Tripcode decoder (696)

164 Name: Anonymous 2005-08-04 04:33 ID:Ck/IPhf+ [Del]

would SOMEONE please run benchmarks comparing UFC and openssl crypt() speed?
and by someone, i dont mean me, and not anyone using my code?
my benchmarks (somewhere earlier in this thread) indicated that UFC was really, really bad.
it may have had a point in 1992 (when it was last updated) on 30MHz RISC machines, but i really, really fail to see any use for it today.

but, who knows, perhaps i did something really wrong, or was using an outdated variant, or whatever.
so, please, someone do some benchmarking.
and i dont mean the benchmark included in ufc, because that compares ufc against the libc crypt(), which indeed is the only thing worse than UFC in my tests.

well, or use the benchmark in ufc, and cram in the openssl crypt() so it uses the same framework for testing.

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