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Just a little fan art and need some advice on it

lol last topic of the day. Just a little fan art to help with my current bordem. Not of characters since I can't draw anything organic worth crap (Drawing for that fact is a problem if not something like a blue print) but of the Big One.

Big One http://ykk.misago.org/Volume2/90

Mine: http://www.gentlerainofserenity.com/images/ykkbigoneNew.jpg

Did it with paint Pixel by Pixel since the computer lab didn't have a better program and didn't have my drawing supplies with me today. Just a rought first and only 2D. Get better shading later once I bring disks tommorow and bring the files home. Got gimp and other programs there.

I'll see about making a 3D model if I still got my modeling program installed and see if I can render it. If so we can put out own "messages" on the tail instead of the ones in the picture. If not I'll use the auto-cad(actually like auto-cad better for modeling. Much more control over the model but don't have a copy my self) to make the model and render it with it.

If anyone here draws (And there for is better then me at drawing lol ) do my proportions look right? Hard to go from a 3D image that slanted to a 2D image.

- Miah
Tuesday, November 16, 2004

It's too long. There are some drawings of Big One from aside. Comparing to it, your drawing is about 1,5 times longer than it should be.

- Drake
Wednesday, November 17, 2004

If you do a search on 'Nike-Zeus Interceptor Dimensions' you should be able to get the exact measurements. Especially as it is a popular scale model rocketry subject.

Me? I just want to know how they loaded up an ABM with fireworks!


- Rob Masters
Friday, November 19, 2004

I liked. And hope you show us the 3d model some day.


Wednesday, December 1, 2004

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