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Four Dollar Plastic Laminator

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Four Dollar Plastic Laminator is a 1k Linux demo by Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, programmed by halcy with little help from me. It placed third in th 4k compo at The Ultimate Meeting 2009.

If you are a person lucky enough to have a WebGL-capable browser, you can watch it right in your browser above. If not, you can get the original 1k Linux executable, or watch a recording on Youtube.

However, it seems it does not render quite correctly on older graphics cards, probably due to a lack of precision. If you don't get the cool sunrise, you were ripped off!

The original readme.txt follows:

Four Dollar Plastic Laminator

A Linux 1k intro by Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.
For TuM 2009.

Those are x64 binaries and they may or may not run on your box. Eh.

code: halcy, WAHa_06x36

Greets to K2, Saga_Musix, urs & las, nrr & nurupo staff, never,
britelite, soundemon and wlf.

Thanks to parcelshit^fearmoths for the 1k framework.