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Here are some links to various small games and experiments I've made and put up on the net over the years:

MacSwear  v1.0

MacSwear is a better native port of Swear for Mac OS X. It uses OpenGL and a Cocoa GUI. It runs much smoother than the Allegro-based version of Swear, and it has some small graphical improvements.

The source is provided, and while the GUI part of it is heavily OS X-centric, the game part is written in plain C++ and OpenGL, and should be quite portable. I would very much like to see the game ported to other platforms, so I would be very grateful if somebody did this for me!

MilkSnake is an updated version of this same basic game, but with much improved graphics, and with music and sounds!

MilkSnake  v1.0

MilkSnake is a new take on the classical snake game. It is played on the surface of various 3D shapes, such as a sphere, a torus and even a Möbius strip.

It has its own homepage:




Speed! is a simple first-person game where the goal is to race through a maze as fast as possible.

Speed! is a port an old Amiga game. It features the original's graphics, gameplay and music. It runs on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and the Nintendo DS. It can probably be made to work on many other platforms fairly easily, too.

Swear  v1.0

Swear is a game I wrote a long time ago (the original version ran on the Amiga!).

The game itself is the classic worm game, played in non-euclidean space - that is to say, it is played on the surface of various three-dimensional shapes. It's a pretty simplistic game, and it's old enough to use no hardware acceleration of any kind, so performance may vary.

It's multi-platform, using the Allegro library. I've built it for Windows and Mac OS X. The Mac OS X version doesn't run all that smoothly, though, and I recommend using MacSwear instead. Theoretically, it should compile on Linux machines too, if they have the Allegro library installed, and you run make os=unix. However, this is largely untested.

Realistically speaking, I probably won't do much development on this from here on out. If you want to report bugs, go ahead, but there's no guarantee that I'll do anything about them. If you want to take the source and run with it, go right ahead.

MilkSnake is an updated version of this same basic game for Mac OS X, but with much improved graphics, and with music and sounds!