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137 Name: Anonymous 2005-02-26 02:07 ID:46oj7Gm9 (Replies) [Del]


[06:35:48] <@moot> May we have a forum added somewhere. No pics involed, and a good overall neat & clean forum. Probably Invisionfree or a Powerboard. Would be nice. Can have different topiics as well as subforums.
[06:35:56] <@moot> we may do this in the future
[06:36:02] <@moot> because shiichan is proving to be retarded for 4chans needs
[06:36:05] <@moot> it works great on world4ch though

138 Name: Anonymous 2005-02-26 04:25 ID:Heaven (Replies) [Del]


i lol'ed

139 Name: anon!pA1UE1eGto 2005-02-26 23:16 ID:Heaven [Del]


Shii is cursing existance right about now, the return of old-style message boards! GASP!

143 Name: Anonymous 2005-03-05 04:04 ID:wYpQYQE6 [Del]

Good for him for realizing anonymous boards just let trolls and idiots roam free the internet.

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