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Much thanks.

I downloaded your scanlations, and enjoyed them so much that I actually went to my local Japanese bookstore, and bought some of the manga for myself.

Again, thanks for this service. Here's hoping that some publisher will take notice of YKK, and bring it over here.

- S. P.
Thursday, January 1, 2004

Rather than start a new thread, Ill just tag my own thanks onto this one.

YKK changed the way I think about story writing. Not a single evil conspiracty or villian bent on world domination to be found. Its the characters and the world they live in that grabs your attention.

In my oppinion its much much harder to write a good story like this than typical suspense or action.

Its a shame but I think you are right about the chances of this being licensed. Most comic/manga readers would probably not get it..

Ill check out that link you gave in a previous thread.

- Trent
Friday, January 2, 2004

I also want to show my gratitude.

I'm very grateful toward dDave(the translator? gomen) for making YKK into a consumable art and my deep appreciation to Mr. Ashinano for creating such a comforting world. During and after each volumes, my face is filled with such a long-lasting-huge-warm-smile that sometime I can feel the muscle's strain from my cheeks. The relaxing world of Alpha make me truely believe humanity greatest misfortune is when our ancestors came down from the tree. I will be looking forward to get the artbook....ahhh.....after I paid off the tuition and books bill for this semester.

Funny, this remind me of the Office Space movie. o_O hehehhe

- 3 V. Tran
Monday, January 5, 2004


Translation credit (as well as credit for hosting this fine website) goes to Neil. I'm just a YKK fan, thorn in the side and gadfly.



- dDave
Monday, January 5, 2004

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