The "hentai" thread (237)

8 Name: Anonymous 2005-07-21 12:17 ID:Heaven [Del]

> Also, those guys who are making a fuss about the word hentai are also often the same ones making a fuss about their favorite lolikon h-game being labelled porn. "It's not porn! It's a =mature= title about little angels! They are so cute when they run around naked and... and... HaaHaa"

Y hello thar slippery slope argument


I think you need to think harder about how the importing of contexts when importing loanwords. "Anime" is a loanword in English - for ALL animation there is already a term in English: Animation. Thus, "anime" with the Japanese context is used to imply the connotation that Japanese animation is meant. This works, as it is not ignoring the original meaning of the word, however, "hentai" is just wrong because it does not have the supposed meaning in Japanese. Supposed context is submitted by using it while completely ignoring the actual meaning.

And "pedobears" can just fuck off and die for all I care. Only 4chan fanboys insist on using that word.

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