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YKK Chapter 140

...and there you have it. One final pass through the gentle ruins of Japan, one last ride with Alpha.


- Dirk Deppey
Wednesday, March 1, 2006

I posted this over at the Pander forum, but thought it worth a repost here in case there are stragglers who don't read there...

Thank you dDave and the Elves for carrying on the work started by Owner and bringing us to this... the end. It has been a satisfying, thoughtful, caring and leisurely trip to Yokohama. I surely will never forget it and will cherish every translated page just as highly as the original artbook and tankouban I own.

In the end, like Ashinano's other work, it seems it's the trip that matters and what you notice about youself along the way that really has meaning and is the underlying message... When, where and IF you get to you destination, just like life, is irrelevent. We all are on our own "shopping trips" as we live out our lives on this spinning rock in space. The sooner we realize that there ultimately is NO goal or destination in life, the better we will learn to live and love those we are travelling with and meet along the way.

Each of us has parallel characters in some way to those in the YKK world, whether mothers and fathers, (Sensei & Ojisan) sisters or brothers, (Takahiro, Makki) children (Sae) or spouses & best friends. (Kokone, ;) Maruko & Nai) If each of us were to view our world as Alpha did, we might hope for a better life. Why question your own being? You simply "are", just as Alpha is. Worried about the monsters under the bed or out in the wide world? Those monsters have their own problems too, like where that little kid they liked went to over the years...  Concerned over the mysteries in life? Enjoy them, because without the riddles and mysteries, life would be dull and without adventure, interest and excitement. Why fret over who you don't like, or doesn't like you... Alpha seemed to never take notice if someone had "done her wrong" or was spiteful, mean or jealous... She saw only the good in people and life, and was living an idyllic existence because of it. In the end, I think that this is what Ashinano wishes for each of us... It doesn't really matter whether "Owner" ever returns. It is our journey... our Shopping Trip and how we travel it that gives us meaning. And Alpha is telling us so.

-Goodbye Sensei & Ojisan. We learned alot about caring for others from you.
-Farewell Taka & Makki. You were destined from the first and judging from Sae, learned your lessons well. We will benefit from your care for each other.
-Travel safely Director. Perhaps one day, you will find the end of your journey in sight and join your siblings on Earth, to impart the wisdom and knowledge you have collected.
-It was nice to see you Misago. I hope the world continues to provide you fish to nourish you body and children's innocence to nourish your soul.
-Happy trails Ayase & kamas'. Your almost nonchalant sense of adventure and wonder will be a guide to a wider view of the world for us.
-Enjoy yourself Maruko. Your growth shows us that despite our "programming" we too might overcome circumstances and find our place in the world.
-May you always fly "on laughter's silvered wings" Nai. Your sense of freedom even within the bounds of being an "only"  gives us hope.
-Best of life to you Kokone. Your sense of curiousity and feeling of finding your center can help us all relate to ourselves and our inner struggles better.

- And thank you Alpha, for bringing us along on a miraculous journey of growing up, finding our place in the world around us and opening our eyes wide to the wisdom and wonder of life... May you continue on your journey, surrounded by love, caring and amazement...


- Darin~
Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Utterly seconded, Darin. It's an excellent tribute.

- Icchan
Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Somehow, I was shivering and feel like crying while reading last pages.

Thank you, Darin, you said it all.
Thank you, Neil and dDave, for bringing translation to us.
Thank you all, who read it together - your thoughts and opinions always were interesting and fun.
Thank you, Ashinano-sensei. You once told that YKK will be like "you never seen", and I swear it was. For last several years this manga was the shining bright line through my life.

And thank you, Alpha. We all will miss you.

Story never end. Let us all be safe through the Humanity's Night.

- Drake
Wednesday, March 1, 2006

It's been a lovely journey, a gentle voyage that's taken us right back to where we started, but perhaps older and wiser than when we began. There are still a lot of questions I'd like answers to, but YKK wasn't about going out and answering questions, it was about stopping to smell the roses along the way. Would I want humanity to end like this? Or would I follow the words of Dylan Thomas, "Do not go gentle into that good night, but rage, rage, against the dying of the light". Possibly the latter I suspect, but then I'm only human.

Ultimately YKK seems to be about remembering. The story may be over, but I WILL remember. Like everyone here I suspect, I will always remember. Thank you, Mr. Ashinano, for writing this. Thank you Neil, dDave and the elves for making it available. Thank you for listening.

- Andy Tucker
Wednesday, March 1, 2006

It was a little shocking to come back from Japan only to find out that my favorite manga ever had just ended. I was already feeling very nostalgic after I had to say goodbye to all the friends I made there in the last two months, and now I have to say goodbye to Alpha and the others too. (Ironically, when I was there I took the chance to buy all the 13 first volumes.)
Despite all that, it wasn't actually a surprise, YKK was showing signs of ending for a while already, and even though it's a little sad to part from it, maybe it was really it's time for ending. YKK was a very long and good manga, but it had to end sometime. I think it's the Hakagure that says "An end is important to all things."
I think the most important message it gave us in the end is that that the story is not really over, and it will never be. The manga might be ending, as well as the human age on the story, but, if the night is coming, let it be a gentle one, and let it be a new day after.
I really wish to thank Ashinano-sensei for working on this beautiful story for so long. And I really wish to thank dNeil and dDave for helping bringing it to us all.
Also, gotta say that all of you YKK fans are great people. Thank you for being so smart, helpful, and polite all this time (as well as damn good-looking, I'm sure), that really makes a difference between this forum (and the other YKK forums) and the ones you usually find over the net.
Well, now it's to wait for the next work by Ashinano-sensei.
Good bye, and see you there, where and whenever it is.

- Nietz
Saturday, March 11, 2006

I almost cried as well when I realized that 140 was the final chapter, I almost did not want to read it because I didn't want it to end, I wanted it to contiune.

The ending, however, was true to its form and I am glad that I was able to read such a wonderful peice of art.

- Michael Kao
Saturday, March 18, 2006

it has finished!

i have a bit to catchup on but i never thought it would end, feel kinda sad now...

it really was more of a life than a story. i'll probally hold of reading the final chapters while i re -read what i have, trying to may it last.

wow feel really donw now....

- thebranded
Sunday, March 19, 2006

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