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I got curious and Googled a bit for further discussion on this topic, and found this (on site that is apparently now dead, so only the Google cache exists):

The part I found most interesting were the quotes that person had gathered and translated. I'll cut-and-paste them here to preserve them. Many thanks to Akadai Shirou for doing this work:

What Japanese think about this

These are quotes straight from the Japanese, translated, pulled from numerous sources.

It seems they rarely mean the Japanese meaning of 変態, Pervert or Kinky, but rather they are using it just to mean any H anime


I'm looking for the guy that spread the word 'HENTAI' among the foreigners!!! $1,000,000 reward


Definition: Word used by foreign fanboys to mean Japanese adult animation and games


ちなみにエロゲーはHENTAI GAMEとか書いてあった。・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・なんかやなカンジ。
By the way, [in U.S. video game magazines] they call [Japanese] adult games HENTAI GAME...................... that sounds awful


HENTAI is used [by foreigners] to indicate adult comics, games, and animation


外国の HENTAI サイトをうろうろと見て歩いていたら・・・なんだか気分が悪くなってしまった(苦笑)。

 ちなみに HENTAI というのは、日本の漫画、アニメ、ゲームなどのえっちなメディアを指すらしい。


I went looking around at those foreign HENTAI sites... and kinda I just got sick.
What can I say...they have a 'unique' atmosphere.

'HENTAI' is what they use to indicate Japanese manga, animation, games, etc. when they have etchi content.
Speaking as a Japanese person, I have to say that's pretty disturbing.(laugh)

There's a ton of sites that just copy other people's illustrations and rip images out of games, then display them in a gallery.
I guess their entire way of thinking is different from ours?
I get a strong impression of a total lack of civility and morals. (laugh)




H (etchi)
Word used by young people to mean sexual intercourse.
It actually comes from the first letter in the word HENTAI(変態).

Among the hard-core foreign OTAKU, they write it 'ECCHI' instead of 'H'.
Acting against this are a group of other OTAKU familiar with the etymology of the word who go around saying "ECCHI is just the initial for HENTAI, so you're supposed to write it H!" in an attempt to enlighten everyone.
How they learned that sort of trivia that not even Japanese people know is a complete mystery.
More importantly than that, regardless of whether they're getting it right or not, I'd rather they didn't go spreading the usage of that sort of Japanese


てるのは誰ですか? 知人じゃないことを祈ります(苦笑) いや・・ HENTAIは
すでに日本語じゃなくなってるか? 日本製の萌え系エロ絵なんかをさす言葉だし;

Name: Tenrousei
[...]Who taught these people to say BAKA and HENTAI and OTAKU and such?
I'm praying it wasn't anybody I know. (pained smile) Actually, it seems like HENTAI
isn't even Japanese anymore, you know? The use it to mean Japanese drawn cute erotic illustrations and all


さて、このポルノアニメというジャンルには、animeよりももっとこの世界で一般的になってしまっているらしい驚くべき名称がつけられている。 HENTAI、というのだ・・! 「エッチ」という語がそもそもなぜ使われるようになったのか、常識だと思っていたら案外知らない人もいるらしいので、余計なことかもしれないが言っておけば、この「変態HENTAI」の頭文字なのである。初期に日本の「エッチアニメ」を取り入れた人が妙に律儀だったらしく、略語をちゃんとオリジナルに展開して使用した模様である。売り文句には「JAPANESE KAWAII HENTAI」とあったりする。可愛い変態、である。やれやれ。

Now, this genre of porno animation is known to the world not by the word ANIME but by the surprising name 'HENTAI.' The source of the word 'etchi,' -- while I thought most people knew it, apparently some don't, so I'll go ahead and say it here -- is the first letter in the word 変態 (HENTAI). Early on, when Japan's etchi anime was first taken in by foreigners, they apparently were trying to be weirdly faithful linguistically and restored the abbreviation to its original form before using it. You can see the phrase 'JAPANESE KAWAII HENTAI' used in advertising phrases. Cute perversion! Man...

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