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Review: YKK Drama CD 1


Thanks to the kind efforts of PC, I had the opportunity to listen to the first YKK Drama CD, and thought I'd write a brief review.

The CD covers the first volume of YKK, and is comprised of 13 tracks that runs almost precisely an hour in length.

The voice acting is extremely well done. I thought that the voice actor playing Takahiro didn't sound young enough, but other than that, the voices are almost the same as the first OVA. Alpha sounds fresh and lively and Ojisan has a great gravelly growl.

I didn't like the fact that the seiyu portraying Alpha would announce the title of each track at the beginning. For me, it was jarring and broke the flow of the story.

The script is generally word for word taken verbatim from the manga. There are two areas where the script writers have taken liberties. The first is to set the scene, filling in what would be visual details in the manga. This is done in a very restrained fashion, and I almost wish for a little more in certain areas. The second is where the script writers have added some lines to scene just for the heck of it, it seems. Given the fact that 99% of the script is lifted straight form the manga, it seems odd that they would stick in these extra lines. They don't add to the description of the scene, and they seem gratuitous.

The music is done by Gontiti, and is flamenco flavored guitar music for the most part. It fits the mood, and is worked into the script nicely. Most of the dialog does not have background music - it's saved for scene changes and for dramatic effect.
The sounds effects are generally done well, some times fairly stylized, but in general pretty subdued.

If you understand Japanese, this CD is a nice addition to a YKK collection, as long as you understand that it is basically a literal reading of the manga. For most casual fans, the Anime would be a better choice.

For those interested, you can get the CD here:

And here is the Drama CD #2



- dDave
Wednesday, July 2, 2003

A recent thread about the OST made me think of the Drama CDs. ^_^

The excellent above post has already answered my question about whether someone has made a translation or not. It seems like I can look at the manga downloaded from this site while listening to it.

Does anyone have an opinion of the second CD?


- Kempis Curious
Wednesday, March 24, 2004

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