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Let's help bring YKK to the US!

I know that the misago.org home page stated that there's no way YKK would make it to the US; however manga is getting really big in the US. You should go visit your local Barnes and Nobels and see the size of their manga section. It's gotten so big that recently Random House just annouced that it will start bringing Kodansha titles to the US. Ah, Kodansha, the publisher of YKK! Upon further research, I've found that Kodansha has an English website, an lo and behold, it has YKK listed as part of "Promising Titles" for teenage boys:


or, goto kodanclub.com home page, click on catalog, then promising. You'll see YKK listed.

This means that Kodansha is interested in getting YKK to the US in some fashion. And Del Ray, being part of Random House, is looking for variety of titles to help their manga launch:


Remeber that although YKK may seem mature, it's published in Afternoon, an older-shonen manga magazine aimed at the 15-21 set. It's possible they may bring the title over if they know that there's a fanbase in the US. After all, some of their most active titles like Chobits and Inu-yasha has already been licenced. Now YKK has the potential of a sleeper hit here, and they need to know that there are a lot of English speaking YKK fans.

If you can, please write to Del Ray books and ask the mail to be forward to the head of their new Manga department, Dallas Middaugh. Tell him your love for YKK, and maybe he would listen, and bring it to the US. Del Ray's address:

[email protected]

I've already wrote my e-mail. Together, maybe we can help bring YKK to English speaking people of the world.

- Jeffrey Chen
Saturday, July 19, 2003

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