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How many of you guys have watched the YKK OAVs?

Hmm..I've been wondering. How many of you guys have watched the OAVs? What'd you think of it? ^_^

How many of you haven't, and if so, why not?

- Carn
Tuesday, October 26, 2004

I have watched all four episodes. I found the first two (OVA 1) to be well-voiced, but poorly inked and backgrounded. At least the animation (fps) was okay. But 3 & 4 (OVA 2) were outstanding in anime. The backgrounds were at the level of Studio Ghibli and the character designs were much improved. The seiyuu were still good, but I am under the impression that they were given more direction than in OVA 1 because I thought there was more expression in OVA 2.

Although the seiyuu stayed the same, I don't know what changed in the staff between one and two. Different director? Key animators? I'm going to go find out and come back later.

- Ian Darrow
Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Yap, seen both OVAs. Final found better quality videos for the first one two. It's how I found out about YKK. Found the anime, wanted to read the manga.

- Miah
Tuesday, October 26, 2004

I watched all four, and think that it's better to have such anime, than have no at all.
It makes different impression compared to manga, and drawed rather poorly. Sound is good, but too lively for my opinion. =)
Resume: better watch that not, but could be better.

- Drake
Tuesday, October 26, 2004

I'm trying to get a feel for how many regulars on our forum haven't watched it...because if it's for technical/internet issues, I'd be happy to send off the two CDs of the OAVs and the music that goes with them to a few people. You inspired me, Ian! ^^

Miah, did you mean that you thought the second two were better? Or higher quality?

- Carn
Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Two words plain and simple as to why I haven't seen the OVAs yet, Bit Torrent. That's right it's the Bit Torrent for the OVAs that's preventing me from seeing it. They take way too long to download that way. If anyone out there knows of a good IRC channel that has the YKK OVAs I would gladly download them that way. A friend of mine who lives in Canada purchased them and said it was worth it. And seeing as I'm the one who got him hooked on YKK in the first place I better get my rear in gear and find a way to download them without taking several days to do it.

- Christine K
Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Now that I'm at college, I can mail stuff to people! XD I'd be happy to mail the fansubbed OAVs to you, Christine! Bittorrent can be a pain in the butt if your connection's slow or if your firewall isn't configured properly.

- Carn
Tuesday, October 26, 2004

It was more on the actual video quality of the files I found on the net. Orginaly I only found very poor quality avi of the first 2 videos. Recently found them in ogm format and created avi from that so got good avi of both OVAs.

But yah I found the seconds OVA to be a little better. It didn't breakup as much as the first one. The first OVA seem to beackup for a musical/open/ending style part at wierd points. But I never seen DVD quality (thought the avi's have have are about the same as what sub groups put out) of ether OVAs so actual art quality I don't know about. All I got is AVI files to look at.

- Miah
Tuesday, October 26, 2004

I definetly have. Their a bit slow paced, but that's just ykk's style, I found excellant quality ones on bittorrents, I believe they're .ogg's.

- Roy Zhou
Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Yeah, for YKK:
The files are indeed .ogms.

And for YKK Quiet Country Cafe,
They are .avis. ^_^

All pretty nice quality. =)

- Carn
Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The first one was much better IMHO. I found the second one much more cartoony and two-dimensional. The carachter design, esp. Alpha, was much more simplified (and her feet were just _fugly_). The backgounds and effects (sunsets, wind) were just alive on the first.
Having said that, the musical interludes on the first were annoying, but I liked Alpha's Getsukin number (after the storm) on the second a lot.
Sony also skipped way to much wonderful material between the episodes. I wish they just had released one 30min OVA every quarter or so. A relaxed pace, like the manga.

- Z
Tuesday, October 26, 2004


I agree with you--I liked the feel of the first one more..and the colors, too. They seemed too light for the second one. However, I thought the animation quality was better in the second one, and the music was just breathtakingly YKK.

- Carn
Tuesday, October 26, 2004

I think the OAVs are like seashells.

Both are surprising. Both are pretty. Both make me feel a little nostalgic. And both go into the pocket forever.

- seaweb
Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The first OAV's were outstanding in pretty much every aspect. I'd rather forget about the second OAV's.

- PC
Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Good post seaweb, that's how I feel too. : )

However, as a huge fan of YKK I feel I have a right... nay , an OBLIGATION... to both gush and bit^H^H^H offer constructive criticism about the OAVs.

This is actually the first thread I've read that compares the two sets of OAVs, and I was actually surprised to read that someone ejoyed the art of the second series over the first.

Criticism: (all about the second set):
1. I'm part of the (probably larger) group which thinks the character animation was less appealing due to the paler colors and lesser highlighting and shadows on the faces and hair.
2. I suspect that the extra cheesecake was added to make it more marketable. : (
3. They fumbled the joke of Nai's response to Alpha's taking furtive glances at his "area". In the manga that scene was extremely funny, just mildly so in the anime.

Happy thoughts about the first set:
1. A YKK anime!
2. The great chapter "Yokosuka Cruise" was really enhanced by being animated.
3. I really loved the act right after the lightning act. I thought Alpha being forgetful while the storm was kicking up was evidence that she was about to flp out! ^_^ Very suspenseful.

Happy thoughts second set:
1. A second set! Woo hoo!
2. Nai and Makki show up. He's appropriately a dull dishrag and Makki sparkles. ^_^
3. The OST is excellent.
4. THE MISAGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5. Small details are included which only fans of the manga would understand, like the Coke bottle Alpha found in the ocean, and the Tarpon overhead.
6. We learn more about Alpha, like that she uses the bathroom, what color her underwear is (!), and that she probably can read English.

Ah, this thread made me watch the series again. My life is so, sooooo hard. : )


- Kempis Curious
Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The whole production seems to be directed to audience who already knows the story and the world by heart. No lengthy descriptions of background or all those chapters that were omitted. They know the people who watch this know them all. Not the first case of its kind, not the last one either.
So what is left is a visualisation, or, in the real meaning of the word, animation of a athmosphere. The background paintings in 2002 OVA:s are simply awesome, because they are scetchy. That's exactly why those fit so well here.
I shouldn't say anything about voice acting, since I have always had a soft heart for Hekiru Shiina... But still, her interpretation of Alpha's voice and speaking manners did surprise me. I never actually considered Alpha so girlish.
However, Hekiru has remarkably different approach to this role than to, say, Hikaru in Rayearth. We must believe she has really thought about this role. This is her vision of Alpha.
And Alpha she is.

- Jari Lehtinen
Sunday, November 7, 2004

>quoted from Jari Lehtinen
>But still, her interpretation of Alpha's voice and speaking
>manners did surprise me. I never actually considered
>Alpha so girlish.

Though it's fairly subjective as to whether a voice fits a character, I thought Alpha's matched by expectations of her. Of course she has to be gentle and kind, but I also thought the slight immaturity matched Alpha's debateably short ... uh... current uptime. : ) I would have been jarred at an older sounding voice, like Beldandy's.


- Kempis Curious
Monday, November 8, 2004

Actually, I rewatched YKK OVAs after this post and found many new interesting things.
First two OVAs are really beautiful in words of art (the scene when Alpha lies after Kokone's kiss f.e.)
Second two are still just schematic animations of certain chapters, alas.
The voice didn't match, no matter how many times I watching. It's just too acute for her. Music sometimes are fitting, but most times are dissonating with atmosphere of YKK... And animation of second two OVAs is awfull.
So, I have to rewatch it again, I think... Or draw something by myself =)

- Drake
Monday, November 8, 2004

"The whole production seems to be directed to audience who already knows the story and the world by heart...

So what is left is a visualisation, or, in the real meaning of the word, animation of a athmosphere."

I completely agree. ^_^ That's a wonderful way to put it.

Also, I agree with you, Kempis Curious..I think her voice is perfect in just the reasons you mentioned. =) I just never really thought about it that much until you and Jari brought it up.

- Carn
Monday, November 8, 2004

Just rewatched them again. Damn i'm too relaxed now, got exams tomorrow.

- AltF4
Monday, November 8, 2004

i watched all four.. i think first two are better, because backgrounds are very well done and are a bette example of the magnificence of nature. in ykk landscapes aren't optional.. instead, oav 2 have a certain self indulgence.. the right feeling is lost..

- mauro
Tuesday, November 9, 2004

I've been looking for these all over the net...

i'll watch it as soon as i finished downloading them

- Lisa Hayes
Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I watched all 4 of the anime videos, and I liked tham all. I did not 'notice' the animation quality , as I guess I was too busy being awed by seeing Alapha and friends animated. I liked the music so much I bought the 2 OST's from CD-Japan. I like them both, but Gontiti from the first set of 2 OVA's is my favorite. ^_^

- Tom Jardine
Saturday, January 29, 2005

I have the two volumes of the second OVA series, so I've seen those. I haven't been able to find the first two though, so I haven't seen those. I have a friend who lives in Kyoto, though, who is looking for them for me, so hopefully, one day soon...

- martialstax
Sunday, January 30, 2005

I downloaded the OVAs and stayed up watching them until 3:00 am Tuesday morning (and had to be at work by 7:45). I was instantly hooked. The peacefulness, the sheer beauty of art, theme, and spirit completely enthralled me.

The next day, I downloaded all of the manga from this site and read them. As much as I loved the anime, the manga was even better. The holes in the anime were filled in. There are several characters and items in the anime that simply appear without explanation, but the manga takes care of it all. I am now eagerly awaiting new releases and am hoping for a third OVA

As much as I love all sorts of anime, occasionally I need relief from giant robots, overwrought voice acting, never-ending gore and brutality, explosions of anger, ludicrous silliness, and mindless fanservice. YKK's the perfect medicine. It's the best thing along those lines that I've seen since Haibane Renmei, and is arguably better.

- Greg Crider
Wednesday, February 2, 2005

I've recently watched the four OVA's (1998 and the 2002), are there new OVA I missed?

I'm glad I watched this one, it's really is a nice OVA's, and I wish they made sequel to this already great movies.

and the plot is surely original, no huge robot war, overused "save the world" storyline, etc.

I think I'd began to interested in the manga.

- Kuswardhana
Thursday, February 10, 2005

Hi all,
I got the chance to watch these OVAs recently and instantly fell in love with them-- they are some of my favorite anime now.

However, I am having terrible trouble with the torrents, and basically, I'm relatively computer illiterate. I want to put these on DVD, or get them on a DVD, or a DVD+R, etc. so that I can show to people (like my sister) who don't watch DivX, and don't Torrent, etc --i.e. who watch movies on their DVD player. I know there are the Japanese releases (actually, the only releases, right?), but 1) their Region 2, and 2) I don't think they're subtitled in English, and well, that's beside the incredible cost (that I've still been mulling over anyways....)

Can anyone help me with this? I don't want to sound too forward, but someone mentioned earlier in this thread that they would be happy to make a copy and send it along. Is this still an option to ask, plead and beg for? As before, I keep on wanting to share this with people, but I need it to be on a DVD-player compatible disc of some sort. I don't know if that means it needs to be on a DVD, or a CD, or a DVD-R, or a +R, or whatever. Ugh. I wish I was better at figuring this out.

Anyways, the detail, visually, in these OVA's was wonderful-- and someone's description of them as "sea-shells" was, to me, perfect.... Each different, independent, beautiful together, and worthwhile on its own, a little sound of the ocean in it, etc. I thought of them as being like haiku of a sort.

Anyways, thanks all. Any help with the OVA's would be appreciated. :) Thank goodness there's still the manga-- I've read up to vol 8 now (a chapter every day or so)!!

- Steve Berry
Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Not to be rude, DVD burners are not expensive anymore. I would suggest getting one and burning a DVD which your sister can watch.

If you're interested in digisub anime like I am, the investment of a DVD burner will be well worth it. Anime files are just starting to become very large files, with 30 minute episodes sometimes taking up 700 megabytes. o_O

An immediate fix might be a VCD disk, if I'm not mistaken most DVD players can play that format. Your CDROM can burn those kind of video disks. The quality is only around VHS level, but if that's good enough then it's good enough.


- Kempis Curious
Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I agree that I could simply burn the DVDs myself-- sort of. That's why I felt a bit sheepish asking if someone could make me copies/ help me.

I have attempted burning- and that didnt' work. A long story, but simply put-- the drive isn't working, and I had a hell of a time trynig to figure out the program. Also, the first OVA set is always an ogm file, wherever I've tried to torrent it. I've also tried to reformat it to an avi file, but I haven't been successful at that either. I used to atleast be able to watch it on my computer, using Media Player Classic, but now that is acting up too. I have a couple of other players, but they only play avi files.

Basically, my computer is on the fritz, I've been trying for over a week or so to do either of these options and have been failing miserably and am very frustrated with the whole thing. I feel like I'm having to reconstruct the wheel. I'm using online guides, but, of course, there are always gliches that come up that they wouldn't have suspected.

Basically, coming here and asking for help was sort of a last resort... for now anyways. Sigh..... :L Grump, grump, grump.

- Steve Berry
Thursday, July 14, 2005


I completely understand..I've been converting Japanese and Korean movies to share with my family and friends, most of whom only watch stuff on their DVD players, not on their computers or DivX players, so I've been going through the same things. For some reason, some of the DVDs I burn are sorta glitchy, although lately I haven't had that problem.

The format that Kempis mentioned--VCDs--is what I usually burn dramas to (and anime too). Depending on the capacity of your CD, VCDs can hold about 70-80 minutes of video data, so it's perfect for dramas. I don't remember how long the OAVs are, but one per VCD sounds good to me.. and whereas some DVD players won't play burned DVD discs or some discs created in Nero or a certain format, all DVD players should play VCDs. =) And VCDs are faster to convert.

If you want, I'll convert the OAVs and send them on CDs (VCDs) to you..it might take some time, though, 'cause I don't know when I'll have time to get to the post office. Or, email me and I'll write up an explanation on how to convert them. =)

- Carn
Thursday, July 14, 2005

I have seen all four OVA's. I found a cheap Chinese DVD of the newer ones. The quality is great, but the translation is terrible.

It's no contest for me which OVA's are better - the old ones. I just recently found some great-quality OGM files and somehow converted them to DVD. The older ones are so richly detailed. I was also a little disgusted by the fanservice in the new OVA's, which seemed to go against the spirit of YKK. I usually like fanservice, don't get me wrong, but it just doesn't seem right in this case.

- Kerry
Thursday, July 14, 2005

What was the fanservice that you saw? I thought Kokones gentle touching of the heart/breast was both in character, pleasantly sexual in a unforced way, and actually sort of sweet. I can't think of anything else that would have qualified as fan service, personally....

There are things I like about both of them-- I like the silence better in the first, I thought the second was a bit over-orchestrated. And yet, I like the music better in the second one. I liked the sketchy, very detailed nature of the first OVA's visuals better, and yet the colors were more vibrant in the second (seemed to me). I like the small, "haiku"-ish nature of the first sets mini-stories, and yet, I found the sort of over-arching "story" of the second set to be very moving also. I dunno, they each seem to have their benefits.

Frankly, at first I much prefered the first set. But the second one has been growing on me as I've watched it more than once, and I started to try to appreciate it as it own thing. At first, I was mostly just bothered that it didn't carry on with the same tiny-stories motif of the first OVA set-- but then that seemed like a silly way to judge it, since that might not have been what they were after at all, with the second set.

As for the CD thing, Carn I'll probably simply email you, rather than cluttering up this thread with questions about burning Cds and DVDs, and converting files.


- Steve Berry
Thursday, July 14, 2005

dang. i didn't know there was a OAVs on YKK. can anybody direct me to it or do i have to import it?

- terra
Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The 1998 version has a lot of good stuff going for it.Namely,the character art and those scenes where Sensei and Alpha watches the scenery change.....It's very slow and very subtle yet you notice and look in awe....
The second one I don't particularly like,since there's not a lot of the ambience the first two gave.....
Meh,I'm rambling,I should stop.

- Ryo Hakusho
Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I watched the first two quite a while ago - I still have my VHS fansubs that I got from Soyokaze. I also have all four of the DVDs that are currently out. The only thing I haven't been able to corral is copies of the soundtrack albums.


- Ed Regal
Friday, September 9, 2005

I only recently found out that the two discs I made of Quiet Country Cafe were actually parts 1 & 2 of the same episode. ^_^ I managed to get an ogm of part 1 of the first OAV but...the quality is poor. Very stilted & jerky animation, the fps is way lower than it should be. :(

I'm seeing if I can get them via Bittorrent now, but since the file size of the first one is the same it might be the same file. :/ Only...ummm...22+ hours to go. ^_^

I did make the 2nd OAV into two SVCD discs which look fine, so at least I have that. ^_^

I saw the anime before knowing there was a manga as well.

- Zeliard
Sunday, September 11, 2005

Four dvds? I thought only the second set of OAVs were available on 2 dvds..

- Brad
Monday, September 12, 2005

The fansubs were my first introduction to YKK. I slightly prefer the second set over the first, particularly the music. I feel the Gontiti music in the first OAV does not work that well with the show. I bought the Japanese DVD of the first OAV, but the image quality was so poor (very fuzzy -- the fansub is a faithful copy) that I did not bother with the second set.

- Roger
Saturday, September 17, 2005

I haven't found any rules on this board re: downloads, bittorrents, and what not, but since terra asked earlier-- that's where I found them. If you go to animesuki.com, you can dl the first OVA there with bittorrent, and if you got to boxtorrent.com (or boxtorrents.com, I can't remember) you can/should be able to find the other one there.

Also, there's a link, somewhere on this messageboard, for a place to dl the soundtracks, which someone provided. The second OVA is very good, soundtrack-wise.

My apologies if I wasn't supposed to give links.

If you have trouble finding the OVA, I could always make a copy of my torrent and send it to you on a DVD. I even made a cute cover for the box. :)
-->thank you Carn for that,by the way!!

- Steve Berry
Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Saw it about 3 years ago and fell in love with it immediately... unfortunately it took me until recently to actually get in to the comic but, as they say, better later than never... and now i can hardly wait for the translation of ch136 to come out (goes back to standby at cafealpha : )

- lepinkainen
Tuesday, October 25, 2005

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