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Falling Birth Rates

I just read this interesting news article about falling birth rates around the globe and the impact it will have on the planet. I think it's of particular interest to fans of YKK.


- martialstax
Wednesday, October 6, 2004

it's funny, isn't it, how you hear contradictory things about the same subject?

when discussing environmental impact, we talk about overpopulation of humans, as well as overutilization of resources (related problems) -- and then when discussing culture and economics we talk about the necessity of constantly growing population, as well as the economic and social disaster of population decreasing at these rates.

personally, i think a little deflation is probably a good thing, even if the economy takes a hit -- and i'd much rather see it happen as a natural consequence of decreasing birth rates than by war or plague or famine.

humans are very resilient, and i think we can survive economic crashes as well as anything, and if the population does indeed plummet in this way i think it will pick up again after a while -- barring infertility, of course.

- anitra
Saturday, August 6, 2005

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