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What about the true meaning of THAT chapter?
I'm thinking it's rather interesting. Alpha pronounces "How long has it been since I last saw it?". She seems strangely fashinated by firing a gun.
Maybe she is suffering from some kind of amnesia concerning the usage of weapon in the past? And this amnesia is artifical?

Artifical people are carrying weapons. In the first chapter there is a store in Yokohama selling weapons (even automatic(!)) For what?
There is no mention of ANY violence in WHOLE manga. Alpha travelled half-japan on her feet and there was no danger to her at all.
I dont understand. Any Ideas?

- Konstantin
Friday, February 20, 2004

There's a discussion about the robots and guns towards the end of the "Any idea who long YKK might be?" topic and at the first of the "Designations, A7M2 etc" topic.

- Other Dave
Friday, February 20, 2004

Oh. I see.
Well, it is not only me who noticed this...

So... manga is deeper than it looks for the first and even the second look?
Or is it only readers imaginations? I wonder...

Ahh... who cares... I've read it with great pleasure and even translated several tomes into russian, seems like you are enjoing it too...

To build speculations "about" is much more fun than know it "for sure". I think the day when Ashinano says "That is what I meant with all of this" will be the day of great dissapointment. Hope it never comes =^_-=

- Konstantin
Saturday, February 21, 2004

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