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chapter 121 (no spoilers)

In Seattle, the September issue was held up in customs for a couple of weeks, but now all of Seattle's YKK fans can get their monthly fix. This chapter is called "50km, 6 o'clock". The splash page is Kokone in a long t-shirt over jeans, standing in a breeze with her hands clasped behind her back, with powerlines and clouds visible behind her. The chapter opens with Alpha and Makki getting the cafe open, then it switches to Kokone meeting Shiba-chan for coffee at the outdoor cafe they always frequent. The same love-lorn waiter is there attending them. After the conversation, it switches back to Alpha and Makki, relaxing outdoors in the setting sun.

Some other things to note about this issue of Afternoon: It comes with a Belldandy figure. It's a simple snap-together piece with her sitting on a column and playing a flute. Kenichi Sonoda returns to Gunsmith Cats with Gunsmith Cats Burst. Kia Asamiya looks like he's having fun with Karapuri. Lucu Lucu is still the one I'd most like to read in English, after YKK of course. And in Ah Megamisama, Urd makes that schoolgirl uniform work. Oh, and your eyes will pop out of your head at Seraphic Feather.

- martialstax
Wednesday, September 1, 2004

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