WakaChan architecture (104)

61 Name: SWG 2005-10-15 15:24 ID:ZEKwK+8z [Del]

> Links on main page to seeded images lead to

WaaaaaaAAA!!~ l0l, canft believe I forgot to make such an obvious change - fixed

> Some pages don't display any images (blocked due to referrer, I suspect)

If you are referring to the Cosplay board, the thumbnails DO display, but it seems imageboards.4-ch.net has... lost their thumbnails? Well, see for yourself:

http://imageboards.4-ch.net/cosplay/ (the source)
and then go to: (the mirror)

You will see they are the same. Also note that for some reason, the thumbs on the lower half of page 2 are working. See: and http://imageboards.4-ch.net/cosplay/2.html

I probably shouldnft of made a beta test from a board that is having problems, but I decided to use them due to their very small demand for space. Current Ifm taking a class in web development, and Ifm going to use this project as one of my assignments. In doing this Ifm hoping I can talk to my teacher about the space and bandwidth the university gives me. I doubt he will care, so he will probably give me an eokf terms of using.... more. When that happens I will make a mirror of all work-safe sections on WakaChan and 4Chan.

> If you had a simple click'n'run proggie, that would open up a far larger potential pool of seeders. People won't help unless it's dirt-simple to do
> I take this will replace Apache too?

Yeah, I know. Thatfs what I was referring to as something to build. Itfs not really hard to do at all. And as far as replacing Apache, Apache is to large of a project to reinvent, but a simple HTTP server isnft. All a HTTP server does is listen, and sever. I wonft even need to do the work myself as there are open source examples I have seen out there that are just basically really simple HTTP servers. And then I just need to handle the functions needed to be a seeder, not to hard... depending on how I am going to deal with it.

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