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What would make Konone or Alpha use their guns?

I have an idea for my next YKK one-shot and it involves either Alpha or Kokone (I'm pushing more for Kokone) using their gun. It got me to thinking what would make Alpha or Kokone use their guns? Outside of Alpha going off to an abandoned area and shooting a sign we've never really seen anyone in YKK use a gun. It's been hinted at that the robots carry them around for personal protection. However, there's never really been shown anything that would remotely resemble any crime in the world they live in. That doesn't mean crime doesn't exist in the world Alpha and Kokone live in. What do you think would be a reason for Alpha and Kokone to use their guns outside of shooting a rouge metal sign?

- Christine K
Sunday, September 11, 2005

As I remember Konone loads rubber bullets. Which clearly implies a self defense function and I think that is appropriate considering her job.

Alpha appears to me to use regular bullets. Does anyone know what model gun she has? The pics are in volume one, which is called, "The scent of steel in the night".

If this were set in the United States there wouldn't be any questions about gun use. Every rural household I'm aware of (I know quite a few in Vermont and some in California) has 5 to 15 firearms in the closet. Lots of people have more guns then shovels. It's mostly guys that actually own them.

I've heard that Japan is very different though.

The theory that the robots were originally designed as guidence systems for military weapons may relate to this also. You could check out the links in this thread:
You might call it the dark side of YKK speculation.

- outsideking
Monday, September 12, 2005

Alpha uses some sort of electric discharge bullet.

- martialstax
Monday, September 12, 2005

The only time we have seen the guns being used is indeed when Alpha shot at the sign (and I agree it fires an "electrical discharge" bullet) and when Kokone pulled her gun on Maruko.

That event makes me think Kokone is more likely to be the one to actually pull a gun and use it.

What would make them use the gun? Nothing we have seen so far. Kokone might get startled and pop off a shot out of fear. Probably why she keeps it loaded with non lethal bullets.

However, I think Alpha's bullets might kill a robot and just zap a person. That is just my opinion, based on nothing...

- Silverback
Monday, September 12, 2005

I don't think the electric bullets would kill a robot. Here's where Kokone tells Maruko about them:
Sounds non-lethal to me. I'm assuming Alpha and Kokone have similar ammunition.

- Brad
Monday, September 12, 2005


There is also this ambiguous scene where Alpha reaches for her gun, but then seems to find no threat.




- dDave
Monday, September 12, 2005

Thanks for the link to that page, Brad. I love that chapter.

dDave, does she still carry the gun in that holster? I seem to remember her leaving the gun at home and putting the camera in the holster, although I don't know if it was just for that one trip or not...

- Silverback
Monday, September 12, 2005

So it seems that only Kokone pulls out her gun if she's taken completely by surprise. That could work within the context of the story since I never had any intention of the gun being fired. I just have to work out why the person was where Kokone and Shiba-chan were.

dDave- Are you sure that's her gun and not her camera she's reaching for? Going back through some of the older chapters looking for good images I noticed Alpha's gun has been replaced by her camera in the holster. She could have the camera in there and went for it thinking she had a good shot there.

- Christine K.
Monday, September 12, 2005

Somehow I don't think that either would hesitate to fire in the interest of self-preservation, especially if the bullets are non-fatal.

- El Gonzo
Monday, September 12, 2005


It's certainly possible that it's the camera, but the way she reaches for it make me think it's the gun.



- dDave
Monday, September 12, 2005

Well, Kokone is a delivery girl right? It would make sense that she would travel to lost of places and even some places that are dangerous. I guess her training would make her able to sense people following her and pull out her gun and shoot in case of attacks.

So some one sneaking up on her or trying to assault her to steal her package?

- JokerD
Monday, September 12, 2005

This discussion remind me of Asimov's laws of robotics, which deal with both protection of humans and self-preservation. I don't know if it's been discussed before, whether the robot-people of YKK follow "programming" of any kind, and don't recall anything specifically about it from the story.

- Wraith
Monday, September 12, 2005

One of the interesting specters this all brings up ( and aren't all specters interesting? is that we're talking about the intrusion of serious conflict into the story - something YKK almost entirely omits. There are emotional conflicts - 'like' triangles rather than love triangles - and the struggles with change, death, aging and the frustration of lost information. But malice, theft, assault, exploitation don't seem to appear - either repressed from the story or else lost in the seeming global shift in human consciousness, away from competition and towards acceptance.

Perhaps this is since we see the world through Alpha's eyes? Books written from a child's viewpoint ofter have this feeling - not seeing or understanding the darker motives of adults - and although she's seen a lot of life, Alpha's view is still kind of childlike.
Probably more because these aren't problems that interest Ashinano-san as much as the ones he's chosen.

I think the only likely use of the guns (on other people - ew!) in keeping with the spirit of the story would be accidental. Like Kokone's when Maruko spooked her on that quiet stretch of road. Tragedy warning - I'm hoping it won't happen.

Anyone watch Kino's Journey? It's not as good as YKK, but it has some of the same feel. A young boyish girl on a motorcycle travels among strange folks & twisted towns in a kind of dark storybook world. She carries a gun - and uses it - and it's a strangely jarring element in the story. But then her world is different, full of hidden motives and karma traps, and she needs it more there.

- terry
Monday, September 12, 2005

Hello all
I sometimes can make weirdest associations from smallest things, and these lines just gave me ideas:
"Green Lightning.. How long since I've seen it last?"
"It's not like you'd have any bullets for that thing."

Alpha has used guns before, or at least seen those stun rounds used. Probably a lot if it left so lasting impression.
Guns are _very_ rare. Bullets are nowhere to be found.
Gramps was not very surprised that Alpha had a gun, just wondering if she usually had it on her.

Robots were used for war or police work.
Only robots have guns anymore.
Maybe a war was the reason why there are so few humans left; no fighting in/around Japan, but many/most people left for the war and only robots came back... No winners and icecaps melted and biochems or atomics caused weird plants to appear and birthrates go down, so some people went nuts and robots took weapons away from humans. Robots might have needed protection from humans and means to stop someone running amok, but this was long ago and survivors like their lives peaceful so now there is no violence.

- Paul Bergman
Tuesday, September 13, 2005

This is a pistol that fires electric darts:


It gives a 50000 Volts shock and is non lethal. It seems to be different from Alpha's though... ._.


- (NGA)
Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I personally get the feeling that Alpha feels like seeing the green lightning because her programming wants her to stay in practice with the firearm. Combine that with the robots having a similar designation to the Mitsubishi Zero warplane, and Sensei saying that the A5s and A6s do not have a happy story... and I think robots may have been developed for military purposes.

Therefore, a good reason for Kokono and Alpha to use their guns might be if an actual battle took place and they were required to take part.

However, that would totally suck. : ( War is hell and I don't want YKK to go in that direction.


- Kempis Curious
Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Obviously Alpha's used guns before. Whether she's used them a lot is another question: something doesn't have to be a regular event to be memorable, and given Alpha's nature she might just like the feel of it in her hand and the look of the"green lightning" once in a while for purely aesthetic reasons.
As for guns being rare, or only robots having them, a gun shop was shown in Alpha's first Yokohama trip in http://ykk.misago.org/Volume1/21 along with signs for various calibers of ammunition. Ojisan not being surprised that Alpha had a gun more likely shows that it's not all that strange in general. Maruko being surprised by Kokone's weapon being loaded could mean many people just don't tend to keep loaded firearms around with little apparent need for them. It could also mean Maruko just doesn't picture Kokone as "the type" to have live ammo even if she does have a gun at hand.

- Kunou-chan
Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Good eye, Kunou-chan! I had not noticed that gunshop.

- Silverback
Tuesday, September 13, 2005

the bullet that Alpha has is the type that can disable a robot, stun a normal person, and it kinda like a EMP. there was one in a experienmental stage, but it got scraped due to high cost to make one single bullet. i guess in YKK, Alpha prob has it from Owner who thought it might help Alpha from stoping anyone who trying to disemble her.

- terra
Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I was certain some of this was discussed in a very old thread, but I couldn't find it.

In answer to outsideking's question, Alpha has a Heckler & Koch (H&K) P7, a 9mm, striker-fired, gas-retarded, blowback pistol. They made it from about 1978-1981 and a one-time production run in 1997.


For some beautifully detailed photos of this gun, go to http://www.praxagora.com/lunde/firearms.html and scroll down about half way. The site is NOT 56K-friendly.

I'm not certain of the gun Kokone carries. It looks like it might be a Sig-Sauer P232, but the hammer doesn't look right.


One has to admire Kokone's training as she maintained trigger discipline even when Maruko surprised her:


Maruko is fortunate she wasn't shot, though it's uncertain what effect that would have had on her survivability. If Alpha could survive a direct lightning hit, I suppose Maruko could take a chest shot, but I don't know what internal mechanisms would be damaged by "electric" bullets.

Good catch on Kunou-chan's part. I missed that bit with the gun shop, too. What other calibers did you see? All I can make out is the .45 ACP. The top item on the shop sign is coffee. Sounds like my kind of place: coffee and guns!

I was first attracted to YKK and Misago.org by some Usenet posts about two years ago, and when I saw that Alpha had the P7, I was hooked. I figured then she and her story were worth following, and I haven't been disappointed.

- doki doki
Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Wow. Christine sets off an avalanche!

Kunou-chan gets this month's "close reader' medal for that gunshop.

As to Kempis, I think Alpha likes seeing the green lightning because it reminds her of Owner. I'll bet Owner taught her to use the gun. And green lightning - come on, it's cool! I wouldn't settle for once!

Among so many good theories, my instinct goes with Wraith and the 'protect yourself' law of robotics. After all, when the A7s were concieved, they had to plan for multiple future scenarios. How were they to know the future would be like a long, long vacation?

And, while I'm here, THIS FORUM IS SO GREAT! You're such a remarkable bunch of people - we get detailed obscure knowledge and well-informed speculators and you're funny too! And time and again, there's evidence that people really, really read & look through YKK with the attentiveness of deep affection. Thank you all (and the elves too, from whom all good things come).

- terry
Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Kokone's gun seems to be a Walter P5, according to my friend.

- seastone
Saturday, September 24, 2005

Uh, It's been quite a while since I noticed it, but.. Oh, and this goes for Alpha's case.

Im not sure which chapter was it, but all I could recall is that the chapter is entitled 'Green'.Im refering to the time when Alpha bring out her gun and shoots some signboard and have a thought something like "I don't know but sometimes I get the feeling of a need for these gunfires..Not too much, like this would do".

When I read that part some sparks come flying to my mind telling that this thought of Alpha, is actually induced by her feeling of missing owner so much. As for the explanation, firstly, the gun is given to her by owner right? And maybe it really is the gun that made her remember of owner since she has that desire to use the gun sometimes... This way, she won't forget about owner and can always 'meet' with him, though only in the memory of that gift gun. So.. I'd say she would use the gun to 'meet' with owner.

I don't know... People tell me I have good telepathy and some certified test I took also told me the same, though YKK is a manga(not real life condition) but it is such a heartful manga that I can't help making this statement I thought of. ^_^;;

- Jax
Wednesday, October 19, 2005

There are certified tests for telepathy? Wow.

Maybe you meant "empathy"? ;)

- Radomir Dopieralski
Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Regarding Alpha and guns, I thing it is interesting to realise how ambivalent her feelings are.

In Chapter 1, the gun is for her anything except a weapon. It clearly reminds her of owner, and she describes it as a work of art (http://ykk.misago.org/Volume1/31.html). She even reassures Oijisan about the gun not being loaded.... And as an interesting sidenote, Ojisaan seems to know very well how to handle weapons...

However, when Alpha first meets Kokone, she hides the gun on her back, as though she feared some danger (http://ykk.misago.org/Volume1/146.html). It is a disturbing thought that so trusting a person as Alpha, fond and unafraid of passing the night in open air and prone to invite strangers to her home suddenly feels that urge for protection...

It is also interesting to realise how the camera substitutes the gun as a reminder of owner, even by symbolically replacing it inside the holster (http://ykk.misago.org/Volume2/69.html). From then on, except a passing reference (http://ykk.misago.org/Volume7/104) nothing else is known about the gun, till suddenly in chapter 95(http://ykk.misago.org/Afternoon2002/102.html) Alpha reaches for the camera and draws the gun instead... and we realised that the camera has not been depicted for a while, precisely, since chapter 86, (http://ykk.misago.org/Volume9/48.html), just after Alpha's return from her journeys

And from that moment, nothing. Camera and gun have both vanished... till Ashinano decides to surprise us.

Two minor remarks to conclude. First, Alpha carried her camera during her one year trip (http://ykk.misago.org/Volume8/61.html) but... what about the gun? Alpha's winter outfit does not have a holster (http://ykk.misago.org/Volume8/35.html), and even if she carried the gun inside the coat, as she does with the camera, she would be forced to tuck it inside her rucksack in summer ... not a sensible place to carry a gun if you intend to use it. I think that she left it deliberately at home, along with the Getsukin, because it would mean less weight to carry... and there wasn't anything to be afraid of.

And secondly, the event that prompts Alpha to shoot the gun is, if I am not mistaken... a lightning in the clouds (http://ykk.misago.org/Afternoon2002/98.html). What thoughts did it awake in Alpha's mind? I don't have the slightest idea... but strangely, Alpha is not afraid of lightning, (http://ykk.misago.org/Volume4/39.html) even after having been struck by one. Something in her programming?

- DavidF
Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Oh, I checked back.. And it was really 'empathy'. Not telepathy. >_< Anyhow, it's rather in the same category, right? Though it has nothing to do with telepathy, haha...

Wow, I didn't notice that.. The gun hidden when Alpha opens the door for Kokone... I guess even for being such an empathic individual, my trusting quality turns out bad when it comes to this(Really, I'm one of those always fooled ones in my life). And it appears that I can't beat the intuition of a real fan, really. I don't think it's easy to notice something like this, no? :)

About the lightning, I think I see the point in that. If Im not wrong, in the earlier chapters where she got struck by the lightning, she was taken to sensei's. And at that, when she
gained conscious, she cried for a feeling she wasn't yet asure of http://ykk.misago.org/volume1/94 and she felt good for it. Even after then, in the end of the chapter, she cried for once again, for that same feeling.

These may have a relation to Alpha's "I like WATCHING it." case and how the thunder clouds attempted her to use her gun, with the electric-round loads. About how she likes watching it.. It could be due to the nostalgia that the lightning brings, that memories of hers being well-taken care of when she first got struck by lightning, and at that she is touched for having such caring neighbours. And so in her mind there cultivated that same happiness she experienced back then.

As for how the clouds attempted her to use her gun.. I guess this have some connections with the 'nostalgic thunder' mentioned above and Alpha's 'missing owner' case. When she saw the thunder clouds she recalled of 'nostalgic thunder' again and at that, somehow she remembered of owner's gift gun that she at most only uses the electric-rounds for. Being electric-rounds, maybe found herself a disturbing connection between the 'nostalgic thunder' with the gift gun, being given by owner...

Remembering how happy she was when well-taken care of at the time she got struck by the lightning, it disturbs her when owner can't be with her to share that kind of happiness together. Since she misses owner so much, the least she could do to reduce that feeling would be to use the gun to fire the electric-rounds, that way she'd get the feeling as if owner(the gift gun) is experiencing that happiness(nostalgic thunder) together with her.

Then again, this is what my empathy interprets from all these. It doesn't have to be necessarily true, but I did my best to study this case and couldn't find any better reason for this as of yet. So... As far as things goes, I believe in this statement regarding this case.

- Jax
Thursday, October 20, 2005

Let me remind... ^_^

- Drake
Thursday, October 20, 2005

Drake, that's hilarious... ^_^

- Silverback
Thursday, October 20, 2005

Do some of your customers stiff you on the tip? The Omega C is the ultimate solution!

- outsideking
Thursday, October 20, 2005

I have to say... That piece of equipment would make Alpha's days more interesting...

Just imagining that baby in action in chapter 95 sends chills down my spine...

Owner's next present, maybe? Though I can't entirely picture Kokone dragging it all the way to Café Alpha...

- DavidF
Thursday, October 20, 2005

It should be something like: A few helicopters landed in the frontyard while Alpha was heading back from her shopping trip. She then learned the truth about her true meaning of robot's existence - being the last defence against aliens/oppositions/whatever. The rest is Saikano/Sky of Iryia with a robot lead ^_^

- tongHoAnh
Friday, October 21, 2005

...well, actually, and given the suitable kind of ammo, Alpha's new toy would be the ultimate mean to bring down the Taapon and force the meeting between all types of A7 robots, everyone is expecting

...though that could reveal Taapon's true nature and purpose, in the shape of a retaliatory strike, which is another way of "watching from the skies"...

...to many Anime, I think....

- DavidF
Friday, October 21, 2005

Now this starts to sound like Halo or something..

Har har, that autocannon would surely be the best thing as owner's memorial. Owner could have sent it if he happens to know how much Alpha has been missing him... Being something so massively-much superior sized compared to her older gun, I suppose it brings more passion that Alpha might even confuse this arm with owner himself, rather than just imagining her initial gun as owner. ^o^

- Jax
Friday, October 21, 2005

DavidF - just watch:


- Drake
Friday, October 21, 2005

I don't think that Alpha took the gun in http://ykk.misago.org/Volume1/146.html for her protection. For me it rather feels like she's been doing something with it, and when disturbed, she didn't want to just leave it laying in the open. Because it's precious to her, not because it's dangerous. There was no time to wrap it properly and put back where she usually keeps it, so she just stuck it behind her belt.

On the other hand, the Alpha's gun somehow balances and makes it normal that Kokone also carries a gun. I think that Kokone would look much more suspicious if Alpha didn't have her gun in this scene.

As for the camera - maybe Alpha used up all the pictures? But still, woudn't she be watching them from time to time?

- Radomir Dopieralski
Friday, October 21, 2005

There is another object missing in action since a long time: the getsukin.

A subtle way of hinting at alpha depending less on objects and more on people?

Maybe what defines now Alpha is not owner, gun, camera and getsukin, but Ojisan, Kokone, Sensei, Makki, Takahiro and Maruko...

that would be quite a moral for the story, by the way

- DavidF
Friday, October 21, 2005

What do you mean by "moral"?

Have you noticed how the world seen by Alpha became larger, but also less detailed?

At the beginning, she could spend a whole day just touching the camera, feeling it's surface, tiny little details, and daydreaming. She'd look at some object or natural effect, and be amazed with it.

I've got impression that as more persons get involved in the story, the attention gets shifted from the world around to those persons, their life, feelings, etc., and the beauty of inanimate objects and nature gets forgotten.

Just a note, I don't mean to suggest that inanimate objects should more important than people ;). It's just interesting how paying more attention to persons makes the story "go faster", without the "stop to watch the roses".

- Radomir Dopieralski
Saturday, October 22, 2005

I was thinking of YKK as some sort of elaborate and intricate fable... something that after a long, long narrative would end in a sentence "..and the moral is...". The "message" if it is preferred.

Yes. I have noticed the out/in focus of the surroundings/scenery. There is a beautiful page that perfectly illustrates it.


While Maruko is sipping her coffe the surrounding world disappears, to reappear a moment after... remarking in the next frame what Maruko does not want to see.

But it is not only about images... I love the use of silence in the manga, though it can sound strange, in order to focus the attention in what it is really important.

A perfect example is this...


Kokone and Alpha's dialogue is not important at all, but what Makki finds out about them and their relationship...

Year after year, there has been a steady simplication of the design detail in the manga, and I have to confess it had me worried for a while... maybe the mangaka was growing tired of his own creation?

But as you say it can be explained by a shift of focus, from things to people, and also by a conscientious effort of centering in the essentials, avoiding everything that could distract the reader...

And I like too that from time to time, Ashinano inserts images like that...


As saying "Hey, if I wanted, everything would be like that, but this is not the point"

- DavidF
Saturday, October 22, 2005

In reply to the previous message:
It takes time to design and draw such image. I dont think he could affort doing that on every frame of every pages. Afaik, most manga frames are drawn fully on at least an a4 paper before got scanned/edited etc.

- tongHoAnh
Saturday, October 22, 2005

3 questions:
1) Refering to the sign that Alpha shoots at in
-The english is "OFF LIMITS".
Does the japanese say the same thing?

2) Some other thread mentioned that this is a typical sign at an abandoned american military base. Can anyone confirm this?

3) Also, Alpha mentions that the electrical discharge (lightning) that the gun produces is green.
- Does anyone know of a process that would produce GREEN lightning? Is there a particular chemical for instance?


- outsideking
Saturday, October 22, 2005

Art is not just became sipmlier - if someone is managing to channel the same information and mood using less details - it just means he grows in skill.
So I think.

- Drake
Saturday, October 22, 2005

About simplication in details... No, I don't think it's the right
way to describe it.

From the experience I've had for 5 years in studying 'the way of the manga' as of yet, it opened my eyes when I found out that actually no one degrade in their skills.

As you can see from the very beginning of YKK, its mangaka tried to make things as detailed as he'd able to do to match the aura of the surroundings perfectly. http://ykk.misago.org/Volume1/12 You see, each lines are heavily given attention to that when seen in whole, it looks unconvincing, because things are too much of a hustle.

You can see the difference quickly in the very early chapter in volume 4.Where things started to look more cutesy and simpler, yet more convincing. http://ykk.misago.org/Volume4/3
Why so quick of a difference in just a few volume? Well,
for an instance, what happened in the earlier volumes is what I call 'adapting-artifact' where mangaka's drawings gets a little choppy due to unused to drawing manga (especially in panel formats) as of yet. This usually happens in the beginning of his career and it usually ends quite quickly, (though up to volume 4 would take a few years, to mangaka who experienced this themselves... They'd feel it's rather quick).

Once adapted to the situation.. The mangaka would always be able to go on full throttle with skills. Simply said, this is what the mangaka learn from his manga. Even if you said he could have done a lot of manga before, no. It goes uniquely for each different manga.

About how the character simplication turn out to be more convincing, this is caused due to the complexity in the background. When things are of the same complexity, everything looks flat. While being a manga that should induce peace, the main focus in images(the characters) mustn't be complex or else the reader who wants peace would be getting too much confused.

In other words, the mangaka himself has discovered a formula to make the characters look clear, compact and dynamic in their own way. This goes as the characters need to be given 'life' to, unlike the inanimated beings.

To notice that his skills doesn't degrade, look at the backgrounds. They are as nice as they are before, aren't they? In fact, they keep looking better. ^_^

- Jax
Saturday, October 22, 2005

There was that book, "Understanding Comics" by Scott Mccloud. Among other things, he discusses the psyhological effect of less detailed/more detailed drawing.

In short, he sais there's a border of our perception, between the "outer world" and "ourselves". Some objects, like our clothes, tools, even cars, can be moved trough this barrier and become a part of ourselves - at least in our perception.

What characterises those objects (or, again, our perception of them) is that we don't look at their details - we rather "feel" them, knowing vaguely how they look like, but without unimportant details. When we look at the item and pay attention to it's detail, it gets "pushed out" trough the border and becomes a part of "outer world".

This fact is often used by artists - the parts of the drawing that are supposed to be connected closely to the reader, ones that the reader should "feel" rather than see, are simplified, even symbolic. Look how simplified the faces are in most frames!

But the parts that are supposed to be "looked at" are detailed. The "outer world", that consists mainly of backgrounds, single objects the main character examine, and an occasional person or face, when the main character doesn't care about the expression or feelings, but is actually interested in looks.

This effect can be obesrved especially when the "flying Alpha" is drawn - the lack of deatils makes us understand that Alpha actually *feels* she's flying, not sees it.

- Radomir Dopieralski
Sunday, October 23, 2005

> 1) Refering to the sign that Alpha shoots at in [a2002, 104]
> -The english is "OFF LIMITS".
> Does the japanese say the same thing?

Yes, they say exactly the same thing.

The Japanese says:
'kyoka': authorization
'naki': without
'mono': personell
'tachiiri kinshi': off limits

The Japanese text seems to be a direct translation from an English phrase "off limits to unauthorized personell".

-- kGo

- Kimoto Go
Sunday, October 23, 2005

> 2) Some other thread mentioned that this is a typical sign at an abandoned american military base. Can anyone confirm this?

You mean this thread:

I didn't say "abandoned", and it may not be very "typical".

These are what I meant by "similar signs":

Negishi, Yokohama, Kanagawa:

Ikego, Zushi, Kanagawa:

Kure, Hiroshima

Iwakuni, Yamaguchi:

Sasebo, Nagasaki:


-- kGo

- Kimoto Go
Sunday, October 23, 2005

> 3) Also, Alpha mentions that the electrical discharge (lightning) that the gun produces is green.
> - Does anyone know of a process that would produce GREEN lightning? Is there a particular chemical for instance?

I don't know how to produce green electric spark, but a chemical called "barium nitrate" is used for green fire of fireworks.

-- kGo

- Kimoto Go
Sunday, October 23, 2005

Electrical arcs that involve (ionize) copper also creates green light

- C_P
Sunday, October 23, 2005

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