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Alpha's own "aging" process

Original was going to have this part of the Tongue cord to save space but decide it probably be better to keep it separate.

We’ve talked about how we watch people around Alpha age but not really about the “aging” process Alpha is having. I notice as I’ve read the series that while she and the other robots aren’t aging physically, at least to an extent that can be heavily noticed, mentally they are. You notice it especial with alpha on how she views Takahiro and Makki as things go on.

And in all of Ch 19 (Thanks again Dave for the translation for that)

She’s aged a great deal since the beginning. At first she was like a teenager, seeing Takahiro and Makki as friends, now she’s almost reach a mother like view towards the two. Mentally it’s like she’s has reach a typical (I personal had this kind of view at like 13) 20-30 like view of the world.

Anyone else noticed this? A stupid question of course, with the intelligent group of people (Some times I get a feeling this place is on of the few places with intelligent life in the Wired) we have here but like to know what others think.

- Miah
Tuesday, November 16, 2004

I think as they grow she too grows with them. You have to admit that up until she spent that year on the road Alpha was pretty sheltered. Sure she had her occasional trips into Yokohama for supplies but other than that Alpha hadn't seen many robots or experienced many things. Her routine was basically taking care of the house, serving the few regulars that came into the shop, spending time with the townsfolk nearby, and going into Yokohama. I think that year on the road did wonders for her mentally. For the first time she had to work for others and didn't have the benefit of the few regulars coming in every other day to supply her with money. Alpha had to actually survive on her own away from home and that changed her a lot.

I don't see her in mother mode yet. Maybe with Makki she's there but not with Takahiro. There a point in the manga when the same scene happens twice. Early on in volume one Alpha wraps Takahiro in her coat while still wearing it.


At that point she thinks of Takahiro as a little brother and dotes over him like a big sister would. But a few years later after she's returned from her year on the road Alpha certainally takes notice of how much Takahiro has grown. While waiting for Nai to show up with his plane Alpha comments on how she should have brought a jacket with her and Takahiro, who is now the same height as her, does exactly what she did to him right down to the same excuse "My front is a little cold". And when Alpha feels his arms around her she begins to blush.


Imagine what Nai must have thought when he saw the two of them together like that. That chapter served to show us just how much the relationship between Alpha and Takahiro is changing. At first it was one of a big sister for her her little brother and now it's become more of a "Do I love this person?" relationship. Takahiro made the comment that Alpha wouldn't be that way and said the guys he was working with at the time were planting weird stuff in his head so he was thinking weird things. So while their relationship has changed mentally I don't think it's one of a mother for a son. And if it has changed to a possible romantic one it'll be interesting to see what happens when Makki starts to become the competition for Takahiro's attention again only this time she and Alpha are friends.

- Christine K
Tuesday, November 16, 2004


There was also a nice "Changing of the guard" chapter with Alpha going to see the sun rise on new years day. The first time it was Takahiro.


The second time she ran into Makki.


It's interesting to note that the first time around she says something like "If I don't come out and see the sun rise, it won't feel like the new year has begun," yet she didn't do it again until years later when Makki shows up.



- dDave
Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Honestly, dDave, I was thinking about it too. Looks like Ashinano is telling us YKK almost in real time - 12 volumes - 9-12 years have passed in manga. (It's difficult to be sure)
Of course there were a LOT of events in Alpha's life that we haven't seen - author confessed once that he is more random than methodical in his narration. I think that Alpha's sunrise watching are just off-camera now. Who will read 10 times the similar chapter?
(Don't tell me, because I would too =))
Sorry for this little offtop.

I think that Alpha looks more adult now, but I think that it is more due to change in author, than in herself.
Besides, her surrounding is maturing quickly - Makki, Takahiro, so she have to behave accordingly.

(Real pleasure to talk about it with understanding people, you know what I'am about... =))

- Drake
Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Actual the time probaly a lot shorter then 9-12 years. Hard to get an exsact ammount but Makki has memtioned her age twice. 11 and 13.


With Takahiro he mentions it here as 13

Then at the same place Alpha mentions it's been 2 years or more since they were last there. So he's about 15 or so.

I'd say from start to current it's more like 4-6 years.

- Miah
Tuesday, November 16, 2004

I'm figuring it's been six years from beginning to now. I go by how long the Taapon has been in their hemisphere. The Taapon spends six years in a hemisphere doing research and watching over the humans down below. So from the first time we see it to the last time it's mentioned being in that hemipshere it would be at least six years time. And with the way the kids are growing it would fit perfectly within the six year period.

- Christine K
Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Actually, Taapon first appeared in ch.20 - not likely it was there before - Alpha should see it than. So it's already 6+2 years in ch.114 when Taapon left for another hemisphere. ...
Er, right not 12 years of course, but something like 9... In current chapters.

- Drake
Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I think Alpha is always going to be like Takahiro's big sister, and maybe Makki's, too. Though I'm really curious what will happen when Alpha and Ayase meet again (maybe next year?)

- Kerry
Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Yes... In a way, Alpha and Ayase are alike... they are explorers =) I see Takahiro's aging too and I miss the gone days. I am not sure, but I guess Alpha still see Taka as someone out of range... someone who, just like owner, will leave her sooner or later. It´s a tough question.


Wednesday, December 1, 2004

alpha and takahiro's relationship has always -- or, at any rate, almost always -- had sensual overtones. he is probably 11-13 when the series starts, which is plenty old enough to start thinking about girls, and lots of people's first crush is on an older person -- a teacher or somebody. he is 80% of alpha's business at one point, and he blushes when makki teases him about it. she recognizes alpha as competition and is reluctant to meet her. i think these are all hints of boy-girl type of attraction, on takahiro's side, at least. but alpha always recognizes the age gap between them -- that humans grow up and grow old and robots don't, physically -- and that this will always be a separation between them. if you recall, she even talks to makki about this at their first (or second?) meeting, in a roundabout kind of way, and that's what makes makki feel better about her, as if that makes alpha not a serious rival.

also, the event that distances takahiro and alpha happens before takahiro leaves -- it is when he meets kokone, who's a serious contender for alpha's affections.

- anitra
Saturday, August 6, 2005

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