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This is old, I am sure

Has anyone else given further thought to why A7M1 wears sensei's pendant, but Sensei is vague about her involvement with the series?

Also, if radio exists on earth, why does the taapon society seem indifferent to the changes on the surface?

Is it possible that the taapon scenes occur in a different time than the surface scenes?

Just some musings after a bottle of rum on thanksgiving. And thanks, for YKK.

- Steven Robinson
Thursday, November 27, 2003


Director Alpha stayed with Sensei for a while. This was when Director Alpha was in a "child like" stage of development. It seems that Sensei gave director Alpha the pendant then. We haven't been told why Director Alpha left sensei, nor why she is on Taapon.

Check out out chapters 82 and 83.

Also, given the way the Author works Taapon into the series, showing Ayase and Alpha looking up at it as it flys by, I would assume it's on the same time frame. Good question about the radio, though.



- dDave
Friday, November 28, 2003

BTW, p 77 has a slight typo -- "here here" instead of "her here".

- Chris Kern
Friday, November 28, 2003

Koumishi ALpha-

ON that page, it says that A7M1 had the Sensei's family name. This is interesting, aside from the implications of sensei's involvement in her development.

Here is a question. Has there been any drawings of Sensei's pendant on the elder version of sensei? If not, is it possible the pendant Director Alpha wears may be exactly the same. This would mean that Sensei met up with the first alpha after her college years.

Following that thought, let me surmise that Owner and Sensei's parent may have been scientists creating the Alpha type. That also means that Taapon was launched within Sensei's lifetime. This again makes me wonder, if it was launched within the living memory of the remaining Earthbound human's, why is it such a mystery to them, and why do the denizens of Taapon regard Earth so mysteriously.

My initial premise that the Taapon scenes may be in a different time result from the possibility that the taapon scenes may be further in the future. However, if it is in the same time period as Alpha2, then I am even more curious about the timelines.

1) The oceans were already rising at the time that Sensei was in college. She refers to the rebuilding after the first "great tide"
2) http://ykk.misago.org/Volume9/80 and 81, and she speaks as though she was there for M1's early development. THis must have been after Sensei's college years, because Alpha M1 has the pendant Sensei wore in college (assuming it's not a copy)
3) Alpha M2 reminises that she remembers Mt. Fuji before it erupted, and she remembers the beaches before the people dissappeared.

This implies the oceans were rising before the Fuji eruption. Possibly the Fuji eruption was so violent, it precipitated the necessity for a group of people to leave Earth in Taapon and Alpha went with them. Yet, some how, whatever cataclysm occured was survivable, because Sensei and Ojisan are both still alive.....

So, these questions and timings puzzle me. How old is sensei? What could have occured within she can't be older than 80 or 90. What could have occured withing the 50 years between her college that cause people to build (or grow) Taapon, launch it, evacute a sizable population to it, then loose contact with earth, yet have a cataclysm calm down enough so that Takahiro, who is nearing 20, doesn't remember it.

- Steven Robinson
Thursday, December 4, 2003


You pose some good questions on this point of Sensei's relationship to the A7 line.

We see the elder Sensei with the pendant in chapter 53. So it seems safe to assume that she gave a copy of her pendant to Director Alpha.


Your timeline seems pretty safe but I would change few details.

Chapter 28 makes it clear that Sensei was contributing research to early stages of the A7 development cycle. Sensei had to be at least 25 at this point. Her research did not bear fruit per se, but her experience helped her when she started working on the A7 project directly. However, since Director Alpha was already created when Sensei entered the picture, Sensei was likely influential in the creation of the M2 prototypes. So Alpha, Kokone, Maruko (and presumably Nai along with Ayase - if he is indeed a robot) were all created afterward. My guess is it's likely later, towards Sensei's middle age. And since Director Alpha has not met any of her decendants, we can time Taapon's launch to before the creation of the M2 prototypes.

As you mention, the first great tide had receded while Sensei was young and early in her career. This means that the disaster that struck the world to raise the water level happened while Sensei was relatively young (as a child?). Then, if we take it that Alpha saw Mt. Fuji's original shape with her own eyes and not in a book, then Mt. Fuji blew it's top after Taapon was in orbit.

This makes sense because it seems that there was considerable time until the M2 prototypes were complete and living with their owners.


The more I think about it, I believe Taapon is not an evactuation ship. The people on board clearly expect to die off.


I think it's an archive. Sort of like the gold record that was attached to the voyager spacecraft. It's meant to be a record of the human race.

Following that logic, then it makes more sense that the folks on board don't listen to the radio. They have already severed themselves from the earth below. All except Director Alpha, who always is looking down....



- dDave
Thursday, December 4, 2003

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