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Alpha and her Direct sisters

I was reading threw some of the YKK manga today and Started to wonder a little about Alpha and her sister and their link with aircraft. Some of this might cover other topics but not search feature so hard to know. I also tend to jump to conclusions with very little data but I'm a dream after all, can't help it :D

Never really paid much attention to when I first read YKK threw but Nai seems almost surprised with alpha's ability to jack so much into the plane.


As he put "Can you feel the wind with your tongue", "With Practice you can tell the windspeed with your tongue".


We've also seen this with her and Sensei's ship. Which seemed to surprised Sensei.


And with her sister who seems to flying the Taapon.


Everyone seemed surprised by this but I'm wonder if this was the primary purpose of the Alpha type. As pilots of aircraft and possible boats ext. Alpha types was rare much like now day pilots. Sure there are a lot of pilots in total but compared to the rest of the world their a very rare carrier. I'm wonder if this was the true purpose of the Alpha type, to replace aging pilots.

Or at least pilot the "Taapon" type of aircraft. No idea if it just how it was translated but Ayase says "I heard this "one" was comin' this way today" as he talked to alpha.


I'm wonder if there are more of the aircraft with more of alpha's sisters on board.

- Miah
Thursday, September 23, 2004

It doesn't feel like there are more Taapon type aircraft out there. You never know though... and we don't know where the other two A7M2 robots are.

You've raised an interesting point about the pilots. I wonder if it goes further than that. If the A7 series really are intended to be the children of humanity, there may be robots trained to keep the knowledge of various trades and arts alive.

I doubt that Alpha and Director Alpha are restricted to controlling vehicles. They can probably interface with any machine at a deeper level than other robots. Once they connect they seem to merge with the machine. It might depend on the machine too, remember Nai was impressed with Alpha's camera. She may have an enhanced model better suited to her level of ability.

As for the others..

Maruko was suprised at how vividly Kokone conveyed Nai's images. This could be a special ability she was designed with, but I think it's because Kokone has really loosened up after meeting Alpha. Maybe that is allowing her to open up more while transferring.

Maruko hasn't shown off any special abilities. Maybe something art related, but we haven't seen any.

Nai hasn't shown us anything either. He does show us that Alpha can interface with the plane much better than he can.

I think it's possible that all the robots can do what Alpha and Director Alpha can do. Maybe they just don't know how yet.

- Brad
Friday, September 24, 2004

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