The "hentai" thread (237)

19 Name: Albright!LC/IWhc3yc 2005-07-22 06:21 ID:Heaven [Del]


Well, there are other, true examples that are sort of like that, actually, though you won't encounter them much in the anime fandom. For example, they use the word "manshon" for an apartment building; before I knew this, I had an odd conversation with a woman who kept asking if I lived in a "manshon" after I kept telling her that I lived in a very small apartment.

There's also "outobai", which means "motorcycle" -- it sounds English, so most of them that don't know better (namely, my kids) think that "outobai" is English. (Maybe it's a corrupted "auto-bike?" Is "auto-bike" British English or something?)

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