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A most wonderful Anime

Surfing thru boxtorrents a few days back, i found the most wonderful anime. Called Air, this anime maintains a atmosphere of magic found in PositioN. I was so enraptured by this anime that i felt guilty simply not sharing it. This anime is so beautiful in both story and plot, i fell in love with it. If you liked PositioN, you'll like this.

The following links are sites where you can get the anime. I recommend you google for VLC media player to view this.



Please watch this show, as it is one of the best dramas you'll ever see in life. I guarantee it

- Ryan Guo
Friday, April 8, 2005

The strength of AIR is awesome. The origins of it are no less stunning. Today, when half of the games are less impressive and been transformed into even less impressive anime, we witness a true achievement.

Before AIR there was Kanon. If Dokyusei was the first true renai game, and revolutionary in that way, then Leaf's To Heart and Key's Kanon was the game that did make a turn to a another new direction, away from usual date simulation games that infested the markets prior to 1999. True, Kanon was released as adult version as well as all-ages version, but it didn't diminish the strength of the stories of the game. That can be easily seen in anime versions, where the story is simply memorable and has been even improved by getting rid of sex scenes. And of course, in those years around 2000, who couldn't have helped to see Ayu Tsukimiya becoming a loved and adored cult figure in a manner like Rei Ayanami.

Kanon's sequel, AIR, was then again something completely different. It was no more a date sim at all. Here was a perfect visual novel at last, with all the merits we usually attach to literature. The story doesn't go at all as one supposes it to go, and when everything is over, the viewer just have to admit that everything that has been seen is cruelly logical, as life is.

There is just one regret. Kanon in anime never included the essential opening and ending songs of the game. Fortunately, in AIR anime, this blunder was corrected.

I warmly recommend AIR to anyone who wants to see unforgettable storytelling.

- Jari Lehtinen
Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I cried more last night thatI have in the past few years.

I couldn;t sleep until I was done with the shole thing.

This story is pretty confoluted but good all the way through.
Temporal confusion...

- The GZeus
Sunday, April 17, 2005

Can you tell I was tired when I posted that?

- The GZeus
Sunday, April 17, 2005

Any idea why there are all agesand ...not versions of the Air game?
If you DO, do you think it's better to get the all ages version or not and why?

- The GZeus
Thursday, April 28, 2005

I have to agree about Air. It's so heart-achingly good.

I had no idea about the game origins of Air (or the others mentioned here) and it makes me curious. I will be checking out Kanon anime next.

From my perspective of not knowing it's previous incarnations the Air animation stands well enough alone and is completely engaging in character, story and setting. Like YKK, Air is casts a strong *mono-no-aware* spell on the reader/viewer. I'm finding it very hard to break away from this kind of haunting enchantment.

I wan't to go back and watch every episode repeatedly but find that at times I can't because some of those episodes are emotionally draining. I ended up identifiying with Misuzu character -at least the younger version of myself did- so that there's a great deal of empathy -and yes, a fair amount of tears. :)

- kage musouka
Friday, April 29, 2005

The game IS adult should you buy that version.
To the point there's a shot in the artbook that I hope ISN'T in the game.

This is the perfect game for me. something to tug at the heartstrings while I tug....oh sorry.

Yeah. Meesa emo-perv.
Oh, that's even more painful...

In any case, this seems to be just as much of a dating sim.

- The GZeus
Saturday, June 11, 2005

I must digress though, all that bird transformation actually got to my nerves, *spoiler prevented ...* .. aaaa (stops before getting emotional) -_- but yes it's a quite intense title ^^

Yet, nothing will beat "Fantastic Children", it's even better than Yokohama IMHO, just fantastic title, the director/author took 10 years polishing the plot before releasing this awesome anime.

If you drop by it just download it, the art style is a bit different but it sure worths to watch. And yes, you WILL cry a lot ... lots of times >_> (my wife cryed 3 whole hours from episode 20 until the ending .. and some more lol) .. I actually did do a cry duet sometimes >_>

You can find it to download here: http://www.mahou.org/

I think it's not licensed. But I'll buy the DVDs anyway =p

- Caio Netto
Saturday, June 11, 2005

Oh by the way about "Fantastic Children", DO NOT READ ANIMENFO'S REVIEW, it spoils everything up to half the series ><

Here is a nice review about the show:


- Caio Netto
Saturday, June 11, 2005

The bird thing caught e off guard but this is an EXTREMELY Shinto and partly Buddhist influenced anime.
THe only thing from Buddhism being the reincarnation concept.

The rest is dripping with shintoism, and seems to lamost hardbor a grudge towards buddhism.

- The GZeus
Sunday, June 12, 2005

Aarghhh...to late, I already read the animenfo synopsis few weeks ago, now I'm afraid they already ruin half of the enjoyment (damn, why can't they write on more better synopsis).
I'll try download some of the first ep of fantastic children, maybe it's worth watching like you said ^_^

- Kuswardhana
Sunday, June 12, 2005

Well I actually watched the title after reading animenfo review as well ... although they spoil half the title, the BEST are still untouched so give it a try ^^

BTW Fantastic Children is FILLED with reincarnation and budism/shintoism themes as well ^^

- Caio
Sunday, June 12, 2005

Yesterday I watched this anime namely "Zettai Shounen", and I was suprised. Very nice smooth dreamy animation, slow relaxing storylines.

- painsama
Saturday, June 18, 2005

I found Fantastic children VERY close to Please Save my Earth.
like REAAAAAAAALY close in overall plot structure.
The differences being single reincarnation, and fewer things hidden from the veiwer.

Overall less dark, but that's setting.

- The GZeus
Tuesday, June 28, 2005

There's a new series just hitting the BitTorrent trackers this week that looks to be very tasty, called Kamichu! (this can be translated several ways, as God's Kiss! or as it's actually explained in the first episode, Middle School God). A young schoolgirl announces to her friends one day that she has become a God. She's not sure what *kind* of a God, but she's sure she is one...

The art is incredibly well done for a TV anime series, full of life and movement. The story also looks very good, light and funny on the viewing of the first episode. I'm looking forward to seeing more of this series. There's a manga, too, but I haven't tracked down any of it yet. Recommended.

- Robert Sneddon
Monday, July 4, 2005

Thanks for the recomendation for Zettai Shonen - went & got the first 5 episodes and it's very good. It wins the 'family of YKK' contest in my mind - mostly because of the strong sense of place & season, the long teasing-out of the mystery behind the landscape, and the way the characters all circle around each other in an involved but distanced way. Hopefully the story will take its sweet time.,,

- terry
Monday, July 4, 2005

Yeah, Kamichu! definitely has that "slice of life" feel with a bit of surrealism. Love the fact that everyone takes Yurie's "deification" so matter-of-fact'ly. OP is very Ghibliesque (listen to it.. then listen to Kiki OP.) as is the anime.

I liked "Air" but after ep7 or so the drama started to feel "forced" somehow. Hope Kamichu! retains it's "natural" pacing through out.

Fantastic Children was a great series. It wasn't a slice-of-life anime though. It was largely plot driven, good though it was.

- ricardox
Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Yay, reading this thread has rekindled my drive to finish Fantastic Children.

I watched three eps, loved it, but then went into a "bah... so tired of anime" phase and dropped everything I was watching. Oh, and thanks alot for that AnimeNFO spoiler warning!

Also, this Kamichu! sounds very promising. I've heard it being reccomended earlier (on another "serious" board*), but being away from a computer with DivX-capabilites has kinda made it hard to start watching it.

*looks up info on Zettai Shounen*
Hey, this one seems promising as well!

Can't wait til I get back home to my divx'able computer, I'll set up a nice, slow scheme of Windy Tales, Fantastic Children, Kamichu, Zettai Shounen and some Kino's Journey...
Wow, anime is looking appealing again!

As for AIR... I'm not sure.
I never really like Kanon, and I feel like most "dating-games-turned-anime" have such superficial plots.
Sure, they may be sad and have immense plot twists, but I just can't shake that feeling of superficion.
I felt it during Kanon, during To Heart and during Kimi ga Nozomu Eien.
Might just be me, though.

And well, if anyone's looking for more romance drama, my best recommendation would be Maison Ikkoku.
Not really that depressing at all, just great romance drama (and comedy) all through.
It's basically the worlds greatest soap opera, and I love it! :)

*Serious boards = Slow paced boards where you wont find three thousand naruto fanboys and fiftythree million yaoi fangirls :)

- Verity
Sunday, July 31, 2005

I thought since I'd been refered to this thread from the thread on Zettai Shounen, and since this is the thread that we'd been using to discuss other anime options before, that I would just bump it up to the top of the thread list-- perhaps we should move the conversation back to this one, and have one good, thourough thread on the subject?? Eh.... just an idea.

Anyways, I also watched Mushishi and thought it was very good, one of the best shows I've seen in a while (along with Windy Tales, which I also love), and it really reminded me of watching YKK in some ways-- the beautiful attention to detail in nature, the languid pace, good, simple music, and interesting characters. There's definitely a "Ghibli"/supernatural influence to the show that YKK doesn't have, but they do have a lot in common. And so far, although eerie at times, I don't think I'd call it horror either, by any stretch. Much too serene for me to say that.... Definitely worth a look.

- Steve Berry
Monday, November 7, 2005

Has anyone mentione Kino's Journey yet? If not then consider it mentioned now. I know it is available as a complete collection here in Australia, so I would assume most other English speaking regions should have it accessible as well.

Only just rinished reading "Aqua" and loved it. Now all that is left is to wait until "Aria" is completed and read that one thru as well. :)

There was a Movie Feature of AIR done as well. I am lead to believe that it is an alternate retelling of the Series, but that is all I know of it. I have not seen AIR or KANON but they are at the top of my "to get" list.

- HeDanny
Wednesday, November 9, 2005

AIR theatrical features is crap. You can safely remove it from the "to get" list by now. I'd say it is a new (crappy) story with the original character. The graphics is blah as well. Avoid if possible.

- tongHoAnh
Wednesday, November 9, 2005

I just wanted to reiterate how much I have enjoyed 'Windy Tales', since that's not in this thread. Also reminds me of YKK in some ways-- a whimsy to the story line I can appreciate, a sense of the day to day activities of the characters (but with more "plotty" episodes), interesing art, and (most importantly) a real vibe for the wind, for vast distances and daydreaming. I also like the art and the OST isn't bad either.

I watched Fantastic Children, and I liked it as well, but I thought the plot dragged a bit here and there. I could have had it been fewer episodes (but not as short as 13....) or had more character development for the side characters. Still, all in all, it was interesting to watch, fun, with a relatively original plot.

Oh, and what's the take on Aria? I know the premise of the show, and it seems YKK-ish, but I read the first volume of the manga and thought it was .... sort of superficial. And that's kept me away from watching the show. It just didn't seem to have that depth or real attention to detail that I got out of YKK, and that sort of turned me off. It was a bit cutesy also, for my tastes-- the little white puff balls with eyes, for example, just never really seemed to have that "magic" for me. Is this just a show I'm not going to like? Or is there something different between it and the manga? Or does it change in some way after the first volume?.....

And how does Aqua compare to Aria?

- Steve Berry
Wednesday, November 9, 2005


>And how does Aqua compare to Aria?

Same stuff. You can consider Aqua and Aria one series for all intents and purposes.



- dDave
Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Aqua is prequel to Aria, so I think it is supposed to be read first before reading Aria. Seem to me that the illustration in Aria is better that Aqua. Just a bit.

'It was a bit cutesy also, for my tastes-- the little white puff balls with eyes, for example, just never really seemed to have that "magic" for me.'

I agree with you Steve regarding that white stuffy thing. Maybe it would be better without that white stuffy round thing? For me I'm more concerned about how Akari perceives her surrounding, and her comments are quite interesting for me. The story is not as complicated and mind boggling as YKK, since it is serialised in Comic-Blade, targeted at older children/shounen, so you won't expect it to be like YKK, for adult manga readers.

But, Aria - the animation is really worth watching.

- painsama
Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Windy Tales reminds me so much of "Position". Mmmmmmm...

- terry
Wednesday, November 9, 2005

It mights get promoted before, but I think fruits basket will fit the YKK line just fine.

- tongHoAnh
Monday, November 14, 2005

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