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I realise that we already have a thread here about mangas similar to YKK, but i'd like to discuss this in a more general way. As in what mangas would you recommend?

Here are some of mine:

Mitsuru Adachi
"Rough "

Miuchi Suzue
"Glass Mask"

Mochiru Hoshisato
"Living Game"

Mori Kaoru

Ninomiya Tomoko
"Nodame Cantabile"

Shirow Masamune

Ogawa Yayoi
"Kimi wa Pet"

Endo Hiroki

Nakamura Yoshiki
"Tokyo Crazy Paradise"

Obana Miho
"Kodomo no Omocha"

Ozawa Mari
"Nico Nico Diary"

Sakuishi Harold

Soda Masahito
"Dance! Subaru"


Taniguchi Jiro
"Harukana Machi-E"

Yazawa Ai
"Gokinjo Monogatari"
"Tenshi nanka ja Nai"

Yukimura Makoto

This is hardly complete, but it's getting too long. Anyway, these are mangas in very different styles. Some have great artwork, some have skillfully told stories, some are profound, some are light and quricky...

So how about you people? What are some of your favourites/recommendations?

- Alan
Tuesday, August 2, 2005

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