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The strange-looking mushrooms

Yes, I say mushrooms.
We have seen 4 of this strange items in YKK:
+ One at the pure-water spot of Alpha
+ One at at the valley road
+ One at the the seagod
+ And one at the strange buildingblocks

The only place we are told they are mushrooms are at the building blocks but it seems correct to me that at the other places they are the same as well because:
+ They look out-of-place
+ They assemble something artificial (or a face itself, in case of the seagod)

In my theory, the mushrooms develop to assemble the appearance of something aplenty when they grow up. I have no idea why they were put in the manga. Anybody noticed that? Execute me for any spelling/grammar errors.

- tongHoAnh
Tuesday, April 5, 2005

There are several theories about the mushrooms. My favorite is the idea that these creatures are the stuff the robots are made of. When the disaster struck, this form of artificial life escaped from the facility where the robots were made.

My guess is that this form of artificial life develops into a robot if the stuff grows under controlled conditions. This creature does not develop properly if it simply grows in the wild. It has some unformed consciousness. Remember the comment of the keeper of the Watergod? I suspect that the unformed consciousness was programmed by duplicating the personalities of real people. By some means, the researchers would transfer a more structured consciousness from a real person to the artificial life form.

I think the robots were part of a program of artificial life development. The lamppost trees, for example, grow and convert sunlight into electricity. It appears to me that the Taapon is the result of this research project. The Taapon is probably made from the same material as the lamppost trees. It grows, converts sunlight into electricity, and flies forever. To control the ship, the people needed a pilot that communicated directly with the living plane. That was the purpose of the robots.
See http://ykk.misago.org/Afternoon2003/61.html . The new wings are ‘generated” under the guidance of the Director Alpha.

Sensei’s ground effect craft was probably an early prototype of the system. The unintelligent life controlled of the ship. It needed an intelligent robot, however, to guide it.

My guess is that the robot life form has a built-in desire to imitate. The huge blocks on the hill were imitating the buildings in the valley below. The other mushrooms were imitating the people who visited them.

No wonder the people seem so sad about the mushrooms. They created them. But without the equipment, they can not help them achieve full development. The mushroom people linger forever somewhere between potential and fulfillment.

- Loran
Wednesday, April 6, 2005

Fascinating idea Loran... I was going somewhere near this concept myself, but hadn't drawn quite the conclusion you have... It definately will garner more thought and discussion...

If nothing else, Ashinano's world provides seed for many concepts, whether he intends it or not...

- Darin~
Wednesday, April 6, 2005

Wow, it sounds neat, explaining why kokone says they have celluar structure. Your Taapon is not quite convincing however. I still think it is a Noah ship.

- tongHoAnh
Wednesday, April 6, 2005

<<Your Taapon is not quite convincing however. I still think it is a Noah ship.>>

As in an Ark... Yes, I agree, but somehow no-one seems to have been able to make the trip, outside the few caretakers and Alpha M1...

- Darin~
Wednesday, April 6, 2005

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