The Desktop (85)

74 Name: Aranje : 2007-06-25 11:03 ID:59B3bOmW [Del]

I like what the David Davis dude was doing with it, I hope he releases a version of his mods soon.
Also, for anyone who wants to know, the version I have (I actually dont know what version of desktop it is, but It doesnt seem to have updated in a while, so i assume its 'latest') doesnt work at all in the new safari 3 beta for windows. When I access, the background comes up, but the login box thingy never shows. cant even login at all....
Just thought someone would want to know this if development was started up on it, Also, If i knew either JS or perl, id help, but I'm not learning either of those for another year or so.... :(
Loyal beta tester and user of 'Desktop'

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