID:Heaven [Del]

A KUMA AA BBS (wow, all caps).

I might want to mention that >>12 also has images, wallpapers and neat icons for your PC.

14 Name: Anonymous 2004-11-01 13:36 ID:Heaven [Del]

Papercraft PDFs for creating 3D models of your favorite 2ch/2chan memes.

15 Name: Anonymous 2004-11-11 21:05 ID:Heaven [Del]

16 Name: Anonymous 2004-11-13 21:36 ID:Heaven [Del]

99 flash animations of Mona, Giko & friends:

The site/blog itself has some more interesting articles on 2ch culture:

Just search around!

17 Name: Anonymous 2004-11-13 21:43 ID:Heaven [Del]

A collection of pretty much every AA character from 2ch:

19 Name: Anonymous 2004-11-13 22:13 ID:Heaven [Del]


A page with lotsa icons, wallpapers and other stuff for 2ch AA characters:

20 Name: Anonymous 2004-11-13 22:42 ID:Heaven [Del]

21 Post deleted by user.

22 Name: Anonymous 2004-11-14 16:25 ID:Heaven [Del]

Various manufacturers, sellers and collectors of OS-tan (and other NETA) figurines, if you're lucky you just might find a way to get your hand on one:

23 Name: Anonymous 2004-11-17 15:28 ID:Heaven [Del]

A KUMA upload board & a KUMA flash clock:

24 Name: Anonymous 2004-11-23 12:15 ID:Heaven [Del]

Collection of the ever-reoccuring Waha-pantyshot pics:

25 Name: Anonymous 2004-11-27 01:46 ID:Heaven [Del]

26 Post deleted by user.

27 Name: Anonymous 2004-11-29 14:28 ID:Heaven [Del]

28 Name: Anonymous 2004-12-27 06:04 ID:Heaven [Del]

Blog about all things futaba with a LOT of links to other related sites:

29 Name: Anonymous 2005-01-25 11:21 ID:Heaven (Replies) [Del]

30 Name: Anonymous 2005-01-26 07:57 ID:Heaven (Replies) [Del]

A very detailed page in Japanese about the NEVADA incident:

31 Name: Anonymous 2005-04-24 12:10 ID:Heaven [Del]

32 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2005-05-24 08:40 ID:EDPFflcZ [Del]

Some To Ri pages, because I just can't get enough of this: - Original image, and tons of followups. - Some To Ri stuff on adelheit. - The To Ri T-shirt images. A Bird!

And a bonus bump for this thread, so it is not forgotten.

33 Name: Anonymous 2005-06-21 16:06 ID:9z8JjSCQ [Del]

Ronald McDonald AA stuff.

Somebody translate that starter pic for me!

34 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2005-06-21 16:59 ID:0v2WyYW2 [Del]


I really have no idea. There's also another version too that says "お前ら表に出ろ", which seems to be the more popular version...

35 Name: Anonymous 2005-06-23 11:47 ID:Heaven [Del]

Some links for OS-tan stolen from - Major Source (also: Lurk more on Futaba in general!) - Major Source (also: Lurk more on Futaba in general!) - Major Source (also: Lurk more on Futaba in general!) - Image Archive Site (doesn't get updated anymore) - Japanese Worksafe Image Board - Japanese Porn Image Board - Japanese Uploader - Japanese Uploader - Japanese Image Board - Japanese Image Archive Site - English Image Board - Translations into English - English Forum - English Image Archive Site - English Image Board - Cosplay - English Image Archive Site another english forum about os-tan french os-tan website - Mexican Forum (just a thread) - Avatar Gallery

36 Name: Anonymous 2005-07-14 10:09 ID:Heaven [Del]

37 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2005-08-18 06:44 ID:EDPFflcZ [Del]

Seems to be a database of all the neta characters, even the really esoteric ones.

38 Name: Anonymous 2005-08-18 08:32 ID:Heaven [Del]

That site also lists jargon and catchphrases if I am not mistaken...

39 Name: Anonymous 2005-08-18 15:47 ID:Heaven [Del]

Not so much a meme collection page but a centralized archive of VERY old 2channel threads:

40 Name: Anonymous 2005-08-21 01:20 ID:Heaven [Del]

For what it's worth, one of the first collection pages for a western meme:

41 Name: Anonymous 2005-09-15 07:02 ID:Heaven [Del]

Some page devoted to collecting those whacky 2D NETA images from Futaba Channel's /16/:

42 Name: Anonymous 2005-09-15 07:23 ID:Heaven [Del]

Another one for the same purpose, I guess:

43 Name: Anonymous 2005-09-18 05:19 ID:rYDZtcdy [Del]

Collection page for "Longcat" (anyone remember the original Japanese name?):

44 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2005-09-18 05:58 ID:0v2WyYW2 [Del]

45 Name: Anonymous 2005-09-18 06:26 ID:rYDZtcdy [Del]


46 Name: Proconsul Merrok 2005-09-19 19:13 ID:lXoHBqvV [Del]

Various 4chan memes and generic macro sillyness:

47 Name: Anonymous 2005-10-02 03:41 ID:Heaven [Del]

48 Post deleted by user.

49 Name: Anonymous 2005-10-12 00:10 ID:Heaven [Del]

Not really a collection page, but it's relevant, I think:

There's a character of a girl sometimes seen on Futaba Channel, staning next to sprouting bud, holding her index finger to her lips. It looks like it is drawn with crayons (only professional) and in the background of the many variations, there's always the pink on purple "ふたば☆ちゃんねる" logo.
These drawn pictures of the character look alot like some other woman who sometimes pop up on Futaba Channel, really oldtime stuff, that often say Futaba Channel.

See also:

The character is the Administrator of Futaba Channel.

The woman is 東京カステラ(Tokyo-Castella), an net-idol.
The character is made from her, and she is taken as the administrator of Futaba Channel instead of the real administrator. It is not known that who the real administrator is.
I don't know why 東京カステラ is taken as the administrator of Futaba Channel, but there is no relation between her and Futaba Channel.

More information for 東京カステラ:

See also:

50 Name: Anonymous 2005-10-15 12:05 ID:Heaven [Del]

Archive for the HUGE-boobed 巨乳ちゃん, one of many popular characters born in and dwelling on the Futaba Channel SQL oekaki board:

51 Name: Anonymous 2005-10-22 12:53 ID:Heaven [Del]

53 Post deleted by moderator.

54 Post deleted by moderator.

55 Post deleted by moderator.

56 Name: lolocaust!rsvcwx6Axc : 2007-01-17 16:48 ID:Heaven [Del]

57 Post deleted by moderator.

58 Post deleted by moderator.

59 Post deleted by moderator.

60 Post deleted by user.

61 Post deleted by user.

62 Name: Anonymous : 2007-05-22 23:39 ID:rCwz4H3R [Del]

>>56 seems to have become password protected

Anyone know the required data or where to look it up?

63 Name: Anonymous : 2007-05-23 02:53 ID:Heaven [Del]


The error page tells you what the login and password are. They are obviously doing this to lessen server load, so I am not sure explaining it directly here is a great idea.

64 Name: Anonymous : 2007-05-23 04:28 ID:Heaven [Del]


I'm really sad now.

65 Name: Anonymous : 2007-05-28 03:18 ID:Heaven [Del]

What about a hint? The automated translation of isn't helping much... Something about romaji and windstill sea?

66 Name: Anonymous : 2007-05-30 04:36 ID:Heaven [Del]

Don't translate it. Just red the message.
Something like kakasi will come in handy though.

67 Name: Anonymous : 2007-12-31 00:27 ID:Ge9e0Bhl [Del]

Say, what the heck is ")ry"? I see that combination of characters a lot.

68 Name: Anonymous : 2007-12-31 17:52 ID:Heaven [Del]

>>67 wwwww

69 Name: Anonymous : 2008-01-06 19:27 ID:JZAK0HJO [Del]

>>67 "etc."

70 Name: Anonymous : 2008-03-30 08:12 ID:tsuRtpCS [Del]

3characters of "(ryaku)".
It means "omit".

71 Post deleted by moderator.

72 Post deleted by moderator.

73 Name: Anonymous : 2009-07-17 18:12 ID:dNxsW+1S [Del]

74 Name: Anonymous : 2009-07-18 06:34 ID:Heaven [Del]


75 Name: Anonymous : 2009-12-03 16:26 ID:r1+vur0N [Del]


76 Post deleted by moderator.

77 Name: Anonymous : 2010-01-01 10:40 ID:g4bPwsGc [Del]

Is there a site where memes, their origin, initial growth and later widespread usage is looked at in depth and it provides screencaps, preferably many, from different people as proof?

78 Name: Anonymous : 2010-01-02 19:34 ID:Heaven [Del]

Not really, >>77.

79 Name: Anonymous : 2010-01-08 16:02 ID:mNgnI05x [Del]

80 Name: Anonymous : 2010-06-26 18:16 ID:zRn7xU8v [Del]

81 Name: Anonymous : 2010-07-03 14:10 ID:Heaven [Del]

Not really.

All are more or less incomplete or suffer from other side-effects, most notably >>73 needs to be taken with a grain of salt if you are not actually familiar with the subject yourself, because the quality and depth of articles fluctuate a lot.

82 Name: Anonymous : 2010-07-04 08:57 ID:Heaven [Del]

Wikichan used to be really well rounded, but the guy who ran it is an incompetent retard, and tl;dr it's gone now, but meanwhile he lifted everything resembling advice, stripped out all the imageboard culture references, and turned it into this ad-shoveling shithole:

I guess there's been an attempt to revive it lately at but it's woefully incomplete. (for example is entirely lacking in the long history behind the site's existence, some background on the admins, etc. that the old wikichan used to have)
With any luck and competent administration maybe that site could be restored to its former glory, it used to have a lot of great stuff, and it was largely void of the stupidity of ED.

There's also but it's also woefully incomplete and appears to have been more or less abandoned. I don't know how worthwhile the content is, either.

83 Name: sage : 2010-07-09 10:51 ID:0JqxSd7g [Del]

I'd be interested to know people's thoughts on this site

84 Name: Anonymous : 2010-07-17 11:04 ID:Heaven [Del]

Seems to be missing the vast majority of old memes, and has incomplete or just plain wrong information for others. For example: says it started on YTMND, which is absolutely wrong. The entry on desu doesn't even mention the DESU DESU DESU spamming, there's no Porkslope, no harbl, no Awesome Cougars, no Bix Nood... but there's pages and pages of stuff about Youtube, Facebook, and YTMND. I guess it's mostly the memes that either "leaked" from 4chan or started outside of imageboards.

85 Post deleted by moderator.

86 Name: Anonymous : 2010-11-01 04:19 ID:Heaven [Del]


Documenting memes is tricky because they naturally evolve as they spread. It's simply a question of when and where the person first discovered it. That, and they're ultimately unimportant, so there's very little interest in spending hours searching further except for the most dedicated of Internet Addicts.

Imagine if we're getting these things wrong in the digital age, how much misinformation must exist in the history books.

87 Name: Anonymous : 2010-11-02 14:50 ID:3vIsEDE1 [Del]


88 Post deleted by moderator.

89 Post deleted by moderator.

90 Post deleted by moderator.

91 Post deleted by moderator.

92 Post deleted by moderator.

93 Post deleted by moderator.

94 Post deleted by moderator.

95 Post deleted by moderator.

96 Post deleted by moderator.

97 Post deleted by moderator.

98 Post deleted by moderator.

99 Post deleted by moderator.

100 Post deleted by moderator.

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