Tripcode decoder (696)

171 Name: Anonymous 2005-08-18 06:13 ID:eX8HShYC [Del]

athlon1000, 256kB

  • 40874.800000 crypt(libc)s per second.
  • 54356.900000 fcrypt(UFC)s per second.
  • 79682.900000 DES_fcrypt(ossl)s per second.

pentiumII 266, 512kB, 2.4.31 SMP

  • 10205.200000 crypt(libc)s per second.
  • 4692.900000 fcrypt(UFC)s per second.
  • 2039.100000 DES_fcrypt(ossl)s per second.

pentiumII 266, 512kB, SMP

  • 11079.100000 crypt(libc)s per second.
  • 12916.800000 fcrypt(UFC)s per second.
  • 19783.000000 DES_fcrypt(ossl)s per second.

(note that the first P2 run only confirms that the linux 2.4.x SMP scheduler sucks frozen goats through nanotubes, with 2.6.x its right back in the pattern seen on the other hosts)

so, it does not seem to be just the size of the cpu cache.
makes me more interested in seeing the code used in >>169 ...

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