Tripcode decoder (696)

37 Name: Mr VacBob!JqK7T7zan. 2004-11-27 06:59 ID:+gwvpPCg [Del]

Someone using my software? Amazing!

This is a side-effect of a basic design flaw in tripcodes:

  1. Since they use UNIX DES hashing via crypt(), only the first eight characters of input are counted.
  2. Tripcode inputs are run through htmlspecialchars(). This turns ' into ". Being six characters long, this doesn't leave much more room. My code isn't smart enough to detect this and happily goes through all the combinations.

I've seen inputs for gimmick tripcodes on 2ch that used higher ASCII and ShiftJIS. I think any input is acceptable as long as you can send it in an HTML form and it doesn't trigger secure mode on Shiichan or Kareha.

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