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I have to say I like ARIA better.

Sorry folks. YKK is just a little too boring for me. And the art isn't my style. I do like the fact that everyone is pleasingly not anorexic-looking, though.

- Akari
Saturday, September 9, 2006

Nobody cares, Jen.

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Saturday, September 9, 2006

What would be of Yellow if everyone liked Blue?

- Daniel do Amaral Rodrigues
Wednesday, September 13, 2006

If you say that Aria is just as good as YKK I'll have to have a look.

YKK is by now, my favourite manga, and I've read many during the last 10 years...

- Reboot
Thursday, September 14, 2006

That's nice. Well, I do like Aria a lot, but must you brag about it?

As a new reader to YKK, I think it pretty much is up there with Aria

- Ruki
Saturday, September 16, 2006

Actually, I don't like Aria. The cuddly little things get on my nerves...

- Wang Yiguang
Sunday, September 17, 2006

everyone had a dislike and like between ARIA and YKK, but the different is, they're both set in the future, and they both are about the land. however, Aria is about a new world while YKK is reflecting back on the past.

think about it, which do you want to preserve? the past and it nature that provided us peace and calm or the thrill of the new world and limit technology while forcing us to rely on old techinque?

- terra
Monday, September 18, 2006

Welp, I haven't seen or read ARIA yet, but just in response to terra's last comment....
It seems to me that the Past gives us a foundation on which we can build a life. Plenty of series have people dealing with their past so they can move on, often with much angst. YKK just *accepts* in a way I haven't seen done much of anywhere else... maybe Taniguchi's "Aruku Hito" comes closest.

But as to "which do you want to preserve".... in YKK, the twilight age of humanity is a final thing. All the sparks of life "... for those who know no tomorrow" are muted and shrouded. Whatever the reasons, the majority of the population seen in YKK has stopped fighting against the end, and is at peace.

The key for me is that as they can accept whatever led them to this end and live in peace, so I can learn to accept whatever brought me here, and see the road ahead clearly.

- Speaker59
Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I don't think YKK is not only about the past, but also (or rather more) about the moment. They do ponder a lot about past events, with visiting all those ruins and dead roads, but they seem to know only little of it. All they can see is the mystery and that mankind is slowly vanishing from the surface of earth.

While YKK is about reverberations of the past, the "memories" humanity left behind that won't vanish, Alpha, as an immortal robot, consists of the sentiments that humans value, which are imperishable.

With episodes like the one with the model airplane, or the stories about how Sensei used to explore her surroundings, the story explores how fast the world and everything is changing. Ever moment is fleeting. So, what's important is to see the moment, because it connects the past to the future.

That's what I think in a nutshell (albeit with some big words ^o^), but I guess in the end YKK combines many strands of philosophic thought about time, and everyone picks out the one that he or she relates most strongly to.

- Wang Yiguang
Friday, September 22, 2006

I think, the message is a little different: every moment is
precious, because it will be gone soon. Gone forever, leaving behind only memories, and nothing could bring it back. That's why Alpha values sensations of life so high. For almost immortal being like her, it is her world, that's aging so fast. Things, she used to, are disappearing and all what is left are photos in her camera and her remembrances. But not only things, people, she loved, are growing old and passing away. It is always hard, but for Alpha it is even harder, because she knows too well, that she'll live longer enough to see all the humanity extinct. The only things in the world that aren't changing are other robots, thats why Alpha values her freindship with them so high.

- Dmitriy
Thursday, October 5, 2006

Oh my goodness. Why is everyone blaming me all of a sudden? I DID NOT START THIS FORUM. And I don't like Aria better.

- Jen
Sunday, October 15, 2006

YKK and Aria are really quite different.
Although everyone here compares the two, there isn't much to compare...
The very aura of the two is totally different.
While reading Aria can make you feel kinda giddy and giggly (and awww, what a cute ... fat ... cat-ish thing...), YKK makes the reader feel quiet, nostalgic, and maybe a little bit sad.
Sorry. Not in the mood for big words at the moment.

- Jen
Sunday, October 15, 2006

Can't quarrel. Hey, don't judge neither. While everyone here debate which are better the authors themselves can actually sit in peace if the two are confronted. I suppose they could even read one another's manga and enjoy them as they go.

Remember, these people who did them are the people who likes it 'calm'. It's just that their perspective is different. If you see it, they both deliver the same message. In fact.. Aria isn't all about giddies too, though set in such situation, you can see that the lead loves things of the past, just like how Alpha do.

These manga, they're meant to unite, not to diss each other. Remember that. Me? I like them both, and there's no fuss about it. Since they're of different sub-genre, we should not compare them in that way.

- Jax
Sunday, November 19, 2006

Jax is right.

Aria is about a faraway planet where mankind doesn't have the benefit of the technology that earth already has. so, bascially, it telling us of what the planet would be like with less technology.

YKK just tell us of our planet, where the land is decaying and humanties is slowly fading. also, the Robots, which suppose to be mankind's last memories were probably meant to be as a history line or a last attempt to create robot that act and think like a human.

- terra
Sunday, November 19, 2006

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