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sometimes I look at some of the things said and really wonder about the school system these days. but what can I say when literacy rates are so so low.

I will agrea with the evolution of language and the borowing of language. english after all is made up of 7. as for the use of hentai beeing ok or not, well, that has changed over time too. it was mentiond before how it wasn't used the same way it is now several years ago. I would say this is because moest people in the past knew, watched, and were intrested in anime and manga because they were allready surddying japanese and the culture, that is at least my understanding. or, were othwise part of an asian heritage, or living on the pasific coast. yes hentai is the wrong usage. will the usage be fixed when using it in english context? no. not unless you can get the countless milions to change.

but there are lots of missuesd words. anime beeing short for animation was before mentiond. in a sence I guess its true. though anime is aslo just animation in french I beleiv. in english it is used to mean japanese animation in order to diferentiate it from american or european animation. but does anyone remember the term japanamation? people tried to coin that, it faild.

manga, comic, does it matter? I mean Ive had my head bitten off practicly for calling a 'graphic novel' a comic, and no I don't mean manga. I remember when manga wasn't used, it was just graphic novels but then there was a desire to make it difrent then the american comics. I think some of that was due to the fact in the begining it was doing well among girls who were a verry low seller for american comics. so they removed it as much as posible. I wonder if manwa will now be used more so its not confused with manga? 'god forbid japanese comics and korean comics get mixed up!'

other words misued from english basterdasation, yaoi and yuri. Ive seen people discribe yaoi as "gay men" now, how wrong is that? since yaoi is an acronym for more or less PWP 'plot what plot?' and if you mention this to the raving fan girl she will rip your head off and eat your heart while it still beats. and if you try to point out why its wrong she has some friend whos japanese and uses it that way. and you find out said friend just finds it easier to adapt for her and not correct her for japanese usage, but to leave it as american usage. but, I won't start a 'the correct and incorrect ways to discribe gay male anime, manga, doujinshi, and games' discution.

in the end, though this sounds like a cop out, we are all wrong. the japanese find us odd and a litte frightening for what we focuse on. we think there odd for using nonsence words on evorything or using words that discribe something else. the words are beeing taken and changed adapted and turnd to slang. this is the key here. slang. slang is never correct. slang has no meaning in a dictionary untill someone finaly goes 'they this words been around for a while in the pop cuture lets put it in' slang can be anything the users want it to be.

an example of turms used horibly wrong. a few years back I remember reading a small artical, or perhaps I heard it on the radio. but the point is this happend. india, the entire country, band one of the austin power movies, the spy who shaged me. now america was like 'whats wrong with them?' and india was like 'how horibly ofensive to have in the title!' wich if you think about it is rather awful. it shows how lack our culture (by wich I mean americans and thoughs greatly infulenced by them) is with stuff like that. I remember hearing on the radio, yes it was one of thoughs boring npr type stations witht the bbc and cbc pbs npr people, this guy talking about the loose way the curent generation speaks, throwing otherwise curs words this way and that. this was a british program by the way. now I try not to stray to far off topic but I hope it all brings my point through, I'm sorry if it doesn't. that as said before language is a flowing breathing living growing thing. now instead of arguing how to use hentai within the enlgish language, why not simply use it in acordance with japanese language only when speaking to japanese. and I would expect them, to eccept what is beeing used on english boreds.

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